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Ammo Poetic lyrics

We Hit Em' Up Too

Original and similar lyrics
Break 1 *Ronin* 2x It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why (It's about that time, I'm gonna tell em why?) It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why, why *Yogi B* First up waxed your ass in a freestyle battle Punk snakes like you wanna bite but just rattle Remember the time we met in 7 eleven Givin' me love and you're huggin' on these nut you be rubbin' Punk shorty I kept you on the same level You had to be greedy and play me out like a little devil Let the Underground know the kind of witch you really You'll sell your own ass to be a superstar What? now you got a family so tight Same people you diss every other night I guess it's all over now I heard the fat lady sing Lady sing for drama is all she brings Gave you a chance for fame and don't you deny it I should have put your fat mouth a long time on a diet Watcha gonna do if I lost weighate ? I think I'll pass cos I still don't buy it You wanna know where my fans at ? All around you in Face On didn't you see dat ? Believe dat I'm coming back to front you too Cos back here hell We Hit Em' Up Too Chorus 2x *Yogi B* *Ronin* I gave you love but you wanna show me hate Watcha gonna do when it's too late It's about the time why don't you tell em' why Cos back here We Hit Em' Up Too *Point* Read all about it, read all about it uh Musclemutt just got dropped What? Headline's Cryin' Shame, now everybody knows you lame Your mind and soul's corrupted cos you punks want fame I see your hearts filled with jealousy Your hoochie has drippin' envy so you drop that backstabbin' treachery Comin' up sayin' that you mad skills But all I see is cheap ego thrills whack rhymes with no frills So what the heck is moshy moshy coochie baby? Now that shit sounds silly your dribblin' don't impress me Claimin' that you top freestyler Your style's retro like Bonnie Tyler You dissed my album cover bein' clownish but yours be worse Cos your shit be lookin' something straight from the circus For real though now you phat with that lady in your clique Fake hellos and Dallas like drama now that's your trick Remember the time we use to chill chattin' on the pc But now it's just a messed up memory Now shit went down ain't that a pity Well it's just too bad baby, nuff said. Chorus 2x *C.Loco* Hello everybody, I'd like to say I'm sorry Oops! I lied now here's the real story We hung out, I helped out, I lent you minus ones Late nights on the IRC chattin' just for fun So watcha want? You wanna see what I've seen I've been where you been, remember SS 15 We were cool then, you had beef with the other peeps and Now you got an album, you wanna skoo the nonsense? Ha! Ha! You see my prominence is imminent Why you tryin' so hard so be Eminem? You visionary? More like fictionary Shove claimin' to be all dat and suck my dictionary You used to diss em, but now you kiss em Deport the double K, fat lady gonna miss em Now here's the flying line coming from the Hellstar And if you ain't down then bla bla bla bla bla Break 2 *Ronin* Hey everybody hope you understand How I feel cos you dissed me once you had the chance Make my day if you feel you're half of me I'm above you so too bad, too bad baby ! Chorus 4x *?* It's too late Bozos. You better realise where you standin' now. Well it's time you've learned your lesson. But remember with an attitude like that, you ain't goin' nowhere. I know you dumb enough not to catch my drift. Cryin' Shame jeopardisin' hip hop on tha headline. Well people get what they deserve. Cos we hit em up too. And I'm the ?

Stark Raving Love

Jim Steinman
The waves are poundin' on the sand tonight I want to take your hand and make it feel so right I know I'm ready and I'll never be like this again And the sky is trembling and the moon is pale We're on the edge of forever and we're never gonna fail I know you're ready and we're running on the back of the wind Chorus: And my body is burning like a naked wire I wanna turn on the juice, I wanna fall in the fire I'm gonna drown in the ocean in a bottomless sea I'm gonna give you what I'm hoping you'll be giving to me And when the waves are poundin' on the sand tonight I wanna take your hand and make it feel so right I know I'm ready and I'll never be like this again Now the sky is trembling and the moon is pale We're on the edge of forever and we're never gonna fail How hard, how hard, how hard do I gotta try (I want all of your love) Surf's up (I need it so bad), Surf's up (I need it so bad) Surf's up and so am I (I gotta give you some love) Surf's up and so am I (chorus) Surf's up and so am I, Surf's up and so am I

