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ALPHAVILLE lyrics - Dreamscapes

Red Rose (Demo 2)

Original and similar lyrics
Little girl - do you know what you are (do you know) This baby's gonna be a STAR - do you know-wow A Teenangel-Empress from Hollywood highs (With wonderful eyes) You're beautiful - put on your strato-blue suit - (Put it on) I know that you're in the mood to fly And you get the power to make it come true - The most exciting news [CHORUS] We'll be together 'til the end of time And when you S.M.I.L.E., Red Rose It's just like Blue Sunshine, Blue Sunshine Oh, we're ascending and we'll never die 'Cause when we kiss, Red Rose We're changing 6 to 9 It's Revolution Time When 6 turns into 9 Move over - closer to my phantasies (pretty baby) We're standing at the turn of the centuries The daughter of time is groovin' Tonight - Tonight - Tonight Tonight, little dreamer, you're the DJ of your soul (little dreamer) C'mon let's swing to that Rock and Roll The sweetest arrows of desire Will set this night on fire [CHORUS] (Change, change 6 to 9) (Change, change 6 to 9) (Change, change 6 to 9) (Change, change 6 to 9) Above the City of the million Moons We'll reach the Palace of the Sun DO WHAT YOU WILL - shall be your destiny We will unfold the secrets of the new JERUSALEM [CHORUS]

The Villains In Blue

Lil' Rob
[Royal T] It's a cold world, so my heaters stay hot My shank stays sharp, don't make me stick in your heart Body snatcher, don't make me reach out and touch you Fuck Royal T? Nah homey, fuck you It's a new year time to get shit clear Anybody cross me gonna quickly disappear I'm still pimped out, still spit the shrimp out Still gangsta boogie, still knock a simp out Still hitting corners, still hitting switches Still on the Low with some bad ass bitches All loc'd out all dressed in blue To the head to the fed and the you know who Behind ten getting bent in my blue Navigator Looking in my mirror at these fucking tail-gatters From Dago to Japan I'm still the shit To the one with more ice to get you frostbit [Chorus x2: Frank V (Lil' Rob)] Everything you heard was true About the villains in blue Three deep in a rag 62 Hitting switches like bitches after the brew And pulling homicides on snitches like you (That's what we do) [Frank V] Everything you heard was real on the really I drink like a fish and I pack a nine milli Fuck them rumors man, I'll tell you the dilly Yeah I went to jail cuz I slapped a bitch silly Frank Villy, California's most hated The last ten years I think I been underrated Other rappers with half my skill got top bill While I payed my own way just to rock the steel But I ain't tripping just hoe ripping, dough flipping If I don't got my nine then I'm .44 gripping The year two-thou, there shall be no slipping Just hysterical lyrical ass whippings Keep on dipping, no time for tricking The day's getting shorter and time keeps ticking That shit was true that you heard about me Motherfucking Mexican, motherfucker, Frank V [Chorus x2] [Lil' Rob] I guess we all pay the agony for the extasy I don't want anyone around me I don't nobody next to me You understand? Yeah you know what I mean Cuz I mean what I say, homeboy stay away I'm in a class of my own and I hold my own And I write my own shit, won't stop till I control shit Lil' Rob be the bomba and everybody knows it Case closed, Lil' Rob the man who closed it Ferocious, explosive, when I grab the mic You don't like daylight? I'll turn this motherfucker into night I could do things you couldn't imagine I'm guarenteed to be the last man standing and the last man laughing Bigger balls than cannons, deeper than Grand Canyons All up in this girl's ass like a g-string when she's tanning I'm one of a kind, genuine, and that's ok though Putting it down for Los Angeles y San Diego [Chorus x2]

Prima Donna

You've got the look - they'll never forget You wanna be noticed - but they haven't noticed yet When the time is right - a star on your door Taking you places that you've never been before Where did you go? Go to sleep tonight and dream about it till the morning Make a scene tonight - read about it in the morning Appearing for the very first time - on the screen tonight And when you wanna - they treat you like a Primma Donna You're a movie queen - familiar face Prettiest woman in the whole of the human race You're gonna be famous - you wanna go far (Your) name up in lights - everybody knows who you are On with the show (How) will it feel being number one Hard to imagine but I can't blame you for tryin' How will it feel havin' so much fun Hard to imagine but it's so electrifying

