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Agresión lyrics

Cultura 3

Original and similar lyrics
Our culture has got blurry to the eyes of our sons Your growing has been proven your sickness has been passed on At last... We study with your books, ours never had a chance To be written I want the future of my people in a different light Y la que tu nos das ya no degrade mas I've seen you changing our story I've heard you telling yours I don't believe your words! I don't know what you want to give, We don't want it! I don't know what you want to say, We don't get it! I don't know what you want to sell, We don't buy it! We don't need this! Leave our woods alone We never needed clothes in the goodness of nature Now we've become the poor of your decaying world We do not get your words, who's that you're calling Lord? And now you're killing us with the dirt of your shoes! Our days were finally doomed... As you came to research how we die, and we die....

Celebrate Our Love

A1 "The A List"
Believe in your heart No matter what the people might say. The chance you take could take you to the top. Listen up You know you gotta throw your fear away. Together we can make it Shake it up baby. [Break] [Bridge:] Hear the voices rock the nation A calling to the skies I can see eternity is in your eyes. [Bridge:] Come on everybody there's a party to go to. They're holding out for you! With every chance you take, a change you make. The start of something new. [Chorus:] All around the world they are singing Calling to the beginning. Oh oh oh celebrate our love, People with imagination. Everywhere a celebration. Oh oh oh celebrate our love! Good to be free Living out our own destiny. The best will last forever Never stop. Gotta move You know we gotta groove into the light. Tonight will be the night that we're breaking it up Break it down baby. [Bridge] [Bridge] [Chorus:] Oh oh, oh oh, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na. Oh oh, oh oh Celebrate our love. Let the rhythm take control Feel the fire burn within your soul. There's a magic in your eyes Forever we can take the music thru the night. [Repeat Chorus: Till End.]

Sweet Mistakes

Paul Ellis
Pop the cork, a champagne glass Raise to the future, drink to the past Thank the Lord for the friends he cast, In the play he wrote for you. And if you love the girl man, light up a torch Blaze a trail to her front porch Kiss her til your lips are scorched Til the rain comes down on you Chorus Bless your sweet mistakes, That crumble you down to your knees. That brought you to this place Changing you by degrees... When change was just what you needed... What you needed... So if you live your life in a three piece suit, In a cocktail dress, or combat boots You pick your path and you walk your truth And the world will come round to you. It's a long strange ride, I can't tell you why But there's a place in your pocket where peace can abide You pull it out, it's a compass, a guide And it will put a little soul on you. Chorus And in this wild blue world There is a soul weavin' fine feelin' girl But you've got to walk in paradise to find a pearl If you only believe, You'll get what you need... what you needed... Conquer your fear and you'll master the game, Life is always and never the same. Use a little faith to light the flame , And I know you'll connect to you. Chorus Pop the cork, a champagne glass Raise to the future, drink to the past Thank the Lord for the friends he cast, In the play he wrote for you

On The Burial Ground

Incubus (Brazil) "Beyond The Unknown"
[Lyrics: Francis, Moyses/ Music: INCUBUS] Die by violence in this world Is nothing strange for us With all those chemicals, wars and destructions We do not know mother nature has in store for us The race for economy makes people forget The lives around this planet As men become more egoist Pretty soon there will be nothing in this world For men to spare [Pre-chorus:] Stupidity, causing pain And sickness To our world Suffer [Chorus:] On the burial ground Is what this planet is all about It's where we are right now We might not have any future to be found On this burial ground We have nowhere to hide Death is laughing at our cries And now we are feeling the effects That the forces of nature has brought The droughts, Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions It's gettin worse than even before We can see the revenge of this planet upon us As we keep hurting the sea The soil and the air Sometimes some catastrophic accidents happen Causting death rate and we wounder from where People are dying in civilization of different lands Because of the drought Occurences of flooding everywhere Killing innocent people and leaving others in despair Abomination because people fear that all these events Happen without any warning killing unexpectedly Men subjugate the forces of nature But we don't know that it's destroying us slowly The animals are becoming extinct Seas and rivers polluted by toxic waste Combustible smoke Factories are creating acid rains That is burning our skins Damaging plantations And soon it will bring us to death Air pollution is disintegrating our atmosphere Allowing the ultra-violet rays to burn the earth And to provoke us fear [Repeat chorus] [Lead] Soon some of the lives on this planet Won't exist anymore Because we won't be able to recreate Some of the beauty thta we had before Nobody seems to care About the future of our children's civilizations We better act now So they won't have a life of torment and frustration [Repeat pre-chorus, chorus] Cursed by men this world has become We are building our own tombs By eliminating our source of life When blindly we continue the destructions There's no future Day by day we are reaching the end of our lives

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