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AGNES lyrics - Stronger

Everybody Knows

Original and similar lyrics
Girl I know you've been deceived that your heart has been mistreated He took your dreams and turned them to stone (yeah) Hate to see you so upset but hey girl don't you forget that I'm here for you, you are not on your own And you can always count on me and the reason is you see I'm never gonna lie, never wanna see you cry - oh sometimes [Chorus:] Everybody knows everybody's soul to soul Everybody knows this sound Crashing to the floor you said Pick the pieces up again I won't let you down Don't you keep busy distressing The fun that you'll be missing is out there it's all waiting for you There's a dream with your name on it so put it in your pocket Jump right to the front of the queue And you can always count on me and then the reason is you see I'm never gonna lie, never wanna see you cry - oh sometimes [Chorus (2x)] Stop the tears you cry I am here for you When waters running dry I'll be there for you Time after time - there's nothing I won't do It's the sound, it's the sound of my love for you [Chorus (2x)]

Cheat On You

Mase "Harlem World"
Yo, yo Yo, if you gonna hit niggas' girl Just expect niggas to hit your girl And that's it 112 help me say [112] [1] - If she got with you when She already had a man Why wouldn't she cheat on you (Why wouldn't she cheat on you) If she got with you when She already had a man Why wouldn't she cheat on you (Why wouldn't she cheat on you) [Mase] Mase, come on If I'm in the streets or I'm in my jeep And I wit my peep, ex know not to speak See it's all good, and it's all sweet All women flirt, all women cheat So I might spend a week down in Virginia Beach Out or in the sheets blaze plenty freaks Be the bad boy everybody wanna meet Practice what I preach, never caught when I cheat If I ain't work late, I say I was wit my peeps And quick to tell a hoe, yo I ain't get the beep And all these girls is quite the same So it ain't your pencil, it's how you write your name [Repeat 1] [Lil' Cease] Ain't nobody hotter than the jam, don dada Been around the world with girls at Ramada Never been the one that chick, lotta scotta, protta And yo when Cease got a girl he gotta Though I love a ghetto girl that keep her doobie fly 39 in my Benz them niggas and super size Girl talk slick but I see through the lies You don't got TV, whatcha mean who am I If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be givin' her pearls If you know that she cheap why you live with the girl Half you cats couldn't live in my world Cuz you couldn't picture another nigga hittin' your girl (what?) [Repeat 1] [Jay-Z] Is it because my game is stronger, name last longer On the brain like a whole eighth but can Chicks stop, mesmerize rub up on they tetas Like push up bras, who you dealin' with ma, he's jigga You know the rawest, ice is flawless baby Nice is lawless, recite for balla's And I fools ya'll fake players every time Cuz you only hit chicks that you think is mine You know how I paid his due, but I'm unfatable Mommy screamin' pappi can I skate wit you They wanna ride wit me, stay fly wit me Wanna help me get rid of my rivalries Wanna be the ebony to my ivory But I'm straight though, thanks ma, I only chase dough We can lay for tonight but in the mornin' I get Shirley Murdock, I hope your door slam lock, I'm gone [Repeat 1] [Mase] Yo, you can't think you gonna be cheatin and the girl ain't gonna cheat Just like you cheat, they could cheat And I just think, you a fool if you think girls don't cheat

