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Agathodaimon lyrics

Ne Cheama Pamintul Earth Summoning Us

Original and similar lyrics
to you I now descend, oh you, deluded souls. and to purge your sorrow, you forlorn spirits, the curse I shall invoke the misanthropic curse, with its sordid, purple claws to carve your forehead, instead of cattlebrand with iron burnt in fire in vain will pride be seethed in veins dried up and scorched in death-swallowed eyeballs, on foreheads purple-hued by putrid blood that died what can I ever chose from your exhausted entity no fires free from dying, no undeceiving right oh, you dead men walking see, how urns now burst, the ashes resurrect alike the past, which murmurs with the battle-cry of the roman empire see the far-off shadows, they dress in steely armour and raise their noble foreheads that gone grey great traian and great cesar the rotten thrones are crumbling swept by tempests waters the rulers iron scepters, the heavy chain of slaves together are now crushed the gates of the inferno outrageously wide-opened engulfing now by thousands the filthy, depraved breaths of tyrants grim who perish oh, holy visionary minds, who set the stars to sing... who create another world on this realms of mud and grime fools and wise, young and old, sound, soul and light all is dust, the world's like this, and so we all are

Tombstone Blues

SHERYL CROW "Live From Central Park"
Tombstone Blues The sweet pretty things are in bed now of course The city fathers they're trying to endorse The reincarnation of Paul Revere's horse But the town has no need to be nervous The ghost of Belle Starr she hands down her wits To Jezebel the nun she violently knits A bald wig for Jack the Ripper who sits At the head of the chamber of commerce [Chorus] Mama's in the fact'ry She ain't got no shoes Daddy's in the alley He's lookin' for the fuse I'm in the streets With the tombstone blues The hysterical bride in the penny arcade Screaming she moans, 'I've just been made' Then sends out for the doctor who pulls down the shade Says, 'My advice is to not let the boys in' Now the medicine man comes and he shuffles inside He walks with a swagger and he says to the bride 'Stop all this weeping, swallow your pride You will not die, it's not poison' Chorus Well, John the Baptist after torturing a thief Looks up at his hero the Commander-in-Chief Saying, 'Tell me great hero, but please make it brief Is there a hole for me to get sick in?' The Commander-in-Chief answers him while chasing a fly Saying, 'Death to all those who would whimper and cry' And dropping a bar bell he points to the sky Saving, 'The sun's not yellow it's chicken' Chorus The king of the Philistines his soldiers to save Put jawbones on their tombstones and flatters their graves Puts the pied pipers in prison and fattens the slaves Then sends them out to the jungle Gypsy Davey with a blowtorch he burns out their camps With his faithful slave Pedro behind him he tramps With a fantastic collection of stamps To win friends and influence his uncle Chorus The geometry of innocence flesh on the bone Causes Galileo's math book to get thrown At Delilah who sits worthlessly alone But the tears on her cheeks are from laughter Now I wish I could give Brother Bill his great thrill I would set him in chains at the top of the hill Then send out for some pillars and Cecil B. DeMille He could die happily ever after Chorus Where Ma Raney and Beethoven once unwrapped their bed roll Tuba players now rehearse around the flagpole And the National Bank at a profit sells road maps for the soul To the old folks home and the college Now I wish I could write you a melody so plain That could hold you dear lady from going insane That could ease you and cool you and cease the pain Of your useless and pointless knowledge Chorus

Legend Of The Liquid Sword

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[Verse 1: GZA] Who won the covenant role, based on a nationwide poll? For the grip tells told and rap scrolls Perfect pitch for language that's built within Where half the rap ink couldn't hold my pen Meanin' When Emcees Came, To Live Out The Name They signed the documents with the, blood of the slain Far removed from this hip hop life off course But the confidence and resilience was never lost In the think tank and research labs I laid tracks Seen work rule my life but it never broke my back Destiny forever shake from the events to come From the (?) and the chemical contents of the sun A solid gold figure with a verse that glitters Until the platinum beat comes increasingly bitter They joined in a likely alliance with the rest Schemin' with unsuccessful in a zealous Quest We all see, with a degree of certainty Who the fake, cowardly cats behind the curtains be, (Yeah, yeah...) They hunt, for the skin, flesh, the blood, and bones In front, want to impress with studdes stones [Chorus: Anthony Allen] Now who's the man who brought you the Legend of the Liquid Sword? Rap critics say Damn you're sick with your's 4th Chamber and the Shadowboxin' too That Nigga be the GZA from Wu And if you odn't know About the piroclastic flow Hotter than the spark that made it blow You better recognize, recognize.... [Verse Two: GZA] Why U-N-I-verse run like clock works forever? Words pulled together, sudden change in the weather The nature and the scale of events don't make sense A story with no warnin' you're drawn in, environments Gravity that's gone mad, clouds of dust and debree Moving at colossal speeds, they crush an emcee Since this rap region is heavily packed with stars Internal mirror in the telescope, noticed the Czar From far away, they blink as the lightnin' strolled Great distance of space between precise globes That travel in a circle of order Like the tape in your cassette recorder filled with cult for slaughter (Yeah, yeah...) Meaning the con-tracts manifestly work The hitman for hire, weapon in his hand he lurks Inspite of the strange appearance he laid a clearance on his target through a crowded market No interference The microphone left on the scene without a serial Evidence consistent with organic material (Well) Surprisingly, as we marched lively with great size and degree Till it spread widely [Chorus]


