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AESOP ROCK lyrics - None Shall Pass

39 Thieves

Original and similar lyrics
Hunters with their dogs and deer rifles Thousands of them line the pavement Like patient pupae waiting to become worms The people are dead, but the money keeps talking keep-keeps-keep-keeps talking The people are dead, but the monkey keeps talking, keep [Mr. Lif:] keeps-keep-keeps talking [Aesop Rock (El-P) {Mr. Lif}:] (Another dark night) Teething I'm marking a beast sheep Like I walk in front of 39 thieves in a beat Smores over warm helvetica brown proper For the odd God or monster, proper to teleprompter Wild blue yonder, blue in the face, angel Blew into the bugles in lieu of the euthanasia Usually the shooter community chew the corpse But I see the wolves have already gotten to you and yours Day of the dead, play the ledge closely Train a barrel of monkeys to aim at the lowest bogey Dope the gonzo of what we sold choked socially Stole the golden fleece with the culture of total nobodies Earth rised, the divide up of fighting tribes All we do is watch 'em waddle back and forth lighting fires {Money money} Detonator, wire cutter, pliers Two cities and the one is broken up in tiny towns And I won't pose, I'm in the heart of the lion's throat For a photographic token of my primordial growth You parade around and kill, so damn proud Like a flatline fetish, had it's feathers fanned out War tore the symmetry, skipped into it gingerly Silk worms ping-pong ministry to ministry Hell's bells every which way the the wind blows So I bang my head against any wall you can build, go [Chorus: El-P] Another dark night, another not-all-right Another bad ritual, more botched surgery Better follow the bread crumbs back in fact, urgently Or waddle through this section where the natives feel "murdery" Vicinity wander, claim no soul Never let an anchor drop Never had a home, never talk to strangers Never trust a friend This is the life and the life will not end [Mr. Lif:] Money [x8] [Aesop Rock (El-P) {Mr. Lif}:] Next time think 39 thieves are quicker than 40 winks... Raise your drinks 39 thieves are quicker than 40 winks We're not concerned with the community aloofness Duke, we're animals, we just go where the most food is Lower the toast, most formal etiquette is useless Truth is you're equally expendable if spoon fed {Money money} Money is cool and I'm only human But they use it as a tool to make the workers feel excluded Like the shinier the jewel the more exclusive the troop is Bullets don't take bribes stupid, they shoot shit (Another dark night) Calicos tread around the rabbit hole Weapons to the heavens and arsenic where the carrots grows Piss warmed sugar water wore the summer canteen Plus burned rubber like "green is the new green" Rubber necks froze, slows by the multiplex Rodeo commotion, I'm open to see what culminates Bougie on the right, left rep rebel force Both say the feudal group the parking lot was never yours Black top pebble wars Soldiers mold it where the Jones is every grown up Want the code again to get to grow in No motive, it showed up in dose quotas Hog barn burner come see if your homes hold us Eighty-five rattle-trap parked through fancy Which swayed with stepping out of Comanche, antsy Let us in the jetty when they jettison the medicine And paranormal hatchet and cadets to break the levees in {Money money} Both know the totem camaraderie Token of equality, they post it horizontally Chronicle the loading dock, they crawl to lodge the colony Half-massed flags, half caps stole the properly And sleep the sleep of the just ready on the left Where the witchcraft spun out of a neighboring sect With the usual undesirables and the big brother cutters On the day your name became "This Motherfucker?" [Chorus: El-P] Another dark night, another not-all-right Another bad ritual, more botched surgery Better follow the bread crumbs back in fact, urgently Or waddle through this section where the natives feel "murdery" Vicinity wander, claim no soul Never let an anchor drop Never had a home, never talk to strangers Never trust a friend This is the life and the life will not end [El-P:] This-is-the-life [x3] [Mr. Lif:] The people are dead, but the money keeps talking This-is-the-life [Mr. Lif:] Talking This-is-the-life [Mr. Lif:] Money money This-is-the-life


