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ALLURE lyrics - Allure

Give You All I Got

Original and similar lyrics
[Raekwon] Yo, met this piece by the name of Cherise She had a fly 190 resting in Jones Beach You know when we be kickin' everyday cliche Yo Boo can I poly with you What! Make my day She threw her chin up in the air Said Yeah Your style is played out black like last year What do you mean, Hu! You know what I mean Dunn Calling me Dunn had me open like I was the one What did I have on God Guard or Claiborne You know you had that rugged type of shit on Raekwon Maybe I'll talk a bit kick a few words and shit But you drove off in some Nissan phat shit Givin' me bad looks, lookin' like made crooks If I was a purse downtown I woulda been took Yeah from robsters, but you look like mobsters Smokin that weed had me nauseous like Rastas When we're together You blow my mind, uh huh You have a way about ya That keeps me satisfied (Whatcha want) All I want to do is give you all I got 1 - If I give you all I got Would you be there for me baby All I got And if I keep you close to me Would you give me everything I need The way I want it to be That's how it should be I wanna be there for you boy In every way I just gotta tell you how You take my breath away Oh I wanna let you know 2 - When you walked into my life Walked into my life I get this feeling you brought my world alive And I'm going crazy, my head is in a daze And you amaze me boy Why don't you stay Repeat 1 [Raekwon] Yo, she's a fly fabulous bird From out of nowhere We bungalo dolo in lowgear Free paraola. The whole year Now acknowledge me God mentality Fly firmality Cut out on me and kidnapping half of your salary We movin' like this, for real now Shut down your will power, flower Whatever you doing Don't respect ours Slidin' my work to the next man Still I'm givin' you props Now gets your karats on the next hand Repeat 2 Repeat 1 until fade

Another Story To Tell

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] Yo, since I been in this game, yo Alot of funny shit that happend with these hoes, man And this shit I'm 'bout to tell you Myse Is a true story, Puff know the bitch, Uh, Yo [Mase] You know I don't wanna come across foul I'm only telling you about my lifestyle I had a girl named Kate I date in Georgia State Girl named Samantha I met in Clark, Atlanta I even knew these girls named Laura and Yvette Switched up giving me head in Georgia Tech Now flip the script, mess with girls that strip Give 'em tips just so I can feel I'm they 'his' They like, Mase I like your eyes and I love your lips I'm like, that ain't enough to make you sit in the six She said Mase, lot of things I wanna teach you 'bout If I tell you my past, it'll freak you out Save your dough, you know I wanna treat you out Fuck sucking your dick, I wanna eat you out I'm like whoa now, slow down You remind of these young chickens I knew from uptown Got a butt like this girl that worked in Motown So if we ain't gonna fuck then where we go now I don't move too fast, you move too slow You wasn't saying this just a moment ago You was sitting at the bar just spending my dough You owe me something bitch, you gon' blow me or something She said this thing you need to know before we fuck I ain't like all these other sluts And if I told you I was a virgin you wouldn't believe me I know getting pussy for you is easy You hit every bitch from Antee to a Tuskeegee Plus you know I know your girlfriend KiKi And for a moment honey tried to freak me But being the man I am I'm still in pimp mode Could tell she was Harlem 'cause I seen her zip code And then she started showing me pictures of Flipmode So I'm with my man and you know we gon' discuss her All I could hear is him sayin', don't trust her You know her lil' cousin fuck with Usher Plus her best friend got a baby from Busta So I layed back and peeped the ho' It's her word against his, I can't believe the ho' Yo, I only knew this girl from a weekend ago And I figure she a freak, Cease would know So I called up my nigga, I'm like Cease what up (what up) Is she a freak, nigga? Cease been fucked, but Cease admitted Yo, that he ain't even hit it, now y'all I really don't get it And she tried to play Mike like he's some nigga in a Civic And sucked Puff dick for some Budweiser tickets Yo, you believe this bitch, yo? She sucked his dick for some Budweiser tick.. That bitch gonna give me my shit B, word up (Section 622) I'm not even fucking playing I bet you she give me my watch back though, I bet that (Row 40) And all my fucking ice better be in it, too (Seat A, Seat B, enjoy the show) Matter of fact, I want my fucking couch out that shit B Word up, tell your sis get my fucking couch B I ain't fucking playing

