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AFROMAN lyrics - Sell Your Dope

God Has Smiled on Me

Original and similar lyrics
(speaking) yeah i be acting crazy rapping nasty but dont get me wrong i god sense ima thank god on this song this song is dedcated to all the homeboys who almost died but for some strange cowinsadental ironic reason u lived through it homeboy but im here to tell u man its not a cowinsadence and its not ironic gods got a planet purpose for your life man the quarter pasce choris gonna take for me reight a bout now (chicken sound) (chorus) God has (come on) smiled on me he has set me free (like when them bullets just fly past you)OOOOH god has smiled on me and hes been good to me (rapping) before i was a wild juvenille i used to be a mild christian young child i used to seek and seek search and search analyze everybody in my church a 1 2 ive seen a lot of hippocrits religeous fakeres deepen hormungers and oftent talkeres when i turned 13 i thought church was fake i took all i could take so i took a lil brake i went to throught the wurl and bought a jerry curl and some crack to slice so i can do my own thing the street life i didnt understand good so i started gangbanging to proove my man hood yeah have fun baggin the gun the baddest kid on the block was a christian son went to the county jail not once but twice gambling with my life with the dealing dice (chicken sound) (chorus) i got realezed in 94 told my mamma i dont wanna get in trouble no mo' i wanna get a job obtain myself be independed like u and take care of my self i stopped bangin i really quit but not the people i got into it wit back in the day from pompale to LA they got beef wit me homie up untill this day to make a long story short i stepped out the club walked around the corner to the local night club sittin at a table just doin my thang just when i got up close to a rival gang his gang and my gang just got into it i tried to explain i didnt do it i told ya bro scence 94 i been straight man i dont mess around no more (chicken sound) (chorus) u know what he said man he got smart wit me he said call the mortuary order some flowere u quit ur game but we never quit ours he got exited we started fist fightin like mike tyson we was scrathin and biteing a bunch of them started mobing me threw me on the floor and started robbing the stuff they took wasnt nothing major wallet walkman cheap lil pager they took my foodstamps took my knife took me and tried to talke my life (chicken sound) i tried to fight back but my efforts were useless aint know need to make enough excusses amen i was on the ground getting beat down 8 different people kicking me around i thought about all the bad things i did when i ran from god as a little bitty kid no sign no reason no clue no warning no fare nobody cared 2 o clock in the morning heavy licks they was layin on me but at the same time my momma she was prayin 4 me lights from the helicopter filled the air and the police cars came every were i told jesus i dont deserve you let me live and ill serve you god has smiled (chorus) sometimes when im drinking i think about all my close calls ya know what im saying the times i almost got shot the times i was comiting crimes almost got caught by the police man i think abought car accidents that never happend i think about home boys i speak to one day next day they catch 50 60 years mabey even rest in peace u know what im saying but we still alive right? god aint through wit us so lets put it down man stop all this madness go on take care of some situations we need to take care of and to all the homeboys who robbed me im still alive so if yall be so kind go down there and buy my tape man that will make up them food stamps yall took from me right (chicken sound) Amazing Grace how sweet the sound ? I once was lost but now im found was blind but now i see god has smiled on me he has set me free god has smilled on me and hes been good to me amazing grace how sweet the sound ? i once was lost bt now im found was blind but now i see

