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AMANDA PALMER lyrics - Theatre Is Evil

Trout Heart Replica

Original and similar lyrics
They've been circling They've been circling Since the day they were born It's disturbing How they're circling Fifty feet from the pond Pretty often Pretty often I don't want to be told It's a problem It's a problem It's a problem I know And I won't keep what I can't catch in my bare hands without a net It's hard enough to walk on grass so conscious of the consequences They've been jerking They've been jerking In a pail by the dock I know that oxygen might Make them blossom and die But I'm not going to talk Feed them details Feed them emails They'll eventually grow But it's not working It's not working Not as far as I know And killing things is not so hard it's hurting that's the hardest part And when the wizard gets to me I'm asking for a smaller heart And I got you I thought that I got you now I'll ruin it all Feeling helpless Acting selfish Being human and all And they're jumping And they're jumping But they'll never get out Just keep touring Just keep on ignoring Be a good little trout And the butcher stops and winds his watch and lays their lives down on the block He raises up his hatchet and the big hand strikes a compromise Wait, we'll trade you Wait Please just one more day And then we'll go with no complaining No complaining No complaining No complaining Stop Come And they're cutting And they're cutting And I think that I know And they're gutting And they're gutting And I think that I know And it's beating Look, it's beating And I don't want to know And it's beating Look, it's still beating God, I don't want to know And killing things is not so hard It's hurting that's the hardest part And when the wizard gets to me I'm asking for a smaller heart And if he tells me "no" I'll hold my breath until I hit the floor Eventually I'm know I'm doomed To get what I am asking for Now my heart is exactly the size Of a six-sided die cut in half Made of ruby red stained glass Can I knock you unconscious as long as I promise I'll love you and I'll make you laugh? Now my heart is exactly the size Of a six-sided die cut in half Made of ruby red stained glass Can I knock you unconscious as long as I promise I'll love you and I'll make you laugh?

Keep It Real

It's time to be real y'all It's time to be real y'all I said it's time to be real y'all First breathe Started off a bad ass East side roamin Out late gettin cash Killas don't talk So I can't say shit So read between the lines And just paint your own pic Hustlin baby On the grind I was brought up right But stayed outta line Guess you can say when you lose You're lost But wit my parents passin on I had to be boss [Chorus:] I'ma keep it real I'ma keep it real It's all I've ever known I'ma keep it real I'ma keep it real Couldn't nobody give me rules Every now and then a jail cell But what's that prove I was still bein hard headed Claimin the streets (We have a red skinded male here disturbin the streets) Problems problems, everybody's got em Jack and sticc and cut and shoot and rob and I was addicted to all Had to change and find a better way To be well off [Chorus] Nowadays I got a strong mind I see it all No need for safety nets Cuz I will never fall Keep it floatin like a ghost at night And put fear in those who's eyes just ain't right I got angels watchin over I can feel em when I'm speakin Like they're on my shoulder And I admit that it sure feels good To finally get a chance to be understood Hard times was broke payin dues Made a lot of friends and I met a lot of fools That's why I'm here on the mic today Cuz I'ma be real and tell you what I need to say [Chorus]

Letting Go

Gary Valenciano
I used to feel the emptiness inside me I was not supposed to feel that way I had everything I needed But nothing ever made me What I longed to be The wealth, the name The lights, the fame Were everything to me And then one night Out of the blue I heard His name (Jesus) And so I took that step of faith And walked into His domain I believe that's what He wants Every heart to do When hard may seem the task One step is all He asks of you Letting go to know the truth Is not so hard to do It's the heart that's got the will To open up for Him to fill And trusting and believing Him Is all we've got to do It's just the heart that's got to move For Him to show His love that's been there Even when we never cared Take hold of His hand Let go and you'll understand Why be afraid For God knows what you're feeling But even He can't do a thing If He sees the heart's not willing And so we ask what's going on We want what's right and still do wrong When hard may seem the task One step is all He asks of you I guess by now you'd realize You can't be on your own And all your cares And all your burdens Should be cast upon His throne Letting go, just let go, letting go Let go and you'll understand Just let go and you'll understand