What It Is

(feat. Kelis) Yeah Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon [Verse 1] Who be the father to this Bounce right here niggas be followin this Modelin bitches be frontin and be swallowin this Carry on and yellin, screamin, be hollerin this Flipmode co-signed to be the sponsor for this What To conquer this you need to march on for this What Ha, bitches just shake it and wiggle And start to bake and just giggle And then get naked a little and shit Sweat drippin off they face and they nipple and shit Niggas wildin til they be all tired and crippled and shit Yeah you buggin on how we be doin it to ya Til you hate our niggas and shit just like bullets was travelin through ya Now, from right to left with a capital F We gon' keep this shit hot to death and we stoppin your breath Drinkin and buggin and fuckin with them hoes again But it's nothing cuz y'all niggas know we 'bout to blow again [HOOK:] Kelis and Busta Busta, what it is right now Yeah Busta, what it is right now Eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now Yeah, eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now What you want Eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now Yeah, eh-heh, eh-heh, eh-heh Busta, what it is right now Yeah, what-chu... Busta, what it is right now What you want now Busta, what it is right now Flipmode, c'mon, c'mon [Verse 2] Let me show you what it is right now Let me... step up and handle my biz right now Niggas don't even know what it is right now Got 'em mad as if I was bonin they wiz right now So let me dig right now all in your ass way she bouncin got my... Bubbly startin to fizz right now Ayo, fuck it shit is feeling kinda big right now Got 'em ready to split a couple of wigs doin tricks wit her ass Shoulda seen what shorty did right now Got me stuck on just takin her back to my crib right now C'mon, the way shorty throwin that ass all over the place Why shorty dizzy tryin to throw it all up in my face Oooh... so what you got right now Cuz we comin to blow the whole entire spot right now Nigga we hot right now, all you other niggas move your shit over Because we comin take your slot right now [HOOK] [Kelis] This be the beat to rock for the street More hot shit we givin you more heat Feelin that bounce bangin the concrete Bangin in the club and bangin it in your jeep Flipmode Squad 2001 Wave your hands and rep where you from We keepin it street cuz that's how we live It's what it is baby, it's what it is baby [Verse 3] C'mon See what it is is that we smokin got you open my nigga Reppin til the very last word is spoken my nigga Think we jokin we be makin niggas soakin they clothes While niggas is runnin and wildin busy scopin these hoes Bitches is runnin and wildin scopin niggas wit dough While we keepin niggas open like we smokin the 'dro Heh, see what it is is that we create a ruckus Cuz that's what we love to do muh'fuckas, c'mon [HOOK] Flipmode nigga, c'mon Violator muh'fucka, c'mon We got Kelis muh'fucka, c'mon Neptunes muh'fucka, c'mon, yeah Bus-A-Bus muh'fucka, c'mon , yeah Everybody in the spot, c'mon, yeah What it is right now, c'mon Bus'll tell ya what it is right now, c'mon Bus'll tell ya what it is right now, c'mon 2001 hot shit, c'mon Hot shit, hot shit, hot shit, c'mon

