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ALPHAVILLE lyrics - Prostitute


Original and similar lyrics
we waste our time with big illusions talking to the walls but jericho will never fall we sold our trumpets long ago exchanging all the best we had into atomic masterplans we read the books we had our chance we spend the world for just one dance so keep on dancing, all you fools the cups of fury have been filled so keep on dancing, all you clowns lets have sip before we're killd so keep on dancing these politicians make me sigh democracy is just a lie as long as we are rich enough each gouvernment will do for us we feed like vampires on the world we are the first, they are the third there ain't no hope, we had our chance we spent the world for one last dance 7 seals 7 trumpets 7 plagues 7 cups 7 angels the scarlet beast mother of harlots faithful and true gold/1994

Jet Black New Year

Don't you take a breath The air is cut with cyanide In honor of the New Year With this gives cause to celebrate: The air raid sirens Flood barbed wire skylines By artificial night, As we sleep to burn the right From our pointless lives. Tonight we're all time bombs on fault lines. Have we lost everything now? We're walking like each other's ghosts Around these silent streets (the sedatives tell you everything is alright) Like calendars dying at New Year's Eve parties As we kiss hard on the lips and swear this year will be better then the last Jet Black - the ink that spells your name Jet Black - The blood that's in your veins We say, 'How long can we take this chance not to celebrate?' There's music playing But we dance to the beat Of our own black hearts And draw diagrams On suicide on each other's wrists Then trace them with razorblades Fire to flames 'Strike Match.' Burn these words from our lips As the day it rains blood 'It's dead' and it's a 'newspaper tragedy,' Have we lost what we love? Have we said everything? Does it change anything? Stare at the clock Avoid at all costs, This emptiness. Ten seconds left until midnight nine chances to drown ourselves in black hair dye eight faces turned away from the shock: seven windows and six of them were locked five stories falling forever and ever three cheers to the mirror now there are two of us can we have one last dance? How long can we take this chance not to celebrate?

C'mon C'mon

5IVE "Kingsize"
Lately I've been thinking that I don't feel like I used to do. I'm trying to keep my two feet on the ground. Constantly surrounded everywhere I turn I'm hounded, people stop and stare and look me up and down. Now you shouldn't feel down from what everybody says and don't let it bother you if anybody stares, 'cause you know that at times people can be cruel, try to put you down make you feel like a fool. But you got one shot now don't you ever stop, keep your dreams high keep reachin' for the top, 'cause you know and I know if they had the chance they'd be climbin' up on the stage trying to dance. [CHORUS] C'mon C'mon and get together. Lets take a chance, it's now or never, spread the word over the nation that we are the new generation. C'mon C'mon and get together. Start living your life like it's forever. Don't wanna stop if you're dreamin', let everybody know what you're feeling. Questions I can't answer got me going round in circles. Make me feel as though I'm losing self control. It's feeling like a dream to me. I've lost a touch of reality deep inside I've searched with my soul. Now it's good to keep searching and bettering yourself but don't push too hard 'cause it's bad for your health. And running round in circles will always get you dizzy. And thinking too much that will make your head busy, so just sit back and relax, you gotta chill. I promise that all of your dreams will be fulfilled. One day if you keep on looking you'll find, you just gotta go with your heart and your mind. [CHORUS x6]

One More Dance

JON B "Stronger Everyday"
[Verse 1:] Let me be the first to say that you turn me on miss lady You're dancing like it's your favorite song now Must say you got a sexy way Those turns and spins make my head go round Make me wanna sit my champagne down And celebrate the fact that we're here I'm here with you, you make me look good girl So strap on your dancing shoes and move and feel free There's just no way that his jam can lose That's why I'm aksing you to give me [Chorus:] One more dance, one more dance One more chance, one more chance [Verse 2:] Tonight is kinda crowded baby I'm faded cause I'm so high on you Intoxicated, stuck in the groove And I know you feel it too It's hard to believe that it feels so good So girl, you do it like I know you should Dance again cause we got this down Never stop cause this love we feel is special So lets go all night cause truly I feel there's nothing better There's just no way that this can lose That's why I'm asking you to give me one [Chorus]

