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ALL TIME LOW lyrics - The Party Scene

I Can't Do The One-Two Step

Original and similar lyrics
Front page of the magazine said, "Don't believe a word you read, I'm just telling lies - Just telling lies..." Fall short this time of goals you rose to meet that night, Don't worry yourselves - worry yourselves, We can carry ourselves - carry ourselves.. How does it feel to wake up knowing that you're playing on something that could have been nothing but a sad, sad song, about a group of kids who lost it all to the great, big city? Are we both crazy? Or are we searching for more than life behind the same four walls... Pour me another drink I'll commit myself to it and lose track of reason to believe in nothing. I know this is ridiculous, that's just like me... Make the most of living while you're young and have the chance to take your chances... 'Cause I've got to, I've got to go... Don't be afraid I've got your back when times get rough and bring you down... Maybe you don't understand we've got to take this or break this off, it's all up to us and you better believe... We're just so crazy, we're all just searching for more than this life behind the same four walls. Pour me another drink, I'll commit myself to it and lose track of reason to believe in nothing. I know this is ridiculous, that's just like me... Make the most of living while you're young and have the chance to take your chances... 'Cause I've got to, I've got to go... I know this is ridiculous, that's just like me... Make the most of living while you're young and have the chance to take your chances... Fuck regrets and lets burn this city down.


LYFE JENNINGS "I Still Believe"
[Verse 1:] Young Man thirteen running the streets Living his dreams of being Nino Brown Grandmother who pleaded the 5th Baby brother who needed him His little sister believed in him He needs to slow down Then what happens next is something we see of a movie screen Then his days as a nigga came to an end Police found him in a pool of blood, clinging onto life That boy looked up and he said [Chorus:] Tell mama I'm sorry I was wrong (I was wrong yeah) Tell mommy I'm sorry I was wrong [Verse 2: (Anthony Hamilton)] Young girl Sixteen Running The same streets Living her dream of being Foxy Brown And her teacher who Tested her And an uncle who molested her Heavenly father who Still blessing her She just chose to play around Then The pain was just too much Then We are just living today and dieing tomorrow Said a prayer Then closed her eyes Nodded slowly Then said wait God before I go Tell mama [Chorus:] Tell mama I'm sorry I was wrong (I was wrong yeah!) Tell mommy I'm sorry I was wrong [Breakdown:] Somethings you can change Somethings you can't Somethings will never be the same Some people cry Some people fly Which one will you choose in your life? Mama you were right all along Mama I was wrong And another young lifes gone!

I Take My Chances

Carpenter Mary-Chapin "Come On Come On"
I took a walk in the rain one day on the wrong side of the tracks I stood on the rail 'til I saw that train, just to see how my heart would react Now some people say that you shouldn't tempt fate, and for them I would not disagree But I never learned nothing from playing it safe, I say fate should not tempt me I take my chances, I don't mind working without a net I take my chances, I take my chances every chance I get I sat alone in the dark one night, tuning in by remote I found a preacher who spoke of the light but there was brimstone in his throat He'd show me the way according to him and return for my personal check I flipped my channel back to CNN and I lit another cigarette I take my chances, forgiveness doesn't come with a debt I take my chances, I take my chances every chance I get I've crossed lines of words and wire and both have cut me deep I've been frozen out and I've been on fire and the tears are mine to weep Now I can cry until I laugh and laugh until I cry So cut the deck right in half, I'll play from either side I take my chances, I pay my dollar and I place my bet I take my chances, I take my chances every chance I get I take my chances, I can't cling to remorse or regret I take my chances, I take my chances every chance I get I take my chances