Subterranean Homesick Blues

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan"
Johnny's in the basement mixing up the medicine I'm on the pavement thinking about the goverment the man in the trench coat, badge out, laid off, says he's got a bad cough: wants to get it paid off God knows when but you're doin' it again! you better duck down the alleyway lookin'for a new friend the man in the coonskin cap by the big pen wants eleven dollar bills: you only got ten Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid Maggie comes fleet foot, face full of black soot talkin' at the heat put plants in the bed but the phone's tapped anyway, maggie says that many say they must bust in early may orders from the D.A. Walk on your tip toes, don't try no doz better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose keep a clean nose, watch the plain clothes you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid Looks to me like you did a little to much hittin' kid you should've took it to the bridge before you started to skid Look out, kid the good god willin', we'll bebop to Bob Dylan chillin'em, thrillin'em, and red hot killin'em killin'em Get sick, get well, hand around a ink well ring bell, hard to tell if anything is goin' to sell try hard, get barred, get back, write braille get jailed, jump bail, join the army, if you fail But users, cheaters, six time losers hand around the theatres girl by the whirlpool lookin' for a new fool don't follow leaders, watch the parkin' meters Look out, kid Look out, kid, it's somethin' that you did Look out, kid, 'cause they keep all hid

Discovering Japan

Graham Parker "Squeezing out Sparks"
[intro] Bm D A (3 times) D Bm Her heart is nearly breaking, the earth is nearly quaking D A The Tokyo's taxi's braking, it's screaming to a halt G A Bm G And there's nothing to hold on to when gravity betrays you A D Bm And every kiss enslaves you-oo-oo D Bm She knows how hard her heart grows under the nuclear shadows D A She can't escape the feeling repeating in her head G A Bm G When after all the urges some kind of truth emerges A We felt the deadly surges Bm A G D A Discovering Japan--an --an Bm A G D A G D Bm Bm Discovering Japan--an --an D Bm The GIs only use her, they only ram right through her D A Giving an eastern promise, that they could never keep G A Bm G Seeing a million miles, between their joke and smiles A D She heard their hard denials [don't pause] Bm A As the tears dropped sideways down her face, face Bm A I woke up talking in the tongue of a different race, race Bm G And as the flight touches down my watch says 8:02 F#m Bm D A But that's midnight to you, Bm D A Bm D A / G A Midnight to you Midight to you D Bm I dreamed headlong collisions in jet lag panavisions D A I shouted sayonara it didn't mean goodbye G A Bm G But lovers turn to posers show up in film exposures A Just like in travel brochures Bm A G D A Bm A G D A Discovering Japan Discovering Japan (x6 and fade)