I'm Not Complete

DAVE HOLLISTER "Chicago 85: The Movie"
I'm Not Complete [Intro] Mmm hmm, ooh yeah Ooh yeah, lady lady lady Ohh ooh, can I talk to you? Talk to you, listen to me Whoa oh, oh oh oh oh, oh I just gotta, gotta let you know Can I tell you somethin'? Baby baby, listen to me Mmm, ohh One time was enough for me To realize what you mean to me You stood by my side When I was down Didn't have a thing You still came to see about me I had many dreams You encouraged me You told me to keep pressin' on Through it all Without you, I wouldn't be That's why I see, yeah 1 - Where would I go? What would I do? Do without you? I'm not complete Unless you're with me Repeat 1 Can't breathe without you Don't wanna be without you I don't wanna live without you Now we're driving Facy cars Wearin' diamond things People know who we are I know people change But you stayed the same Still the same girl From around the way Still wash the clothes (And you know we got it made) Still cookin' food (We can go to any restaurant you wanna) Would I die for you? (yeah) Would I cry for you? (yeah) Live my life for you? (yeah) That's why I sing, hey yeah Repeat 1 Repeat 1 (There is no greater love for me) Listen to me You took me step by step and you nurtured me (oh) You picked me up (oh) And turned me around Won't you be my love? No other one could be (Babygirl, what you mean to me) You're my everything (My everything) My hopes and dreams (I can love you forever, eternally) (Somebody tell me) Repeat 1 w/ ad-libs to fade


La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
[La the Darkman] Uh uh, for the niggas in black Vigors behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everybody wanna shine For the niggas rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine Yo, my dimensions, possessed, lucci, bitches, cess Lessons, computers, whips, and bulletproof vests I can't be done, me and Screwface one on one I drink wit bums in the slums where I shoot my guns Enforce ones, up north in the Ac, throw a strap I got niggas down south, holdin nines in Cadillacs Lettin trees blow, for niggas sniff snow inside the disco I hold a big pistol, to crack your brain crystal Cream like Joe Pisco', I fuck your bitch yo Right through her piss hole Long dick like a missle Split the black dutch, while the bracelet on my wrist glow Cough if I spit mo', sold my Lex, cop the Benzo My niggas come outta Sing-Seng buff like Lou Ferrigno The rhyme sayer, quicker Ruger nine sprayer Rich lifestyle like a young NBA player And I'm tied to the mob like that gun, called Tommy Shoot through your Armani, shoot at Guiliani Shoot at Illuminati, fuck everbody, it's the Darkman (understand that right there) Chorus For the niggas in black Vigors, behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everbody wanna shine For the niggas is rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine For the niggas that lock downed for bustin caps wit four pounds Everybody wanna shine For the niggas in Lexus Cruisers wit cocked back Rugers Yo, everybody wanna shine [La the Darkman] Yo, you wanna be me Sometimes I'm on the block, sometimes I'm on the TV My crew's greedy, like Boom Boom Mancini La's song buy weedy, Swahili, ?Sadeeky? Professional, hold my toast by my testicals I used to peddle, but three times two equal the devil Blinded by the ice, and the savage way of life To no vale, niggas get money in small scales Start smokin, like they don't know crack kills A freak nigga, got turned down by a female Didn't know he sucked death, when he just inhale I rap life, cocaine, niggas wit no brain Sellin crack for fifteen years wit no game That's a damn shame, check the result of bein broke Havin no whip, no lab, no money for smoke He stressed out, really not knowin what life's about Jewels, jewels, jewels, jewels Chorus [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, dunn I'm felt Gun in my waist, tight belt New York streets hot, the bottom of my Wallees melt I need wealth, puffin my lah by myself Blessed, wit food clothes and health And big whips, shorties say I got a big dick My first video, I rock twenty outfits The Benz 6, got me wanna flip ten bricks VCR headrest watchin Scarface flicks I politic, wit ex cons, old cats, drug dons Niggas that's known to take a arm for a arm I move calm as a lion of Juddah, black Garbudda Silent as a basehead, suckin on his hooter Cuz Cash Rules, that's why I study new jewels And keep tools, to create blood pools For new crews, rappers, on my territory I cock back the fifth, and make em his-tory Remember him, the kid wit the big Jesus em-blem Threw shells from the toast, had his bones tremblin Nigga, I'm the cat y'all be talkin about dunn Chorus Cuz I shine nigga, shine on nigga (what) Straight shine nigga, nawmean, word up The sun gon burn out (stay shinin, and stay spicy) I'mma shine till the sun burn out Straight up, word, the embassy, my family The embassy, my family, yeah