Doing Dumb Shit

ICE CUBE "Death Certificate"
When I was young I used to hang with the seventh graders Little bad motherfucker playing Space Invaders Fucking with the girls in the fourth grade Either feeling on they butts or pulling on they braids Walking with the schoolhouse bully By doing that, I had a lot of pull, G Cheating on tests, making a mess Cussing like a sailor at recess It must a been a half moon Cause you'll catch me running out the little girls' bathroom Chewing on Good and Plenties Got my gamble on at lunch pitching pennies Yo I was living like the class clown Pulling all the hokes, making all the jokes man When you young it's hard to see That it's wrong throwing rocks at the RTD Popping out your window with a BB gun Better yet knocking on your door and run Playing hide-and-go-get-it for a little stank Even though I was still shooting blanks As soon as the dark hit I was stealing candy out the corner market Until I got my ass whipped Cause I was ten years old, doing dumb shit Thirteen, that's how old I was When my jimmy started getting a little peach fuzz And I was looking at any butt and ass Me and my homies started cutting class Going up to the high school Looking for any bitch I could lie to Tell em I was older than I really was Smoked my first joint and got really buzzed That's what a mack's made of But when I got my first piece of pussy I fell in love Hard as a rock the long way And then I put the rubber on the wrong way But I still gotta have it Overexcited and fucking like a jackrabbit Goddamn I was hot A virgin but I still knew how to lay pipe Even though the hoe worked me I still knocked the boots from here to Albuquerque Then the shit got strange money I started shaking and jimmy felt funny Then the nut came gushing I jumped up got dressed and start pushing Cause I thought the bitch broke my dick Cause I was still young doing dumb shit At 17 got my first Volkswagon And mastered the life-long art of dragging To the women in college Hung out with the OG's and got some street knowledge Breaking in cars and all that Hitting punk fools with a baseball bat Fucking at a real fast rate Til they said that I might not graduate Then I said fuck the dumb shit Cause Pops'll fuck me up quick If things continued So I start rapping about shit I been through And I got real good Now I look at all the kids in the neighborhood Trying to be baby macks Doing shit that I did seven years back Going through a stage But before they can grow up they on the front page And they mommas is having a fit Cause they died young doing dumb shi

The Sauce

EMINEM "The Eminem Show"
[Eminem talkin'] Its all bad now man, its all bad But yal done fucked up now Yeah ha ha, new shit, hey yo I just want the whole world to know: That I did not start this, but I will finish it [Verse] Comin up it never mattered was color you was If you could spit then you could spit, thats it, thats what it was Back when, motherf*ckers was straight back packin Cypherin, fightin for life in this rap for the mic to get past and you psyched and you gasped and you hyped cuz you last and you might whoop some ass If you lost then you lost shake hands like a man and you swallowed it, when the unsigned hype column at The Source was like, the only source of light When the mics used to mean somethin, a four was like you were the ****, now its like the least you get three and a half now just means you a peice of **** four and a half or five, means you Biggie, Jigga, Nas, or Benzino I dont think you even realize you playin with motherf*ckers lives, I dont watched Dre get ****ed on The Chronic, probably cuz I was on it Now you f*cked me outa my mics twice I let it slide I said I wouldnt hold my f*cken breathto get a five Sh*t I was right, Ida f*ckin died already tryin I swear to God I never lie I bet thats why you let that b*tch give me that bullsh*t review I sat and took it, I aint look at the sh*t we knew You'd probly try to f*ck us with Obie and 50 too F*ck a relationship we through No more Source with street cred, them days is dead Dre's got A-Ks to dave mase's head Every issue there's an eight page Made-Mens spread Will somebody please tell whoever braids his head That I am not afraid, hes just a f*ckin waste of lead on my pencil, for me to write some sh*t this simple So listen closely, as I break it down and proceed This old Gs bout to get smoked like raw weed You dont know me or my motherf*ckin mother you motherf*ckin punk Put me on your motherf*ckin cover to sell your little sell out mag I aint mad I feel bad, heres an ad, heres a poster of Ray-Ray and his dad You wanna talk about some sh*t that you dont know about ya Lets talk about how your puttin you own son out there To try to eat off him, cuz you missed your boat Your never gonna float b*tch your just too old No wonder your sore now your bored now Im pushin thirty your kickin fourty's door down B*tch this is war now, and youl never beat me all you do is cheat me out of quatables but you know that youl always see me on your TV Cuz you gotta stay up till three in the mornin To see your video played once on BET So he-he-he who gets the last laugh Aftermath ya so on behalf on our whole staff kiss our ass-hole cracks we'll never fold or hold back Just know that Benzinos wack no matter how many times I say his name, hell never blow jack Your better off tryin to bring R-S-O back Look at your track record thats how far it goes back Its extortion proportion so half of the staff up there is fresh outa jail from boston Bullyin and bossin, caged like a slave they've completely brainwashed him And forced him to stay locked in his own office afraid of the softest fakest, wannabe gangster in New York And its pitiful, cuz I never woulda said sh*t to you if you'd kept your mouth shut B*tch now what get a clue, spit it slay New sh*t, exclusive whoo kid You know what to do with this: use it Im through, this is stupid, I cant believe I stooped to this bullsh*t to do this... And who you callin a b*tch B*tch. You owe me.