All Said And Done

JAMIE FOXX "Best Night Of My Life"
[x2] Saw me, sippin’ on that good drink, puffin’ on that ooh-wee, While we up in V.I.P. Juicy, but she likes my movies, Said she ain’t no groupie, She just wanna (uh) with me. Take my hand and follow me, girl, 'Cause I want you all on me, girl She talking to me straight, I said lets go get naked She think she gon’ get paper (after it's all said and done) [Chorus:] She wanna pop champagne, hot cars and private planes, I said she runnin’ game (after it's all said and done) I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her, (oh) Phantom, I’mma look more handsome, when you see my mansion, And we pull up to my gates. My butler told me you're a hustler, I don’t care that much 'cause I’m addicted to them games. Get your girls and follow me, girl, 'Cause I can take all of three girls. She kissed a girl and liked it. So freaky so excited. They think they gon’ get paper (after its all said and done) [Chorus] They broke me, even took my Rollie, Had to call the police, man this is a dog gon’ shame. Officer said they think they got her, Told me to describe her but I don’t even know her name! Guess you got the drop on me, girl, your homies follow me girl. Right after the ménage, they set me up and robbed me. They about to go get paper (after it’s all said and done) [Chorus] After it's all said and done (yeah, baby) After it's all said and done. It’s just something about you, baby, I can’t seem to get enough. Now, I know you bad for me but Your bad just seems so good. You better than any drug I’ve ever had, You know what? I gotta feeling, This is leading to something, I’m seeing joint bank accounts, You movin’ your clothes into my closet, And matching tattoos! Eh, uh, oh, yeah, oh And now she's runnin’ me, Finding out that she wanna be alone. So she can, so she can, (so she can get it, girl) Her little body is poppin’, And I just wanna get her home So I can, so I can (so I can ...) I’m gonna take you somewhere where nobody knows, Can’t wait to see you comin’ out them clothes, I’m gonna put my hands on you, I’m gonna put my hands on you, I’mma back it up, strap it up and put this thing on you. All said and done, After it's all said and done. All said and done, After it's all said and done. Yeah, eh, oh After it's all said and done.

Love U So

Mase "Harlem World"
[Mase] Yo, now hum all you want to and all the simple hits Move, Cuda love, straight out the tenements Drop the joint with Puff Dad just finished it Would have did more without censorship? Talk to plenty chicks, on to many flicks Love when a girl say they wanna skinny-dip Call room service, tell 'em to send it quick Want gritz, don't forget, put cheetoes in my Chill with the fellas that I came in it with Buy 'em all minks before December hit Player like Mase revoke your membership Cuz this a balla club that come with benefits They'll reminisce when lady used to dis Now everywhere we go all the hoes generous They must think Mase is on the rush limited Dusty denim tip, is still the main chick [1] - Ooh Mase I love you so Never, ever, ever gonna let you go I can't keep my eyes off you Ooh Mase I love you so Never, ever, ever gonna let you go I hope you feel the same way too [Mase] Uh, uh, now ladies say he has this Tendency to B.S.'s for girls who put key scratches On brand new coups or E-classes Jet for ya'll, before I do a federal charge Name incorporated, no problem gettin' cars Whole entourage in the Mount Airy Lodge When you very large, never spend cheddar, you charge Get my daily menage , Halle Berre massage Different color Benz in every garage Who would've thought? '95, earth spinned twice Mase be Billboard's hot merchandise Player like me must deserve this life Every girl a trick kid, if you work her right My click bubble, why you wish me trouble, so aight Bad Boy gonna have to shit you double [Repeat 1] [Mase] Yo, if you never had a man than why try me? Niggas outta town wanna learn my G Understand me, the baller I be Need about three pages and caller ID When I come around, all the waiters get jippo Wanna serve Poppy, him a big tipper Leave the restroom about six strippers Don't watch me, flip up your zipper I'mma good fellow, mellow Though I puff trees my teeth never yellow Hello, in the club jingle like I'm Jello With the kids, big as Tickle Me Elmo Next summer, stretch Hummer for the whole state Anything, buy no cake hold no weight I you ain't really seen Mase in the gold 8 I really think it's time that you relocate [Repeat 1]

