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Alan Parsons lyrics - The Time Machine

Press Rewind

Original and similar lyrics
If you could press rewind and do it all again Would you change your mind, would you change a thing Would you make it easy, would you make it hard Would you play the game under another name Or ask the dealer for one more card Bang your drum, sing your song Don't give up, keep the faith, it won't be long You've been high, you've been low Press rewind and let it go Have you had your say, seen all you wanted to see Or did your dream give way to reality Don't think it's all too late for you to even try Before you clip your wings, see what this life brings You've waited too long it's time to fly Chorus Do you believe in fate and what is meant to be Could you imagine life without a guarantee Would you appreciate that time was on your side A flash of second sight, a chance to do it right Is something money just can't buy Chorus

Coming Back Home Feat Brian Mcknight

Took some time to come around Realize how I let you down Been too late for sorry now My pride got in the way Yes it did I thought I had it all figured out I needed time away to work it out And now that I've learned what it's all about And all I need is you in my life Chorus: So I'm coming back home Home, where love is waiting for me Been gone much too long This is where I want to be So I'm coming home Coming home Cuz home is where I belong BRIAN MCKNIGHT: Somehow I lost my way Mistakes I made I have to pay It hurts to know still today That I wasted so much time And after all is said and done There's more to life than having fun Ain't no doubt, you're the one And all I need is you in my life Chorus Just to be in your arms is like heaven to me Your love, your love is all that I need So I'm coming back home And I hope you forgive all my wrong So I'm coming home, coming home Cuz home is where I belong Chorus

Skull And Crossbones

Del The Funky Homosapien "Both Sides Of The Brain"
(CHORUS) Time is too expensive Too expensive, it's too expensive Too expensive, you know what? Time is of the essence Whacha say now? Whacha say, whacha say now? You know what? Time is of the essence [Del] My vast knowledge of rhyme is past college Blast, demolish, polish off all enemies I can't fall in this rap game, I got acrophobia Plus half these rappers out here are fuckin dead like necrophilia You know the thing, chocolate like Ovaltine Comin down on the mic like eggs from ovaries Monarchal metaphor, malevolent with settlements Maniacal when Hiero flow, unstoppable and chock full of funk the freak, so fuck the foreplay Del has been ordained to terrorize your brain The diagnosis, the show business bogus My lyrics lash out, like I was throwin stones in a glass house Rappers pass out, ass out And anyone left on the scene who has doubts Y'all fools ain't got no nuts I'm doin donuts Slow up whoever show up, I'm too robust So what? I'm invincible invisible lyrics Original origin unknown from here on in Uncommon dominating hip hop Permiating every portal with mortals More flows Heaven scent, microphone etiquette And lyrics up for your goblin and kill the novice I write bad subjects like the Hobbit And on to the next phase before you try to rob it You know, D-E-L, yeah! (CHORUS) [Del] Supreme MC's reach out when I'm on top Catch altitude sickness not to use fitness In front of witnesses get with this fetch the funk While I test the skunk, see I will caress the blunt Come step through the flames of Hades or remain a lady Rhymes infectious as rabies -- Deltron, hell on earth Prevailing curtailing, you're shattered with data Directed, my method, hectic, try and dissect it Next shit, hydrauling we're calling you out I rap with accuracy - I'm sick of fools actin like they blacker than me - y' know, usually bourgeoi' We a new breed of MC remedy For inner street jerks who wanna flirt with our sound but ain't really down, silly clowns Barnum and Bailey rejects Press eject on defects (yeah) These threats delivered signed and sealed by the Delmeister German for master, burnin the blasphemous Whatever you ask of us gets fullfilled Non-linear, you couldn't find a flow friendlier Or even similar with beats that knock Those who cock block transport 'em to the chop shop Operation X cause we often facin death And fake ass players are lost and wastin breath (CHORUS) [Del] Lyrical master, turnin mic sessions to disaster areas I'll wax your derriere Disable MC's with fatal degrees and flows Flamboyant flamin fools like mesquite, let's eat These barbeques are for you Were are the few the proud the Hieroglyphics Microphone moguls with code words and hand signals For negros, spanish for black I'll vanish your raps, at the borderline Where you can order rhymes Never monochromatic, y'all know the habits of Del Talented, creating lyrical Gallaghers Highest caliber, hip hop puritan Throw my voice like Surrican, or ventriloquists Until it sit in your cerebrum, I need them Through the medium of music, too sick The ratio is glaciar, Gigantor My flow is lighter fluid, you'll need a higher druid Magicians and Mages, superb my primal rage is My styles all over the place, disease contagious And treacherous (what?) like Mussolini (uh-huh) but cooler than Fonzarelli eating fussilli With roots in hip-hop goin back to Whodini Who see me, no eyes, your style is corny like bow ties No fries, keep that shake for a keep sake As well as patened Del hysteria Malaria area, 88 bait for bitin MC's They're bitin to see, see that's like a likin disease My time is up, I take my mic and I leave