ARCHIVE "Londinium"
Chorus : Face in my hands admiring view again Pictures tell me it's only my fear So I'll try, I'll try to hear what I like And I'll try to hide what I fear Ever moving over to the way I wanna be Attract an energy Past time stored in my memory As we are struggling to make sense of human nature Distraction like a fairground attraction Communication interacts like we So reason over remedy ready me infinitely But lately I admit hard times have hit But still I like knowing I'll break through it The fluid flows the seed grows and life goes on And the fight goes on in this the Babylon we carry on Surviving striving taking everyday wtaching time go by And I tangle with stress feel strain from stress Man made hell yes in a recess less I be mistaken I be taking all the ways life heralding the hark I embark like a light in the dark Define definition in my focus Living in a romm over the fear side view I am surrounded bu the border of disorder So I oughta be stable and able to lift my hand and take an Opportunity sinking down into quicksand time Another number never I endeavour like time is forever Expanding imaterila is the original principle Now the icon is God, Sad case in the rat race Erasing all the memory of something that they can't quite comprehend I end a line to the live wire with my entire trickle down lava flow blood fire I attack with my brain seeing eye vision Looking over my terrain day by day stay same In the land of chaos and disorder Living behind the light we're surrounded by a border In the dark room. ( Repeat Chorus )

The Hunted

I'm hiding in my secret place built up in my mind Searching for the rest that I can never find. My wrists held with metal shackled to the floor Torture like this, I've never seen before I dream about revenge and how sweet it will be when you're locked up in this cage staring back at me The colors fade to black, darker than my sin I cannot give up now, I cannot just give in I'm wrestling with a beast, I cannot see his face he spits on me and does not care he puts me in my place his dictatorship is vile, his kingdom built on pain pure evil poured on everyone is how he plays his game You become the hunted Psychotic, deranged, crazy, insane poke me with a stick I'm locked up in this tiny cage You have me I'm yours treat me how you will with hate and fear until emotion I don't feel You bellow and laugh and turn your head away and with the snap of the chains now you become the prey The shifting of your eyes, shadows my disguise stumbling while you run, but you can never hide The terror begins, the hunt is on the tables seem to turn, I hear the scary song Or is it just a score of this movie gone astray you've had my soul on layaway and now you're gonna pay You become the hunted Darkness and evil surrounds me as the hunt begins good vs. evil me and you round one of armageadon I'm coming your way so hurry, releasing God's fury One judge no jury your demise you'll meet don't worry my sworn enemy by any means I'm gonna bring you pain representing heaven in this life or death game maintain my cool though my heart's pumpin like an engine You've had your turn, now it's time for mine revenge and rage controls my body, your tears are running down now it is only fitting that you're the hunted now So I hunt you down with the wrath of God within me not here to take your life, but you can give it up freely Hear me in the night as I makes you go insane and my nonstop chantin' starts to seep into your brain Dear God I beg for mercy on the souls that tortured me I ask that they be shown the grace that you've shown me The end is upon you I release my anger on you I'll destroy you and you will know that I am the LORD For decades and decades, you've hunted us down body count rising or descending to the ground The concrete jungle closes the silence surrounds The only thing heard is your heart as it pounds Sweat pours from your skull, afraid to turn around Looking over your shoulder what was that sound Sick of it all no more you can take The running's slowed down, your spines about to break My sights lined up, you don't have a clue Should I make my move, what should I do? The chase is almost done, the oppression forgot I've escaped with my life by the grace of God You become the hunted

