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AGAINST ME! lyrics - Crime As Forgiven By

I Still Love You Julie

Original and similar lyrics
Last night, A room full, drunk, Sang along to the songs I never had The courage to write. Given the chance I'd stay in this chorus forever, Where everything ugly in this world Is sadly beautiful In our desperate memories. No, we're not Gonna call everyone on their shit tonight, Even though the half of you won't even smile The next time we pass on the street. Maybe somehow This scam will still save us all... Still save us all... Still save us all. Still save us all... (Will save us all.) Still save us all. Then I saw you Dancing at a punk rock show And for a moment We walked the streets that everyone else Had given up to 4 AM, 'Cause promises And spray paint marking Everywhere we went And every direction Only going as far As we let it. There's so many things We try to do truthfully. By the time it's through with us, It all falls apart. Maybe somehow This scam will still save us all. Still save us all... (Will save us all.) Still save us all. Still save us all... (Will save us all.) Still save us all.

Save Room

JOHN LEGEND "Once Again"
[Verse 1] Say that you'll stay a little dont say bye-bye tonight say you'll be mine just a little bit of love is worth a moment of your time. Knockin' on your door just a little it's so cold outside tonight let's get a fire burning oh I know I'll keep it burning bright if your stay, wont you save, save [Chorus] Save room for my love Save room for a moment to be with me Save room for my love Save a little, save a little for me Won't you save a little Save a little for me [Verse 2] This just might hurt a little love hurts sometimes when you do it right dont be afraid of a little bit of pain pleasure is on the other side. Let down your guard just a little i'll keep you safe in these arms of mine hold on to me pretty baby you will see I can be all you need if you stay won't you save, save [Chorus] Oh c'mon, make time to live a little don't let this moment slip by tonight you'll never know what you're missing 'till you try, ill keep you satisfied if you stay won't you save, save [Chorus]

Stay Free

We met when we were in school Never took no shit from no one, we weren't fools The teacher says we're dumb We're only having fun We piss on everyone In the classroom When we got thrown out I left without much fuss An' weekends we'd go dancing Down Streatham on the bus You always made me laugh Got me in bad fights Play me pool all night Smokin' menthol I practised daily in my room You were down The Crown planning your next move Go on a nicking spree Hit the wrong guy Each of you get three Years in Brixton I did my very best to write How was Butlins? Were the screws too tight? When you lot get out We're gonna hit the town We'll burn it fuckin' down To a cinder Cos years have passed and things have changed And I move anyway I wanna go I'll never forget the feeling I got When I heard that you'd got home An' I'll never forget the smile on my face 'Cos I knew where you would be An' if you're in The Crown tonight Have a drink on me But go easy...step lightly...stay free

A Message To The Feds, Sincerely, We The People

NAS "Street's Disciple"
[Verse 1: Nas] I walk the block like whatever god, my message to y'all feds Who desperate to arrest us young, benevolent hardheads Abrochrombie & Finch rockin', wrist glistenin' marksman Hitchcock of Hip-Hop since Big Pop departed The project logic is still salute the dead, glocks spit Pour some juice out for those in Manchester, Viewmount Otisville, Newasberg, Fort Dicks, Fort Worth, Oakdale Every fed jail where all my dawgs lurk War hurts much to gain 'til the day we all say May your pain be champagne then we all blaze away At our enemies, may they die easily Long as they perish forever's what freedom means to me Blowin' greenery, growing eager to see evil things Thrown away, zonin' grey, GT, Diesel jeans Airs and Chucks, solitaires, stones with the rarest cuts On some Pretty Tone shit, haircut looks airbrushed And they're aware of us though And we don't give a flyin' 7-47 fuck though Stayin' on my hus-tle [beat change] [Verse 2: Nas] A message to those who trapped us up, from federal guys who backed them up We never will die, we black and tough, lead in your eye, we strapped to bust Half of us been locked up inside the beast, look at the time we see Brooklyn to Compton streets, Queens, even the Congo needs dreams Our bullets and triggers our enemies pullin' on innocent women and children It wasn't no ghetto killers who mixed up the coke and put guns in our buildings But I'm not gon' cry, and I'm not gon' just stand and watch you die I'ma pass you a .9, I'ma grab your hand -- come on let's ride A message to those who killed the king, who murdered the Christ The same regime, what God has built you never can break What God has loved you never can hate, man makes rules and laws You just a ruthless dog, your kennel is waiting You devils will run back into the caves you came from Whenever that day comes, forty-acres, plantations, see every race won Sincerely yours, Street's Disciple, revelations

The Funniest Thing (Work Of Art)

Tom Verlaine "Flash Light"
(Verlaine) watching you mix up the paint... brush away the questions now... ask another fovor of who ever. you say it's failure not contempt that makes an honest fool of you... l think I'll use a lighter blue... there's a reason for that but I don't want to talk much about it... isn't that the funniest thing. I think about it all the time but I don't want to talk much about it. Ok, Ok, anything you say. striking up another match... put it to the candle there reading them old valentines. Trucks are going in and out of that big garage all night... I wonder why you turned on me as if I was a one way street but I don't want to talk much about it... l think about it some of the time but... playing checkers friday night... all your brother's friends are drunk...opinions they get funny too. I'm thinking of the things you said, looking at the bottles there... 'no deposit, no return'...empty or full, it seems...


SR-71 "Now You See Inside"
I'm one of those things you save forever but never need Like an old newspaper no one has time to read This child has grown into a dead end Since I lost the power to pretend But it's alright, that's who I am inside Not much to say on this non-toxic, ordinary day That's no superhero standing right in front of us So take this pocket full of kryptonite and beat it back to Metropolis There'sonly room for one on this microphone In my finest hour I'm still alone But old news can change, as memories float downstream So don't judge me by my failures, only by my dreams

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