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Agresión lyrics

It's Not My Town

Original and similar lyrics
The one who calls me insane, me pregunto quién? ‘Cause no one around knows in fact my name Quien sabe quien soy, back in town Is waiting for the moment just to bring me down Check the body no found bullets around Who cries now, would you open your mouth La gente adia without sense like a fobia If is not your business stay back I told you Who can really feel respect for your words I don't think I should stay anymore Town it's not my blood, it's not my town Don't tell me shit in front of muerte For sure in future you won't have that suerte Esta vez no convengo que siempre te creas The god of the hood Who decides who really scare us Damn aggression, bad presagio Come when it's time just to see the epitafio Keep the distance sigue tu camino have respect For the kinds and for me que soy latino And those who call me insane Don't even know my name And those who call me insane Don't even play my game 7 es tu número de suerte habrá 6 muertos y 1 sabreviviente Es mi trato nato only for the navato I'll give him respect no more licor barato I've head million versions of the same reflection I'm looking around and faking is prevention A gift of what I have in mind Aggression has begum and you loose your time How can really feel respect for your words I don't think I should stay more


311 "Grassroots"
I'm takin' to the bridge and there's a different country I'm bringing with me the people I know deep down are funky Oh yeah we dap we got the juice it's on tap Never take the itme to rewind all the weak crap Here take it it's yours the gift is calling The sunshine be falling our way first every morning I'ma magician you see I'm christened with condition Held over from a future would I've come to you so listen There's a place out in deep space Where all the brothers chant and dance and rant And shave their heads like Buddha I'm a fly guy you know I'm smoother Of course no remorese is felt for all those loser crews I do not care what you do, I always screw up But when I do it's nothing like you, I wish you grew up You're saying anything like promist to get clean Won't kick half dead fucked up in the head Just get him out of here he's making me sick We push a sucker out With much force and much clout Didn't want to do it Thats not what were about But we got to have a limit How low can you get it Seems about time to Change the subject And sing about the wise eyed That makes me feel Good and never do I leave misunderstood Damn you know I feel good true I got a choice of what I'm gonna do It's like this that Swingin on my bat Mix a melody with some back chat Tell 'em again Dam I know you feel good too You got a choice of what you're gonna do it's like this that Nippin' on a cat Mix a melody with some back chat I'm rollin' slow no particular place to go so nothings changed The more things stay the same the more it doesn't matter To a latte day St. Bernard acting hard But I throw down like a crazy retard But what cold make a man Wanna walk around the school yard with his tool hard What could make the switch to call a woman a bitch It probably downed when you couldn't get a date to the prom And you were stuck with Beavis Let's leave us on a note of positivity I'm saying this for levity But if I leave it brief I call it brevity I said I see the people rocking Which means there's no stopping the flow And you can just tell 'em that you know Every night yeah we turning up And comin' off live Like and final 311 battle breakin idols On the one you never heard before You know the hardcore rockin Pumping the dance floor Leave ya feet sore lookin for your Micatin Cecause the mic is deadly int he mood we in Certified not fakin coool like a Jamaican Every time the enemy hear us they will be shakin'

Last Dayz

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
[Intro:] Yeah Close your eyes, fly with me Spark your lye, get high with me Raise your glass with me Come inside see Come on, come on Close your eyes, let fly with me Light your lye, get high with me Raise your glasses [Verse 1: AZ] Yo, blesses to the young ones trapped in the world Never hate the next man that be tappin your girl It's just a hype, shoot anythings a man vision thru life Help me to understand the chosen ones livin thru Christ Blinded time from so many signs shown from greed Tryin to calculate all the funds I blown from weed Started out just a young shorty, wakin the rules Turnin out to be the wise, educatin the fools So many lost in these last days, closed curtains Tryin to change from my past ways, I'm soul searchin Diggin deep, tryin to feel within, it's real ill Takin time just to chill with friends we still bill Always told when I kick it with moms, to stay strong Watch out for them bitches that's wicked, they play wrong Keep your game strong, maintain yourself and live Star bless the kids, soon sometin gotta give [Chorus: Monifa] The last days, are comin Towards you, it's time to build I need a time that's real The last days, are comin Towards you, it's time to build AZ turnin the deal [Verse 2: AZ] You got to know when your end is near, I been there Seen years disappear in thin air, nobody wins here Swore on the population, we fightin blind For sure, we need to stop the hatin, enlightin minds Many die from a tragic death, in cold blood Behoggin niggas lost or lack respect, show love Sometime I wonder, was we ever free? High officials they move so cleverly, don't ever sleep Got my mind on the proverbs, ecclesiastics These Bible words, so absurb, I read em backwards They open doors, gave me a cause to stay swift And reward, it gave me the sword to stay rich Understandin is the best part, besides that I fell-a off to a fresh start, no time to sidetrack So much more still to come, it seems strange I was much more iller young, but things change Tryin to grow old, so many sights to see Told it never fold, just more righteously, you know? [Chorus] [Verse 3: AZ] I never knew any Bloods and Crips, but they exist In New York, it's just thugs and clicks, we offer tips Makin moves, tryin to stay afloat, it get deep In these streets, you either stay or walk, or get beat So strategise like the wise king, respect due Brothers get high and let they mind scheme, I got Tek cool In this world where so many stress, understand ain't nuttin left but the thoughts of death, we're sons of man So off track it's a shame to see, it's open season Got police movin dangerously, for no reason Hopin soon we can all adapt, get wise It build lies, it was all a trap, in disguise Assassinated by my own kind, so why ask Because blacks to have a closed mind, deal with facts Keep your eyes open, never rock yourself to sleep Love to the East, let the dead rest in peace [Chorus x2] [Outro: Monifa] We gotta do, what we gotta do Brothers, sisters, you gotta wake up, you gotta wake up Ain't nothin gonna come from this We gotta make it right now, we gotta make it right now, now Oooohoho, think about them babies Yeah, think about the babies Ooooohh, what kind of.......

