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Alice Donut lyrics - Donut Comes Alive


Original and similar lyrics
I've got a Jackson Pollack tatoo on my ass. Video priest screaming out high mass. Sick little schoolgirls rolling round on my floor. Jehovo witness knocking at my door. Rednecks sucking life from a can. Naked women magazines making me a man. Big Blond Bush, schizophrenic tits. I come prematurely and I don't give a shit. Ooooooooooh. Here come American fingers. Here come American lips. Jane Fonda spreading her legs on my TV. I watch her exercise everyday - it's so healthy. Serial killers straight from Transylvania. Burning crosses and Biblemania. I got a monster Trans Am - it's so fucking cool. I got Jimmy Hoffa floating in my swimming pool. All my kids eat drugs, got my cigarettes. Don't give a fuck! Ooooooooooh. Here come American fingers. Here come American lips. 737 exploding Boeing jets. Hemorrhoids and growing nuclear threat. My president has colo-rectal cancer. Bloody french fries at my McDonald's McMassacre. Black and Hispanic dying underclass. Baseball jocks cutting lines on glass. Monosodium glutamate to cook in my wok. I got a herpes sore on the tip of my cock. Ooooooooooh. Here come American fingers. Here come American lips. Ooooooooooh. Here come American fingers. Here come American lips.

Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It)

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Prodigy] Aiyyo, wordup Dunn Man you know how I feel Gotta be more to it than this, word up [Doing an impression of Scarface] This what it's all about Dunn Uh Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking (Can't understand) Whattup, I don't know baby Nah man, it's not, it's not yo word up I'm tellin you right now I know this shit though, aiyyo Disagreeable, foul energy, tryin to absorb my energy, knowin it's the strength of me Take a few to give me a edge My green light shine bright, Kryptonite type Fully operational, my physical cream Put the bottles of smoke down, pick up a magazine Popped it inside the AR-15 Put it aside, round up the regime While you rely on religion, I hold a nine on the mission, to pull fire on your opposition Revelation was the vision of this Crack the heavens, it's time to bring the business, shit My story goes back to them lost Pyramids I'm seeing things that you won't believe exists He use a Lunar-tick, suspended in time Dunn The secondary light got your mind You rock the fatigues, to squab until popular guns But are you really prepared, for the things to come [KRS-One] Check it out True underground sound from the Boogie Down Uptown Downtown gather round for the showdown, in they faces Calling out these racists, at Rolling Stone Spin Details and other places, KRS is The Source Fuck these magazine leadin hip-hop off course You'll print about Black Mayors, Black Senators Why you ain't got no Black Editors Everytime I do an interview in Rolling Stone They sendin me a writer that look like he's Home Alone Ignorant, to the culture and the microphone This has got to stop -- your whole spot is blown sky high, battle why try My view is bird's eye, scopin with my third eye You don't understand, why you're publically banned until you recognize the writing skills of a black man Black Editor, all of us ain't thuggin Gossiping over who's homosexual Some of us are Black Intellectuals, up in Harlem World You can't get with me, so now in Midtown you wanna stop and talk to me Bitch ass journalist, is this your fake hip-hop publication Look I'm burnin this [Method Man] How many didn't want to see it happen Street moves, live from Staten, if life is a joke, nobody laughin Hate to see a brother do good through legal action So you sabotage and throw a Def in the Squad Fo'-fo's blastin, keep the po-po flashin these Dark Soul Assassins, Jake's hate the Gods with a passion So I keep it movin in an orderly, fashion Pedal to the floor -- peep the Jim Crow law, mind control theory Y'all niggaz don't hear me, Generation Next Droppin fast who's next, next to get wet by the reign of the tech-knowledgy, follow me Open up wide now, swallow me, every calorie is reality the truth, the whole truth and nothin but the truth, taste is the proof These niggaz want the Juice, and in the crossfire be the youth, who didn't learn to duck when they shoot [KAM] What kind of party is this, it's that political kind Where America's best, most hypocritical minds Try they hands at keepin y'all deaf dumb and blind And for the right dollar sign, do white collar crime behind suits, and clean shaves I confuse em and use em as tools and slaves Because my schools is graves and jobs is plantations -- I robs the damn nation so I can live in luxury, you fucks with me You marryin the dirt and I'ma throw in the tux for free I tell the people what they wanna hear I make em laugh and cheer, and then they re-elect me every year So when the coast is clear, I stop duckin and start back doin dope, cussin and fuckin I kiss the babies, shake hands, wave and smile for flicks That's my style, my pol-i-tricks Triple-Six convicts, lyin is automatic in the government, Republican or Democratic Fuck Freedom, Justice and Equality Nigga just accept my apology and suck this trick-knowledgy


JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Conspiracy"
[Intro: News Report] Statistics have shown that youth violence is at record high today in America due to excessive use of drugs and alcohol- MAAAN!!! How da fuck do you know!!!! [Larceny] My mind's just spinnin off dat indo smoke Got me seein double visions 'cause I'm tore up loc It's no joke, da weed smoke got me crazaay And da B&J got me pissy like a baby I was fuckin wit deez twinz gettin crazy endz Robbin jewelry stores for da cash and da gems Identical bastards on some fast shit Tried to stash it Took the nine plastic, had they fam on some sad shit [Trife] My conscience buggin Filled wit all the bad memories I'm visionin dead enemies tryin ta kill me In my sleep, same niggaz dat I put to rest Got me wakin up pourin down a hella sweat The drugs got a nigga high and I can't explain Tye and skunk playin tricks on my fuckin brain Shit is strange 'cause I know deez muthafuckas dead You see the murder still flash back in my head [Chorus:] Smokin dat denk, sippin dat drink Make a nigga act kinda crazaay [x4] [Larceny] Nigga it's dark, it's hard for me ta fuckin see I guess the hash and Hennesy got da best of me I got da urge for a snake related killin spree Larceny, bent on da marijuana trees Murder conracts Collectin C note stacks, I react And push the niggaz shit back (uh huh) I neva new this young buck would be a lonester 'Till they hung my picture, wanted on a poster I pack two hot glocks, fuck the holsters Neva new this lil' G would get the most of Robbin and stealin, then led to killin Makin a livin Offa muthafuckin drug dealin Then came beef, The Snakes was wanted in the streets Shit got hot, my other half did a creep Handled his business 'cause he was on his third body Then laid low wit dis freak ass hottie [Chorus] [x4] [Trife] I of da Snakes Watch for fakes and jakes Blood money I make, transactions up state Sparkin weed and drinkin The buddha still got me thinkin Thoughts o' death and all the bodies that I left Face down, you know the routine for the cream Means necessary Cock suckas got buried Nigga raise up or get blazed up Who be da one lastin Cock the fifth and start blastin Try me Die instantly, a couple o' shots is all it takes Aim slugs to ya face Perpetrator fraud, I kill you and ya broad Got yo ass wishin you was out dis position Listen, the ganja have me on a mission Stick the clip in I stop all the bullshittin I get it on Trife, killin ass nigga rule the streets Creep wit da heat stashed in the Montero jeep [Chorus] [x4]


Round the curve of the Parrot Bar A broken-down old movie star Hustling and Easterner Bringing out the beast in her A high dive in a swimming pool Filled with needles and with fools The memories are short but the tales are long When you're in the Reeperbahn They called her Rosie when she was a girl For her bright red cheeks and her strawberry curls When she would laugh the river would run Said she'd become a comedian Oh what a pity, oh what a shame When she said come calling, nobody came Now her bright red cheeks are painted on And she's laughing her head off in the Reeperbahn Now little Hans was always strange Wearing women's underthings His father beat him but he wouldn't change He ran off with a man one day Now his lingerie is all the rage In the black on every page His father proudly calls his name Down there in the Reeperbahn Now if you've lost your inheritance And all you've left is common sense And you're not too picky about the crowd you keep Or the mattress where you sleep Behind every window, behind every door The apple is gone but there's always the core The seeds will sprout up right through the floor Down there in the Reeperbahn Down there in the Reeperbahn


ASAP FERG "Ferg Forever"
Let's ask a question of real life How you gon keep it You gon keep it trill You gon keep it real You gon keep it to yourself Or you gon keep it away from what it should be Ask yourself You was devil walking I mean you never taught me nothing Talking about you knuck if you buck You walk through the block as if you was tough You was always got fucked up Oh, my uncle got stabbed? Granddad, he never gave 2 fucks, claimed it was good for your ass Oh no love from your dad, is that, the reason you act up Grandma always spoiled you Even kept your mac tucked in her mattress How could you ask for trust? You's a junkie smoked on glass dick and be holding glass nuts Grandma was "Ma" and Auntie was "Sis" She was my best friend even taught me how to kiss You was in and out always get up in some shit Quick to lock a door, while that blood is dripping from your lip I learnt nothing from you, you took my chain cause you said it glist I was only 8 I still loved you cause ignorance is bliss You's a bitch probably in the bathroom rubbing on your clit Claim you committing suicide, motherfucker then slit your wrist I'm different from you, because you live to die and i die to live Good riddance for you, cause you a handicap with nothing to give Go fuck yourself cause you better off not having a kid Got two sisters pregnant now they brothers and cousins and shit Confused as fuck, a lot for a toddler growing up No wonder why I had anxiety in school throwing up You claim you know my life but you don't know wassup All you know is keeping it trill and that fucking stuff (what, what) [Hook:] They walk back into my life [x5] (They walk back into my life) Don't walk back into my life [x5] (Don't walk back into my life) I wanted to be just like you Wear Beef and Broccoli Timbs just like you Army fatigue pants just like you I wanted to get box braids be a man just like you You had a move called the cycle I wanted to dance just like you You listen to O.D.B. that was your idol And that explains your drug habit he was a man just like you Always getting locked up with no plans for life You drowned your life with 40 ounces, contraband with pipes too My chain wasn't enough, you even stole my bike too Claimed you'd bring it back tomorrow after that I ain't like you Always running to my ma talking 'bout you got a job But you still begging for dollars for a fucking metro card But I still love you uncle even though times is hard I know you see me shining somewhere near the stars (5,4,3,2,1)... [Hook] Ferg forever A$AP Mob [?] Legendary

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