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Aghora lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Searching through the darkest night Waiting for her lunar signs Darkness grows around my eyes Can I hide my fears? Spirits moving around in circles Tempting me they feed my eyes If I hold on, survival is mine And my spirit will rise. Feeling the presence Is it the one I want to feel? Can I handle the powers that grow? Moving closer inside my mind Chanting hymns they hypnotize Why can't I resist this charm? Why can't I be free? Feeling the presence Is it the one I want to feel? Can I handle the powers that grow? Now my fears are gone Life has burned the sign in me Immortality has begun Awakening the god in me.


Tarsha Vega "Diamonds and Monsters"
This is for the class of 2001 New York to London be like under the gun U learn the dic-tion Respect ta Big Pun But ya teachers leave ya up the creek like u was Dawson Now I remember four Septembers in the boogiedown But shit remain the same in like any town Each semester every test I wonder when would it end And no I'd never go thru it again Time don't change the way I feel Doesn't mean that I been holdin' back the years (and) Time's got so much to reveal No time to wonder Why we crumble in our fears I useta hate teachers callin' my name in attendance Academic menaces mental anesthetics for credits I'd be sleepin' in the back of the class when the bullshit we'd be learnin' wasn't comin' too fast There wuz always one teacher who was peepin' the flesh Eyes be all up on my chest Yo keep yo eyes on my test That's ill yo - I call u Mr. (grubby grubby) (acappella) Rock the toupee that's called the ruggy ruggy Time don't change the way I feel Doesn't mean that I been holdin' back the years and Time's got so much to reveal No time to wonder Why we crumble in our fears In my locker had pictures of my cousins my moms Didn't know nuthin' bout computers Now I gots my dot.coms In a bizness where the rats've got control of the race I keeps my eyes on my papes I useta never use the breaks Like autographs up in the yearbook w/ the old cliches - hey yo Keep in touch this summer Yo the call never came ya things'll be the same' C'mon they never be the same Now we all up in the highway goin' separate ways (bridge) And if my train falls off the track Tarsha Vega spring forward yo I don't fall back Original not wack watch me jet to Mars Put me shuttle to the medal when I chill with the stars Hey kids u best ta learn to make the most of yo trip Next you're workin' for the man Me I'm workin' for hits yo the years'll go by So make the most of yo days Like Ben Folds say 'I'm thinkin' a lot today!' Time don't change the way I feel Doesn't mean that I been holdin' back the years and Time's got so much to reveal No time to wonder Why we crumble in our fears

To The Melody

MICK JENKINS "The Mickstape..."
But now love is so much better And Lord knows if my words don't come together Just listen to the melody Cause my love is in there [Hook:] Just listen to the melody [x3] Baby A nigga feel like going in Feel like letting out the bullshit I've been holding in Music, school and money, on what should I be focusing The jeopardy of choosing the wrong door and opening Fuck it, take the music for a thousand, Alex I'm tryna dress it right, I'm talking thousand island I'm aiming for the pocket, I'm like a thousand linemen I'm in the barbershop searching for the silver lining Can someone tell me how much good will really come from this? Is all that company gonna leave a nigga comfortless? See Drake be talking bout it, how he let it come to this? And if it's true then I don't know how he's functioning But I'm thinking that's the only part you fear about it Cause you can see my eyes gleaming when I hear about it And everybody wanna flow when the boat ride But it's like they all forget they got a fear of drowning [Hook x3] Lord knows they ain't never really had a chance I'm just a killer that ain't never really got a plan I just murder, whatever I do, murder nigga I could have the white moving quicker than an avalanche But I've never seen the purpose in moving a pound When I can get the same paper from moving a noun They tell me stop it, I'm laughing, they saying stop it Bad bitches laugh this is just one big room full of clowns I'm looking round like maybe I shouldn't be here Fuck it I'll just stay and I'll have me a little feast here And for dessert can somebody bring me a chocolate eclair Those are one of my favorites, I'm eating until I make it Lord knows I've been grinding too hard this year Niggas gassed like I'm driving two cars in here And even if they don't feel it, they felt the need to lie So I'm thinking they thinking I'm going far this year Trying to eat, fucking starving artist here [Hook x3]

