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Ali Kilo lyrics - Organized Bass

Love In Ya Mouth

Original and similar lyrics
I met this girl in Atlanta, let me play in her mizzouth She keep my dick so hizzard, it never goes Sizzoft From the side to the side, the bitch gon' get it all From the top of my dizzick, to the bottom of my bizzall I feel her fingernail when she grab it and beat it She ready to eat it whenever I skeet it She did it in the dark but in the light she won't do it She be unzippin my pants and she be gettin straight to it No, it was not a dream, even though that's what it seemed I kick, I scrat, I skit, I scat, I screamed She was really freaky, she was feelin fine I didn't feel her teethies, I only felt her tongue Relax, I'm gettin massaged by tha massuse She wouldn't let me gizzo, she wouldn't let me loose I don't know her she was somebody else but I was happy that's what I said to myself But this shit was nothin new, she do it anyway She didn't wanna talk she ain't got nothin to say but ****Chorus**** Oh ah ou ow ah ah ou love in ya, love in her mouth (x 2) we makin love sho nuff we makin love all in her mouth (x2) well can I put it in her mouth, yes ya can (x4) (rap) ------Chorus----- I take 3 little bitches and I put 'em in a line I take 4, 5 ,6 and blow 'dem hos minds it'll take 1 more before i go for mine thats 7 bitches get fucked at the same time as she eats me, son she, she can suck a ding-dong all day - all night - all evenin long she said she never done it, she said she neva tried shes sittin there tellin a mother fuckin lie now, how many licks does it take to make my dick split well, not many licks if the bitch is a good trick now, any nigga can talk to a bitch and get the bitch to fuck but how many niggas can talk to a bitch and get they dick sucked like me a pimp that u never saw now how do u say manage trois when my shit gets soft she make my shit get long i dont see nothin', i dont see nothin', i dont see nothin' wrong ~~~Chorus~~~ from the creme de la creme dick off to tha rima Bring me all the girls that be fuckin all 'dem WITH THA BIG PIZZA PARLER YES YES Y'ALL ME DICK IZ NOT TOO BIG 'DEM PUSSY ARE TOO SMALL ALOT OF WOMEN BRAG WIPE ME DICK OFF WITH A RAG NUFF DOIN TO THE PUSSY I JUST HAD AS SHE HOLLA 'D LIKE SHES DYING DICK UP TO HER SPINE hush and stop that crying woman there will be no cryin' ummmmm, I can be your lover to man ummmmm, no one else can do it like i can ummmmm, girl give me just one try hurt me hurt me but I wont cry


HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
We gonna break this down and roll a blunt YEAH ( Verse 1 ) Since the seventh grade I was told I would never excel Hopeless, I would either be dead or in jail Destined to fail But I done came to far to turn back Just poor white trash from the wrong side of the tracks I learned to add and subtract And I never went back To that lil' school I had been sent to Find some shit I could get in to Been through more by the time I was eighteen Then most people go through before they thirty I'm from the motherfucking dirty ( dirtyyy ) Trouble-maker, hard-headed motherfucker In one ear and out the other I got a brother named bubba Different daddy same mother Remind me of when I was younger lil' bad motherfucker My told me son it's time to settle down Momma your baby's a player and I get around I be up all night gone on that Hennessey and weed The only thing that helped me deal with all this jealousy and greed ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for every time Somebody tried to insult my game I'd be in the islands doing fine Counting money sipping some champaign ( Verse 2 ) Wooo, inhale the weed smoke, ease my tension I was a bad boy, in and out of juvenile detention I grew up making bargains to get back on the streets I concentrated on paper just to get back on my feet I'm money minded, saw my people progress Paranoid, I'm underneath a bullet proof vest Staying stressed, peeping out the curtains knowing death is certain I know them killers is lurking Ha, Ha, Smirking when I ride by they broke ass I aint stunting 'em, cause they aint making no cash I'm gonna let them royalty checks accumulate We so good with it there's nothing you can do but hate ( Chorus ) Repeat 1 ( Verse 3 ) Whooo I gotta be thinking I'm get my ass killed Filled with strap kneel Cause over the passed years it's bad here in Nashville This one's for the homies that lost they life up on the battle field Way before the record deals we pack steal, that's real Dropped a CD at every jackhead club Out to get me thinking I'm a million dollar motherfucker But at night I can't sleep, I toss and turn Visions of Benz's be bought and money being burned I might not hit the billboard but I'm keeping it crunk And I get much love in Beechwood and lil Will's trunk you know no eastcoast to westcoast may not see that I get big love where I be at, Bitch believe that So many setbacks I got to try to overcome I take another sip of liquor just to keep me numb I know these haters love to catch me straight buck me and laugh While that AK 47 shell cut me in half Yeah, then you woke up you hater Why don't you do something with your life Get money boy, get up off yo ass Stop hating on me and mine and get ya own That's what the hell you need to do Bring the hook back boy ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for everytime One of y'all tried to insult my game I would just... ( Haystak ) First thing you know, Stak'll be a millionaire What couldn't I do if I had that ( ha, ha, ha, ha ha )