Hey Y'all

NOREAGA "The Reunion"
(INTRO) Capone (Noreaga) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) (Verse 1: Noreaga) My ice go bling, when you see my shine And Flex got us spinnin joints like seven times Chicks look at they ass, then look at they tits Thinkin it's they turn they know I'm rich I like a hood rat make a hood book of my bitch Ay yo she get what she get don't ask for shit And I told y'all niggaz that I bust to the sceddene Y'all niggaz is wack like the cops solid cuisine Fuck that yo, all them niggaz is straight wack Blow holes through they chest slugs go through they back And what got me mad is that I really wanna dump off I say M.U. see if y'all wanna dump off I was a little kid when I went up north But now I'm grown an, I got a benz and a land And hoes wanna give me head right in front of my mans And when I got the plan I stay wit fams While y'all coke head niggaz still sniff on grams Chorus: Capone (Noreaga) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) CNN won y'all (Hey y'all) Hey y'all, hey y'all (Hey y'all) (Verse 2: Capone) Yo, yo, yo, Now first of all I'ma send this out to y'all the thug niggaz who brawl Playin in halls making cellular calls On a run from the laws wit a gat in they claws Wit a pack in they draws I ain't even threw the cracks in they paws Bang Bang we love to settle the score Shift from me in the fourth these guys is ready for war I say the kingdom of the fame once more we reclaim Either a cop, slug or twenty thou threw on a chain Niggaz simplistic I been flipped it pumped through blizzards Clutched the gun on my hip, survival of the fittest I runt this shit like business C.E.O. crack merchants tell me when it's dark like guiness Fly son'll do I run a few Piss on the world we number one, you shitty niggaz still number two Gunnin you down bitch you frontin you Like Oh shit tried to run, I put one in her too (Chorus) (Verse 3: Algado Shoballoti) Ay yo, Now holla at me like hey y'all We let it spray y'all Front and y'all pay fall Tried to flip the game like an eight ball You speedin I got the guts to pace y'all Haters they ain't lovin you I'm trying to live comfortable Fuck it like Cliff Huckstable Gettin cash what a thug'll do Fuck hoes and never call once so they could never call me a bugaboo I reign from the sky to the concrete under you My team known to break beats, pussy and mugs too I'm down where the crips play criddaps And bloods scream bliddap CNN fall back let us get that We get your kids kidnapped If its feed back be like that man from cuba beggin for your seed back And if you don't see me wit CNN or F.C. Thats like the hood with nobody named Wise or Kiki And my mics sound nice next to Joe Twenty We snatch you right up out yo fake fendi, hey y'all (Chorus)

The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)

FAT JOE "Jealous One's Envy"
Yeah This is goin' out ... to all the live motherfuckers, knowhatumsayin' All the real niggaz, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, California La Perla, Puerto Rico, whatever the fuck you're from, youknowhatumsayin' Yeah Verse One: This story takes place, back in the South Bronx Where at the age of fourteen I was ready to knockin' off punks (yeah!) And suckers were scared to death Every time I walked by I hit them niggaz take their last breath (ahhh..) See, I just didn't give a fuck And if you had a seed skin, I let the bomba you was getting stuck (word!) That was the way it was One day I went to visit my aunt, and stuck up my cous See, something was fucked up back then No matter what the fuck I did, I never had no ends And my moms was on walfare Aiyyo I knew I had a father, but the nigga was never there So what the fuck was I had to do When sick and tired to bein' the bummiest nigga out the crew I gotta get mine, I gotta get cash! I see an old man, I'm gonna rob him with the quick-fast Gimme your motherfucking loot, popi I'm goin' to get paid and can't a damn thing stop me See, I'm tired of this porshit And who the cops Well they can suck my motherfuckin' dick! Cause all them niggaz ever do is harass That's why I came glad when I heard somebody swooped that ass (*gunshot*) Just to let ya know how I feel, word'em up The fuckin' shit is real Chorus: (*background cuts Down on the real *) Aiyyo its real Aiyyo the shit is real The fuckin shit is real Aiyyo its real Verse Two: Now I'm sixteen and there's a brand new scene I'm makin' mad dupe, gettin' paid off the dope fiends (word) *Deep in shit* the checkin order, and my main man Tone was fuckin everybody else's daughter See everybody knew in town that Joe and Tone had shit locked down And a nigga wouldn't test me It seems like every other day the fucking cops arrest me (yea!) But the shit would never stick I make one phone call and he'll be out by quick Cause uncle Tan had my back And now niggaz gettin' jealous cause they know I'm livin' fat Talkin shit around the way and over block But never in my face cause they knew I'd clap the glock And my crew is mad deep I'm punchin crazy puerto rican, so why yo don't sleep (word!) And all you bitch ass niggaz know the deal, check it out The fucking shit is real Chorus Verse Three: Let me let ya know why I made this song (why!) Brothers can't deal with the real, word is bond I'm sick and tired of these fake ass niggaz Sayin' that they're catchin' bodies when they never pulled a trigga I know ya style, I've seen it before You wearin' army suit, now you think you're hardcore Drinkin on your 40's, smokin on your blunts Then afford a chainsaw, yo there ho fronts ,yeah You fakin' the funk, kid And you'd be *kidnapped* the ass if you ever did a fucking bid It's time to separate the real from the phony The name is Fat Joe, punk, act like you know me I come from crypt with that ruff shit Nowadays I can't believe the *bull/boo* rappers come up with And all y'all bitch ass niggaz know the deal, check it out The fuckin shit is real Chorus Outro: Word up! I wanna say peace to my peeps, the Beatnuts Messengers Of Funk, strictly Roots My man Four Flex, Zulu Nation Jazzy J in the house Diamond D, the whole Diggin' In The Crates crew And rest in peace to my man Tony Montana Aiyo, I'm out, word is bond The shit is real (*Premier cuts Fat Joe's in town *)