Take Your Tyme

KRS-ONE "Spiritual Minded"
[KRS-One] Y'all don't know Y'all don't know your body is a temple A temple to the living God Don't get gassed y'all All my sisters out there, here's the truth You, a you've got to.. {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} Look, look! You don't want no unsteady relationships, you want it tight You don't want no man beggin and always gonna get, am I right You don't want no man sleepin cheatin freakin behind his wife There's no such thing as make love, it's really make life I don't care what nobody say; you sleep with a man, that's your husband So make sure, before you lay down, you love him And learn him, yes it's still sacred to be a virgin Relax, it's curiosity that always burns 'em in fact Sex is like candy, be disciplined, no splurgin You don't want your stomach hurtin Girl, you gotta.. {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} Listen! Cash is an issue with that he can never diss you Even if he makes you cry, you bought your own tissue witcha own case, witcha own hand, wipe ya own face And throw him out, no doubt, out of your own place If your heart is broken you can mend it If you're independent, your womanhood, that's when you defend it Just.. uhh, just {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} woo! Look! {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} Don't come witcha hand always out If he buys you somethin thank him, but that's not what a man is about Real men are real friends, showin their real commitment He tells you he really loves you, a boy can't really admit it If a man really wants you, that man really flaunts you In public or private a real man really supports you 'Member what Guru taught you Of course you Royalty You dress how you like when a QUEEN is what you ought to be and ought to act like, and also ought to manifest How you dress makes you constantly blessed, or constantly stressed {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} Yo! {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME} Yo, yo So while you burnin off those calories, think about reality Get a skill for the salary, a man for the family Not a boy, that's a catastrophe, don't get mad at me Instead of always clubbin visit museums and art galleries Pick the single man, admirin the ancient sculpture He's cultured, chances are he won't insult ya Give him your number only after you know what he does Ask him what it is, not what it was You want the good life (GOOD LIFE) You want the good life (GOOD LIFE) You want the, you want the, you want the C'mon, you gotta {TAKE.. YOUR.. TIME}

No Great Pretender

[Malik B] Check it out, one two M-illi-tant I be the, alias Malik B Internationale rationale All the people up 68th Ave. and across Broad Street or Silk Lane in South Philly And on, et cetera Check it out, check it out Chorus: The Roots Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders So when we begin to assassinate your cast members Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders So when we begin to assassinate your cast members Verse One: Malik B Dig it, cool calm collect in my perspective Search the premises, I leave no clues for detectives My verbal impact across your back slap You talk about you see me, but your vision's full of cataract It don't matter that, your glass house I shatter that Bad luck I walk under now show me where the ladder at Pull up the urinal organs up in your bladder cat Approachin you with shriller rhetoric, as if you had a sac Now crews down for it, your gas pedal floor it with ammo and artillery and stash spots to keep and store it I used the banner of a slant with a zort Change your strategic plan, my man's getting bored Your vocal chord is fraudulent, and not the true porcelain I bring the fire, earth, and the source of wind The force of sin will endorse the pen We all search for sanity, but I think that it was lost again Now which stick of artists, can be the smartest My beam of sunlight shines the brightest in the forest Regardless, artists dislike because I'm ? Control the temper, makin MC's whimper I tilt the Earth from off the axis in the center Next I'm in the womb like a placenta M-Illi-Tant the city ninja, uplift cause I'm the soul avenger, remember I'm no great pretender Chorus 2X Verse Two: Black Thought Strategis, I bet y'all niggaz can't believe this I read you like a whole avenue that's filled with meters parked, fuck your back talk, I watch how niggaz cat-walk over my pit of venom and send em to the asphault For inquisitives, who wanna try to test me What protects me, will make you shake like epilipsy Plague your neighborhood with lyrical le-prosy Stimulate more than Ecstasy y'all niggaz check my recipe Dig it, I must observe it, analyze when I'm chillin Peep out who's the villain then make your whole pavillion of a Sicilian, excuse the greed don't want a mill' I want a zillion - stacks of Franklins to the ceiling I counts stacks imported, fuck the yacht and the mansion I want Pluto and Jupiter, political, universal expansion Buy out Tommy and Halle Hanson Kidnap America, ? you hold it for ransom Pass it down to my grandson, I got no time to be romancin Only time's for mental food and advancement This game of Life is strictly chancein - get to know the nature before I get know the nigga while I'm glancing Enhancing, is my mental - I play in the midst a squad a team most crews is not in the halfs of rentals My utensils, display a whole variety Even when in the cut niggaz can't cut they anxiety Peep, I fill your brain with suspicion, pay attention like you paid tuition, and stop all your bull-ishin The rap chemist in the lab to the finish The mic is my apprentice, cause I can't stand courts or tennis, my pigmentation is the menace That's why the system's always tryin to pursue with a blemish Pale asses, think a nigga in this My flow's tremendous, for the meal you can't replenish The question you ask me, situation get worse Fam I won't befriend ya, cause I'm no great pretender Chorus 2X [Malik B] It's like that, one time for your mind Fifth Dynasty, interwine and combine M-Illi-Tant The Bad Lieuten-ant One hundred X, Bahamadia Minds and souls, like that Fifth Dynast', my man ?, P.R. Star My man Slick Looka Check it out, one time like that Feel the Fifth The One-Fifth attack Your backbone and spine Check it out Brother Q.U.E.S.T. South Philly, ?

Feel's Like Home

Something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself Makes me want to lost myself in your arms There's something in your voice makes my heart beat fast Hope this feeling lasts The rest of my life If you knew how lonely my life has been And how long I've felt so low If you knew how I wanted someone to come along And change my life the way you've done Chorus: Feels like home to me Feels like home to me Feels like I'm all the way back where I come from Feels like home to me Feels like home to me Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong A window breaks down a long dark street And a siren walls in the night But I'm alright cause I have you here with me And I can almost see through the dark there's light If you knew how much this moment means to me And how long I've waited for your touch If you knew how happy you are making me I've never thought I'd love anyone so much Repeat Chorus

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