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AKA lyrics - Altar Ego

All I Know

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook:] AKA he's a beast, he's a problem though The one that you motherfuckers should solve but don't Spin six CD shuttles then revolve my flow Six joints in and your coffin close See me in the club I'm in my office clothes No plan B this is all I know Broke bitches looking where the bottle went But she be lucky if she get McDonalds man Ahh, I'm so professional I spit the truth it's like this booth is my confessional I'm under pressure hardly sober in my session now Rappers feel inferior, I'm focused on them hits but my girl missing her period That shit that make me go crazy, I'm still a fucking baby No ready for no babies Baby, want me to stay a while I wanna make her smile but money don't make itself Now I'm loading up my baggages, in pursuit of happiness Told her that I dealt with the flaws of my character I'm headed to the capital, cape of good dope Nikki got some girls who gon' be some good hosts She gon' be like "See? There you go again" That's why I'm in a club on my fucking BBM That's why I'm never trusted when I'm in DBN We work it out then we go right back to the begin [Hook] I need a paradigm shift on a double A paradise somewhere in my mind I can run to I, once upon a time you and I was a couple But now you turn to ice everytime I try touch you Wish I could press rewind, on every single line When I was kicking it with different bitches every night They say that love is blind, you see that camera clickin' in my eyes Now everytime I need to go you need to pick a fight I be leaving for domestic See me by the exit, Jesus on my necklace The evil's on my guest list Yes, this is the path I chose, cut deeper than the pieces of the hearts I broke And she gon be like "Why we go through this every week? You taking all my energy I need a new release" That's why we best enemies when I'm in CPT We work it out then we turn in 180 degrees [Hook] We thought this love was ever green You told me that my loving would be all you ever need Lucky for you, it's the last time I ever leave I'd rather die on my feet than try to live on my knees The party scene tore us apart So many new beginnings I don't know where to start Sometimes I wonder if you think about me at all Shit all you gotta do is turn that radio on (Let's Go) [Hook]

Half A Day A Week

BIF NAKED "Okenspay Ordway 1: Things I Forgot To Tell Mommy"
I have found a lack of sympathy for my chemically dependent brothers and sisters. It disturbs me, my eye-rolling attitude. I search through my studies of gods. I search for the compassion within me, and I only have it half a day a week. I try and I try and I try, having myself crossed the fucking death junk line. The forced cock, the backhand of love. I know, I know, I know, my shit clean, after all the shit I've seen, if I can still fall in love, if I can laugh my fool head off at my life, and my hard, hard lessons, then why don't you, you rich, thirty-five year old junkie fuck? I want compassion for you, but my friend I have none. You bear your victimization like a cross. A crutch. You're lazy. believe me. Believe you me. I can't now is that half day a week I'll make a search for compassion. For you, poor you. You fucking white millionaire. My eyes are aching from roll.

The Worst (Remix)

[JHENÉ AIKO:] Tell me whatcha say now? Tell me whatcha say Come again? If you cannot stay down Then you do not have to pretend Like there is no way out I shoulda never let you in Cause you got me face down And don't take it personal But you're the worst You know what you've done to me And although it hurts I know I just can't keep runnin' away I don't need you [x4] But I want you I don't mean to [x4] But I love you Tell me whatcha say now.. [JADEN:] Listen close what I say to you Back in the day I hated you Don't worry we made it through That was back in the days no one cared about Jaden dude He hangs with his msfts and the kids who think satan's cool But lately you've been bringing out in me a young poet Your monogomy it bothers me you know it doesn't really show it On my poetry you say me throw it Your man just came through in a range I hope they tow it Girl just for the moment Cuz your body's a temple Its simple No need for an intro See whats sinful And they wanted to keep it resentful Girl don't listen to these pimps They got no one to vent to Said you want some "In N Out" We should probably hit [?] And I went through probably all of the texts that I sent you And I meant to tell you that it stens On my love with a pencil I can't express it through all of my stressin in adolescence Same with Willow I need a Doctor to come assess us I'm sick of guessin I'm sick of dresses I'm sick of dressin Lets get undressed and lets make a mess So we feel the presence Like girl I can feel the presence Girl its like you're my therapist in all of our sessions And baby girl its unbearable when we in the kitchen Cuz we gotta be quiet cuz your parents listen Like screw this I'm sick of kissin Like baby I'm on a mission Everytime we away we casually reminiscing Our practice is repetition [JHENÉ AIKO:] I don't need you [x4] But I want you I don't mean to [x4] But I love you Everybody's like, he's no item Please don't like em He don't wife em He one nights em I never listen, no I should have figured though All that shit you was spittin', so unoriginal But it was you, so I was with it And tell you the truth, wish we never did it Cause I usually do stick to the business But you came out the blue and then you just flipped it God damn baby, my mind's blown I be forgettin' you live in a different time zone I think I know what this is It's just the time's wrong And yea I know what you did But baby I'm grown And my love is patient And kind, and shit If this is real we can build And do different types of shit If you was really the realest Wouldn't be fightin' it I think your pride is just In the way (like a bitch) Funny how everything changed Once you got all that you wanted Nothing was ever the same I don't need you [x4] I still want you I don't mean to [x4] But I, but I love you I don't need you [x4] But I want you I don't mean to [x4] But I love you