Give It To Me Remix

50 Cent: GgGgGgGgGgGgGgggggggggggggg------ G-UniT!! Aww man im feelin myself right now... Baby if you get on ur knees put me in ur mouth and suck me off you know i got you (3x) [50 cent] She was hesitant at first, said she never did it before soon as i got her goin she was goin like a pro she went up and down like a merry go round and round and round and SPLASH! shes freaky freaky when u get her in the bed you need G like me to get her to give u head My conversation is stimulatin, she in room 10-19 in the hilton waitin She got a thing for ballers, i mean a thing for balls and i done turned her ass out so im the one she calls on the cheek she kiss me and she tell me she miss me Being round me got her used to drinking Don and Cristi Im a special nigga, look im used to grindin Keep that Benz-o clean and them spreewells shinin Baby if you get on ur knees put me in ur mouth and suck me off you know i got you (3x) [Lloyd Bank$] You cant be serious, its 4 in da mornin watchu mean a hotel? the fuck you think everybody else at? Bright in the morning, i roll over guess whats on my shoulder a pretty brown round round, who-kid stompin is goin downtown but at night with no lights, ill have you wondering if thas a lightening bug in your mouth or a glow in the dark tongue ring Banks need a ghetto chick, set a nigga up with ass stick around till he fall asleep, then get in his stash leave her with everything, rubberband stacks in the grass ass so fat, she get hand claps when she pass I aint neva had a girl, but you can be my bottom bitch i done been around the world, we done hit all kinds of chicks Range Rover, never sober Hennessy but never soda B-A-N-K dolla sign BITCH! na i aint here to hold ya, let your baby daddy hold his shoulda Banks dont associate with no TRICKS! Ima make it a G-Unit party from the hotel lobby If u aint tryin to freak off then go home BITCH! Baby if you get on ur knees put me in ur mouth and suck me off you know i got you (3x) HaHa... [Young Buck] You know what i came to do, Bet you put ur lips on my dick but dont tell nobody you my mistress bitch All your friends keep tellin ya what to do when ya get me gotta eat the nut first like a hershey kisses Bitch show me u miss me, like im Pac or Biggie She could be small like Eve, or even big as Missy I like it when them whites indulge in group sex suck off Banks and 50 and be like 'you next' Get your ass too flex, tellin me to go down Im a P.I.M.P, Bitch i bet you know now Baby girl slow down, you make a nigga cum quick when you close your eyes and make ur tongue do a twist You my 3 o'clock lollipop, catch the last drop bitch walk around naked hoe, i met your ass topless She finally found out what Young Buck is bout Now give a nigga from the south some of that mouth Baby if you get on ur knees put me in ur mouth and suck me off you know i got you (3x) Haha... c'mon girl you know i got u

