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ALKALINE TRIO lyrics - Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music

While You're Waiting

Original and similar lyrics
There's a hope in my head That's been cut and bled Dry as your bloodshot eyes And there's smoke in the air And it's soon to clear Revealing our demise There are some who say That it's a-ok If it makes you feel alright This is way too bad Now you're worse than sad All locked up there inside And I don't know how you feel But I'll make you a deal If u make it out alive My shoulders and ears are yours my dear I hope it comes as no surprise You've been know to say that you're a-ok When you're feeling sick inside I just want you to know I've got no place to go Until the day you die While you're waiting Be thankful for your fingers I'll be fading With the colors of your pictures I'm not crying wolf you whispered I'm really dead this time I'm really dead this time There's a hope in my head That's been cut and bled Dry as your bloodshot eyes And there's smoke in the air And it's soon to clear Revealing our demise You've been know to say that you're a-ok When you're feeling dead inside I just want you to know I've got no place to go Until the day you die While you're waiting Be thankful for your fingers I'll be fading With the colors of your pictures I'm not crying wolf you whispered I'm really dead this time I'm really dead this time They locked you up They threw away the key Sutured your mouth shut Murdered your family Right before your eyes What could you do Right before your eyes They took it all from you Contemplating You hanging from your ceiling Can't help hating You for having that feeling I'm not joking when I tell you I miss you all the time I already miss you all the time


ATREYU "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses"
Yesterday I forgot to breathe for like the 6th time this week. maybe it was the pink cloud strafed sky that changed my mind and brought me back seems like every day it's kill or be killed... with all this anger there is no time to inhale and progress and catch the smell of something that you once knew. have you ever stopped raised your face up to the sun and screamed let it out exhale the pain that strangulates your soul, when will I be free my lungs take in the fragrance of remorse, what is the cost, am I living, if you let your lungs fill up with pain then you will drown in your own regret. .my arms feel so numb my heart palpitates missing a beat. the blood freezing in my veins. the taste of rust in my mouth. But today I just threw it all away .though the light burns my eyes I will not be blind, if you blink you could miss so much. please don't ever close your eyes

Land Of Hope And Glory

MADNESS "One Step Beyond"
Urrrrh What's the time? I was trying to get some sleep Attention, urrraaah, bridges Sharkey, Nutley, Jackson, Thompson,Master Well, as you can see we've got a new recruit to this land of hope and glory Hands behind backs and legs apart and tell us all of your unfortunate story. Who me sir? Yes, you ssssir! I was an innocent man till someone grassed me of a plan Of earning some big a money If I hadn't mouthed it about, I am sure without doubt I'd 'ave missed this land of hope and glory Well you poor poor sod, here you're up sharp at six thirty Cold shower down to breakfast, can't have you looking dirty I suggest you eat what's given you even if it doesn't agree with you Cos It's all you're be getting up until twelve thirty In between this time stay up in your room, you can dream of life good things Two years of my teen age life given to this stand to attention life Of land of hope and glory I get so bored as time goes by, I think I'll do something dirty I pick at the floor for juicy butts and I'll make myself a smoke A bog roll and envelope stick it, all this helps to pass my time As the evening drags on, you can watch a little telly Hot Gossip pans people with a little bit of belly A hot drink served cold with the heat of yesterday's Don't complain learn the game and I'll get through another day I watch the second hand on the clock at long last is nine thirty Off to bed straight to sleep as I leave this land of hope and glory But only for a few seconds I'm in n ecstasy Before the bell rings to let me know, sharp at six thirty A the, a two, a six, a ta Quiet, come on you lot, come on, lights out


ARCH ENEMY "Rise Of The Tyrant"
[Intro – Michael & Christopher] [Lead – Christopher] Breathing life into these mares where enemies turn into flesh This is the abyss I fear the most – I feel their eyes staring at me Waiting with carnivorous patience, their memory timeless For all they know I must succumb sometime… [Lead – Michael] A solemn cry rises to the sky as heavy wings blacken out The morning sun with infinite darkness. Am I dreaming or am I dead? In search for my heart – Lost in this hell The vultures are soaring above – Tearing me apart [Lead – Christopher] Screaming Voices in my head. A sudden pain then deadly silence Devouring the remains of my heart – I can feel it dying [Lead – Christopher] Picking at the bones of my soul Left me dead inside The more I gave the more they took Left me dead inside [Lead – Michael] [Outro – Michael & Christopher]