Act Six

Peter Hammill
CHORUS Three endless days of bitter grief passed and Montresor abandoned any attempt to cheer his friend. Then came a sudden change in Usher's demeanour, whose significance he was soon to comprehend. Now Usher stands for hour on hour with head inclined and eyes half-closed, as if beneath the deep and sullen silence a sound exists for which he listens; a sound without end. Now Usher walks for hour on hour. With ashen face and trembling step, he climbs each stair, He climbs each tower; still hears it there. CHORUS AND No. It's only the THE VOICES beating of the heart, OF THE HOUSE heart of the House of Usher, beating of the heart heart of the House of Usher. USHER MONTRESOR Roderick is that you? I could not sleep Nor I. Listen to the storm! Did you ever hear such a dreadful sound? Indeed. Indeed I have! But this sound you can hear; the tempest beats upon the House as it would beat upon a drum, that is no sound to fear. For the sound to fear It beats upon the house. walk softly when they come The thunder seems so near But it's only the But it's only the beating of the heart, beating of the heart, heart of the House of Usher. heart of the House of Usher. USHER MONTRESOR VOICES OF THE HOUSE Oh the lake is Beating of the heart, in frenzy, I heart of the House can feel the waves of Usher beat on the walls Beating of the heart The breaking of the heart! heart of the House These giant stones of Usher. are trembling Beating of the heart the savage lashing heart of the House of the storm of Usher. The breaking of the heart! Beating of the heart heart of the House of Usher Why is that other sound The House not hidden by of Usher echoes of the storm? shall stand. The House But understand we only of Usher hear the House shall stand Speaking of a storm The House This is the storm itself! of Usher shall stand. The House of Usher The House of Usher MONTRESOR We've seen enough, I'll close the window. The gale is chill and grows yet stronger. These walls are shaking! You shall play something for me; you shall play and I shall listen. So we will pass away this dreadful night. USHER Yes I shall play, yes, I shall play! (The Haunted In the greenest of our valleys Palace) by good angels tenanted once a fair and stately palace - radiant palace - reared its head. In the monarch, Thought's dominion like a jewel it stood there. Never seraph spread a pinion over fabric half so fair. Wanderers in that happy valley through two luminous windows saw spirits moving musically to a lute's well-tuned law, round about a throne where sitting, side by side with his fair queen, in state his glory well befitting, the ruler of the realm was seen. USHER MONTRESOR Wait! Did you hear it? What was it? It's nothing. What was that distant sound? I say, I heard nothing All with pearl and ruby glowing was the glorious palace door through which came flowing, flowing, flowing and sparkling evermore a troop of echoes, whose sweet duty night and day was but to sing in voices of surpassing beauty the wit and wisdom of their king. USHER MONTRESOR No! There's something, I heard it quite clear, a voice crying. It's nothing I say but the wind! You heard the wind, just heard Within the House! the wild wind crying. But evil things, in robes of sorrow assailed the monarch's high estate; let us mourn for never morrow dawn upon him, desolate; round about his home the glory that had always blushed and bloomed is but a dim-remembered story of the olden time entombed. USHER MONTRESOR There! Yes, you heard it! There is someone else - There's nothing something else I say, down there! You hear nothing! There's no-one there. It is the storm Are we that you hear. alone here? Travellers now within that valley through red-litten windows see vast forms that move fantastically to a discordant melody while like a rapid, ghastly river through the ever open door a hideous throng rush out forever and laugh - but smile no more! And laugh - but smile no more! And laugh - but smile no more! USHER No! No! No! Yes, I hear it! Yes, I have heard it long, long - many minutes, many hours, but I dared not speak: I tell you I dared not speak. No more cant from you, you thick-skinned obtuse fool, damn your compassion! For now I say you will hear the wicked truth We put her living in the tomb! But I dared not, I dared not speak! Yes, have I not heard her footsteps on the stair? Yes, do I not distinguish the heavy and horrible beating of her heart? Yes, she is coming. She has woken in the darkness, in her mindless, relentless strength. Now she has broken from the tomb. Now she has burst from the tomb. Days ago I heard her first feeble movements in the hollow coffin - said I not that my senses were acute? I heard the scraping, the scraping of her nails - but I dared not, I dared not speak! Madman! Madman! I tell you that she now comes towards the door! USHER MONTRESOR CHORUS VOICES OF THE HOUSE No, what a House Monstrous thought! We Now the punishment breath! is finished. The evil that House You said is done we are! she was dead... cannot be We You watched undone. could not her dying! It's over now It's over now What evil have let you done? It could not be prevented them go! God, what a monstrous thought! It's over now It's over now. We The evil that Why must innocence is done could be punished? Could this have not been prevented? It's over now It's over now The evil that The evil that We is done... is done could not could not be prevented let could this have could never been prevented? be prevented them go! I dare not could this have it could not I dared not speak! been prevented? be prevented! Madman! Madman! I tell you that she now stands outside the door! USHER MADELINE MONTRESOR CHORUS I'm looking Now, No, Madeline! Madeline! I have counted to a hundred with my eyes closed and I'm coming I am the last now to find you... Leave! of the Usher! Depart! my sister's death Go! shall leave me so. Where are you It's over now hiding? I am If I wasn't so the last afraid I'd Usher Roderick touch her Leave! I feel where are you? It's over now Depart! the sky I see. Go! Now he sings of death, the evil the evil some things even that is done that is one I feel madder cannot be cannot be the sky undone undone moan shuts himself away the evil the evil to join shuts himself away that is come that is come with the slime! He shut could not could not himself away! be prevented. be prevented. AS THE HOUSE FALLS THE VOICES beams buttresses plaster copings We We OF THE corbels bressumers quoins chimney- breath are HOUSE joists arches wainscot shafts We rise Usher kin-posts piers stairs parapets ridge-ribs spandrels banister pediments struts columns cusps mansard stanchions cornices gargoyle king-posts eaves End of Act Six

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