WU-TANG CLAN "The Swarm"
Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [3x] Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [overlaps INS talking] [Inspectah Deck] Another mission, Street Life, gun talk, Sir I Don't push me, because I'm close to the edge Livin on this thin line, I know the ledge Allegience I pledge strictly to my comittee Way above the law, we soar the inner city My crime pays, deep in the metro, nines blaze Shorties watchin plus adoptin my ways In the PJ's, the heat blaze and beats raid Can't see the cage but can't leave the Streets Of Rage [Street Life] It's a Shoot On Sight fair, warfare prepared Arm yourself beware, hardware tear through your flesh and bones bear Witness stand clear Flash the Wu-sign to see if my comrades is in here PLO began this, ninety-nine bananas Wu extravaganza, cops scandals and guns, a S.O.S. Prepare for the slug fest, unusual suspect disconnet your outfit It's a dead-end Street, I play for keeps release, shots through your fleece Retreat, delete you from the crime spree [Chorus] Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [2x] [overlaps entire chorus] When you got beef wit one time-S.O.S. When you standin on the front line-S.O.S. Niggas wanna steal your sunshine-S.O.S. When it comes time to do or die-S.O.S. For the five-oh that brutalize-S.O.S. Before you try suicide-S.O.S. [Street Life] Street chronicle, wise words by the abominal High honorable, rap quotable phenomenal Seniority kid, I speak for the minority Ghetto poverty fuck the housing authority Not to be idolized, I deal wit grand larceny Money laundaring, auto theft, and armed robbery Ninety-nine regimine torment your resident Street intelligence child, KillaHill pedestrian Sucker for love-ass, niggas catch a gay-bash Slim-Fast from the gun blast burner, I last The S-T-R, double E-T, own a Desert E Keep it closely, I feed off envy and foul energy Your best friend's your worst enemy Thug therapy until they bury me, it's do or die tonight Shoot out a street light, bleak life Aim at your windpipe, squeeze tight [Inspectah Deck] In the parking lot, parked in a dark spot The specialist wit one shot been at the drop Your Highness INS, darts catch your body Feds got me on watch wit nuttin yet to charge me I strike quick, movin on the night shift Rollin wit those who been the same likeness Where I come from the blast make your ears go numb Trust no one cuz murderers range old to young And death don't discriminate, to choose your fate Shot wit hypedermic sword wit the trey-eight Gotta hold your weight, there's no escape from the mayhem I'm livin for now but tryin to make it to the a.m. Creepin in the hallways, we always on barrow Calico crept close to over cash flow The neighborhood watch, the skunks in my sock got me rocked But keep my eyes on the shot clock [Chorus]

Rolling Thunder

Aw man Smoking in that rocking chair Ah My past life I was a Rabbi Now I live the fast life Drugs on standby in the circle by the campfire Telling stories of yesteryear Pull out the pocket mirror just to check my hair Hit it with the comb again The rap Dennis the Menace with Dennis Rodman in Venice inventive She took a bump then started dancing like Elaine Benes The big chain sway like I'm playing tennis One man team, about to win the pennant Now you can tell by my pendant that I'm protected Direct descendent in the blue and orange Lexus watching 'Se7en' Land in Dublin Pull me in the room and ask if it's resin I said no they sent me on my way with blessings I trained a dolphin to let the slammer off like Dolph Lundgren That's if your mouth running You'll get your cow something I'm rare like a fucking Asian playing hockey My ocean view is due to Papi Bitches call me Rodney Bought my bitch a present hope I don't spoil it 'Was is it baby?' Face to face toilets Toyota with the spoiler Ace of Base boiling I play ball like Billy Hoyle Now I need a Sidney Dean to help me start this brothel in the Philippines I stay in Flushing like I'm Dillon Gee You ain't gotta open up the comic book to figure who the villain be It's me doing perfect dives in the Sicilian sea You know I like my bitch with a Brazilian V Bumping Bobby Brown Cry when I'm not around She always hold it down pound under the seat In that all white Jeep Sleep, that's if you wanna I be schwitzing in the sauna It's better than the piggys blissing on the corner Come in the crib every night, and I kiss my daughter Same lips spit on the lawyer [Spitting noise] We out It's me Always Forever

