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AESOP ROCK lyrics - None Shall Pass

Five Fingers

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Take take, the medicine tastes great Gotta keep in the city I'm way baked Waiting for the meteor shading at twelve begin paint The origin of a deeper leader will take place Two coke bottles adorn the rope toddler Rebel of refrigerator Give him a Nilla wafer No role model, provoke him to shift focus Cus he noticed that a cookie tastes better when it's stolen Kids got the darnedest crooks All? get from an honest person Bought enough fireworks from the bullies to blow up a small barn Which he kept in the box in the yard And the bark is far from a klepto-anthem But a klepto-tangent Prefaced the grand canvass Dance to the dirt Stand up, celebrate the natural need to own what ain't earned See it rolls off the tongue Like a smoke ring rolls off a lung til it's done Ready set kept it He thefted a post-it Later applied the motives to a moment of some grown shit "Hey, you with the sharpie and BM!" Did you foreplay the gm Or you carpe the diem Warplay the porn game Wanna get the sure way Well the freedom will correlate with the sword play and heathens Trickery I'm back, talk Fresh outta high school On the prickly catwalk Of the modern bright slide rule Every last number in it's history Got it's own little hustle to nuzzle up with the victory, Thanks Bathe in a bottle of your finest Huckleberry sift through the piss looking for diamonds For that hell appears to that in your climate Get your money from the richest Seek your pussy from the flyest [Chorus:] Slow and low, Do or die calm Suicide king and a tuck of the palm Slow and low, do or die, stuck Two to five cans in the trunk of the truck And these are the five fingers that are stealing from you [x4] Capture the flag [Verse 2:] One by one like little confused penguins Larceny's yes when fools used weapons Like a bitter little burgular jaded up at the buckets He's dumb enough to pull up in public in the fuckin thing Nope gotta configure the five fingers Sorta hop wire vehicular skill is applicable If an eye's on the prize and the itch ain't flushed I hope the fruits of your labor relieve the initial rush Like, step over the abysmal cusp Matchmakers trying to make the mixed signals fucked And make you read the mud, maybe make the stigma's crushed Like "he will learn to walk after he lifts the drums" And this is certified milk by the department of skullduggery Shoplift quicker than ya shutter speed Click! Missed, dip dumb colory In another muddy river water til the rudder bleeds Skip around the money Peel the color me bunny killer Hovering where the mother feed Gutter greed king Let a crumby motherfucker breed fuck with me It goes knock knock, rummy at an abrupt speed The seed's all growns up, playing grown people games Evil lames grown encompass the whole paper chase Grip, better get the master plan So when the workers of a secret graph expands, Yes a pig is a cop, I got a villian for flock, so when I rake in the bacon I hope the kiddies will watch I hope the flipping of the system will be heavily clocked Cus opportunity's fickle If they we're trickling Stop! Capture the flag Drag that crass little bastard flap through the hazmat glass Laugh when he asks for it back Scratch that Welcome to the magic and a basket of cash [Chorus:] Slow and low, do or die, calm Suicide king and a tuck of the palm Slow and low, do or die, stuck Two to five cans in the trunk of the truck And these are the five fingers that are stealing from you [x4] Capture the flag