[Verse 1 - B.o.B:] She was already on deck 'fore I ever met her Young Bob in the building looking like Hugh Hefner on the surface Man I swear somebody better tell her I don't care what's on your mind I just want your cerebellum Yea but my team stay down through the stormy weather Back when we was hustling and nobody would help us Now we poppin bottles man, now we top shelfers We just knew that we would make it man, nobody could tell us nothing better Nothing a fortune teller couldn't tell us As a youngin I never really cared for Christmas carols Now when you see my apparel I got several different leathers Look at my wrist, bitch, it's levels to these bezels This whip is mine but I drive it like I stole it Flying down the interstate, lighting up a stougin' Hustle Gang on that mob shit, bring me my canoles Beating up the box, call me Oscar De La Hoya [Verse 2 - August Alsina:] I had one, two, three too many I'm fucked up, four chicks with me I'm loud, took about five shots Six bottles I just copped Twisted, turnt up, 24/7 That's more bad bitches I'm getting They know I hit 'em and quit 'em And go past what they came here for Baby can I see you make yo ass drop? I'm a let the Rose bottles pop I'm a sip this 'Roc, baby don't stop Cause yo body on fire, you too hot [Bridge - August Alsina:] I can't feel my face I'm so numb I'm so wasted So dumb I'm shit faced-ed Just in case I don't make it [Hook:] Take my drink, nigga I'm buzzin' Take my trees, nigga I'm gone Take my keys, nigga it's nothin' One of these chicks is taking me home [x2] [Verse 3 - August Alsina:] That little red bone said she's taking me home Fine ass friend said she coming along Love in the morning, so I'm fuckin' em strong I'm a beat em to sleep then I'm gone in the morning Hold up! I tell a bitch roll up Before I gotta roll out all I do is turn up Turn down for what, need another drink Baby go and pour up, money hungover So you know I gotta throw up the 'fetti So that they know that I'm ready To get em poppin' and droppin' the party never be stoppin' Cause I be keepin' 'em rockin', you all these bitches be choosin' Cause now they see that I'm winning like I'm allergic to losing and I... [Bridge] [Hook x2] [Verse 4 - Yo Gotti:] Gettin' high off the money, nigga yeah I made it Just count a mill, nigga now I'm faded You know I'm unstoppable, I feel like Vegas Shout out to the hood - 'cause that's who raised me Hunnid bands in my pocket boy, that's that kush And shawty wanna fuck she gave me that look Hustler of the year know every rule in the book Pull up in the 'Rari, boy that's all it took That's a white out, it's a night out Putting money on the bar there just to bring the light out I just wanna see your fire-works Fifty bottles, that's slight work I'm in the club, turn up [Hook x2] [Outro:] Nu ah ah ah ah ah umb Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah umb Let's drink until you go nu ah ah ah ah umb Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah umb Drink until you go nu ah ah ah ah umb Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah umb Let's drink until you go nu ah ah ah ah umb Smoke until you go du ah ah ah ah umb