Ghetto Afterlife

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
[Talib Kweli] These niggaz ain't thugs, the real thugs is the government Don't matter if you independent, democrat or republican Niggaz politickin the street, get into beef Start blastin, now a new cat is executive chief With a, passion for heat you get, blast in yo' seat Die before you crash in yo' Jeep, never passin in your sleep like an old man, you ain't a fool you got a whole plan to conquer territories like Europeans who stole land The future of your whole fam' hang in the balance You the king, and your block is the palace Y'all niggaz is the parliament, untouchable, spot unrushable Keep your weight wet, call in collect to save a buck or two Get mad, who the fuck are you What you gonna do Exactly what I thought - NOTHIN, in the sport of frontin you the undisputed champion, I'm in a class you can't be in My words is flesh like Jesus, the aquarian {*scratched* Let's stop right here () } { So you think that I'm a fool.. } { Ayy man.. () } Chorus: T. Kweli and Kool G. Rap [T] It's just a chapter of the night, in the ghetto afterlife Where you just seen or heard about or gonna have to fight [K] Where they sacrifice the life and niggaz see flashes of light When you trapped up in the heights but clappers aimin at the wife [Talib Kweli] Yeah, dudes gettin money is still thuggin Chicks gettin money is still ghetto Still livin the whole thuggish stilleto Your team let the metal burst before you take an L you raised in hell, let the dust settle first Then you ask the question, snatchin the life of the innocent Shit happens huh, a man's respected by his actions It's the karma of the street, you try to meet the karma while the karma sleep, yo it's deep, but the karma can't be beat You don't know your enemy, so you fightin with yourself Relate to rap niggaz cause they writin what you felt You got top shelf connects you gettin seasoned like a veteran We suck the venom out the snake bite, without the medicine We benefit from niggaz in tenements, dyin for benjamins So bad that they know they own coffin measurements Ghetto eloquence, in the moment of truth, don't be hesistant or fall victim to the element, word is bond So while y'all keep on fakin the funk, we gonna keep on walkin through the darkness carryin our torches - gt; DJ Premier {*scratched* I'ma give-give-give it to-to you straight Straight up and down! - gt; DJ Premier Chorus: T. Kweli and Kool G. Rap [T] Just another chapter of the night, in the ghetto afterlife Where you just seen or heard about or gonna have to fight [K] Where they sacrifice the life and niggaz see flashes of light When you trapped up in the heights but clappers aimin at the wife [Kool G. Rap] Niggaz get caught up in the struggle End up in court in trouble, sportin a bubble Ford azure bubble, importer smuggle, forcin a rumble Hit the blocks with a portion to double Flip and get tossed in the huddle Police with one piece short of the puzzle It's a hustle, peep the street life, they movin muscle and the G's'll make your knees buckle Tussle with heat until your feet stand in a pee puddle Cheese double but all the speedy niggaz bleed puddles Make the headlines; some try to escape the fed time Phone taps on direct lines - tec-9's with the red shine Jake climbin through the bedroom blinds Tryin to bring you to your deadline, it's slippery when wet signs Red time, wipe the sweat around your neck time One shot spill out your red wine, rock shots to deafen your prime Pieces of hot lead left in your mind One slug to the left of your spine Forever late to rest on the shrine { So you think that I'm a fool.. }

Hands In The Air

AZ "Aziatic"
(AZ) Baby bring that ashtray in here Aiight (AZ) And bring my mail it's on top of the counter Here baby (AZ) Check, what's this I don't know some mail came thru today (AZ) Fishscale, Professional, what's this about men lemme see what this about Anyway, the food will be ready in 20 minutes Peace Allah, hope tha scribe reach ya hands in good health As for self, no sense of worrying my cards been dealt Sunk in a cell, fishscale, fifth year of my bid Finally got a chance recent to connect with my kids It's kinda hard thru carelessness I scared they moms And temporary I was barred voluntary the bond Nevertheless, it's issues I need to address Pertaining the certain statements that made me confess Faced with life, it bites when reality hit And wit crime come a lot of technicality shit Thru many co-defendants conspiracies linking Like the court system designed to keep the mind from thinking Fog ya vision, guess it's just the odds of living But like me, most great men became god in prison Since Illmatic, first heard ya bars of life I was up in Cansaki, *****s started to fight You touched souls to a lost population of men And no doubt, if ever out they'll never lock me again Faced wit 10 on state time, wit life on the back It's fucked up when your own folks ain't writing you back Learn to relax, spoke wit certain cats that helped adapt You know the streets to the pen it's kinda hard to transact All the cars and the pretty women, condos, The clothes and the city living I seen division, breakdown of the population It's either submit, death or incarceration I felt the combination Torn between reality rap and the fakes Some do it for the salary cap few relate And been thru what I been thru at least in fraction So when they spit you could feel the passion I see you maxin' That Nas and that Jigga riff started some shit It departed the prison system we should argue a bit It's a glimpse of what's to come The past follow, hold the voice just hunger me holdin' my last bottle I live like that of a star without the title, I had to write you It's beyond trying to enlight you It's a token of appreciation for being that poet with no abbreviations Much respect from us all wish you much success Get yours take money nigga fuck the rest I'm signing off And leave in the way that I greet and say peace Keep in mind always rep the streets, you that nigga. Word,........... Gotta write homey back (AZ) Ayo, boo I got any more of that mail out there Got a few more (AZ) You gotta read this one, the shit right here is deep, man Alright, gimme a minute (AZ) Okay, What's this one right here oh shortie from Nashville, alright lemme see this AZ, this is Camille since Sugarhill been a fan And since then to me you still a man A real card player rarely reveals his hand And sincerely, I could say the hood feel ya jam I sit and listen to your last edition Washing dishes in the kitchen Or twisting the baby dreads on little Christian It's so sickening his father we both miss him He was killed in a '99 car collision I guess the best ones God get them the tar sniff 'em It's just the way it is in this bizarre system You remind me of his one concerning words when you speak You and him both got that funny type of slur in y'all speech At night it's like his face just emerge in my sleep I smoke herb so that grief can stop disturbing my peace My life's deep, it coincide with the way that you rap I hate it when them commentators say that you back You never left you was always years ahead of the rest My baby-father even felt your style he say you was best How you dress how you move when you in the public Without a lot of luggage gotta love it that's how you thug it... Know that, that's right, it's bigboy, okay, okay