Night Vision

ESHAM "Mail Dominance"
(Esham Talking) Deadly shadows, so uh You afraid of the dark? Deadly shadows, in the dark in the dark In the dark Shadows, shadows, Gotta watch yaself out here boy I be the icon, auto-bomb named Esham Another victim wanna get some Who's your idle suicidal receital never take my title Cuz what I know, crows never see like a shadow In a battle, my head move like a snake and my tail rattle All those with beef get mutalated like dead cattle Finally hearing true confessions and murder lessons I keep the Smith n Wesson for the tratior steady stressin Life's a bitch n when I spit internet watch the glitch I'm deadly as the virus that you don't wanna get Wicked shit is all I hear New year I move clear Buried alive in a pinebox is my deepest fear Solar systems should be hidden Like green leaves n green trees Don't make me walk the waters across the seven seas The serpent and the rainbow The cocaine flow The forbidden fruit telling you not to bite or i'll sheen (Chorus 4x, repeats I'll sheen 3 times) Wicked entities with ya Don't let the sun hit ya In ya head you might picture How the shadows gonna get ya When doves fly thugs cry So you can't deny When tears fall from your eyes Up your soul to the sky The fallen angel u-n-h-o-l-y Hell I be hellavul hellifeid Cuz Detroit be suicide In the darkness Straight out the abiss Spark the cannabis No mercy for the weakmind not understanding this Hardcore, or your'e gonna die Cuz I got the body armor I declare war for the punk mutherfuckers Biting every lyric Full clips of hollow tips to release your holy spirt Your unoriginal, artafical Flavor tampering If ya style was strach n sniff it would smell like dirty pampers Cuz you got clap You heard a round of applause Deadly shadows in the back when you break rap laws (Chorus 4x, repeats when you break rap laws 3x)

The Rain

I'm dying on the front steps... I'm bleeding out the medics? why would I need 'em now? No. I'm leaving now. Go. I failed you and I hate it. The dream becomes a nightmare the second you awaken. I am quaking in a city made for idiots. The streets like the veins of a dope's hideous. I wrote a verse to shake the angels from the heavens like apples from a tree. Hear the cackle? Then it's me. Modern holy war, dodge shrapnel and debris. You wanna spend your every Sunday in a chapel on you knees? Chilly from the breeze. Philly is diseased. Brilliant from afar. But when Gods answers one prayer a million get ignored... waiting for euthanasia cuz religion is a drug and God's a hallucination... So without further ado I am The Haunting of a home within your heart and it's deeper than floating laundry. A tawdry affair, you're kissing the snake on the tongue. Oil addicted and we're sipping it straight from the drum. Priests raping the young, Republicans telling us all we need to do is pray...and it'll go away...yeah.. .I saw the glory that was Rome in a hurricane from the second story of my home. Drank a second Hurricane 40 all alone feeling like I'm burning in a Purgatory all my own. Further more in the murder for sport capital where kids carry burners cuz murder is more practical... cutting deeper, an experiment in pain where children get lost like tears in the rain... it's an experiment in pain where the parents get lost like tears in the rain, wrapped up in the fear and the blame where the true meaning is lost like tears in the rain... You ever felt like nobody was listening? Like a baby trynna scream "No." at his own christening. Where the truth is but a whisper in the wind and lies are getting hotter til they blister on the skin. I was a sleepy eyed dark figure in the classroom. What is that hiding behind the mirror in the bathroom? Medicine or monster? Stumble out and grab you. I walked the hallowed halls of Hell so that you don't have to. Creep theater zero eleven. We all just wanna be vampires so we can stay young forever. I wanna touch eternity twice. I wanna fit in but I'm mean, I mean I'd learn to be nice... record labels say that going to jail's earning me stripes, should I record a thousand songs and get 30 to life? Is that cool? Would I sell then? Get on the radio? Maybe all my dream will come true? They say if you're the one with the best dope then all the fiends come to you but if they don't know your name then where's the freedom to choose? My father left me like a bastard in a basket. I still can see my best friend plastered in a casket. Without him here...I'm feeling weird and alone again. Like a piece of me's missing, my soul's got a hole in it. Heroin powder in hour glass. Ring side seats to watch our loved ones get eaten, we're devoured last. My girl thinks I'm going crazy, but aint it odd? The worst evils are committed in the name of God. Blind faith, an experiment in pain, where fathers get lost like tears in the rain. An experiment in pain where my best friend was lost like a tear in the rain. Wrapped up in the fear and the shame and really just got lost like a tear in the rain... whether you believe or not, we're just tears in the rain.

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