Life's A Bitch

NAPPY ROOTS "Watermelon Chicken & Gritz"
[talking] Aye man, I wonder what's gonna happen the minute after my casket drops You ever thought about that Skinny Nope Shit what about you Scales mayne I'm-I'm unsure mayne I got alotta, lotta question that need to be answered True we-all got questions, but dawg I got questions I got a lot on my mind, just just just get me a blunt man, just fire it up man Man... [Big V] Now fire up the weed, cuz one day I'm gon' pro'ly burn The Ten Commandments in life, never my concern Thing on my mind was, 'dick 'em, fore they get you' Thing on my mind was, 'stick 'em fore they stick you' That's why niggaz know, I'm 'bout the game before peace Cuz being free-hearted that's where it leave you deceased Cold world, cold game - they gon' split ya thang and bang Shit I'm involved with, would drive the average man insane Ghetto love, ghetto life, ghetto death; then ya gone And after I'm deceased I know life gon' go on And what about my sons - will they do what daddy didn't finish Will their life come to a close, shortly after my is ended What about daddy girl Will she do what I wanted Or will she break my heart and let these, niggaz up on it And what about daddy girl Will she do what I wanted Or will she break my heart and let these, niggaz up on it [Hook: Big V] Life's a bitch! I swear to God, you take your chances! Too many questions, and not enough answers! Life's a bitch! You take your chances! Too many questions, and not enough answers! Life's a bitch! You take your chances! Too many questions, and not enough answers! Life's a bitch! You take your chances! Too many questions, and not enough answers! [Ron Clutch] I'm on the verge of losin' my mind, as well as my last nerve I done served my last dime, standin on this crack curb It's absurd - I been on this block, from the first to the third Rocked a 'Bird and seen two niggaz shot and left for dead in the dirt I'm concerned if I die by the glock, will my soul soon burn My past clash with my future then, take a drastic turn I'm submerged knee-deep in this here, what goes around will soon return Morality's hard to confirm, makin them hearts that burn and say 'Fuck the world!' When y'all going to Hell for some, shit that we deserve From birth we was promised a hearse and a chance on earth to visit Church, for what it's worth I'm tryna make ammends for all the sins that occured The uncontrollable urge that emerged when I, snatched that lady's purse and the, last week did I slurred, when I, cursed on every verse Inevitable but well rehearsed, freezin my hunger as well as my thirst This glock; ready to burst, on any fools I encounter first with the, maximum amount of force, even if, worst comes to worst Cuz Life's a Bitch! [Hook: Big V] [Scales] October first, nineteen seventy-six Welcome to the world - I did 9 months for this shit Moms and pops couldn't get along - older brothers gettin grown And I ain't got nothin but this dike I'm sittin on At night I'm closin my eyes, and thinkin about my folks that died Tryna sleep on 'em, thinkin I ain't supposed to cry Uncle, bro, he just died from too much alcohol And all he wanted was a fifth and a pack of 'Pall Mall's And momma's heart gettin bad, grew up on hog-maws I'm tryna cut down on drinkin but that's a lost cause Guess we don't learn our lesson until we all fall These racist cops got niggaz writin they own laws Please God, don't let 'em take us Just tell momma I meant well, look Time don't let me wake up Please God! Don't let them folks take us Sincerely, I meant well, look Time don't let me wake up [Hook: Big V]

Southern California Wants To Be Western New York

Dar Williams "Mortal City"
There's a part of the country could drop off tomorrow in an earthquake, Yeah it's out there on the cutting edge, the people move, the sidwalks shake. And there's another part of the country with a land that gently creaks and thuds, Where the heavy snows make faucets leak in bathrooms with free-standing tubs. They're in houses that are haunted, the with kids who lie awake and think about All the generations past who used to use that dripping sink. And sometimes one place wants to slip into the other just to see What it's like to trade its demons for the restless ghost of Mrs. Ogilvey, She used to pick the mint from her front yard to dress the Sunday pork, Sometimes southern California wants to be western New York. It wants to have a family business in sheet metal or power tools, It wants to have a diner where the coffee tastes like diesel fuel, And it wants to find the glory of a town they say has hit the skids, And it wants to have a snow day that will turn its parents into kids, And it's embarrassed, but it's lusting after a SUNY student with mousy brown hair who is Taking out the compost, making coffee in long underwear. And southern California says to save a place, I'll meet you there, And it tried to pack up its Miata, all it could fit was a prayer, Sometimes the stakes are bogus, sometimes the fast lane hits a fork, Sometimes southern California wants to be western New York. Tempe, Arizona thinks the Everglades are greener and wetter, And Washington, D. C. thinks that Atlanta integrated better, But I think that southern California has more pain that we can say, Cause it wants to travel back in time, but it just can't leave L. A. But now I hear they've got a theme park planned, designed to make you gasp and say, Oh, I bet that crumbling mill town was a booming mill town in its day, And the old investors scoff at this, but the young ones hope they'll take a chance, And they promise it will make more dough than Mickey Mouse in northern France, And the planners planned an opening day, a town historian will host, And the waitresses look like waitresses who want to leave for the west coast. And they'll have puttering on rainy weekends, autumn days that make you feel sad, They'll have hundred year old plumbing and the family you never had, And a Hudson River clean-up concert and a bundle-bearing stork, And I hear they've got a menu planned, it's trés western New York.