The Rain

MONTELL JORDAN "Montell Jordan"
[Intro] Listen Shh.. You hear that? Can you hear that? Listen Ohh, ohh, ohh Lying in my bedroom next to me Nervous like a child playing hide and seek I never knew how fast that your heart could beat It's like it's your first time But now that your intentions have been revealed You wanna feel what lovers feel There's no need to pretend if you don't know how I'm gonna show you now 1 - Just say what you're feeling Your secret is safe with me Tell me your deepest thoughts Whisper your fantasies My love will never stop I'll kiss you as every drop Of the rain drops down No, you're not dreaming This is reality More than you bargained for All that you'll ever need Everytime you come It's like heaven opens up And the rain comes down First you'll feel all warm and tingly Right before your legs start trembling And you explode, from your head to your toes You're feeling something that you never felt before Together we'll experience the warmth inside Until the very moment that we both arrive You'll scream, shake and cry Feeling so remarkable, it's hard to describe Repeat 1 Yeah, yeah, yeah Making love in the rain Losing ourselves in the storm again Goin' everywhere This is the closest that we'll ever come to heaven Ahh No you're not dreaming Don't be afraid This is the way we're gonna stay No you're not dreaming I'll keep your secret from yourself inside the living (?) Repeat 1 w/ad-libs to fade


In my dreams I can fly far away From the fucking reality of life It's the fool of my own faith I belive in gun and knife I walk around the semetary Looking for a wiktim of my obsession And cold lustre in my brutal eyes At once betrays my maniacal passion Your fire Burns my but I'm not even dying I justify Your screams and now I feel like flyng Now, at last, I see young lonely girl She looks realy great, I think Loninning legs, big eyes are very green And she has too sexy tits Bitcy ass and all her body quick Bone their job and now I'm axcited I an looking to feel her tender skin My old friend Dick is erected Your impotance to pleasent to my You feel inside my obstinate dick Now we're laying in dirty tomb And I defile your virginal womb Your cunt becomes so big hole And I see - you'ra real whore I don't know what I hear Your screams of enjoyment or Shouts of fear You lying under my So temping and sinful You want much more pleasures But you can't be satisfied Cause you dirty whore And you tell me That you tell my That you veneral infected And laughing OH GOD!!! Week later dick swelled up, my jesus And now I three venereal diseases I awake at the morning in sweat That's all - just nightmare, but I'm wet


Hieroglyphics "3rd Eye Vision"
Chorus [Pep Love] I'm about as swift as light and green [Opio] And I'm cold like Sub Zero feel the deep freeze [Both] We the ones that make you feel right You need to open up your eyes and see delight [Opio] I'm at ease when I'm next to my keys Not the narcotic Thee insonic ASR 10 is my symphonic weapon Stepping to these creations is like attempting to scale the Appalachian Mountains It's damn near impossible Without rigid preparation and lots of pull Delight Profound lyrics spit into mics Irresistible to bit on stage The instrumental insights the freestyle Fake MC's bust written raps Pupils dilute Agonizing forgetting raps While I'm shining intensely Reflecting off the Hieroglyphic shield For real Reinventing hip hop [Pep Love] Open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades] You better open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades] [Pep Love] It go, Cancer the crab is my zodiac sign F.L. is the crew, I'ma let my light shine We multi-faceted, feel good pharmacist at this Now listen to the lyricist cease In the system, we can leave'em deceased If not stressed cause they sucidial I ingest the mic Just a test of sound If I impressed, see delight on my face In the place of mess First Light The recipe for Saucee, serves you right You can ask Martini and Rossi You don't wanna grapple with that bullshit I'll pull a rabbit out my hat if I wanted trick [Pep Love] Open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades] You better open up your eyes and see delight [delight fades] [Opio] What are you doing? You're confused like a hermaphrodite Rapping like this one or that one won't get you capped at night Or shanked in the morning sun At the venue If you continue to disregard these warnings [Pep Love] Running into some problems Mic to mic, you must recessitate Life in your mental state Trife when we infiltrate Tonight the light is felt [Opio] Like encountering an asteroid belt You get pelted, welted up Face is green like a Celtic or Wimbly stadium Center court No back support You just a gelatin skeleton Lyric like a elephant tranquilizer Impeding your development [Pep Love] I'm running 'em up, dumb fucks And gunning 'em up They all struck by the light like deer Game for the hunter, predator Ready to taste blood So blaze up a blunt and pass that shit here [Opio] Yeah, they need light like photosynthesis Biting sentences Witness to thee inventiveness That you can't resist Painful like a pistol whipping [Pep Love] Niggas is tripping they get dissed I mind my business which is this Ripping microphones Scratching suckers off my list With speed A level that you can't exceed I give the people what they want You need to take heed Chorus [Opio] You know Uhhhh!!! First Light

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