Old Admirals

AL STEWART "Past, Present & Future"
I can well recall the first time I ever put to sea, It was on the old "Calcutta" in eighteen fifty-three. I was just a lad of fourteen years, a midshipman to be To make my way in sailing ships of the Royal Navy. By the time that I was twenty-one I'd sailed the world around, Weathered storms in the China seas with the hatches battened down, And made my way by starlight off the coast of Newfoundland And dined on beer and herrings while the waves blew all around. I live in retirement now and through my window comes the sound Of seagulls and sets my mind remembering. The evening stars like memories sail far beyond the distant trees Way out across the open seas I hear them sing. Oh, the wooden ships they turned to iron and the iron ships to steel And shed their sails like autumn leaves with the turning of the wheel And I was given Captain's rank, and soon took under me the proudest ship that ever sailed for Queen and country. Ah, the old queen she passed away with the newborn century And I received my calling up to the admiralty. The sands ran through the hourglass each day more rapidly As we watched the growing of the fleets of High Germany. So at last the Great War blazed I waited with the passing days a call to arms that never came, writing letters. "I may be old now in your eyes, but all my years have made me wise, You don't see where the danger lies, oh call me back, call me back..." But the war, it ran its course they could find no use for me And I live in the country now, grandchildren on my knee And sometimes think in all this world the saddest thing to be Old admirals who feel the wind and never put to sea. Now just like you, I've sailed my dreams like ships across the sea And some of them they've come on rocks and some faced mutiny And when they're sunken one by one I'll join that company - Old admirals who feel the wind, and never put to sea.

Momma Said

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
[Hook] Here we are, all alone Who gives a fuck about what they say I'm sure I've heard much worse People need to worry about them first People need to learn to mind their business instead of mine Here we are, all alone Who gives a fuck about their dismay But still I'm face to face With the one person I can't replace One person I can't just tell I'm doing fine What up Ma Been a while Lot of catching up to do Know you got a ear full I'm listening [Verse] Momma said she loves me, said she cares Said if I need her, she'll always be there But even her saying that struck me as weird Why did she feel those words I needed to hear? Said she understands me, that was rare Cause no one understands me, not even my peers And these just thoughts I never bother to share So as I write, my eyes start to tear I ain't tell her I'm tired, but still trooping Alone, but I find myself regrouping Ain't say my brain now feel like a prison Figured I'd shut the fuck up and listen She continued, that was honorable Said said I get more and more irresponsible For normal folks, she said that's a challenge Luckily I mask mine behind talent She said "you are no longer yourself" "I don't know what to expect of you" Said I'm putting up with things I normally wouldn't She don't know why it's acceptable She said "people living in your house" "Don't pay shit, not respectable" I told her, they're folk I think highly of She said "well they must think less of you" "Must feel entitled, all you doing" I said I'll fix it, she said no you won't Then I got defensive, but still replied I told her I need them, she said "no you don't" Then she said, "when's the last time you spoke to your father?" I said he's self-centered, why bother? Cause he only really call about his needs And I ain't got enough time to deal with his greed Cause my days are darker Cut from a long shank but the blade is sharper I'm making my not-so-vague departure Tell pop I'm his son, not his spades partner Last time that we spoke He wanted to use the crib, throw a party here Which wasn't partly fair My home need to feel like home Even if I throw a party here Then he catch an attitude And I catch one right back at you We adore each other, but ignore each other Think this is how the fuck I wanna act with you? Things just ain't the same But he sure will call about a Yankee game Like call C.C. and get back to me What's ill is he say it so casually I love him so much he can have all the perks Hurts so much, I take all the Percs Hurts so much but fuck it, it works Hurts so much that I can't sleep Mom say I need to sleep more Then again, she ain't on this stress level So many people rely on me I'm trying to get us all to the next level Wait, told her I took baby girl to the doctor It was only for a check up though And she gave me the face like "Now would be time if there's anything I feel I need to let her know" But, that's just mom again, just being a mom again Looked down at the tat on my arm again God please give me the strength, keep calm again She asked me if Kaylin was pregnant I looked at her like she was crazy Cause that's my baby, what's wrong with a baby? She said "nothing at all when you're not dating a baby" "Beautiful girl, I like everything about her thus far" "I just don't wanna see you fall" "Just a tad bit young, so she got some growing up to do" And I replied don't we all Momma said "why can't you ever be alone" I said what do you mean? Went to correct her, she did it herself She said "at least that's how it seems" Pop ain't called, he's still mad Still pissed, he's still angry I'm still going, no plan of slowing No way I'll ever let his immaturity taint me Momma said that Tahiry called That ain't shock me, they speak a lot She's helpful.....


BETH HART "Screamin' For My Supper"
So suddenly it rolls by again Soft as a breeze light as the wind don't say good-bye don't dry these tears if I could fly we'd fly away from here So don't let go just come along now Just say so It won't be long now It's all right this ain't no lie It's right on time Petals of rose I touch your hair Heaven knows I love you here Beautiful smile covets the time I feel so fine I feel so fine On my way Come along Stay When I was young just a little girl I'd sing to the sun dream with the world Now I got a suitcase full of memories If I could show you maybe you'd stay with me So don't let go just come along now Just say so It won't be long now It's all right this ain't no lie it's Love Don't Die

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