Shinin' Star

Brand Nubian "Foundation"
Yeah yeah, uhh, uh-huh Brand Nubian, yeah yeah, check it Intro/Chorus: You don't have to drive a fancy car Just for you to be a shinin' star No matter who you are, no matter who you are Verse One: Grand Puba Uhh, now it started it off for me in apartment 6C Project style, ate government cheese for a while Pop Duke wasn't there cos he had to do a bid so momma love stuck with these bad ass kids She used to say keep your head up, always think positive and never be ashamed of who you are or where you live Teenage years I had to struggle doing that Shorty say Don't talk to him, girlfriend, look where he live at Crib probably crawlin with roaches and rats plus cats be in his hallways with the drugs and the gats I used to try and honeys used to walk on by Now I'm damn near 20 and still ain't got no ride Caught a record deal, now them same old chicks that used to walk on by go out their way to say hi But they gets none That's why I'm with the same girl from the same projects that I come from because....... Chorus (x2) Verse Two: Sadat X Well this is that time that you've waited for Three linked from what was said to be extinct You say take my weed-smellin ass home, I'm grown More thirst than if I swallowed sand bags Not fiending enough to go out and grab bags from women I swear if we don't hear this on the air I'll be down at the station Your broadcast from Monday has now been switched to no day With the class team that I'm with, we stay fit Just like the calm before the twister hit Brand Nubian name is gonna blister shit We raise the flags in three places employ black faces from midnight blacks to light tan Brand Nubian straight rate policy for the world For your little man, for your little girl, from Cheryl to Earl Watch how it all go down and unfurl Mark this print, I feel like we've all been sent It's more than gettin money and gettin bent (Word life, cos you're a shinin' star) No matter who you are, no matter who you are Chorus Brand Nubian cats spread Verse Three: Lord Jamar A four-letter word seldom heard amongst my nation Understandings highest elevation, the foundation of creation of motivation, in my family there's no relation They got us willing to be killing off our population, full-time occupation We need to turn it around like oscillation or watch it all burn to the ground from frustration Lord Jamar, I'ma show love to all my people who show To me that's how it's gotta be Peace to Prodigy and Mobb Deep God's working hard on the streets for the love of the peeps Niggas bring their ass in the clubs every week Walk right past the brothers and they can't speak All hands meet to shake, for Pete's sake Let's break the ice, life livin love, love livin life (Yeah) Chorus (x2)

