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Ali Kilo lyrics - Organized Bass

Lost Ya'll Mind

Original and similar lyrics
[chorus] Lost Y'all Mind Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (Oh Lord) Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (Oh God) And it made me cry, cry, cry (4x) Alright, once again it's me Kilo-Ali with positivity ?? so you got to hustle Drug dealers ain't nothin but trouble Do the crime, you gotta pay the price What you gonna tell Jesus Christ He don't smoke, and he don't get high Where ?? after they die Cause it's a sin to sell Brother you can go to jail, you can go to hell What about a brother be thinking he a pimp though When he calls our mother a pimp hoe Or his cousin, or his sister, or his auntie Boy, you better learn to love the ladies I think your slippin But you think your pimp, pimp, pimpin For a nickle and a dime, some uh y'all lost y'all mind(2x) Chorus (4x) Since i made White Horse they think I hate white folks Oh man thats gotta be a white joke It ain't what I done to my country It's what my country's done to me Red, white and blue the flag again I'll burn it, black American I gotta stand up for myself Brother give me freedom or give me death When I rap for the blacks White folks don't like to hear me talk like that Black cop will lock me up faster He'll be uncle tommy for master, And I'm looking for a brother He called me a black mother (sigh) So I looked him in his eyes And he made me cry, cry, cry I know you gotta make you a livin But why you gotta hurt my feelings For a nickle and a dime Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (2x) Chorus (4x) See the world is a zoo And if you live in the world i'm talking about you You try to touch somebody's hand They just run a better place And if you can See, all we need to do is keep the love in our hearts We all survive Without Godwe have nothing And with God we have everything Yes, that's why I always say I say Money and clothes and beamers and bowls I'd rather go to heaven then any of those (5x)

Make Room

make room cause we about to start swelling catching attitude get buck sweat it up and really lose cool its what we been commissioned to do so back on up and give me room we gotta keep makin moves my long range aim is dedicated to change persist to twist brains with rhymes only god can explain attain divine intervention if your attentions arrested imprissioned and in position to listen to lessons given gotta make moves steadily heavily bruising these dudes we got the gift but abuse tools misleading these youths see my birthright is light in the darkness of night to lead the lost paying the price of sacrificing my life ive been sittin and contemplating waiting anxiously peeking perception of these releases embracing the deeper reasons of timing and perfect season believing this thing is bigger than faces and soundscan reaching for the completion of purpose in promised land watchin behind the curtain for certain the game is hurtin looking for some solution searchin for revolution like music is the conclusion refusing to look at life a livion for forward movement oh god don't let me act up i feel a fit comin on my conniption's my conviction's reaction to what's goin on my rebuttal's far from subtle take you there just like a shuttle gather round the huddle embrace the pace i spit at give it a kiss and cuddle boy what's that there you sayin' i'm tight like the shorts that men look gay in aw lawdy you don' said too much my slightest touch is a cobra clutch let it be known we are the epitomy of strange and bizarre swichin up and change our repertoire come discover who we are wreaking havoc on satan's mavericks through a labyrinth filled with nooks and crannies (an elite group called the factors) we like the x-men so uncanny imagine looking up seeing the plastered ceiling cracking it aint because we broke we lost our minds for god provoked and crazy actin back on up back on up ah yeah back on up move cowards move all you cowards move he scared she scared and if you scared then move

