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Aghora lyrics

Immortal Bliss

Original and similar lyrics
In my eyes I see my life go by Teaching me the answers to live Kneeling down I pray and pour myself to Him Endlessly I pray Questioning, questioning my place in this state Conscious bliss is near In my silence I leave my mind behind Flying through skies of new worlds deep inside Breaking through chains or karmic ties I've made Feeling His grace I am blessed by His flame. Now I've learned I've realized the truth about myself It isn't who you are It is what you do It isn't what you do It is who you are In my silence I leave my mind behind Feeling His grace I am blessed by His flame.


JAY-Z "American Gangster"
[Beyonce talking] Delivery me from my enemies oh god Defend me from those that rise up against me Deliver me from the work of inequities the savior from the blood of me [Jay-Z - Verse one] look, mind state of a gangster from the 40's meet the vicious mind of Motown's Berry Gordy turn crack rocks into a chain of 40/40's sorry my jewelery so gordy slid into the party with my new pair of Maury's America meet the gangsta Shawn Corey hey young world wanna hear a story? close your eyes and you could pretend your me a cut from the cloth of the Kennedy's Frank Sinatra having dinner with the Genovese this is the genesis of a nemesis mother America's not witnessing the Harlem renaissance birthed black businesses this is the tale of lost innocences as the incents burn and the turn tables turn and that Al Greens plays i see my mother's afro as momma taps her toes as she rolls her jays and my poppa just left the house, in search of the killer of my Uncle Ray and she's trying to calm my nerves, as i observe this is just one day and what tomorrow has in store we could never be sure so all we can do is Pray [Beyonce Talking] Because of your strength while i walked upon the for god is my defense [Jay-Z] as i head towards my home room I observe the rooms though needles on the ground I hear a car go vrooom drug dealer in the BM with the top down as the girls start to giggle I ask why you laugh they say "you too little" one day you'll understand when you become a man 'bout things you have to get you fast forward freeze frame on my pistol fist full of dollars ignorance is so blissful I didn't choose this life this life chose me around here is the shit that you just do I just left school, the same BM is pulled over by the boys dressed blue they had they guns drawn screaming just move unless there something else you suggest we can do he made his way to the trunk, opened it like a huh a treasure chest was removed cops said he'll be back next month what we call corrupt he called paying dues now when the rules is blurred as they hears a what am I to do but pray, pray the lord forgive me pray guys goodbye for what I'm about go through Pray [Beyonce Talking] Delivery me in thy righteousness it cause me to escape and climb thy air until i am Save me lord [Jay-Z] anyway there's oppression the drug profession flourishes like beverages refreshing sweet taste of sin everything I've seen made me everything I am bad drug dealer or I victim I beg what came first moving chickens or the egg this is why I be so fresh I'm trying to beat life because I can't cheat death the truth is the shamelessness ain't stainless is that aim this is you know who's game this is move coke like Pepsi it don't matter what the brand name is I stand behind mine everything I do I'm a man behind mine I'm not a angel I'm sure but every night before I lay I drop my knees to the floor and I pray [Beyonce Talking] The name shall endure forever The name shall continue as long as the sun will Men shall be blessed in him All nations shall call him blessed In your name I pray For you blessings

Something's Wrong

JAMES TAYLOR "James Taylor"
Something's wrong, that restless feeling's been preying on your mind Road maps in a well cracked ceiling the signs aren't hard to find Now I'm not saying that you've been mistreated No one's hurt you - nothing's wrong A moment's rest was all you needed So pack your things and kindly move along Like dust in the wind you're gone forever You're wind-blown leaves you're a change in the weather Just a town like any other a second brand new start A third or fourth hand wife or lover no, you won't break her heart Take some bacon go on and leave your watch chain She won't count on nothing more Wrap your hands around that small change and tiptoe barefoot out the door Yes, something's wrong that restless feeling's been preying on my mind When things get bad I'm bound to pack my bags and just Leave them all behind

Snapshot Memories

JUST JACK "The Outer Marker"
[Part I] Well I'm a secret lemonade drinker a free thinker I stay focused but not blinkered And these snapshot memories in my mind Legacies from another time And I find That as the days pass the colours fade But the images remain [Part II] Grazed knees, page three's BMX, Atari's Dayglo, Velcro Yoyo's, Beano's Hip hop, don't stop Starwars figures, football stickers Cola bottles, Jerry Cottles Fat laces, dirty faces Kiss chases, Wacky Races Herbie Hancock, Kurtis Blow Roxanne Shanté, UFO Hip hop Don't stop [Part III] Everything's in slow motion Hands in the air Sweat flying everywhere But we don't care Well you could try to fight the feeling But I can't see the use There's so much love in this room And yes its all drug induced Can't remember who I am Or what I'm doing here But at the same time In my mind Everything is clear No fear and no drama It's all good karma And I never can forget The night before the morning after [CHORUS] Sun up to sun down Come up to come down Just waiting for Friday to come around Sun rise to sun set How high can we get Monday morning and none of us have slept yet Well there's more to life than this Of that I'm fully aware But there's nothing more intense Than crazy nights we shared We got bass for the body Chemicals for the head Every day lives Were like a skin we shed Well you could try to fight the feeling But I can't see the use There's so much love in this room Of that we're living proof You could try to fight the feeling But I can't see the use It's a shame that in the end It was all drug induced [CHORUS x2] [Part IV] Even as I watch you All the rest seems to disappear You pull me in with your tractor beams And wrap me up in your wicked schemes My Sunday morning eyes observe Your Cadbury's skin uncurve And in tronic patterned Venetian light You moonwalk to the bathroom Well you move across my space without friction You're so unbelievable you must be fiction Or perhaps a premonition But as I listen I hear your footfall softly And all my troubles fall away from me So easily But so slowly [Part V] All these memories in my mind I'm still a secret lemonade drinker

Out Of My Mind

DURAN DURAN "Medazzaland"
Light a candle lay flowers at the door for those you left behind and the one's who've gone before Here it comes now sure as silence follows rain The taste of you upon my lips the fingers in my brain And be gentle as it kills me where I lay who am I to resist Who are you to fail Got to get you out of my mind but I can't escape from the feeling As I try to leave the memory behind without you what's left to believe in It could be so sorry for the way it had to go But now I feel your presense in a way I could not know And I wonder do you ever feel the same In whispering darkness do you ever hear my name Got to get you out of my mind but I can't escape from the feeling As I try to leave the memory behind without you what's left to belive in Here in the back of your mind, here in the back of your mind And how could you dare to become so close so real when you're just a ghost of me And I've got to get you out of my mind but I can't escape from the feeling As I try to leave the memory behind without you what's left to believe in Here in the back of your mind, deep in the back of your mind Here in the back of your mind, deep in the back of your mind Deep in the back of your mind

Next To Me

Roy Harper
I lost the only reason that I ever had I did it crazy by myself I've always been that mad I needed someone by me To share the madness with To help me through the growing pain See me through the myth I thought I'd found the goddess I never was so sure But she, as fickle as the wind On the springtime heather moor Cavorted on her whim of change And with her laughter loud Cursed my good and howled my wrong And left me in my cloud I lie in awful silence Pierced by passing seconds Every one so long And full of you And why I wake in dreadful hours Frightened by each turning Feeling that quite soon I should give up and die Of you, of you but stay alive To walk the echoing The feeling that it was Or maybe not A wretched lie The silence of the night is pierced By owls and thieves Sudden gusts of wind Rustling my leaves Loud explosions in the still Born thoughts of old Please don't leave your bed for long It's next to me and cold

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