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ALEXI MURDOCH lyrics - Time Without Consequence

Song For You

Original and similar lyrics
So today I wrote a song for you Cause a day can get so long And I know it's hard to make it through When you say there's something wrong So I'm trying to put it right Cause I want to love you with my heart All this trying has made me tired And I don't know even where to start Maybe that's a start For you know it's a simple game That you play filling up your head with rain And you know you've been hiding from your pain In the way, in the way you say your name And I see you Hiding your face in your hands Flying so you won't land You think no one understands No one understands So you hunch your shoulders and you shake your head And your throat is aching but you swear No one hurts you, nothing could be sad Anyway you're not here enough to care And you're so tired you don't sleep at night As your heart is trying to mend You keep it quiet but you think you might Disappear before the end And it's strange how you cannot find Any strength to even try To find a voice to speak your mind When you do, all you wanna do is cry Well maybe you should cry And I see you hiding your face in your hands Talking 'bout far-away lands You think no one understands Listen to my hands And all of this life Moves around you For all that you claim You're standing still You are moving too You are moving too You are moving too I will move with you


Del The Funky Homosapien
KURIOUS: (Talking) Oh man. Bitches man bitches! Sick tired a this shit. You know what I'm sayin'? Want my money talkin' shit don't know how to act phuckin' tired man. FPhuck'm I gonna do man? Have to put a foot up your ass? Phuckin' tired of it man. Phuckin' buy you this buy you that Phuck that shit! Kurious aint havin' it. Know what I'm sayin'? DEL: Boo boo head boo boo head, boo boo head I want you dead I want you bled bleeding needing medical assistance, resistance ya kiss meant nuthin' you was bluffin' stuffin' my brain with insane thoughts notions most intelligent people freak you because they'll know you'll give ya all give up your drawls flap ya jaws lyin' have me cryin' I'll admit it someone before musta shitted down your neck boo boo head but can you be dead? with fled instead of the murda I'll just tell everybody what I heard of word up. [CHORUS:] D: All a this over boo boo heads, K: All a this, all a this... Back in elementary school you made me drool I was cool rules were never broken a token, of our friendship all my friends flippin' somersaults the fault was not yours of course, they didn't know, yo grils was yucky clear 'round get slapped like a puck-y but you never said 'Phuck me' that wasn't in the pictua I couldn't hit ya with ya hair braids and the games we played were fun till one day a friend said, 'Boo boo heads turn red, in the face when you place ya hands on her ass in class, and give a spank a banka full of fun at recess, and be fresh.' OK, I'll try it and die if she does but she did and turned around and socked me like Rocky I feel like a heel for real but now I'm older and told ya to keel over cause now it's different no innocence and women sprints the way you sway to the forces of evil and we will bust that ass fast and quickly I dig G's disrespectin' rep now it's when they shit's come bobbin' brothers try and rob another and I'll rub ya the wrong way let the song play, [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Ooh, I wanna smack you mack you attack you even if you black you get no slack sue, call a lawyer boy, ya never knew ya crew is on a mission every weekend freakin' kissin' with other van ya man lets turn the sands in the hourglass and your power lasts less guess take a gander I slander ya name spread propaganda and I demand ya ta stop hop on a train before pain'll be ya middle name in the game of love happiness yes, I caressed ya flesh but if you test ya caught out there without a vest mess around and you can rest I found a new boo boo baby, maybe I can crave the one that saves thee reputation, ya'll lets face it ya basin' smokin', leavin' niggas broken open but I scope in to ya brain gain remain clues ya use for protection now who's next in... [CHORUS]

The Robbery Song

AKINYELE "Put It In Your Mouth"
hook Niggas know we do robberies, we ain't running up in no crib for 2 G's We want about 50 Thou and 4 Ki's And maybe after that we just might breath But if you think it can't happen, nigga please We put you on your knees, like you was praying We ain't playing It's the O-FFI-CIAL, O-RIG-INAL, SEASON-AL, motherfucking CRIMI-NALS You know the format, ringing your bell, standing on your doormat 'Who Is It? Thats your sentence Looking through the peephole with your eyes squinching Too late, we kicked the door off the hinges I heard you selling stacks of crack getting mad-tracked Thats why we in your place, throwing your face in the carpet With the rug rats, where the drugs at, FUCK THAT! I represent broke niggas who ain't no joke nigga Bullets rolled in Bamboo cause we here to smoke niggas And fuck them uppercuts, like we here to fight you up Man, we hang you from a chandalier and light you up We like free delivery cause we take niggas out Leaving you cracking like Daffy with duct tape on your mouth And roping you with strings and tessles squeezing your blood vessel Leaving your ass tied up like pretzels Ak to the Inye to the Le, rolling with real G's Doing these official robberies Yes! hook I'm on some Mike Tyson ex-wife shit kid Thats how I'm living Cause when I start robbing, you'd better start giving How else you think the money's supposed to come thats why When I need bread I grab the toaster and stick niggas for they crumbs I extort as you get stuck for bucks Whether its in airplanes or airports cause I don't give a flying fuck I drop it like an incinerator was the topic Cause I'll be damned if you ain't I'll empty in your pockets Shake you like Gelatin, and for all you good semaritans playing hero Akinyele put one in your belly And leave your stomachs looking like the number 0 As a rob like work cause I need mad dinero Cream, like Vaseline put you in Intensive Care With the Tech 9 backing you up like spines Taking your materialistic things like rings Like your hoe, your doe, gold and diamonds I turned this art into art-tillery With guns that bark to keep them from killing me On point, like a sword cause I always stay on board Ready to clap a stinking victim like a fucking applause Anywhere, anyplace Even if you got condoms in your wallet That don't mean your money's safe So act like you not having it when I start grabbing it Guns in your face (gibberish) like you talk Arabic Holding a Mac that I pimp like a mack But some of you macks, never find a Mac Ever since you lost that job at McDonalds But I know that I'll Mork your ass like Nanu-Nanu By putting one shell in your head like a rhino Or I'll do to 2 to your head Before I damn wanted to let you know that you ain't who's hot And you niggas not making it home in the fucking morning BECAUSE.............. hook

