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AIR SUPPLY lyrics - Across The Concrete Sky

Shadow Of The Sun

Original and similar lyrics
Across the concrete sky come walk with me Something we need to know Something we need to see Is it love, yes its love Only love that is growing inside me If it's love, yes it's love Only love, is the pillar of plenty You, you make me feel, this is all I need And it's all so real You help me understand, where I want to be When I touch your hand I can see to the shadow of the sun We can be in the shadow of the sun Untie the sails, the shore will melt away Without a trace, I hear the raven say When it's love, this is love, when it's love That we must know we must enter This is love, this is love, only love When the dove is descended You are the winding stream going to somewhere That we' ve never seen You, are the dare to dream and the silent scream And the final prayer I can see to the shadow of the sun We can be in the shadow of the sun Reach out for the shadow of the sun Cry out for the shadow of the sun You are the colors of the wind Singing hopes, eternal spring In a symphony for every lonely year You are the keeper of the key And the one that longs to be The light for each and every frozen tear

Or So It Seems

Jackie Lomax
Fly high above the clouds On the wings of a dream I hear your whisper loud Or so it seems Down in the shadow land Where the sun never beams I touch your slender hand Or so it seems It seems as though the world is such a place Where we will have to treasure every trace of grace we find Behind the walls below the ceiling And it's all inclined to give me such a bad, bad feeling Run through the meadow land Through the fast-flowing streams I feel you near at hand Or so it seems


Caroline's Spine "Huge"
We're caught inside I feel around you. There's no more light to pelt and melt the window and I'll never drop the anchor if you'll never stop the rain. She descends her soldiers to try and win me over I feel the sin of feet washing frosted wind and we'll never have to feel anything else again. For once in the scene can dream all the flowers in bloom. This garden will stay here and hold me for sister moon. Higher we fly to her worship the crying monsoon don't let it end my sin is just the beginning. I need you here to help me ...and we'll never have to feel anyone else again.

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