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Alexander Heather lyrics - Midsummer

Shattered Glass

Original and similar lyrics
The swirling of dresses, the scuffing of shoes- Should my hair be in tresses? What tie do I choose? - As the hall fills with dancers, and the strings start to sound- We will take that first step, and we won?t touch the ground- (chorus) For there?s only the music, that plays on and on- Yes, there?s only the music, the heartaches are gone- We can stand close together, while the world dances by- Cause there?s only the music, between you and I- Yes, there?s only the music, between you and I A head on a shoulder, an arm ?round a waist, If the weather gets colder, we both will be braced- For what-ever the trouble, we still have a chance- If we hold hands together, and take time to dance- (chorus) The clock hours bending, the hands spinning ?round- From beginning to ending, as dancers we?re bound- With the memories like treasures, all safe in their vaults- When we hear the last measures, we?ll dance the grand waltz- (chorus) (chorus)

The Greatest Story

AVALON "Avalon"
Some days your own resolve is strong And other days you bend it's two steps forward, one step back and a stumble now and then You wonder if you'll ever really make the difference you've prayed that you will Well, I know that prayer will be fulfilled 'cause (Chorus) Your life woven day by day is a new design of the glory God displays on the canvas of creation Through the poem of history in the pattern of redemption running through the tapestry Your life in christ can be the greatest story ever told You cannot see the hands of God or feel the grace that flows from Him through you to those you touch In ways you'll never know you cannot measure worth by human standards That's always a lie oh, you have to see through heaven's eyes how... (Chorus) In the light of eternity Standing face to face you will finally see for the very first time you'll understand your perfect place in the master plan and how... (Chorus)

Touch You

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
(Intro) Oh what's up everybody this is Rick James Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal (Chorus) [Supa Dav West] We Make the Music That Change your life 'Bout to touch you just right All night we gonna to shine the light 'Bout to touch you just right [Piakhan] Piakhan floating on the mighty clouds of joy Building a future, yo, for my baby boy (uh huh) I moved form the hood yet the shit still in me And your opinion is nothing to me I have plenty like bein' out of prison With a roof over my dome And possessing the gift such as sparking the microphone Accumulate the provolone makin' it happen with Talib A Nattian cat we got em' snappin' Roberta Flackin' the track and Killin' em softly with out flossin' But yet the shine is glossy and the run the lyrical train through your brain shit Strategy pain, I'm on some Clubber Lane shit With the iron, ain't no use in you trying I ain't lyin' Through your ears mesmerize em' It's about time we started risin' Once again replace bullets with words, try to make it fun again (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] if the put my life on the screen then its got to Be the IMAX I live large stroke your mind, till you reach climax Terrorist hijack on Hi Tek fly tracks front don't try that My niggas got my back, you gotta relax, ease back What's that all about with the feedback All up in my mouth we don't need that, the asphault is the place to be at Where the people fire burn so bright you can see that believe that It ain't light music (no) We make the right music (true) Keep it tight music (yes) Affirmin' life music (come on) (Chorus) w/ minor variations [Talib Kweli] It's like girls got the bass all up in they hips My favorite part on the face is the shape of the lips Yeah I wanna touch you there (right there) Your mind is my concubine, when I deliver shivers up your spine Like the bread and wine, my brains embedded with rhymes That's ahead of they time, I rock the better design You cats ain't got the touch You all suck, like getting head from a dime I run up in em and, clutch em' if they tremblin' It's a rush like adrenaline, at a point break the joint shake When you play this (yeah), your crew is haters when they come Through with the newest/latest (like that) Reflection Eternal Shine light bright like the day till the sky turn purple And the moon arrive, reflection through the night That touch you just right (Bridge) [Talib Kweli] With the rhythm, the rhythm, God bless the rhythm It's the rhythm, rhythm; yes ya'll the rhythm Shorty on the dance floor giving me rhythm Hi Tek make ya'll nod ya'll neck to the rhythm And (Chorus) w/ minor variations (x2) [Talib Kweli] Uh yeah yeah yeah Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh (x2) Clap your hands everybody (x4)