Art & Life (Chi-roc)

TWISTA "Kamikaze"
(feat. Memphis Bleek, Young Chris & Freeway) [Intro: Young Chris] Yeah... Young Chris, M-E's, Free-Wheez... Tha boy Twista... Holla... My life on tha track... (Okay...), Up and comin'... State Prop... Check game... (That's right...), Get low... (Get low...), It's tha Roc... Better than ever (Holla)... Yeah... It's tha motherfuckin' Roc bitch, you hotter than us? (Okay, okay) [Young Chris] Ever since a young buck, I been on tha come up, Known to dish tha raw, dish tha law if they come up, And cheddar 'till tha sun up... If there's a ransom and tha law get involved, then we never get it summed up, Never put ya gun up, if ya come round me, I go to war wit' niggas 'round tha corner from 'round me, You can front 'round me, but I read through that, Wit' tha mili' and I ain't talkin' 'bout no Segal mac, Niggas see shoot back, we can see to that, Hit yo front letters see through back, bring yo peoples back, And I used to grind out on my friends spot, 'till he's mom wanted my Tim-bots, Now my paint got me discounts, or trans-quo all around tha world, like I was signed to Pimp-dot, And if it's ten targets and I got ten shots, I'm tryin' to leave at least hit nine out of them ten shot... [Memphis Bleek] I got my mind on my money, money on mind, But some say its a gift, I don't write but I rhyme, I, complete songs with just one try, Tell 'em it's no lie, I (beef?) all my life dogg, I never think, it's already there, I find ways to say-it, so you motherfuckers hear-it, And when you hear it you feel it, you know its real (so...), This is how I live it, how its pictured for real, (nigga...), I'm shittin for real... Diamonds against wood, underground king for real, Big crib when I lay, yeah I'm livin' for real, Trust me tha guns come off tha shelf whenever shit'll get real, Automatics and tha extended clips, that's what I'm hittin' wit', Dummies in tha black rhinoes, (Yeah...) They be killin' shit, Mask up kidnap shit, that's how my niggas get, Chi-town, NYC, that's how my niggas get... [Freeway] Yes, just picture me rollin', Tha smith and wesson'll stay goin' put a hole in yo chest, It's just, another hustle paper gettin' made and fold ya, Mad, you street niggas finally made it, I swoop five, he know tha ride, heavily loaded, Deliver pies like cake, they go straight through yo payment, (Yup...), Chump... You don't really wanna war, With tha State Prop clique, if ya clique shot us, (Why us...?), S-P game so damn tough, tha 4 4 in tha 5th tucked ya'll cant hang, Transporter turned rapper, get a can for to fill my life, Still acclompished, wanna fill they cups? Tha rap version of Mandela call my bluff, Well still tha street dwellers feel my pain (My pain...), I spit a verse and split a clip in tha rain, A fool-proof when tha full force open you (What...?), [Twista] Twista will rock you, you don't want tha thug apostle to pop you, Hostile when I drop you, turnin' everything colossal to fossiles, I speak street gospel, all they life I spit words and paint portraits, For real niggas that hold down they fortress and serve off of porches, Hit 'em in tha body wit' tha powerful forces, that'll end all your data, Make you clean up your house, bag up an ounce, hit tha dance floor and bounce, We blessed wit' tha talent, fuck wit this clique, it ain't gon' be easy, 'Cuz you fuckin' wit' Twist if you fuck wit Chris, Bleek and Free-wheezy, So speak and breath easy... Or to shoot ya's my future in 3D, I like whore's, I'm from a city full of Vice Lords, and GD's, Breeds, and Souls, 2-6's, Kings, VD's and Stones, Spanish cobras and all tha true soldiers survivin' are gone, Watch me spit if for tha killers and hustler's, flippin' all tha pounds and bricks, Hate on me I'ma bust at you hoes, and I put eleven down wit' a clip, Niggas servin' fiftys and hundreds, when I see you and I'm on yo tip, Twista and this East Coast Regime, it's that Chi-Roc shit

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