Ski Mask

PROJECT PAT "Mista Don't Play"
(feat. Crunchy Black) [Hook:(rpt.2x)] Ski Ski mask over my skull papers in my mouth cause i'm real bitch it's a house call glock nine wit no love killaz from the south gotta bill caps that make the shells fall [Verse 1: Project Pat] Yeah as you walk in the vally of a yuppa nigga betta watch your mufuckin zippa dont step in shit that you cant handle walkin in the dark man, so you need a candle can yo ass pay off what chu was runnin wanna sell weed but chu stay gettin blunted cross head cutters from the hood now you dont want it just like a man to the deer you the hunted when they catch you you prepare for the slaughta don't be surprised you done stepped in they're quater kick in your door, put the gun to your daughta bizness is shit like seal but it poppa reachin for your shit all you had was a glocka mad madness on yea dogg, mufuckin choppa ski mask on they're face wit uh banana ready man to take care of all this damn, anda [Hook:(rpt.2x)] [Verse 2: Crunchy Black] Nigga fuck them niggas I aint payin'em shit if them niggas wanna come and get me, then come and get me don't be actin like no bitch and sendin words from niggas nigga straight up come down here and get me nigga Imma stick anda move Imma do what I do thats my job damn fool nigga robbin you evrybody know the game so the game is cool evrybody know C.B cause C.B act a fool nigga talk alot of shit but they don't wanna die niggas talk alot of shit but watch they bitch act a tried nigga bitch is a bitch and a ho is a ho and when you see me comin then I'm kickin in dow's layin bitches on the flo they know what I came fo all I came fo is money not cha fuck ass ho's bitch chu betta know the game cause the game is sold in and out in and out your fuckin dow's [Hook:(rpt.2x)] [Verse 3: Project Pat] [on phone] If you knowin I got rep to protect in this shit cliental I done delt those who crossed in a ditch where they lay bullets spray when I kill I'm the word get a piece of the pie off a crum or a bird I done payed off my dews I done been in his shoes that was me put them dead bodies on the damn news I got eyes watchin you and your fam-i-ly too I got ears in the street and you know how I do taken me for a fool I'm the nigga that chu came holla'in at for some work now you take it as a game I'm the main nigga here they don't wanna fuck up all this bullshit I hear, playa you den fucked up you be dead before you know body neva be found boy you betta get my dough for I put chu in the ground. Oh he hung the phone up he done blew my damn high callin real playas up cause this boy gotta die [Hook:(rpt.2x)]

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