My Air Forces

[T.I. talking] Bet yall niggas don't remember these wit Run-DMC... Naw, I ain't wit dem no mo...What they is now...MY AIR FORCES [Verse One] Walk through the hood at night I dont like 'em laced tight, but they feel alright Outta sight, all white, steeping swaging my strap I got the four in my lap cause I stay in the trap Like guess and heavy starch thrity-four in the way With thrirty six so I can fit this forty-four on my waste If I waste something one 'em I'ma throw 'em away Pull a fresh pair out the trunk, and buy some more in a day And I wear'em like I bought 'em, I don't lace 'em or nuthin' Got bitches wonderin' why I don't call, I don't chase 'em or nuthin' Funky fresh MC, I bet you see T.I.P with a fresh new pair of Nike Airs on his feet And when you see me in the streets, you know you looked at a star The way the Congo and Polo the checks is even matching my car Ahhhh, back to the subject though I just letting you know about my air forces [Chorus] Don't care how many shoes I get, when all else fails dem the shoes I pick And I walk like so I don't bruise my kicks I got alot but none fit like my Air Forces Brand new O-Eyed Benz Where in less there ain't a pair in every store I been Gotta outfit, wanna make sure I'm fresh Well you know I gotta go get my Air Forces [Verse Two] All white trimmed in gray Bubbled laced to the top on with me All day, collecting pay in the ass of a jay Or any sucka nigga trying to get in my way Stay kicking this muthafucking G.A. clay With a limp and a sway and I don't play Hoes keep asking pimp why the the same 'ol shoes? Bitch, I'm four pairs deep and I done paid my do's (My Air Forces) Call number one like me Hanging out the Chevy door when I stomp on the street Concaine white leather feel good one my feet Heyyyy, they ganranteed to keep you from the police With bold they aint scuffed The strap holding me up My shoulder boy-cut Who need platuim wwith super Dave, when dem boys be stuntin' Nigga I'm just ballin' it up in my Air Forces [Chorus] [Verse Three] Stepping in my Air Force Ones, hat to the right plus I got my gun Headed to the weed house to cop me a sack Bumped into this bitch I knew from way back Now I'm smoking good kicked back and I'm ridin' Police pull me over and I had to jump up out it Bail to the spot, had to shake these damn polls Forces fucked up and I done lost my dro All white and gray with dem bubble shoe laces Even got dem blue ones for the special occasion ATL fitted with the guess get a map Pussy ass twidded em put a hole in my lap Now I gotta situation at hand Guess I gotta take it back to the old plan Forces get my payment trying to catch a ride Thats why I stay down wit my Air Forces [Chorus]

Snow White Suicide

Entwine "Gone"
i see a million stars ahead i smell the heaven scent this sadness stains all red the nightfall's filled with ecstasy the dusk descends on me soon we will be free we must find the haven for our souls 'cos we know that we have lost our will to live snow white suicide - the end is on its way snow white suicide - no longer burns the flame we are kissed by flaming frost it seems that all is lost time is running out the darkest light enwreathes the night i'll leave it all behind this is our last good-bye

Ladies And Gentlemen

I know our time is precious So I’m hoping this’ll last I keep runnin’ towards my future Can’t focus on the past But this reminds me Of the first rhyme I ever wrote for you Here’s what I hope to do Make every line a quotable Thats just me Being overly ambitious I do this for the people Not the bloggers or the critics Wait could it be Maybe I’m just in denial Been cravin’ for attention Ever since I was a child Is it really a surprise I feed off of your adoration When I step on stage I’m just seekin’ validation This type of transparency is Quite new to me Never felt free enough to Speak truthfully Learnin’ how to live And I’m no longer Stressin’ fam Life is a teacher But don’t expect no lesson plans This is for the Dreamers the thinkers The believers The lost and confused The followers The leaders Yeah They say you only get one shot To make a first impression Thats why I’m twice as grateful When I think of all my blessings Great company Great minds Great times Wouldn’t trade it for the world If you need it take mines See the big picture I’m just here to play my part You are now watching history unfoldin’ In the arche Many have tried Many have failed Full steam ahead Only to see their dream derailed As for me Ain’t no telling if that ship has sailed I’m alive and well The details of my Of my tale There’s joy And there’s pain Victory and defeat What I lost What I gained The bitter with the sweet Feel free to stay a while Take a tour inside my mind Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to XIV:LIX Feel free to stay a while Take a tour inside my mind And I present to you XIV:LIX

Out Of It (Passenger Demo)

JACK'S MANNEQUIN "People And Things"
You meet me at the pier... so we can teach each other how to breathe It's been the strangest year; I almost drifted out to see I've lost my edge, and I'm barely twenty-three... Downtown the high robots... are fishin' for the rich men I say we take some shots and make a night of watching them "I would, but I'm not sure I should go out... it's just these days, I'm so afraid of crowds..." [Chorus:] We gotta get a little out of it To get out of it... sometimes Tonight I wanna get a little out of it And I'm hoping that you don't mind So we pull open the garage The clicker's fuckin' broken I say we drive 'til dawn And push the car into the ocean I watched the cops bust up our neighbor's place today Tell me where you're living, dear If it's so safe anyway [Chorus] We wander down the hill to the parking lot Where all the street lamps paint the pavement o-o-o-orange, yeah We take some pills I got from the pharmacy And laugh about a year that felt a little more like war We gotta get a little out of it sometimes Tonight, I wanna get a little out of it And I'm hoping that you don't... mind... We gotta get a little out of it to get out of it sometimes Tonight I wanna get a little out of it and I'm hoping that you don't mine.

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