Yea [Lil Wayne:] Ok now shorty had yellow Shorty eyes brown Shorty so go And so is my crown Baby color me red Shorty code red And so is my flag Purple in my bag And shorty hair black And so is that car That I got on my back How could I go Hard from my girl in fact I could take a ball from the world Since the president black I went and bought a black pearls Like damn And she gonna wanna see lil wayne go She just wanna bonnafie lil wayne boe Now or later cause me and her gonna create art together Ohhhh She wanna do it has we do it all night I never blew it hurt my lung I only look nice See the wall black and I dress all white Yeaaa [Jay Rock:] Mama says she love it when I'm color coordinated, So I pull up in a barum coupe with maroon license, And my supes outmaneuver like? Maguiver when it's time to ride, Say she always feeling blue When he telling white lies Rain on her window pain All she see is grey skies Told her hit this purple Maybe this will ease your mind I'm rocking purple lable Check out my shirt design Perfect with her purple kisses Slack track number eight From the tree maybe this is something you ain't neva see Put you in a real world Take you Sippin on pink panties In the stretched limousine They takin of pink panties When we hit the room please Don't confuse me for no murdera like Norman beats But I'm about to kill it Pull out the yellow tape I'm guessing I'm a criminal You caught up in my web Like a brovy clues Hey that is a color never seen boe [K.Dot:] She love it when I'm flamed up Feel the pump Red Lamborghini at the Grand Lux Grammys with the red tux She a red bone Red manicure Red hair 'Think I like her Might wife her in sum red airs Walk her up my red stairs Headed to the red room She gone yell code red once I jump in that room Red diamonds on my wrist, red diamonds on my neck, give yo' ass a blood bath, if you ever disrespect, red lobster, you a small fish walking thru my set, red beam, I'm aiming from the roof of my projects, She know that I'm gangster She read that I'm a prospect Eatin' read beans, shitn' em 'Where the flys at? ' Red in my pupils and that's just from the contact, she wanna blow up I'm a show her where that bomb at... So baby ride with the red flow, her face turned red soon as I said let's go [Lil Wayne:] Yea Ohhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhh Ehhhhhh Hahaha That's right baby I'm gone

That Kills My Heart

A comoran devouring time In great streams rains the joy of mine My blood speaks to You in vein Fare well until we meet again! You knocked onto my fate alighted at my gate My wife that was, my son that is Keep faith onto Your chance I'm glad at heart, make war breed peace piercing thru myself to meet Lend me Your hand that kills my heart Let me to find You still, devil cross Your will You stand pleased with all I say: Hear Your fall! Pardon me, stars, I never felt it until now O sighful thought, drown her broked soul! Your life passed thru so hard I pay it when You part Won't have a serpent-bite Not fighting forth tonight... God, I will set You forth Great glory in my horse I creep in dream-maids ears My weakened voice to hear

Weekend In France, Italy, England, Amsterdam, Greece...

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS "The Chipmunk Adventure"
How I love wooden shoes And white tulips Where the glorious windmills abound [Dave:] "We're not in Holland, Alvin" [Alvin:] "Oh!" And the chime of Big Ben Can be heard around the town Where the guards stand So straight at the palace And the fog is as thick as it gets [Dave:] "We're not in England" [Alvin:] "I knew that" And the leaning tower Even though it is bent [Dave:] "Not Italy" There is nothing as great as Spain [Dave:] "Nope" Or dancing at Oktoberfest [Dave:] "Try again" My heart soars in Amsterdam [Dave:] "Uh uh" And skiing in San Moritz [Dave:] "Wrong" As we ride through the desert on camels The sun beating upon our face [Dave:] "Camels? Do you see any camels, Alvin?!" And the kangaroos are hopping All around the place [Dave:] "Kangaroos?" As the African lions approach us And we barely escape with our lives [Dave:] "Oh, come on!" We crawled over the Great Wall of China And woke up in Budapest To our surprise [Dave:] "Alvin..." There is nothing as great as Nome [Dave:] "Alaska?" Or sailing down the blue Danube [Dave:] "Oh my gosh" The royalty of Monaco [Dave:] "Uh, hold it" We may never go back home [Dave:] "Fellows..." As the snakes sway and dance Out of baskets And the... [Dave:] "Okay, that's it you guys, hold it right there. There's no dancing snakes Or kangaroos or lions approaching. We're in Greece. Home of the Parthenon, the Acropolis, The Eiffel Tower." [Alvin:] "Dave, the Eiffel Tower is in France." [Dave:] "I knew that. You guys have got me all mixed up. London, Switzerland, Where are we?"

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