Can't Stop Us

FIELD MOB "613: Ashy To Classy"
Uh,it's hard catchin' these old rhymes I cant' remember these old rhymes It's hard catchin' these old rhymes [Kalage] Shit we comin' after the whack rappers Studio gat-clappers slash jackers Them braggin' back-stabbin' non-rappin' autographers And I'm backed up like brake lights don't beep me That's some shit you ain't gon' see like a punch in a snake fight Or a preacher that play dice It's another level bitch And I'm sick of rappers braggin' bout they diamond bezelled wrists My ice this, my ice that I bet I'll melt yo shit Cause Shawn J come hotter than the Devil's dick Couldn't beat me if I was yo dick We were in the movies Watchin' porn flicks in 3D And you were PeeWee I don't blow shit out of proportion I'll stuff you in yo mama's stomach Rap her then make her have an abortion The Vince Carter of rap, Shawn tall and brown skinned Dunkin' dick in yo bitch with my arm in the rim Keep yo hoe I chase dough Burnin' rappers till sun-up And jackin' off layin' on my back tryin' to come up To get grip Shawn slick with bricks for chips I flip one-fifth of a brick Nicks go for 6 Tug a four-fifth with more glits than 6 twists I don't sniff but I spit Catch a whiff nit-wit Slick 6 style switch Like a whip stick shift I stole rap like the grinch stole Christmas My clique pissed tryin' to hit licks to get grip Tryin' to make more bread than Bisquick Biscuits This misfit pissed cause I hit his chick He mad cause I'm Indiana like Rik Smits But he don't know I'm underground like the Ninja Turtle He wanna fight but he type that couldn't injure Urkel I play the cut though Mr. Nice guy slash cut throat Spit doo-doo like you butt blow UH-OHHHH y'all best to get runnnin' Why Shhh! I hear Field Mob comin' [Hook] Can't stop us Can't stop the Mob Can't stop Boondox Can't stop Kalage [Repeat 11x's] [Boondox Blax] Uh, it's you boy Boondox aka Smoke from the Mob That charcoal color lyrical criminal spittin' flows from yo I break bricks down in yo hood and take over yo block Whatever you want I got it from the South Coast to the Rocks Open up shop totin' a glock with a scope on the top Two clips in each ankle tucked low in my sock Like lil' whodi Wayne - I'll have yo block scorchin' hot You need oven gloves to get yo mail out of yo box To you rappers thinkin' you gonna come control my block Check yo face you see a infrared now way it's not Close to yo eye and in yo ears and all up in yo teeth too So many red dots look like you sick with the measles My clique hold heat too But I roll with more people Macks like Rudy Ray Moore, Goldie and Seigel Like Bebe we don't die we multiply like wet gremlins Jack Martin girl It's best you hide the baguettes listen We the best spittin' gold rhymes Lyrics stickin' to yo brain as if yo pillow was porcupine Not only yo mind I poke yo tummy like Doughboy Makin' ya bummy Droppin' lyrical bows to yo stomach Smokey done it in two years and 4 weeks I ain't lying If Jigga Jordan You can call me the Kobe Bryant of this rap shit So go get more practice I skipped college and high school - I ain't even pass it Barely made it past the 10th grade You been writin' for 20 years And still writin' and I been in this shit getting' paid Spittin' raid at you cockroaches It makes you move out the way if you did not notice Here come the Mob [Hook]

Stress Factor

Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge I'm trying not to lose my head Sometimes I sit alone And look deep into my soul And I starrin' down at something That's very out a control Tolerence at zero Emotions dead and gone If indo was a pebble Man consider me stoned Patience low I rest to go I got's to get ahead Mothafuck these hoes And them po-pos I gots to get my bread The streets say nothing nice They crooked like the idus And everybody dippin seein Who can get the highest But check this out Man, without a doubt And about who's comin' fresher And about that cab And protect that ass Don't panic under pressure My stabbin' like a whip Or better an alligator Temper going up and down like a Like a fucking elevator Bitch I want it now Don't give me no delay's My hustle got me trippin Liftin' from my turn away's Man this life is real No time to be an actor And I'll play that no man Let me know It's just a stress factor I want to grow old Have a kid and a place to sleep A down ass wife And when I die I'll rest in peace But man that's all a dream This donja got me bleak It got me feelin good But I forgot what I did last week Now look at my face This shit ain't fake The pain done turn to pressure Every nigga that know man feel me tho Don't cop down to a lessa My mother woke me up One day said "boy you gettin grown" Your momma has 3 jobs Your momma is gettin old So I took it as a hint When on my mission spree Mind full of hatred Got me fucka, time is hard you see That monkeys on my back And I can't get him off So whatever I do Mom it's just for you No matter what the cost I put that on my life Everything I see is dark Money is rare But I don't care Man stop that niggaz heart He's comin like a big wheel I'm comin like a tractor Man take this hate Run it's too late Man it's the stress factor Some think that I'm The Man Some think my shit don't stink But yes it do I thought you knew I'm not a coward or a fink One side of my heart got love The other side is hate And boy that hate is stealin love Right in it's fuckin face Women ask me how I'm livin I tell them day by day With a donja joint That lovely voice Of Mr. Marvin gay Man I gots to get away That just might do some good But every time I gets away I miss the fuckin hood My homie lost his job He don't know how to react So I do our thangs to help him out Like took a little crack But that shit's over rated And it gets Complicated But you would never know From that cat flow And the way the pictures painted Motherfuckers whisper And think I don't hear them And wonder why I'm over high And never will go near them Much love to all my niggas From workin' men to jackas Cause no matter what you feel it's Cause it's called the stress factor

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