ICE-T "The Seventh Deadly Sin"
Yo Ease let's do this... I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking King of my jungle just a gangster stalking Living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse Then dead as a deathpack the colors I choose Red or Blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don't matter Sucker die for your life when my shotgun scatters We gangs of L.A. will never die - just multiply You see they hit us then we hit them Then we hit them and they hit us, man It's like a war, ya know what I'm sayin' People dont even understand They don't even know what they dealing with You wanna get rid of the gangs it's gonna take a lotta work But people don't understand the size of this This is no joke man, this is real You don't know me, fool You disown me, cool I don't need your assistance, social persistance Any problem I got I just put my fist in My life is violent but violent is life Peace is a dream, reality is a knife My colors, my honour, my colors, my all With my colors upon me one soldier stands tall Tell me what have you left me, what have I got Last night in cold blood my young brother got shot My home got jacked My mother's on crack My sister can't work cause her arms show trax Madness insanity live in profanity Then some punk claimin' they understandin' me Give me a break, what world do you live in Death is my sect, guess my religion Yo my brother was a gang banger and all my homeboys bang I don't know why I do it man, I just do it I never had much of nuffin man Look at you man, you've got everything going for yourself and I ain't got nuffin man, I've got nuffin I'm living in the ghetto man just look at me man, look at me My pants are saggin braided hair suckers stare but I don't care my game ain't knowelgde my game's fear I've no remorse so squares beware But my true mission is just revenge you ain't in my sect, you ain't my friend wear the wrong color your life could end homocides my favorite venge Listen to me man no matter whatcha do don't ever join a gang you don't wanna be in it man, You're just gonna end up in a mix of dead freinds and time in jail I know, if I had a chance like you, I would never be in a gang man but I didn't have a chance You know I wish i did I'll just walk like a giant police defiant you'll say to stop but I'll say that I cant my gangs my family its all that I have I'm a star, on the walls is my autograph You don't like it, so you know where you can go cause the streets are my stage and terror's my show phsyco-analize tried diognising me wise It was a joke brother the brutally died But it was mine, so let me define my territory don't cross the line Don't try to act crazy cause the bitch dont thank me you can be read like a punk it wouldn'ta made me cause my colors death thou we all want peace but our war won't end, they'll always see See the wars of the street gangs will always get to me man But I don't wanna be down with this situation man but I'm in here, if I had something betta to do I think I'd do it but right now I'm just down here boye I'm trying to get money cause I'm smart I'm gunna get paid while I'm out here I'm gunna get that paper, ya know what I'm saying If I had a chance like you, maybe I would be in school but I'm not, I'm out here living day to day surviving and I'm willing to die for my colors Yo'll please stop, cause I want ya all to live. This is Ice-T, Peace...

Chance Of A Lifetime

Creeper Lagoon "Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday"
First of all I'm not as down as you And there is a better way To walk around these days I don't believe in cool I went to summer school There was a man unkown Stripped himself down to the bone And he said Hey, give me nothing, I'm from nowhere And you don't know my name He doesn't exist Guess I just missed Chance of a lifetime Romance and white wine Easy living A new beginning Blind as wood And there's not a bone in my body that's good I watch the tanks roll by Disguising themselves as the ambulance Who will race to the show Waving flowers and caskets, oh no It's just another win for hope and a heart made of tin If I were alive I would slow dance in the ghetto And sleep beneath the street Doesn't exist Guess I just missed Chance of a lifetime Christmas and sweet pine Easy living A new beginning Left all alone Watching breakups and afternoon drama I must have lost my mind She was trapped on the bus With a kiss in her hand And when the screams died down Her lips were on fire Spitting magic around There was one more mile It was long it was long I would float on the thermals of laughter High where I belong It doesn't exist Guess I just missed Chance of a lifetime Lemonade and sunshine Easy living It's just beginning

Shadow Of Death

JAY ROCK "Black Friday"
[Jay Rock] Yeah, Los Angeles, 'Welcome to the Terrordome' City of Satan, angels can't even get along No lie, my town covered in darkness Hoping that the sun just shine on us Rolling up the kush, now I'm letting my mind wander into another place, I ain't tryna go down under Life is like a race and we all tryna finish it Shit never fair, strays hitting the innocent The good die young where I'm from and it's sad to say that somebody gotta die today Tomorrow's never promised, but we living for the moment Nigga, time never stops, it just keeps on going Crackers just gave my young nigga four life sentences Twenty-five times four, nigga, do the math And the hood never have witnesses cause if we did, then them shots gon' blast [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] As I reflect, I start realising I wanna Make a way one day for me and my momma, family and friends This ain't the way my life bout to end So I'm quick to grab on my pen and Give 'em something my people sure to feel Give 'em something that I know is all the way real [ScHoolboy Q] Just waking up, mind playing tricks on me Got the fifth on me, gotta take a risk homie Was a ball player till the coach pissed on me Keep it real, I could take you down the list homie Be a tradition, see these Chucks be a mission Burner be the fuel to the flame, the key to the ignition If you banging, be serious Boys run up in your pad, point-blank, period, moms ain't hearing it Niggas said cuz [?] got blasted Oh well, give a shit, shouldn't half-assed it Only time you with it, when your niggas all tripping Caught your ass slipping, now I'm stepping up my crip and steady dipping Riding through the city in lights, living it trife Wrong intersection, ready to fight Hopping out with my own agenda, who the contender? Better hope this motherfucker jam (blahh!) [Chorus] [Kendrick Lamar] Uh, as I'm hearing the first and second verse I try to analyse the feeling that's felt in the song I want to tell Rock and Q to go to church But that's a hypocrite because I ain't been in so long I stare at the world from a righteous point of view and realise a crisis coming Novocain couldn't numb it, the pain is unbearable times two Let's rally a team, summon, and school the youth How you feel about it? [Ab-Soul] Man, I feel the same way as you It hurts my soul, like a needle piercing through the bottom of my shoe And if you behind bars Hold your head, pause And if you in close range with a nigga with a gun in his waste I pray the intervention is divine I got a cousin in jail and handful of homies in Heaven But earlier than expected, what the Hell? [Chorus]

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