A Crescendo Of Passion Bleeding

CRADLE OF FILTH "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh"
Spells lay daggers before me passion speaks in grue vehement stabs Trance my eyes, fix my focus to pain the tumour grows until the enemy is slain (Gut The Church) Slightless storm knee-deep in hate I seeth my purpose here has woken to breath Total war on the brethren of Men millions regardless dying by my hand A Black Age Of Fire brief in its vicious eloquence removing the dross love will arise from the ashes of your loss Then and only then will the pleasure of Eden be mine and the sinews of life itself will be tied in the very veins of my bloodline And their tears taste like wine... I will rule as a king and the Goddess will sit as my guiding Queen in the glory of the earth our crowns are studded with the jewels of blasphemy The blood is the life! I seek to evoke a new order in Man a flood of compulsion to resurrect Khem the lion is vexed to uproot and descend Chaos my steed in the thick, clinging dust tempering weapons of criminal lust I hold sway from the East to fulfill prophecies thinning the cause as fresh cells to disease The blood is the life! Even the moon will not lend thee her light the darkness serves will to snuff out human life that I might reclaim the world as my right I kill without scruple or silent regret in haunts of the sinister lunar aspect for I am the pleasure that comes from your pain tiny red miracles falling like...rain The incessant pall of death surrounds me but this is not the part of me that wishes to breed there will be no dread thereafter the mysteries I reveal unto thee I stir the hearts of the wisest by the fools I will always be feared my Kingdom feeds off their slaughter... A crescendo of passion bleeding... on the pale reflection of dawn Devour The Sun 'The Great Man of his time is He who expresses the Will of his time; who tells his time what it wills; and who carries it out'

My Will

[Intro:] I hope my son's learnt to be not like me If I die tonight I hope my daughter never meet a nigga like me If I die tonight [Hook:] If I die tonight, just know I lived one hell of a life Just in case I get killed tonight, I'm writing my will tonight Give these bum niggas my clothes Give my niggas my cars, give my mother my dough Give my girl my crib, give my brother my jewels Give the shooters my guns, they know what to do [Verse 1:] Uh, living life too fast, to make plans I'm a trip but out the suitcase, shot when I land Yeah, it's just the life of a real nigga Baskyat couldn't paint a better picture 50 cent can't pay the bills nigga So I guess I'm gonn die tryina get richer Everyday's a fight, thrilla in manilla And if I die, pray for my killer Give my mama my dough, she gonn take care of my kids Give my girl my crib, so they have somewhere to live Give my brother my jewels, they worth for me in the 2 I own em more than that, can't put a price on that Put my tongue and my dick in a room with all my bitches And tell em that it's going to the highest bidder [Hook:] If I die tonight, just know I lived one hell of a life Just in case I get killed tonight, I'm writing my will tonight Give these bum niggas my clothes Give my niggas my cars, give my mother my dough Give my girl my crib, give my brother my jewels Give the shooters my guns, they know what to do [Verse 2:] Another day, another risk What make it even worse is the shit I got on my wrist What make it even worse is the kid I got on my whip Bitches all on my dick these niggas having a fit Lit, dying for this shit like mitch, tryina get rich Warrup Porter, shit, it's a curse and a gift The good with the bad, gotta take what you get But if a nigga tryina take what I got Then he gonn have to take what I give, shots Another day, another blessin Pockets fat, life's precious Get it, pockets fat, life's precious Forever living young, still reckless Balling every second, so if I die tonight I could truly see my life was imperfect, but it was worth it [Hook:] If I die tonight, just know I lived one hell of a life Just in case I get killed tonight, I'm writing my will tonight Give these bum niggas my clothes Give my niggas my cars, give my mother my dough Give my girl my crib, give my brother my jewels Give the shooters my guns, they know what to do [Outro:] If I die tonight, tell em I had a ball Money, bitches and cars, I had em all Give em my clothes, pack need in bags Lord knows they need the swag If I get killed tonight, some niggas gonn smoke a pound for me Some niggas gonn load up they guns and hit the town for me Yeah, these fuckin haters, gonn smile and breathe But they bitches gonn frown for me First class to the money, got a one way Fact is, we all gotta die someday Fly guy, put my casket on the runway And tell my kids I'll see em again someday My will, my will, my will, my will, my will.

Almost Rosey

TORI AMOS "American Doll Posse"
Just a minute of your time Yes I've been known to delude myself So let me put those rose Colored glasses to the test Now is this real enough for you 'cause blondes here don't jump out of cakes If that never impressed you much Come board this lunatic express Just why do they say Have a nice day anyway We both know they wouldn't mind If I just curled up and died Let's not give that one a try Chin up put on a pair of these roseys Raise those blinds Chin up a happy mask was never Your best disguise Chin up put on a pair of these roseys In no time you will feel almost fine Almost rosey Now some girls here will huddle with No not footballers that are rich But will confide in small white sticks He bats as The Virginian Slim Then I tried once to comply With an authority that would Subsidize my wild side But at this altar was sacrificed Yes you can laugh a femme fatale In a bride's dress now married to The effortlessness of the cracks That lie now in between the facts Now about when violet died The cause still unidentified She thought her love would be enough But you can't seduce seduction Her tentacles of endless want Reach through my corridors And tempt me to taste of her power I sober with the witching hour And when I hear of one more bomb Yes we have all been robbed of song And nightingales who throw their arms up When is enough enough?

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