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Alan Parsons lyrics - On Air

So Far Away

Original and similar lyrics
(Bairnson) We say welcome to the mission Show us all what you can do We need a man with vision So we put our trust in you And now we hope sincerely That you'll do the best that you can do Oh for sure it won't be easy And we will have to risk our lives Some will try to break us And cut us down to size But jsut remember There can be no consolation prize Not in our eyes It's a long way to go We can't wait one more day We need someone to light up the way We may run out of time Can you hear what we say? Because heaven is so far away Although time is getting short There's still some sand left in the glass And now we have a living breathing Rocket man at last It's time to take a step And nail our colours to the mast No more talk of great adventures When it's movement that we need It must be our intention That we never loose the lead So count us down to zero And let's get up to speed We're up and away It's a long way to go We can't wait one more day We need someone to light up the way We may run out of time So believe what we say? Because heaven is so far away And so now they cry for justice As if justice will be done But the eye up in the sky Was flying to close to the sun The Challenger has fallen And the race has now been run.... Vocals- Christopher Cross Guitars Ian Bairnson Drums Stuart Elliott Bass John Giblin Keyboards Gary Sanctuary


P.O.D. "Fundamental Elements Of Southtown"
chorus Where do you stand in this Battle Cry? Represent! I and I a Jah Jah warrior 4x The reconstruction commences; the soldiers equip for the lessons My life, a sacrifice is made new through these confessions Manifested, this joy is my desire Light this fire to flames; praise the name, Jehovah Jireh Is my provider, the truth that lives inside of this fighter? Take me higher, Master, Sire makes me a good rider I'm gonna ride on down til I break through the front lines And ain't going home until I gets mines chorus I grab ahold of my second chance, this time gonna make it last Left the world came back an Outkast To lay among the remains, through the trials and the pains Run for cover, make shelter, uncharted terrains Bloodstains light the paths to the ways of living breath My soul is put to the test Blessed with a mic in my hand, Jah make straight my steps Then I hooked up with Payable On Death We flow in Unity, stand in One while the foolish be Lost in this hour, with Power we have Authority To overcome while these cowards just pick up and run We ain't done till this battle has been fought and won The victory, how sweet it be, is already ours Holding the stars, is the man that carries my scars Always the same, I wear his name with now shame Here in this Battle Cry, we will never die We will never die Tribal Warriors chorus

God In The Building

KILLER MIKE "I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II"
It's hot like hell in the south It feel like we in the devil mouth in the south So white boys trippin' cause we iced out Cool as a cucumber hoppin' out A '73 Impala with the brains blowed out Let the robbers follow Swear to God, fuck nigga, get your brain blowed out Your baby momma followed or your man shot down I'm from Martin Luther King, respect it it's holy ground Who'd a thought a nigga out a shotgun house Would ever drive a car with a angel that bow I'm the shit cause I come from the bowels The guts of the city, ain't a nigga fuckin' with me Young player from the South, tell stories like Biggie Take the King's English, paint pictures so vivid That the listener will swear to God they lived it If that ain't God in motion, nigga tell me what is it? The church ladies weep when they hear ya man speak They say they see God in me, but I'm in the streets They ask me why I'm rappin', tell me I'm called to preach I smile, I kiss'em on they honey brown cheeks I tell'em God bless'em and they can serve for me But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he'd be? Probably in these streets with me... Peace... [Chorus:] Came out the valley of the shadow of death Judas still got the knife in my back Devil's tryin' to get with G like a crab Haters mad cause I baptized my laugh Keep a Jesus piece to protect myself If heaven got a ghetto you can bet I'll be there God is with me God is in me God is in me To get to heaven I will raise hell But before I be a servant in white heaven I will rule in a black hell See the leader jumpin' out a black SL On the block like 'Yes, yeah, the truth here' Living reckless for a necklace and big chain The wages of sin is death not the chain gang Touch my chain, I bang bang bang Leader of the Grind Time Rap Gang mang We a squadron of God's marksmen Greek heroes, we the new Titans Young Achilles, nigga, I will kill these niggas No homo, I just don't feel these niggas Laid back seeing panoramic views It's a angelic view, the sky so blue Similar to my diamonds and they hue I pray my success is a torment to you God MC boy, ex d-boy Only thing real in a room full of decoys Angel wings got a nigga flying higher I hope my success burn you like hellfire I hope seeing me whip cars dressed fresh Torments your ass like a man possessed Be blessed... Amen...

When I Was Yours

Harris Emmylou "Thirteen"
(Emmylou Harris/Paul Kennerley) In a lonely room waiting for the night to fall I hear your voice in every whip-poor-will that calls And it takes me back to a better place and a sweeter time When I was yours and you were mine As the shadows fall and the light grows dim I see your face I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your embrace as I long for you And for all those days when hearts entwined When I was yours and you were mine When I was yours and you were mine When I was yours and you were mine A truer love in Caroline Ever waltzed across these hills and danced beneath the stars Life was sweeter than the flowers blooming on the vine When I was yours and you were mine So I lay my head On a pillow soft and stained with tears I cry for you through all the long and lonely years But when I dream till the morning sun comes to shine Then I'll be yours and you'll be mine Yes I will go back to a better place and a sweeter time When I was yours and you were mine

Eviction Article

Boy Sets Fire
Now you've thrown your past agreements into the fire Your government's become a whore For outside interests that now enslave the poor Their suffering now stands ignored, pushed out, spat on Turn jobs into weapons to make a profit out of blood, sweat and lies Free trade sounds easy and so damned harmless Until they're exploited by blind eyes, chewed through, spat out The evil that you feed improves economy for the rich that run your campaign Increase the bottom line, your role again defined, out with the old and in with the same Time to unmask the devil Divide and conquer, kill off and prosper, recite the game that you've been sold Manifest destiny, your life atrocities, responsibility annulled, pushed out, enslaved When will their wants meet our needs, when will their words match their deeds When will the time come to stand and take it back from their hands The blood is on your hands, life stealing motherfuckers The constitution burns to ash in front of you, the people know what you are up to Your sins will come back on you

Don't Ask Me Why

Linda Eder "It's Time"
THere are those who manage such a charmed existence Lucky ladies who've been fortunate since birth All the major domos will know them And obligingly will show them Straight to the only table left on earth These are people for whom life is not a challenge They've got savior faire that oozes pedigree They're the women men will die for And millionaires will buy for But I fear these ladies aren't me... The cake life served me Is upside down The soup du jour I'm having spill On my best gown I get all wet Each time I surf the net, yet Baby, don't ask me why It always rains on me My one day off And my blind date turned into Boris Karloff It's like a curse I go from bad to worse but Baby. don't ask me why Funny... Down at the IRS I get the guy who never says yes God, what a mess It's all so taxing Maybe... Life is a cosmic gaff Fashioning punchlines into a laugh Too cute by half I don't know why, don't ask me And then I saw you That rainy day Drenched to the bone and all alone What can I say When you are near My motor hits high gear, dear No clue, don't ask me why Maybe... This is the perfect deal This time the schmo has found her schlemiel Now maybe we'll Find that happy ending Maybe... You are the missing cog Kissed the one frog Who was worth befriending The world will go on Much as before I'll lose the keys right after You lock the door It seems to me That we were meant to be, see We've got compatibility You're the pie and I'm the face You're the shoe tripping on my lace You're the yin and I'm the yang You're the lemon and I'm meringue You're the fourth of my July Together we'll blow sky high, and We'll never say goodbye... but Baby, don't ask me why Why don't elephants fly? Why are high heels so high? Why is Ru Paul a guy? Baby, don't ask me why

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