Cubic Space Division

Jones Keziah
(Spoken intro) Class programme for the African Anarchist 14 carats he pleaded Yeah, just let me take the grain like a criminal should Burdens? As in work-horse? God works in mysterious ways but never as a coolie Never as a coolie in the sweat shop of a deranged mind Her chocolate stain is The envy of caucasia. On these empty pages Lies an ejaculatory speech Will his letter survive? Will the words ever reach? Tell me will his letter survive? Will the words ever reach their destination? Well I can hear the call of the Mosque And the ringing of the bells Yeah, everlasting peace on earth And the casting of spells I can see thin white strips of cotton And an ol' wide broom I can see their feelings all wrapped up and muffled In an emotional room Now, it's the 10th of January And a Taxi awaits to bring me to thee But I'm a son of April And, the only African container of religious sound. Hey! Yeah, the only African container of religious sound So they make love on the 11th, fuck on the 12th And on the 13th they depart Back to the world of school uniforms, Perfects with guns and jackboots with heart Would a true story of cultural splinters Ever shred you as a tear? They were making love on a bed of emotional Rizla To burn away the fear They were making love on a bed of emotional Rizla To burn away the fear

The Prodigal Son Suite

Keith Green
I was done hoeing, out in the fields for the day. I was thinking of going, I had to leave right away. My life was just fading, and though I felt so alone, the nearest young maiden was, a full day's ride from home. My father was reading, the holy books in his room, my heart was just pleading, I knew I had to go soon. He smiled and pointed, to an old wooden chair, I wanted to hold him, but then I just wouldn't dare! I said Father there's so much to know, there's a world of things to see and I'm ready, to go and make a life for myself. If you give me what is mine, I will go if I can have your blessing, but if you won't bless my journey, I'm going to leave anyway. Son, I've always tried my, best for you, but if, you must be leaving home, then go, with the blessing, of God. Not too many days later, I was well on my way. I met a traveling stranger, who seemed to have much to say. He told me tales of the city, and all the women he had. I asked him wasn't that sinful? He said No, it isn't that bad! Then a few days later, on an old city road, we were drowning in laughter, and we had women to hold. And this went on quite a long time, my father gave me a lot. But when my pockets were empty Lord oh, my friends all left me rot! Then a famine hit and drained the land, everywhere I looked I saw starvation, and a job was so hard to find. I wandered through the city streets, competing for the food of common beggars, up till then I'd never known hunger, but now I wasn't too proud. I finally found some employment, feeng pigs on a farm. I wasn't treated too kindly Lord, I had to sleep in the barn. I had to eat with swine! The bread I ate was like stone. It didn't take too much time until, I was dreaming of home! Oh! the servants there are better fed, if I could only have what my father gives them, I would truly need nothing more. Oh I will go and say to him, I'm no longer worthy to be in you family, will you take me as your servant? And let me live with them? It didn't take too long to, pack my things. I left with only what I wore, and I prayed, that I still had, a home. I was near home, in sight of the house. My father just stared, dropped open his mouth. He ran up the road, and fell to my feet, and cried, and cried. Father, I've sinned, Heaven's ashamed. I'm no longer worthy, to wear your name, I've learned that my home, is right where you are, Oh father, take me in. Bring the best robe, put it on my son. Shoes for his feet, hurry, put them on. This is my son, who I thought had died. Prepare a feast, for my son's life! I prayed and prayed, never heard a sound. My son was lost, Oh Thank you God! He's found! My son was dead and he's now alive. Prepare a feast for my son's life! My son was dead, my son was lost. My son returned in the hands of God.

