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American Lesion lyrics - American Lesion

In The Mirror

Original and similar lyrics
Your arrogance It will surely bring you down Is there a judgement appropriate for you That you spit at others? That you spit at others? Look hard in the mirror then in ten years look again There will be lines, sags and rashes But you'll have come no further But you'll have come no further But you'll have come no further than where you are today Still helpless, all the while protracting Your imminent demise, and feigning superiority There will be a trail of those you have injured And made worse by your vicious acts of greed Without regard Without regard Without regard You piece of shit You piece of shit You piece of shit Look in the mirror There you'll see the light There will come a day There will be the truth of your ways

I Am Crack

JUELZ SANTANA "What The Game's Been Missing!"
[Santana talking] W-what is this, this sound like some graveyard s*** well that's what the f*** they gon need cause I'mma bury these niggas this time around [Verse 1] Who better than me, you better than me S*** you never will see if you dead and deceased Keep two', lead, and the piece and I'm busting it off right Leave a trail of smoke like a f***ing exhaust pipe Took the coke up out the stash cause they know about the stash Now I'm like swallow these dope up in the bags Coke up in the bags, yeah sown up in the bags I do my chicks like Ludacris blow it out your a** I'm a mean pimp you know what I mean pimp Four hoes on each strip all bringing me chips Futuristic, so when I'm gon they gon have to do balistics Just to prove I'm this sick You n***as need to be spank by your mami For ever thinking you'll be greater than I'll be You get that short late waist pack money I get that all straight a.s.a.p. money bring it here now! [Chorus 2x] Touch the coke, touch the pot, add the soda what you got ME! I am what I am I be what I be and that you will see I AM CRACK!! [Verse 2] Who want it with I you want it with I I'll shoot one of ya eyes You'll lose one of ya eyes I'll jam move and slump ya Leave your body in ranch cuckamonga with ants moving under My flows so in order I can turn soap and water to ocean water and float the border You never will be what I forever will be Your tombstone never will read we buried a G nope!! I'm so mean and nice with the things I write Jesus might say Jesus Christ It's only rap so why yall trying to hold me back Like yall ain't ask for to owe me back I'M HERE! My peoples play and sling cocaine More than Billy Blanco from Carliton's Way So you can find me on the streets okay With that big f***ing piece okay [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] Too dope for this but you won't admit So my two's smoking spit make you choke on spit You ever seen a man gag and gargle Sound like a new born trying to ask for bottles They like cut it out you slacking But I bust it out in rapping Can you name a n***a better without me busting out in laughing? N***a you couldn't spit enough to get at me I'll stretch ya for extracurricular activity I'm more macing than grace is when I say s*** You should say amen after my name kid Yes this is that of greatest You should say amen after this statement [Chorus 2x]

Turn It Out (Intro)

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Life In 1472"
[Nas] Spit at the world My lyrics, I could spit at your girl Spit when I hurl, spit on the Dutch and finish the twirl Spit facts, spit on whacks my whole lifetime Spit on my watch, make the ice shine Spit trife lines, .44 spit slugs out Ready to thug out at the clubhouse Chickens who lickin' or spit a nut out My name within itself is a language that bring you wealth Careful, comin' at me is like hangin' yourself at a..... I know you thought I'd be locked up Dead by now, shot up, full of lead by now Got up wit' JD doh', crazy dough Queens with the So So Def, A-T-L's best (yeah I know) Every ride up the 9-5, fly friendly skies Thug passion for J Doves, Henneys for Nas Then we mix that shit, tip that shit Pass it around, hook the hood, everybody get wit' it [Chorus] [Nas] Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end Never do I lose, all I do is win Cause Queens Bridge is in the house This is Nas Escobar and I turns it out [JD] Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end Never do I lose, all I do is win Cause Collin Park is in the house They call me Don Chi Chi and I turns it out [JD] I'm sumpin' y'all dread like locks, get bread by the flocks Bitches love me and I'm duggy from the head to the socks Too much to handle, here da man of the year Hit rooms and light'em up like a chandelier From C-P to the Bridge, y'all know what it is Been gettin' money like this since I was a kid I'm in the corner with bitches and buckets of Cris Pourin' at the most goin'est nigga wit' shit that showin' it Now look at my ice, look at your ice, DAMN Look at my life, look at your life, DAMN See, I got niggas wantin' to drop me, top me, stop me Copy Chi to the T cause I'm nice in the 3 black same color AMG's T.V's, front and back pack with nuttin' but ladies You can look up or down, right or left But all you gon' hear and see is So So Def [Chorus, JD then Nas] Touch the whole global with cold vocals and dark words Vocal cords translate what my drunk heart slurs Chest clogged up with sparked up herb, I feel faint Tryin' to hold myself together, coulda spilt my own drink All I hear is beats bumpin', I'm seein' in doubles Last thing I need to happen is to be in a scuffle Where my dogs at? These ain't my niggas I loah Help the guard, forgot my niggas took some girls to the car Tryin' to make it through the crowd, which way is out? Which way is around? These grimy motherfucker's pointin' me out I wish I had the drink, but then I'm too intoxed to aim and put the clip in It's like the floor's wet and every step is like I'm slippin' And yo, I can't lose a step, I feel my enemies followin' All I got as a weapon is this Hennessee bottle I'm talkin' to myself, my peoples should be stickin' with me Somebody grabbed me up, "Yo Nas, come take this picture wit' me" My ice strillon, I'm feelin' my arm Thought my Roley was gone, now I wanna swing but I'm calm Still got that, DJ musta threw on another hot track Think it was this one here, bounce to that Too much Thug Passion and smokin' Made it outside, mouth wide, vomittin', gaggin' and chokin' From behind, niggas plottin' and scopin' Everything was blurry at first, but now shit is movin' in slow motion I saw my niggas pull up, Perelli's they skidded They open the car door and toss-ed me in it My cats tried to rob me, the crowd was rowdy But one thing's for sure, So So Def know how to party [Backdrop] All night long {'til when?} Til the early morn (it don't stop) And uh (it don't quit) And uh (So So Def with the dope shit, bitch!)