Long Night

[Spoken: Hoodie] Hi, can I talk to Teresa? Oh, this is her mom? Oh, you Mother Teresa? Aw, I like that. [Bridge: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night [Verse 1: Hoodie] Man, I've been up so damn early that I'm sleepwalkin' Now my eyes are looking like Macaulay Culkin's Watch me roll around the city like I'm Steve Hawkins These bitches Waka flock to us when we walk in They wanna act like it's a big deal, Ron Burgundy I'm underground but I'm poppin' up commercially I keep it buzzing like I'm a fuckin' worker bee So I'mma need a couple Gs if you want a verse with me So let me take your pay check Now you gotta find another way to pay rent Your life sucks like the Ravens You ain't been on a date yet I take your girl to dinner Then go home and have some great sex Yeah, this gon' be a long night I guarantee it, we probably gon' see the sunlight Before our eyes wide shut I'mma make a couple bucks And a couple hundred drinks, we about to turn it up, like... [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right [Verse 2: Hoodie] Yeah, I keep on running 'til I'm red up in the face Had a party at the crib, everyone was hella grate-ful Wait a minute, got a bedroom full of strangers I ain't talking Danny Granger, but I'm running out of Pacers I mean patience, nah, nothing can phase us I know you say your name but, my mind was on vacation Can't track that down, too many chasers I can't pack that crowd, too many lame-sters So let's just kick it in the back of my apartment Or at Madison Square Garden, we could go and watch the Rangers Central Park where we could go until it's dark And when somebody try to stalk you I just keep you out of danger So come to the crib just hop in Benz first I'm after the cat, but I don't mean Chesire Uh, shout out to Pat, he look like a Hemsworth I'm kickin' it with Chance so baby don't say the N-word [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right [Spoken: Chance] Chance? The rapper? [Verse 3: Chance The Rapper] Ashin Ls in a hotel sink Management swears that the hotel stink Whole time I'm yellin hold up a minute while the doorbell rings When old coke glistening on my nose earring And niggas just tryna function 'til a nigga can't function And the weed so pungent that I probably won't punch it And imported in punches and they actin' inpugnant With a rock and a pin and they say pin I'm actin' 100 And I turn up turn up turn up Get high burn up burn up burn up I'm fucked up and she's fucked up and We not gon' remember tonight so Let's fuck in a Wendy's bathroom Get frosty, forget the Sprite [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right

Breakdown (Keep Moving)

[Kardinal Offishall] I just started, just finished Lyrics complete the circle of a rap singer Combine with feeling mean and plus a reason And to rock it for the season And niggas on the lookout Take away your strips of General status, baddest Always move them anyways Creep only when I attack my rap squad are fake Gods Faker than their tongue, strung out From the tongue out bring out fraudulence To the audience 'cause they are conveyors of pestilence Maintenance is heaven sent (sense) The pretense, I blow up to create a science based on reliance In fact, you will agree, that it is to be a real emcee Such as he who's I, clear the third eye to reveal I I remain the high emcee, the Kardinal, Mr. Ritchie Niggas in control over and above thee Took the lyricy, for I will be the nigga to lead The sea of lost souls to see the light Forever in the night time Write rhymes, lock lines, lyrical stop signs Making mental envision the precision and quick to descend The decision, is yours I go on the drink Coors And rock encores for packed floors, yo We keep moving [CHORUS: Denosh (Saukrates)] Keep on moving (keep moving, don't stop (don't stop it) Keep rocking (keep rocking y'all) Keep on moving (keep moving, don't stop (don't stop it) Keep rocking (keep rocking y'all) [Kardinal Offishall] On some new stuff The native son like Richard Pryor 'Cause we move ta, your expeditions must be tight I light a torch and look at a tunnel 'Cause brothers are after what they can see So when I make your moves, yo they be after me And my entourage, will flexes connects your mind With a cause, some will kill for a yard Hard is the state of my people nowadays Slinging rock can change a man's mind many ways When are you seen as a dollar for a killing Killing for a dollar is as easy as the rhyme scheme of Top Billin' Making a million itch, a billion itch Where niggas they be building itch, to chill and itch For the future, the new world order I'm showing you that I will be ordering itch Inside the new world, doing what I got to do to make Brown for my seeds I will bleed before a man tries to make a step outta me Function on higher levels like a Shoalin Priest on Hydro I can see time flies yo So when we making moves, you either with me Yo what skills you lack so weak niggas step back and keep moving [CHORUS] In the midst like Betty Crocker, once said by God's son Twice spoken by Kardinal, ooh, check how I flow So many niggas up inside the Circle without purpose, singing with the F To the train trying to fat up their purses Prophecy disperses like some oil inside of water Niggas prepare of the slaughter, overseen like a father ?????? like a white collar crime Up in the blue collar world That's why I wear a mandarin to avoid the sin Niggas of the F.O.S., we the monopoly The Trivial Pursuit of making loot, they never stopping me But one day I will make a G, times I buy another G Mr. Super road in life, manager troop Back with the Figures Of... I'm hailing up the fifty herbs, stale in the house And some people think it's shitty that I rock and it's a pity You know the busi-ness, while I'm riding in my auto breathing L and drinking Guinness Keep moving [CHORUS x2] [Saukrates] I got honeys in the room getting it on And they ain't leaving 'til six in the morning T-dot O-dot Feel it, uh Here we here we here we go

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