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AL STEWART lyrics - 24 Carrots

Mondo Sinistro

Original and similar lyrics
take my troubles on a Friday night To the heart of the bistro Among the shadows and the low low lights I can find a release-o My favorite waitress will be here tonight I love the way she wears those fish-net tights She's so hard to resist-o in this Mondo Sinistro She picks a menu up and throws it my way With a flick of her wrist-o I'm sitting hoping that the night might take A romantic twist-o I order chicken and a chilled chablis She brings me grapefruit and a cup of tea She's a little Mephisto In this Mondo Sinistro I say I really love her dark brown eyes And the way that they tease-o I tell her everytime she passes by I grow weak in the knees-o I ask her would she like to come and play She blows my candle out and walks away I just cease to exist-o In this Mondo Sinistro

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