What Colour R The Skies Where U Live

It seems forever since you went away My life is empty and my world is grey I keep on hoping that the sun will shine And the pain I feel will fade away with time (bridge 1) I sit and wonder how do you sleep And if my heart you still keep I hope in time you can forgive Tell me, what colour r the skies where u live (chorus) If I had wings I'd fly to you I'd turn your grey skies back to crystal blue If I had wings, I'd fly to away Forget the hurt of yesterday, yesterday I shot the arrow straight through your heart But I didn't mean for us to part Thought it was greener on the other side I learnt my lesson, now its my turn to cry (bridge 2) I watch the sun set deepest red And still remember the things we said I hope in time, that you can forgive Tell me, what colour r the skies where u live (chorus) (bridge 1) (chorus ad lib) publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Chappell Music / EG Music / Big Life Music 1991


King Konga "Halo"
i know you so well i could make you from scratch my precious little puppet with no strings attached i like the way you dance around and sing back to me i'll take you back to virginia for all my people to see i just want to play what you want me to i just want to say what you want me to oh, take me. take me back take me back to virginia, take me back i want to go back for good open a window put the dog at the foot of my bed sleep to the music of the ice cream man and rest my head if i wake up on the right side i'll sit at my window and play a song for my people from yesterday chorus it's been seven years since i've seen you shine and i see you when i'm sleeping and i know i'm not lost as long as my lines are true i just want to get back to you i can still tell what it really means to be dancing to the music as she sings out to me smiling and laughing as the people dance my soul take me back to virginia from so long ago chorus

The Bass And The Movement

ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
[Sample] And we know how to make some music And the music ain't supposed to stand still And little bit of, you know little bits of Negro? Into the music isn't enough Music is all consuming, let me tell you... [Slug] You should have stuck with the original plan: To be a little man Should have kept it simple, before the shit hit the fan Give the kid a nipple cause he sucks Take the microphone from his fist he doesn't know how to clutch You wanna treat it like a playground? Well we can joke about your take down And let your pride get hurt when I tug on your skirt Like "Shut the fuck up! Professionals are tryin' to work." And to the people that don't feel us: Fuck em' Don't need em', can't see em', never leave em', never loved em' Stuff em' full of dick till the hole rips And let em' know that's what they get for that ho shit "Ooh my goodness, Slug went up and flipped his style I haven't really heard a mac like this in a while" Bullshit! Still broke and I still fake the smile Go ahead and download my dick to a file Yo, you heard Slug sing his songs about women Like he must be a weak link, I know I can fuck with em' For those who wanna ride, come on, climb aboard I'ma be an asshole for as long as I'm exhorted You either call my bluff or turn the volume up And make noise for the women that swallow stuff And put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and the Movement" [Sample] I have a friend here who needs to put the brakes on. He's getting old. And if he could put the brakes on time, he'd be coo' The brakes...the brakes...the brakes...the brakes... [Slug] Step, step, step, step, step, step off You know you gotta get lost because you know your soft Huh huh step, step, step, step, step, stepped on Is all you gunna get when you try to test the Sean You need to park that bitch and get a starter kit You might as well hire me to come write your shit At least then nobody'll know who you bit It won't hurt so much when they don't like your shit Silly buddy in a puddle of beer Quit steppin' in my cum and get your gum out your ear "I heard your new song son, yo this your year" Why don't you run along and tell your girl to bring it here You got no balance, combined with no talent Disgraceful, you can catch a face full of phallice Color me callused on a retribution tangent How'd the love die!? How'd the hell you lose the magic? These cats is lazy, layin' down on the job I call Musab, this whole playground'll get robbed Those your props? Gimme that. Your girl? Gimme that. A three pack of Jimmy hats I show you who the skinny mack You can keep the change. Hit me back when you're stable If she give good brains she can play with the halo "Don't worry you're in good hands, I'm a good man. Misunderstood? Nah, just sick of the program." I only speak to put(?) ammonia in the bleach An orphanage, I'm here to get a portion of the piece So play the leach: Suck me dry Dot your "T's", cross your eyes And blow me counterclockwise So either call my bluff, or turn the volume up And make noise for the women that swallow stuff And put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement" I'll keep this brief, I just wanna say peace And be quiet if you love the police Now put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement" So either call my bluff, or turn the volume up And make noise for the women that swallow stuff And put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement" From the top of Fiji, to the bottom of Christina Ricci Big ups if you bought my CD Now put your hands up if you feel the music Cause all that matters is "The Bass and Movement"

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