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Ali Kilo lyrics - Organized Bass

Baby, Baby

Original and similar lyrics
well lemme love in the room and sit and stare at the wall brotha cant find no lovin ya'll im gonna find ya girl someway somehow i need you right now searched the world but couldn't find that feelin cuz your love is one in a million cuz i like the way you touch me and i like the way you fuck me and really make it worth my while i said woof woof woof woof doggie style cuz your on my mind, on my thoughts let me see your body talk i'm makin love on a whole nother level have you ever danced with the devil? when i'm around you i feel like this a kiss is just a kiss (CHORUS) baby baby ohhh work it on me baby baby i need your L-O-V-E baby baby baba baba baby baby and i want you to know that some other niggas talk shit i wish them folks get up off the dick cuz they try me, and they push me i'm fuckin these niggas like pussy but a nigga ain't gay i said ooh ooh it's your birthday same hoe talkin bout i'm a busta yeah, i fucked her i rocked her world said she used to be, used to be my girl for just one night said that face was tiiight she said i think i'm stevie wonder well, i'd like to thank ya momma when i'm around you i feel like this a kiss is just a kiss (CHORUS) well you can blame it on the lover in me the heavyweight, cut up champion ALIII in the hood i'm a menace hold on, sit down, lemme talk, lemme finish i get that ass keep the camera rollin, im kinda fast get all the girls and i shock the world why did humpty dumpty have to fall cuz he was freakin off the wall it be like that when you be tryin to break that back i give my number to the ladies cuz i would love to love ya baby when i'm around you i feel like this a kiss is just a kiss (CHORUS) x2

Love Guaranteed

Whatever you want, whatever you need Whatever you want, whatever you need VERSE 1 Now that you know, I love you so And now you know I can't let go Stay in my world, girl, forever and a day And promise we'll be more than friends CHORUS Anything you want, anything you need I can give you love garanteed, baby Anything you want, anything baby I can give you what you need (you need) VERSE 2 There was a time when I was lost, And I never thought I'd find someone Then came you and you turned it all around I'm overjoyed cos it's love I've found CHORUS X2 All you have to do is call me (Baby just call me) You don't have to worry at all (at all) Just reach out your hand (Baby, dream all your troubles away) (Oh yeah, it's anything you say) CHORUS TO FADE

La La Love You

DON MCLEAN "Headroom"
If you wanna make me happy, here is all you gotta do Take me where you're going and I'll take care of you 'Cause I got this need that's growing to keep you satisfied And if you keep your green light showing well you can take me for a ride Chorus: 'Cause I la la la la la la love you, And I la la la la la la care. And I really want you with me baby everywhere Well, I like the way you're moving, and I like a the way you go I like the way you let your locomotion show 'Cause my drivin' wheel is drivin' and my piston's working good And if your motor gives you some trouble baby, I'll take a look underneath your hood (yes, I would) (Chorus) Well, I know you like your transportation with a motor and a rubber wheel, But when you move you cause a transformation in this lover and the way I feel So if you want to make me happy here is all you gotta do Just let me ride your boxcar and I'll hobo with you 'Cause all I got is on my shoulder, I'm walkin' on my trav'lin' shoes and before I get much older I'm gonna kick these lovesick blues (Chorus) Yes, I la la la la la la love you, And I la la la la la la care. 'Cause I.. (repeat and fade out)

Love To Love You

Feeling lonely drifting through the day Was so sad and then I walked away I feel the disillusion Headless of confusion baby What you did and that you lied to me I'm old enough and not to blind to see We walk through different doors now We sail on different shores oh baby All I can say is that I love to love you From the bottom of my Broken lonely heart All I can say is that I Need to need you I feel down feel high and Then I fall apart Remember all the times we had Makes me feeling down and feeling sad Need time to rediscover Can I be still your lover baby I have the courage you will see it's true Living my life I don't need you Even my heart is burning Even it is yearning baby All I can say is that I love to love you

Real Fine Love

JOHN HIATT "Stolen Moments"
Well I never went to college, babe I did not have the luck Rolled out of Indiana in the back of a pickup truck With no education higher Than the street of my hometown I went lookin' for a fire Just to burn it all down CHORUS: You've got a real fine love You've got a real fine love One I am unworthy of You've got a real fine love, baby I thought I had a line on something Maybe no one else could say And they couldn't find it in their hearts To just get out of my way Then out of nowhere, and from nothing You came into my life I'd seen an angel or two before But I'd never asked one to be my wife CHORUS Well you can sprinkle all your teardrops Across the evening sky But you cannot hide the twinkle Of starlight in your eye Well I left my map way back there, baby I don't know where we are But I'm gonna pull my pony up And hitch my wagon to your start CHORUS Well now the babies are all sleeping And the twilight's givin' in She looks like you, he looks like her And we all look like him Well maybe it's just the little thing The way I feel tonight A little joy A little peace CHORUS TWICE You got it

The Gift

Winter snow is falling down Children laughing all around Lights are turning on Like a fairy tale come true Sitting by the fire we made You're the answer when I prayed I would find someone And baby I found you Chorus: All I want is to hold you forever All I need is you more every day You saved my heart From being broken apart You gave your love away And I'm thankful every day For the gift Watching as you softly sleep What I'd give if I could keep Just this moment If only time stood still But the colors fade away And the years will make us grey But baby in my eyes You'll still be beautiful (chorus) (piano solo) Chorus: All I want is to hold you forever All I need is you more every day You saved my heart From being broken apart You gave your love away I can't find the words to say That I'm thankful everyday For the gift re

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