Innocence Lost:

Luxt "Jezabel Thirteen Three"
Being born must hurt a lot I'd think Ripping through to reach this disappointing light. Slap me on the ass again and knock this choking free. Slap me harder till I'm right, slap me till I shriek. Give me credit give me trust, give me love in small amounts. Give me guilt and give me shame, give me life and don't explain. Give me sex, responsibility and trade my hope for doubt. Give me more, make me your whore, and give me, give me, give me pain. Tell me why you put me through this, Tell me what's a girl to do, Tell me where the action is. Wet my taste and let me down. Tell me what the future holds, Tell me what's left of this soul, Hold me down and fuck me over, Stain this precious wedding gown Innocence Lost No hope no fear no turning back, No chance no tears no second guess, No time, no shit, we fade to black, no way to fix this fucking mess. No ray of light to show the way, No way to cheat the cards we're dealt No path to outsmarting ourselves Snowballs in hell, it's time to melt.

There Goes My Baby

You are the song that I write to my wrongs The calm inside of the rioting storm. Stand here, in the center of divinity While I rehears the role of forever, infinity. Action, I begin to relish in the moment Discarding my reality, imagining components Fracturing mentalities, I'm casualty spoken If warning comes before destruction, you're the omen. And, I'm just broken by the sight of you I'll climb your mental mountains til I reach the very height of you. Excessive intellect, superhead. If they fly, we flu... sudafed. Dear respiration, please let me breathe. Take my good intentions and never let them leave. I'm the warrior, you're the war worth fighting. Racing for your heart, I'd dash... hyphen. You're the perfect piece, my only consummation. I would force close, the widespread legs of separation. Visually perceptive, in you I see the most. Iwrotethiswithoutspaces, I'm trying to keep us close. I heard the sun used tongue when it kissed your face Then eclipsed, cause the moon fought to take it's place Heard gravity exits wherever you enter 'Cause baby, you're colder than 17 winters. Now open up your eyes, I wanna fall inside Then trip into your soul, and stay there for my life. Yeah, this shit is perfect like it fits right I'm for real, man it hit me harder than a fist fight. One and our heart beats speak with a flow Unbreakable, like Mr. Deeds and his toes Now the keys in the hole; in the sheets, here we go. Bed wrinkled more than tissues from a seasonal cold. When my neck's lost, I can see the stars around you The sky is just a big connect-the-dots and I found you. In the center of it, the bigger picture of it We gon' see everything but the ending of it My crimson stained eyes, still see you lucidly If beauty's in the eye of the beholder, then what does beauty see? Blind eyes closed, no staring in your presence Deaf eardrums, still could hear your essence The dumb spoke of your beauty in sign language It's amazing how good it can be described ain't it? I mind framed it, your visage painted And If I look away, my vision's tainted. This my weaker part, it's my deeper art Emotions on blast, turned up, my speaker heart. Love is the language that I'm speaking fluently I'm teaching it to you, since it's only meant for you and me And if ever I'm lost, I'll let your compass guide me Cause you're the only one who's ever raised the sun inside me. They tell me do it from my soul, no questin' Til I can't breathe, nasal congestion. You'll never miss a kiss, I'm like a puffer fish Always on top of my words like an upper lip I wanna be the poetry that spills from your brains The thoughts that remain, the blood in your veins You hold the price on my head like a contract chase You hold everything I see like a contact case If haters wanna watch tell em order fandango Make an ordinary girl, feel like a borderline angel. Snatch it from my chest and take it with you when you leave me Take my lungs too, so you literally breath me I could hear the heaves singing like christmas carols; Bullets for thoughts, spinning like pistol barrels. I can't keep you to myself, I wanna let you shine I'd melt into your body until we are entwined I just really wanna see you smile from your soul Directly into the mirrors of these eyes that I hold.

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