[Little Girl] and u will never break me til the day i die [Angie] yo every time i turn around they say how i deal with that weak shit i told yall of the stages i cant agree wit we showed yall, promoted yall on how to freak shit ... but here's a little secret...uh uh we still number one blazin hip hop and r&b quick cuz its simple and plain how can u sit and complain quick when we payed the way for u to get in the game chicks nigga's wuteva...its only the real that they recognize by the real and since u dont recognize u know the deal How i feel I dont no emotionz get showed if anything i feel violated being that we been cloned reporterz quit, i dont get caught up in the mix 10 years deep, i wuz brought up in this shit OG , big truck series, the carz is gone any questions ill be directing ur commentz to alkatron...sing that shit a primitive mind is all i all i eva had and u will neva break me til the day i die My reputation and my name is superb now add that with animal house and a flow thats like rain down a curb Cuz I , write a verse and I change a few words , edit and perfected it .. and and... Im still on the air about the dough be clear , u gotta go each year we lock and load beware im outta control animal mode will let u know not to hand me no goal everything i write hot like mah hand on a stove the ----- know bullshit dont effect me like a die hard knicks fan so na mas if's and's I could show u how power shit get ran and I cant get budged cuz when ur best friend is the jury bottom line is u cant get judged and that last line when ova ya head so u'll prolly neva know til ur dead eitha way wut i said iz real , sing a primitive mind is all i all i eva had and u will neva break me til the day i die uh yo uh.. and im not bein cocky cuz i work mah way up and even tho it hurt neva gave up went from handin out fliers to number one major.. i dont ---------------------- im about dollaz, hold ur 2 centz saved up dropped mah first album neva rocc in mah life did everything on mah own wrote the songs, hit the mic get the beats all nice stayed up got it right minimal help, felt alone now u got a problem right cuz its animal house , the team iz here its a new day with me this year be clear , im focused best coaches , way too many peeps pro to machines and way to much heat still grounded neva been way up in the sky workaholic still spend days inside angie u could neva break me , i move wise and thats til the day I die , oh my god a primitive mind, is all i all i eva had and u will neva break me til the day i die

They Will Anyway

K'LA "The Coldest Winter Ever"
Uncontrollable forces we living under Hot as hell winter's hell frozen over summer We can tell you what the temp be but can't control the number Cause our educated guesses are the same thing as a ponder point and laugh at the niggas driving honda's Speed past them in the benz's they can't ride beside us Chasin after cash are probably right behind us Ain't thinkin' bout the money then you probably shouldn't mind us Know who you flying with, Smoke the finest King kush roll royally your highness Don't wanna fuck with us cause we be on that grind shit Looking for trouble well I swear you're about to find it So just rewind it, gone and back it up You really tripping and I don't think that you packed enough You should have read the script before you started acting up I give you what you need and guarantee you it ain't what you want You keep saying what it is you say But all I hear what you want Well let me tell you what it is I see No one gets the shit they want No one wants to lose the game No one wants to feel ashamed No one wants to die today But they will anyway You can't escape the inevitable So your best option is just living it and letting it go They say they take your life but really they just sweatin' your soul Ain't never killed before, so most of them just say it for show Half-way murderers, you fucking kill me Cut me up Frankenstein me but I'm still me So I don't worry about the backstabbing hippies Stab me in the back but I bet you that I still breathe I got that kill freeze , immortal flow While All these ten buck rappers give you quarter rolls. Fuck the song up then tell you to enjoy the show When they don't deserve it I still give the people What they want, make that what they need, cause this is necessary If hip hop was dead it's time for it to be in burried I'm here to take the titles all these half-way rappers carry If they fear the future then I know the thought of me is scary You keep what it is you say But all I hear is what you want Well let me tell you what it is I see No one gets the shit they want No one wants to lose the game No one wants to feel ashamed No one wants to die today But they will anyways But they will anyway, hey What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Ya tryna tell me what you think that you need but ain't your mama ever tell you life is more than you see That's you I keep on giving more than want you want and for me Cause what you need and what you got or what you want it to be What you gonna do? What you gonna do? What you gonna do? What you gonna do?

Mutual Trust

So much shit is cancer causing Do what you want without pausing Another fucken toxic spill How many people will it kill? The kept it hidden from the press We don't know but it were in distress Another fucken nuclear test Then we breath it through our chest To this we've exposed for years It's no surprise to me It's affection everyone But people are too dumb to see So many things can fuck me up That I don't give a shit I'll live my life the way I want And nothing's gonna make me quit Radon comes from the underground For years we never heard a sound What's the next thing to be found? How long will it be around?

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