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Ali Kilo lyrics - Organized Bass

Show Me Love

Original and similar lyrics
(Chorus)x2 I'm gonna show you (show you) who bustah (who bustah) You know you love me (love me) Now show me love (show me) I flow like a butterfly and sting like a bee it's meeeee, Aliiiii and its good to be strong in the game and you know this MAN it feels so good cant refuse it this is my shadow this is my music you start fire, you start funk now you feel me, now you dont soul to soud, side to side shawly silky silky now cut up cut up in the dish how much cut up do you wish? I dont play, i'm no toy i'm rollin it up for my homeboys I start on it, there will be no stop you cant beat me boy, i'm SUPERMAN (chorus)x2 I rap too fast, makin that cash cuttin up like a piece of glass Imagine if you can if you can rap like Kilo man flllll-bass, flllll-low I live inside your radio so dont give me no hassle for i'm the king of the castle and i reign supreme you who am I?......Kilo the dream That's right ha ha that's it ha ha some times a brother trip I know you admire me I didnt mean to dis you i'm sorry I appologize, but you better recognize what is crap if you dont know crap what is rap if you really cant rap then who in the hell said they wanted a little more what in the fuck do you take me for? i'll never go out for the die and you you'll never take me alive oh la, can you feel keep the party jumpin?.....ha ha (chorus)x2 Say I, I made that pussy hurt too sexy for my shirt we didnt know know why I put my dick on the side of her mouth she came all down my pants she got up and she danced and then she started sayin, ooh i, I love your ding a ling she told the rest of the girls I was little but I can go 24 in the middle fuckin girls is part of my diiiiick bumped de bump, remember that from the back, looked kinda fat GOOOOOOD-Damn! sha shawty you made me scream sha shawty was 17 sha shawty was a beauty queen Sha said name, billy jean billy jeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann (chorus)till end

Modern Man's Hustle

ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6 She left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicks Sexy little bitch, shorter than expected About five-foot five big an' thick in the breast and thighs Beautiful, dark eyes a strong stare Large lips, soft hands and long hair I said Ill make you smile for the simple fact Im good at it Ill make you smile just so I can sit and look at it, [Chorus 2x] I will show you all you need to know You must hold on to anyone that wants you And I will love you through simple and the struggle But girl you gotta understand the modern man must hustle Who cares what Jane says She always spits the same spit Id rather kill the radio and listen to the rain hit Little sister needs seclusion Somehow she'll discover it through the pop music Got used to the feeling of falling But you'll never see her following Bouncing back and forth between the healing and the hollering Riding the outer ring of your own private saturn Thoughts scattered all across the grey matter Little baby doll, she doesnt know what to say to yall The patience is short and of course the pride is way too tall Break it all smash the past like it was made of glass Aint no other way to make it last It hurts to watch Lucy lose the dream Ive had the pleasure of seeing our hero kick and scream And when she calms down Ill turn the sound down And put my arms around the little lost and found And Ill tell her that [Chorus 2x] Hush little lady dont say a word All the rest of the village gonna know your disturbed And if you let em know that your vulnerable Then there aint no stoppin (high) before they open you slow Im a chapter in you text book Read me like a check book Mistook love at first sight for a sex look Enough of the blind mans bluff I want the good stuff Trying to hook up a full belly and a foot rub The moderns man hustle, i dig it I shovel Feed me ya troubles and need me to cuddle Bundle up in my mitten and coat As cold as it get Ill keep your winter afloat So let the snow fall (its comin down) She doesnt want to understand why I still come around She look at the mirror she dont see what I see She holds no history of how precious she be Lay your head on my chest speak of this stress Kick your feet up and rest before we clean up the nest I hate to see you upset, it cramps the position And if you didnt know you better listen cause [Chorus 2x]

Don't Be Commin' (In My Face)

