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AMANDA MARSHALL lyrics - Amanda Marshall

Dark Horse

Original and similar lyrics
Indian summer Abilene You were new in town I was nineteen And sparks flew They called us crazy Behind our backs Romantic fools We just let them laugh Because we knew It may be a long shot We may be lonely down the line But love knows no reason And I won't let them make up my mind Chorus My money's riding on this dark horse, baby My heart is sayin' it's the lucky one And it's true color's gonna shine through someday If we let this Let this dark horse run Stars are brighter In a desert sky No need to wonder Or justify Where this will lead I wear your locket Our picture's inside Inscription says, The joy's in the ride And I believe Something so sacred Is something worth this kind of fight Cause love knows no patience You can't please everyone all the time Chorus So rare So sweet Together baby We can be free Chorus repeat Written By: D. McTaggert, D. Tyson, A. Marshall

Back Stabbers

Grand Puba "2000"
[Puba] Yeah.. aight.. 2000 representatives comin to ya Yeah, here to talk about a situation you know that makes the world go round, check it It's on that love and hate tape, yaknahmsayin Be damned if you do, damned if you don't But I'ma rap on it a taste, yaknahmsayin I'ma let honey take it away, check it [Valdes] It's a thin line.. between love and hate It's a thin line (yeah) it's a thin line (uhh) If you feel the vibe.. Yeah.. no doubt It's time to set em straight [Puba] [Valdes] No doubt, check it Well it's four o'clock, in the mornin Just gettin in, baby love's askin Baby where you been Tryin to get mine But I've been sittin waitin all this time I got to grab this cream, while I got the chance Romance, without finance -- you know the rest, baby It's just a nuisance I'm sayin, act like you know Nuttin can't grow if the dough don't flow But I'm just tryin to get a-wit you Baby I ain't tryin to bullshit you Why we gotta beef on the same old shit Because your friends you'd rather be with But when I'm with my friends, I don't go through that So you can pack your bags They already packed Well you ain't really my skin And your friends ain't really your friends Chorus: repeat 2X They smile, in your face All the time, they wanna take your place The back-stabbers Pocket-grabbers [Puba] I told my man that I gave my girl the outs Crib to the head, king size bed That love shit is dead, so let's call some chickenheads Tell em do the spread while we bein handfed We had it goin for the first two weeks I bumped into my ex, and she asked, could we speak I told her made it quick, and this is what she kicked Dig it [Valdes] Hey baby how you doin Fine I heard that you and your friends be havin good times No doubt, he come through in the clutch That nigga ain't really your friend What I wish you wouldn't trust him so much You got a problem I think you really trust him too much Cause he's the best friend, I got No he's not! The last time you went out of town Yeah Guess who came creepin around Yeah.. Whatchu sayin He started sayin that you're no good for me But all that drama wasn't tryin to see Talkin bout all the other girls you got Oh the nigga went out like that Oh shit! Steppin to me, tryin to blow up the spot Tell me boy, is that your friend Nooooo, nooooooo, noooooo Damn It's a thin line, between love and hate Love and hate, love and hate If you feel the vibe boy, it's time to set him straight Oh I'ma set that nigga straight It's a thin line boy, between love and hate If you take your time, it'll be worth your wait [Puba] Boy I tell you these days You don't even know who to trust, yaknahmsayin That's how love do, that's how hate do, knahmsayin It's all connected It's all injected, knahmsayin