If I Could Say The Words

I wish that you were in my arms tonight And I could tell you the secret I've been keeping inside I know my words could steal your heart If I could say them right I can't pretend I'm not afraid As I'm picturing us face to face Chorus You can wish on a star Close your eyes And wherever you are I'll be there for you Until it comes true But if your dreams fall a part I'll still be the light in your darkest hour I'd find a way If I could say the words I've been holding back so long Rehearsing the lines I played out this scene a dozen times Now my heart is in your hands Can't you understand That I know exactly what to say When it's you and I face to face Chorus And how many nights Can I dream that I've said All these words Then to wake to find It was all in my head That I know exactly what to say When it's you and I face to face Chorus Say the words

You're Never Alone

Bryan Duncan
(Verse 1): Though smiling you silently perfect disguise So clear by the distance you keep...protected by lies And me with so little to say...what can I do Lost to know how I should pray...hurting for you No matter how hopeless it feels... (Chorus): You're never alone You're never alone It's all I know to say (Verse 2): You carry your heart in a box...with all of your dreams Still hopin' that somebody share your extremes Someone could enter your life...just with a smile Someone could carry your heart...all of the while No matter how helpless you feel (Chorus 2): You're never alone He's got the time for what you're feelin' You're never alone... Just bow your head to find out It changes everything You're never alone... I know you're hiding what you're feeling You're never alone... Beyond a shadow of a doubt Together there's a way (Bridge): Do you need to know who cares Is the pain too much to bear You can find help on your knees Anytime you please, 'cause He'll never turn away He'll never leave you Never leave you Always love you. (Chorus 3) [repeat for fade]: You're never alone He's got the time for what you're feelin' You're never alone... Just bow your head to find out It changes everything You're never alone... I know you're hiding all your feelings You're never alone... You know I'm praying for you It's all I know to say [ad lib lines]: (He'll never leave you) (He'll never turn away) (Beyond a shadow of a doubt) (Together there's a way)

Put Ya Hands Up

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
Turn the fuckin beat on! Ha!! Yeah, we back! () I had to switch back to Dom Perignon in rap baby! Cock-and-run to stay in the business Son of a bitch! Double R, look at me now motherf.. Two-thousand-and-one, 'Kiss the Game Goodbye' - let's get it on! [Jadakiss] It's the J-A-D-A I got beef with the feds and the D-A I got footage in the game press replay I got bitches in the club all over me ma take it e-asy And y'all scared I can tell and I'ma get Buckss like Milwaukee cause like +Sam+ I +Can-sell+ I'm that nigga y'all know that Bang you in tha yard then slide off on the early go back In the streets I flash the cannon like Kodak And I spray threes so say cheese Already told you I'm lookin for enemies Double R so of course it's better I love cornrows and Farrah Fawcett feathers It's a message in a glass bottle read the letter Money in the bank membership Visa sweaters And we ride or d-i-e together [Chorus 1] Uh uh come on put ya hands up Nah, fuck that put ya hands down (ahh) Come on put ya hands up Nah, fuck that put ya hands down [Jadakiss] Y'all know I got the master flow, fast or slow Y'all wanna know who the best is aks ya hoe The honies don't lie they love it And they cop for real trust me dogg the thugs will dub it 'Kiss hit you with consecutive hot shit Therefore nobody never gon' spit like I spit Get money just to walk through off the books So when you mention my name shit is off the hook Shirts is off, titties is out And you know I'm there the hardest niggas in the city is out I'm in the club ice over the thermal waitin for you to try me When the lights get low I'ma burn you Start with straight shots and then pop bottles Flirt with the hood rats then pop models Gotta slay two or more, ma that's our motto And y'all might get down with the team if y'all swallow [Chorus 2 (longer and diferent fill in)] [Jadakiss] (Muahh) Kiss the game goodbye, the game is mine You thought wrong change ya mind I'm the nigga that'll pop the king and scoop the queen and take over the town with a ruthless team New S-Type wagon, future green Gun heavy pants saggin I'm used to cream Who you know can make a million dollar bail on cash Never did a day and got the jails on smash, K-I double I move the perico quick, and just let manteca bubble 'Kiss been a boss, y'all just start workin Now put ya hands up 'til ya arms start hurtin Don't put 'em down 'til I tell you Whoever wanna be hard headed then find out what the shells do Now you can put 'em down if you want But soon as the hook come back put 'em up [Chorus 3 (then fade)]

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