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Midnight Rocks

Original and similar lyrics
And I think of you now as a dream that I had long ago In a kingdom lost in time. And in the forests of evening the archer is bending a bow, And I see you bring him bread and wine. Down the ligneous years the invaders have taken these lands, And bent you to their will. And the murmurous fade of the ancients and all that they had, But the magic lingers round you still. Oh who will walk the stony roads of Merlin's time And keep a watch along the boarder line? And who will hear the legends passed in song and rhyme, Upon the shepard's pipes of Merling's time?


AMERICA "Hearts"
Written by Dewey Bunnell, 1975 Found on Hearts. First came the winter And then came the morning Bright coral branches that pass you again Down from the meadow and onto the seashore Came the vast checkerboard kingdom of men Sun radiates gold infrarays Time to prepare for the fall Harvest the corn, watch for the storm Soon we will hear winter call Ice on the pond, won't stay too long Too thin to walk it today Ice on the pond, something went wrong Frost must be lost on the way Evening is falling The tree is a silhouette As seen by the teddy bear Watching his den Spring came so quickly That I did not see her Just turn around And she's coming again Wind chimes along, rising at dawn Seasons in circles too match Each comes along, singing his song Burying thoughts of the past

Reunion Hill

JOAN BAEZ "Gone From Danger"
Must've been in late September When last I climbed Reunion Hill I fell asleep on Indian Boulder And dreamed a dream I will not tell I came home as the sun went down One eye trained upon the ground Even now I find their things Glasses, coins, and golden rings It's ten years since that ragged army Limped across these fields of mine I gave them bread, I gave them brandy But most of all I gave them time My well is deep, the water pure The streams are fed by mountain lakes I cleaned the brow of many a soldier Dousing for my husband's face I won't forget our sad farewell And how I ran to climb that hill Just to watch him walk across the valley And disappear into the trees Along there in a sea of blue It circles every afternoon A single hawk in God's great sky Looking down with God's own eyes He soars above Reunion Hill I pray he spiral higher still As if from such an altitude He might just keep our love in view

Stones Of Years

Emerson Lake And Palmer "Tarkus"
Has the dawn ever seen your eyes? Have the days made you so unwise? Realize, you are. Had you talked to the winds of time, Then you'd know how the water rhyme, Taste of wine, How can you know where you've been? In time you'll see the sign And realize your sin. Will you know how the seed is sown? All your time has been overgrown, Never known. Have you walked on the stones of years? When you speak, is it you that hears? Are your ears full? You can't hear anything at all.

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