[Verse One:] You never know a good thing till I'm gone You spending many, many nights home alone You won't be seing me around your way No, No And if you don't get it together Baby I can't stay [Chorus:] Don't be commin' in my face Tryin to tell me you love me You shoulda thought once or twice Sacrifice and make it right It's the thing that you do Make me not love you Go this way and you'll see Get no other love like me [Verse Two:] You never know I'm for real till I leave And when I pack up my clothes don't be calling me You won't be seing me Anymore No, no Cause when I'm long, long gone I won't be back in this door [Chorus] [Verse Three:] To my east side people to my west side To all my bitches who sat home crying Over these niggas and over these fellows Shake em off like Jello To my east side people to my west side To all my bitches who sat home crying Over these niggas and over these fellows Shake em off like Jello [Chorus] [Verse Four:] I used to stick closer to your side then a beeper Till you smoked that cheaper reefer Now you loony as fita, cheddar Don't say a word Yep I got tha word Yeah I heard it from a little bird Now I'm out the door My four four You don't know Get your bags and your things take the door Don't take this shit no more When you leave You can leave out the back door [Missy Talking:] Fucker Stupid niggas Who always think they can play somebody Ya'll know who ya'll are Tryin to run about 3-4-5 women at one time Now you wanna come back all in our faces Tellin me how much you love me and all that bullshit Whatever man Fuck you Alright, I'm out


We've got the afternoon together We've got the evening and the night So let the rain pour down, don't worry Stay here with me and hold me tight Never more scared to face the morning But I'm not afraid to fall in love Look in my eyes and show your feelings We've got no more time for acting tough I want to learn so much about you I want to know the way you live I want to take your heart in passion But I want to give all I can give Stare at the clock so time goes slower Try not to even close your eyes I'll lock the door and lie down with you And we'll make some dreams and fantasize (chorus) Is this for real, are you feeling Something too, it almost seems Love is too good to be true We'll make this last (end chorus) I'll go to sleep tonight just shaking After I sing this to myself I'll spend the week making my living Making me put you on a shelf But I'll think of you with every moment And it will brighten up the days And then the weekend I will see you Mile after mile I'll make my way (chorus)

Start Over Again

JOE "Joe Thomas, New Man"
I just can't believe it's over, damn (I just wanna start over again) [x5] [VERSE 1:] How did it get to be this way You and I, fussin' and fightin' almost everyday Where the sun used to shine, now it rains The look in your eyes only reminds me of the pain between us Baby, what happend to all the affection The love and connection we used to share Brighter days, they seem so far away Sometimes I just wanna give up [BRIDGE 1:] My love, if you want it back I'll be willing to stay out the clubs ballin' If you want it back Change my number, keep them other ho's from callin' If you want it back Girl I'll do it right now, no more stallin' Cuz I want it back, so tell me..... [CHORUS:] Can we (can we), can we start all over again Been through too much to let it go I need my shorty, my lover, my friend Baby let's not fight no more You know inside, we were meant to spend forever Nothing can stop us as long as we're together, hold on Give us another chance, I need to know Can we start over again [VERSE 2:] Would be so easy to just turn and walk away, to Charge it to the game and look to another day But damn it, something just keeps pulling me in Girl, deep down inside you know this isn't the end between us Baby if you hold on to me, you'll see We can make things right, if you help me fight I could be wrong but I'll take that chance Cuz I think it's worth it, you know it's worth it girl [BRIDGE 2:] Baby, take me back If without me, you just can't sleep Mmm just take me back If you wake up at night, reachin' for me Baby, take me back If leaving brings uncertainty Girl, just take me back Oh baby.... [CHORUS:] [VERSE 3:] Girl there's (no other way I can put it to you) Oh babe, cuz I need you right here with me (Anything to keep this love together, I'll do) Oh lady, but first you gotta work with me (We both made mistakes, along the way the breaks) I'll take the blame from my part and that's a start (But it takes two) Tell me are you willing to do the same in return (return) Please don't let it burn [CHORUS:] (I just wanna start over again)

My Friends

My friends are so depressed I feel the question Of your loneliness Confide..., 'cause I'll be on your side You know I will, you know I will X Girlfriend called me up Alone and desperate On the prison phone They want... to give her 7 years For being sad CHORUS: I love all of you Hurt by the cold So hard and lonely too When you don't know yourself My friends are so distressed And standing on The brink of emptiness No words... I know of to express This emptiness CHORUS Imagine me taught by tragedy Release is peace I heard a little girl And what she said Was something beautiful To give... your love No matter what CHORUS

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