Let's Talk About It

Jermaine Dupri "Instructions"
[Intro] I'm gettin' in the groove now, so I'm like, givin it my own shit now Alright, Could the drummer have some, y'all? Could the drummer have some more? Said the drummer ain't had none, in a long time Come on, drummer! *Beat Drops* [Jermaine Dupri (Pharrell Williams)] Uh huh, oh Damn baby, shit How you get all that in them jeans? Nevermind that, you hear this? Its that Star Trak Clipse, (get down!) So So Def [Verse 1 - Terrar of Clipse, (Pharrell Williams)] Question, ask any nigga Rap or a hustler, who rocks is bigger? (The rapper!) Naw, dog, go figure, with the V12, I make that straight killa I flood the block, I hug the glock I have a whole neighborhood that seen a thug to stop (Stop!) Cause I show 'em what Waco see, then hit the district then visit to Jac-o-b I like my diamonds colored, watch it smothered (me too) Show off at the place of jewels, let the white man love it (hahaha) I'm too much, got bitches out for me Bring 'em home, give 'em they choice of balcony She said We can have more fun , I said How can we? Then she brought her girl in and ate her out for me, wow (Wow!) All night sexin', just think, this all came from one question [Chorus - Jermaine Dupri] You got a big ass bell? Lemme see you jingle it baby You got a big ass bell? Lemme see you jingle it baby Wanna talk about cars? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about houses? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about jeweles? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about money? Then talk without it Wanna talk about chicks? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about hits? Lets talk about it Wanna talk about cris? Lets talk about it But when you talk about cash, talk without it [Verse 2 - Jermaine Dupri] (First two lines overlap the last two lines of the chorus) Uh huh, oh Yo, yo Now as the game rotates, and my chrome gets bigger, More and more girls wanna fuck this nigga Its hard for a chick not to stick around When I come through town, layin my dick down They can tell a true playa by the clothes that I wear Game that I spit, and the length of my hair The more I come, the more I cum, get it? What you see now, I been done did it Every girl around, I been done hit it Cars been kited, since I was sixteen And yes, I'm still spendin' that Kris Kross creme Big boy moves, big boy shine, big boy watch tell big boy time (look out) Everybody know I got the recipe, so you know ya'll niggas can't can't with me Matter of fact, I don't even gotta say no more, OH [Chorus - Jermaine Dupri] [Hook - Pharrell Williams (Jermaine Dupri)] Na na, (Oh) na na na na na na (Come on girl) Na na na na na na (Oh) Na na na na na na na (Come on girl) Na na na na na na (oh) Na na na na na na (Come on girl) Na na na na na na (oh, I want you to move your waist for the whistle) Na na na na na na (Come on girl) [Verse 3 - Malice of Clipse] It ain't too many things that exceed my reach Speedboat, glass floor, let you see underneath But nevermind that though, I'm just showing off As I do in the Porshe show with the top lost I ain't change the game hash, you know the name as, Malice in my wrist, like shattered stain glass I generate them Franklin抯 and Grant抯 Each ear look like a halogen lamp I'm high beamin, at the same time leanin', In the butter soft seat that keep a street thug scheming' 'for we compare paper, get your weight up I need more points than that, don't you play with me, Jacob You see me on my back, you see me live I'm every color of the spectrum, like ROY G. BIV Look dog, get a load of how daddy ball Wanna talk about cash? Well I done said it all [Chorus - Jermaine Dupri] [Hook - Pharrell Williams (Jermaine Dupri)] (w/ minor variation) [Chorus - Jermaine Dupri]

15 Minutes

Marc Nelson "Chocolate Mood"
15 Minutes Damn, what time is it? Oh snap I gotta go to work Hold on one minute 1 - All I got is 15 minutes And I wanna get up in it, Ain't got no time to talk Just come and break me off Ain't got no time for love, Just come and give me some Ain't got no time to talk, Just come and break me off It's 7:45 on the dot Guess I'm late for work, but I'm feeling kind of hot I see ya downstairs pouring juice, Flippin' my eggs, but I wanna flip you, Because your, Standing right there in your neglig¨¦e Thinking should I hit it but damn I'm late Maybe a quickie would make my day It'll make my day, it'll make my day, Repeat 1 (2x) I think I wanna hit it again, Call my boss and tell him I won't be in, no I bet he's gonna wanna know why And I just can't tell him no lies, no She's laying right here in her negligee Right now, I don't care just cut my pay You'd do the same if you were in my place, If you were in my place, With that booty up in your face. Repeat 1 (2x) The first two minutes, girl we gonna take our time Break it down, hit ya from behind Next three minutes, ooh we gonna get on the floor Say my name and make me want some more 5,4,3,2,1 Timing on the side, Hurry up, scream it out, let it go girl And when you arrive our time is up, So scream much louder, Repeat 1 till end

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