Nuff Said

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Live and Let Die"
Late last night two undercover police officers were found brutally murdered in a Fort Greene apartment building in Brooklyn New York. At this time police have no suspects. Now to the weather but first.. G tell em what time it is! [Kool G. Rap] I got a chance to get some money so I'm takin it No joke because this bein broke shit just ain't makin it Cause I grew up in the fast line See my pops ran the numbers and my moms held the blackjack games Now I'm able to leave the cradle I don't remember the dinners, only the kilos on my kitchen table Sittin right beside a pistol And I'm watchin my pops, pick up bricks made out of crystal While he was countin the green I seen nothin but strainers, containers, scales and rocks on a triple beam People was too afraid to stick him up Because he had the most notorious brothers to come and pick him up When I reached ten years old I never recalled seein any more money and drugs in the household Cause now pops was on his feet And to keep us from gettin hurt he kept his dirt in the street And if he tried to attack, your family's wearin black because he just got your death, put on a contract Another sucker to rub Even my mother's walkin around packin a .357 snub And many cops dropped dead I seen a man pull out a pistol and blow off an undercover's head Cause it's hard to get by And that's why, when you're young in the streets you gotta live and let die Some say this ain't the life to choose Rage is snapped away you get a page in the Daily News But I just wanna get paid off Cause if I was workin a regular nine to five I'd get laid off Some people say, sellin weight, is a death date But I can't wait, to set up shop, in the next state I ain't worried bout a brother tryin to take mines Cause my plot comes with a hundred shot nine Police are right on my heels But I'm always one step ahead of the punks makin dope deals They can't stop me cause I'm proper And if they ever try to raid they better bring choppers or helicopters I broke a lot of punks ribs Dumpin they bodies in lots, then I ran and shot up the cribs Because a brother ain't fakin it If there's a record for killin the most niggaz then yo I'm breakin it I wish a brother would flex I spray him up and then take all of his money and give his girl sex That's how I'm livin in the street You either give a sucker two in the head, or you'll be dead meat I'm sendin punks six feet deep And gettin money in lumps, cause this ain't Twenty-One Jump Street You wanna stop what I supply Aiyyo, the hell with that, I gotta live and let die Police, police! Everybody down, everybody down! Don't fucking move, get down! *beep beep* Hey, where is everybody? *Beep Beep* Look, there's nobody here *BEEP BEEP BEEP* What's that fucking noise? *BEEP BEEP BEEP!* It's a bomb, it's a bomb, let's go Get the fuck out of here! *flatline sound* You gotta live and let die *explosion* Forget all that bullshit about savin the soul Some chump'll pump your ass full of bulletholes So I'm out to make a killin And all you suckers are chillin cause I ain't just an ordinary villain I got a rep for mass murder If you look bigger, I just pull the trigger, a female I just hurt her I got the .38 long But a dame can get the same if she's comin out of her mouth wrong And if you try to oppose this next time you see your mother she'll be covered with roses It ain't about a fair fight Because I only get open for smokin suckers in daylight Another punk bites the dust Cause I just bust blood out your butt like pus The broke life I ain't missin Because now I got a lot, and that's more than a pot to piss in And if I'm sellin you ki's Just put the G's on the bed, and then go head and take a freeze And while you're numbin your tongue with the yum yum I pull out a gun, cause I want every last crumb I put a slug in your face Then I waits to start packin the trap back in the suitcase Another punk had to fry I don't want to do it but yo I gotta live and let die Earlier this morning, five cops were killed and six were wounded in a raid gone bad. Police have no leads. For any information, please call, 1-800-Stool-Pigeon. Now back to you Rob. A forty-nine year old unidentified male went berzerk last night, openly firing with a twelve gauge shotgun in a crowded downtown resteraunt. 14 people are dead including three children and four others suffered serious injuries. Police have a suspect in custody but are not releasing any information until they complete their investigation..

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