Hip-hops Fallen

L.G. Wise
Have I told you lately that I love you Well if I didn't darlin' I'm sorry Did I reach out and hold you in my loving arms, when you needed me Now I realize that you need love, too, and I'll spend my life makin' up to you Oh, I forgot to be your lover, and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry First it was Pac and then Big, I know you feelin' me kid It had me trippin' and I'm thinkin' what kind of joke that it is And then when Pun died it made me think of his kids And it bring the tears to my eyes when I see these babies cry And can't forget the Eazy, and you then know that it's fo-sheezy Got no time for flossin' when these soldiers out here need me And them Gravediggas, and while chasin' major figures But the things we say are seeds that we planted, they gettin' with us Chorus Now I realize that you need love to And I'll spend my life makin' up tp you Consumed by the things of this world And never respectin' our girls We callin' them hos when they diamonds and pearls And then they miss Aaliyah, so many out here wanna be her Don't even know when the next time and when they really gonna see her And we forgot about Him, unless we use Him in vain And all these evil speekin' lyrics disrespectin' His name These rappers sayin' nothin', that's why he tryin' to tell us something While we kickin' rhymes, I see Him steady showin' signs No more popin' pills, watchin' these young ones livin' ill You glamorize the wicked, that's the kind of stupid that's gettin' us killed Chorus They drivin' Escalades, and Benz' and Lexus' and Jaguars They rollin' on 22's with DVDs in they cars Everyday on MTV and so they know who you are Plus the way you live your life is like a movie star They popin' Xs in the Lexus' Fine firls with diamond neckless' Talkin' about how good the sexs is And Pops gotta cry 'cuz we lost our Left-Eye But behind the tragedy there's a reason why Chorus

Where Did You Sleep Last Nite

SARAH CONNOR "Unbelievable"
[chorus] I've been waiting all night long Just for you to come back home And I've tried to close my eyes Tried to forget all your lies Tell me, did I get you wrong When you said our love is strong Now it's time to make up your mind Tell me: Where did you sleep last night [verse 1] Gave you all of my money Gave you all of my time Really loved makin' love to you honey Was just too blind to see the sign Oh baby tell me how could I believe it After all you put me through Promised me this time is different And now again I'm sittin' here And the one that is missin' is you [chorus] [verse 2] Oh just go on lying to my face Sayin' all you need is a little bit of space But if you come home to me tonight You'll find the bedroom very empty tonight 'Cause I'll be gone and on my way And your smile will fade away Oh baby I can't stand this no more And don't you ever come back to me [c-part] Lie to me, try to be Like the man I once loved in my dreams You're a fake, pretty mistake Breaking of my heart, now I put you straight Out of here, shed no tear Need a maximum of love my dear See the door, come no more Don't turn around, what you're waiting for You're my stress, need respect Only thing you give is heart attack Don't take checks it's just gotta Be what you call in cash instead Here's my decision you Lose your position right now!!

You Know Me Better Than That

GEORGE STRAIT "Chill Of An Early Fall"
Baby since you left me I've found someone new She thinks I'm perfect I swear SHe likes my body, my class, and my charm She says I've got a confident air She respects my ambition, thinks I'm talented too But she's in love with an image time is bound to see through Chorus: You know me better than that You know the me that gets lazy an fat How moody I can be All my insecurities You've seen me lose all my charm You know I was raised on a farm Oh she tells her I'm perfect And that I love her cat But you know me better than that I miss picnics and blue jeans and buckets of beer Now it's ballet and symphony hall I'm in culture clean up to my ears It's like wearn' a shoe that's too small Oh I caught her with an issue of brides magazine Starin' at dresses and pickin' out rings Repeat Chorus Oh she tells her friends I'm perfect And that I love that cat Oh, but you know me better than that

He Sends His Love

I am writing this to you And I hope that one day soon You will come to realize You are precious in His eyes I know you feel alone A million miles from home It seems that know one cares That life is so unfair Hold on to this promise like it's your last breath Let it fill your heart when it's all you have left (Chorus) You gotta believe You gotta be strong You gotta have faith enough to know no matter where you are He is always with you Never give up Never give in His only one died for all our sins and he will lift you up And hold you in his love He gave his son He sends his love When the weight is just to much And there's no one you can trust When it's dark and your afraid Let the spirit guide your way There is so much left to do A great big world to wander through So many people in your life Waiting to see your smile (Pre-Chorus/Chorus) His love is all around you A fortress that surrounds you Let it comfort and protect you from the storm It's time to start a new day He will help you find your way To a better place (Pre-Chorus/Chorus)

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