Ms. Martin

BIG PUNISHER "Yeeeah Baby"
(feat. Remi Martin) [Intro: Big Pun] Yeah, sometimes you gotta fool em Sometimes you gotta send a woman to do a man's job, nawmean In this case, my girl hit like a grown motherfucking man Y'all niggas better lay low Catch you in a hurtin, nawmean Blow your balls off nigga [HOOK: Big Pun] Where my girl at Quick to bust the mack, better believe that She always got my back, nigga twirl that About to blaze a sack, where the weed at She don't know how to act, cuz that's my girl black With that monster rap, better believe that You know the Bronx is back, she represent that Cuz Terror Squad got her back, some say heed that My niggas love to scrap [Verse 1: Remi Martin] I inhale the deepest, cock back and bust rhymes at your speakers I'm troubled, shoot out the air bubbles in your sneakers The type to cop a Range along with all the features Then take the back streets to avoid the leeches A pregnant bitch talk shit, I'ma destroy her fetus Her dead baby popped this pussy, and his boys can't beat us Straight strong armin, bombarding, and bogarding Remi don't write her own rhymes, nigga, I beg your pardon It's Ms. Martin I done broke night in the studio writin While fraud broads don't get no publishin, still be bitin They kill me lyin, like they the ones doin the scribin When you can hear the ghostwriter, all up in they rhymin I flows like water, got this drizzle with little C Catch me with Pun eatin skittles in the middle of Little Italy Y'all don't know diddly, I spit hot, and drop shit Every time I kick a rhyme, Pun I burn my lip Take another pull, bust another shot, y'all can't stop me Come through in a jail suit, and the new Beef 'n' Broccolis Doin it, If I'm havin a good time and you ruin it I seen a nice casket that'll look good with you in it New improved shit, the year start with a 2 shit Next millenium, sell a million, clue shit Exclusive, to tell the truth, y'all useless Cuz I'm a dime that could rhyme you still on the deuce list [HOOK] [Verse 2:] Remi Martin, dash, reminisce, slash Remi, cash like a check in a stash Me without rhymes is like a flynt with no flash Stripper with no ass, car with no gas Tryin to go fast, I love to hear the guns go blast (Blau, blau, blau, blau) I love the sounds of the shells fallin down Love to smoke weed, stay blowin trees, fuck liquor When shit get thick, I love to hear my bitches raise his clique up You sick, but I'm sicker, plus our guns is bigger If you really wanna kill us, do it nigga, pull the trigga How you figure, you could really come and take what's mine And all I gotta do is send a little letter to Rah He'll send the troops out My brother don't hesitate to pull a tool out And I'm his little sis, so he taught me the same shit Quick to flip, but your name should be prickless Cuz every time you open your mouth, you suckin my dick Talkin shit, as if you a soldier nigga When you a no cash, low class, doja nigga Y'all rock rocks, we bling bling boulders nigga Look over your shoulder I'm in the Rover, it's over nigga Inhale, cock back and bust, just because I know none of y'all busters is touchin us I got the thoroughest thugs and, baby reminisces That don't give a fuck, with a aim that never misses Hugs and kisses never, just slugs and stiches Thugs and bitches forever, check the mugshot pictures Fuck the weather, I still got my tan Timbs on Just copped the pink mink, and winter been gone I been on this thug shit y'all can't seem to fuck wit My shit is hot dogs, to top it off, still spittin mustard No fair, cuz I don't care I go to war wit a musket Just give me some oreos, a jar of dro and two dutches Cuz Pun be the nicest motherfucker on the market Now he got the nicest bitch, what, Remi Martin [HOOK]


LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
[talking] I know, I know, Weezy Wee, this dedicated to my father Damn nigga, y'all excuse the expressions What it be like up there baby boy, ay this here ya son hollerin at ya I miss the shit out ya, it's hard to be without ya But I know you watchin, peepin down on how I'm livin Ay, tell Jesus I said thanks for the blessings he sendin Please ask him to forgive me for the sins I commit Just let him know I'm still young and at risk Say, I'll never forget the time that you caught me smokin herb in the house I was dead wrong, I deserved to get out But you just talked it over with my mom and got it situated in due time Told me get the paper instead of high So now I take that advice and shed light over my whole life dog I wanted to be just like you my whole life dog I can't believe them niggas stole ya, that shit's pain to me But don't trip, I hold you down, you still remain through me And dog I know I can't see you but I bet that you smilin And I'm a make you even happier, I promise [Chorus 2x] I know you can't be close to my nigga, I know But I know you watchin over me nigga, I know But the shit's steady hurtin, burn deep But it's alright dog, everything gon' be alright dog I know you see my daughter growin up and bad as ever But she cool 'cause she do whatever daddy tell her And your wife, she's still the most wonderful woman I just built her a new house, she ain't runnin from nothin B and Slim, them niggas still love me like they own child Ms. Rose nerves get bad, but still she gon' smile And me I'm on some 'squash it' and some debate it But I know they love it way more than they hate it And I know you probably laughin at the way I treat these hoes and these bitches I try love 'em, my BM be trippin But Rabbit, you know one thing, I got the game from you, every perspective That's why I keep the gun at close connection for protection And you see I left school behind and chose CMB It was impossible on the road every week, but I know enough And I follow by everything you ever told me, think wisely Watch over me my nigga, just guide me [Chorus] I swear to you man, at some times I really wish I was with you 'Cause I get fed up with this life and I miss you Somebody pass me a tissue, and let me wipe the tears from my eyes Yeah, nigga I cried, it's 'cause I loved you dog I promise I won't ever put nothin above you dog So I live my life in dedication of you dog I know you see me happy on the outside and hurt within Make me wanna grab that gun and burst again But I know they got a reason why I'm here And I know they got a reason why you gone And therefore, I'm succeedin on my own But you ain't never left me, nigga, you still dwell in my heart I can't forget you kept it real from the start And until my last breath I exhale, I'm a keep you with me And when we do meet again, I'm a keep you with me And tell them niggas Pac, B.I.G. and Pun I said 'thay's my peoples' Watch over me nigga 'til I see you [Chorus 1 1/2x] [Wayne talking to fade]

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