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Alistair Griffin lyrics

You And Me

Original and similar lyrics
Have you ever loved someone, But you waited just too long, To tell them what you're feeling. Maybe I was just too proud, To say I love you right out loud, Lost the words I must believe in. On this night, it holds us both within, Set me free, oh let me live again. CHORUS It's you and me tonight, With these feelings we can fight, Just two people lost but maybe found together, And if we make it through, And tomorrow find the truth, You know I would fall, I would risk it all, Just for you. Gotta find a way somehow, Cause all we have is here and now, This can wait until tomorrow. But if the morning comes too soon, We'll run away and chase the moon, Like a dream that you must follow. If you go, I won't be in your way, In my eyes, is all I have to say. CHORUS Let your inner visions go inside outside through, Set your heart free lets run and hide, Cos tonight it's just me and you. CHORUS X2


Turning back the hands of time Holding on to misty memories Chasing shadows throught the night Trying to find my happy ending Reaching out for another chance at heaven We could still find a way if we try CHORUS Baby, believe in the myster Like it used to be We were more than lonely drifters in the dark I can remember the sun inside Love held us tight I need to feel your magic hear tonight Instead of it tearing apart Diamonds shining in the night Lying soft and warm together Only images survive Can't my dreams go on forever Oh there's still time to lock away your sadness Let the secrets of love start to smile CHORUS Baby believe in the mystery Like it used to be Baby bring back all the passion to my heart I can remember the tender days, all the love we made Can't you see in me your magic here tonight Lonely spirits seem to whisper in the wind It's a silent song that's never meant to be Since the dawn of time the mystery never ends We could find forever if we let love rise again Tell me why can't we reach for another chance at heaven We can still find the way if you try CHORUS Baby believe in the mystery Like it used to be Baby bring back all the passion to my heart I can remember the tender days, all the love we made I need to feel your magic here tonight

Microphone Aye

Chorus: Beatbox and Turntables, Few tracks and Microphoneaye! I say I'm back dakety digedy daca like a sacka Black blacety hakety haca daca wacka Play with your tongue diga daga waga say, yo I gotta lyrics like bullets in the AK So ready or not, I'm coming to ya What you gonna do now? Step in to the party of mine All I neeeeeed is a rhythm divine So I can put the words on beat and drop it on the line Hippy hippy shake hippy lo hippy hi Bigedy back to trackmasters slam ziggy I Hiphop is my ambition, so I settle the score I'll be one step ahead with my sniper on your backdoor Yeah I got a message in the bottle take it from the water Read it to your sister and your brother Step inside the perfect dark of this new lifeform tonight Put the uniform on tonight (Chorus) Gimme room, gimme room now, back up son You won't get the mic yo 'til I get done I warn you: do don't talk, I say say Come on baby light my fire, purple haze Higher mathematics, 106, No tricks, just a pure hiphop addictics Don't ever underestimate your enemy like Kennedy They got the poison, you don't got to remedy What's the melody coming from the temple of the Kwan dynasty? Sweet melancholy rhapsody His Infernal Majesty has arrived And I'll testify when the love and death embrace tonight Oh my godda, oh my goddess that I don't live in fucking Åmal, god bless Yo, should I wear a pink dress, should I go at all Knock the wood, knock knock a dål dål Engine, engine number 9 Across the fader on the transit line Back little at the front - that's fine Is everybody ready for the chorus? It goes something like this! (Chorus)

Something See

GLENN LEWIS "World Outside My Window"
1st verse : I was thinking you and me Could start again, fulfill a dream Read that somewhere we would find, A paradise, Walls of change have clearly fell Showing loves cry out for help But if you only try with me You'd see that we Bridge : Should be trying to find a cause For our own flaws But know that just to be, with you, in a love that's truly free That could be you and me Chorus : It's be something to see, cause you know we're too far gone To ever be, the same way we've been so long It'd be something to see, we can make it if we hold on The way it should be, with love leading us along 2nd verse : A love so beautiful to me, now's the chance for all to see All you need is to believe, love's the key With peace between us, you and me, then a crystal city's where we could be Then there'd be no mystery, just free to be Bridge : Only train to find a cause, For our own flaws But know that just to be with you, and in love was all it was It should ever be because Chorus / Break / Chorus

Better Than This

Edwin "Another Spin Around the Sun"
She tripped on her words again She stopped trying to make sense By laughing at me I feel sorry for her she doesn't know better I ask her to stay away She tries to say something intelligent to me (chorus) Any place would be better than this all hurts hanging like a specialty fish Never been born you don't even exsist Trade in your days to the night to find the light comes through and haunts your brain So you walk on water to save your soul again last night couldn't turn away your dogs who bite Hey i i must rise to face you shakin all over the world tonight and i'm stuck in this room (chorus) say i save a second to fly over the moon tonight you profit from the pain if it feels right hey i i'm waiting to come why don't you take somebody home and take it from me you know (chorus) Feeling too good for the mood for i know there's a goodbye coming me all the time

Pride Parade

It started out quite simply, as complex things can do; A set of sad transparencies 'til no one could see through, But least of all the one inside, behind the iron glass; A prisonor of all your dreams that never come to pass. Alone you stand corrupted by the vision that you sought, And blinded by your hunger all your apetites are bought, But in spite of what becomes of you, your image will remain; A reminder of your constant loss, a symbol of your gain. CHORUS: And your friends are together, Where the people are all gathered, All along the road you travelled all your days. And soon you have succumbed to what the others all believe, And though the lie affects them still it's you that they decieve, And all at once you're lost within the emptieness of you, And there's no one left who's near enough to tell you what to do. You're left with nothing but your self-potential in the dark, Like tinder resting on a rock, protected from the spark, But your fire just consumes you, you alone can feel the pain, And you stand in all your glory and you know you can't complain. CHORUS But you are surely just as evil as the worst my tongue can tell, For you'll never face my heaven and I'll not endure your hell. You have lost your chance to mingle with your constant quiet lies; Deceptions hidden with your lips, but spoken with your eyes. For I know you for what you are not for that's really all you are. And your talents of a minor order seem to stretch too far. And we both know that this masquerade can't carry on too long. You're deep inside the Pride Parade, but where do you belong? CHORUS

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