Just Clowning

King Tee "Act a Fool"
.. It's the joint! [King Tee] Yo whassup, it's King Tee on the vocals I rock the coolest rhymes, from here to Acapulco I drive a Cadillac, not a played out DeSoto Look I'm fin' to pose, photographer take my photo Cool is back, in fact I'm comin exact It's MC Breeze and King Tee, and Pooh on the track So we all got together, and thought of a freestyle Gather round the stage, and come see how pros go for what they know and get paid for it And I brung along the Breeze, so you can enjoy it .. and to fans I'm an idol It's me and Breeze, Just Clowning is the title Get up what's happening? I'm a King, not a Captain Do the most coolest rappin, talk smack I'll be gat'n I'm the King Tee punk, and I don't talk junk But I do smoke blunt, love rappin to funk You know the mic is like a vine I swing on it like Tarzan I drink a Coke and hit a note like Barbara Streisand Step up, fess up, stand around and get down to the song Just Clowning .. .. It's the joint! (repeat 4X) [MC Breeze] Well I happen to be, hopin to be, a big-timer A dope rhyme and you won't find a nother MC who can get with this program Served by no one, I mean no man You say I'm good it's the truth, you're not soupin I take it as a compliment and keep troopin Unlike most you know I never stop flowin My name is MC Breeze cause I'm the master at blowin rhymes and lyrics, that is my specialty I'm high-fidelity, you can't mess with me Don't even think you can just sneak up on bein number one, is a high that I'm stuck on I'm on a mission, wishin, all the time you spend that you would make a legend or a monument I'm not souped up, or a pooh-butt I only lay my voice on a track that Pooh cuts A beat is like food for thought so I eat it I'm feelin kinda hungry Pooh so just feed it Keep the bass poundin I like the way it's soundin Pooh is gettin ill while me and Tee are Just Clowning .. It's the joint! (repeat 2X) [King Tee] I've been rappin for a while, I'm acquirin chapstick Like a magician with the mic I do a hat trick I don't wear a cape, or perform at a sideshow Let me hit the 40 cause my throat is kinda dry yo When I'm on stage it's like a Broadway play King Tee and MC Breeze and Jennifer Holiday But Breeze, my throat's gettin so' {*rasping*} Get on the mic and won'tcha give it a go [MC Breeze] Clowning, is like actin ill sometimes But when I ill, I like to say a dumb rhyme to increase my fame and star stature I'm like Anita Baker I'm caught up in the Rapture Hittin like bolos when I go solo Last name is spanish but yo, I'm not a cholo Keep the bass poundin, I like the way it's soundin Pooh is gettin ill while me and Tee is Just Clowning [King Tee] But but but Breeze.. you know me and you can clown right, right? We gotta see if.. Mixmaster Spade can do it .. It's the joint! [Mixmaster Spade] Well it's Tuesday night, I got nuttin to do I guess I'll get on the phone and call DJ Pooh Say Whassup Pooh? Are you beat? He say Forget that stuff, let's hit the street Since I got a Caddy, and you got a Z I can roll witchu, or you can ride with me I say We goin to a club that's dynamite (WHERE?!) The Red Onion on a Tuesday night I walked in and glanced, shook a few hands Grabbed the baddest broad, then I commence to dance I looked the DJ, and said Whassup? He said Spade's in the place and he's +DOIN THE BUTT+ Now I'm back to the rap that we have at hand I'm the Mixmaster man with the master plan I slapped the girl on the butt then she started to frown And .. [King Tee] Yo Spade, cool out! Man, we Just Clowning .. It's the joint! (repeat 4X)

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