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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Music For Earthworms

The Substance

Original and similar lyrics
Four rooms, a ceiling and a floor but there's more: (close to insanity) A desk with a subtle light, a window, and a door; (close to insanity) One bottle of the bluest inks your iris ever saw; (close to insanity) One child prodigy with a vision in his core. (close to insanity) (yeah, yo) I'm frost bitten, slippin' away in titanic burden nurses Where the anti-hero clergy purge their value burning service And warped was I, huddled beneath the influence of fresh, Meshed with impressions that appear to shrink before my very breath. (Breath) These tides of woe and malice and mirth initiate a wave crash, Splashing my offspring graves prior to birth, it's looking bleak. Malarky farce sergeant crooked and sleek emerald eyes glow; I'm shook in a freak side show! OK, I strobe effects projective when I blink So I design this chorus line. When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall. With what I sing, I'll open lash light and dark clash to dim the wattage, Then see the wide-eyed dry grays, and supplied fiery Colossus. Well, I am a hostage. Guiding, yet, pushed beneath the crazes' climate. Hiding behind the levy while the stubborn rivers rise and feel this. I wish heavenly brevity centered hate pedigrees instead of dead serenity. God damn. Must have remembered me. It clinched me, it wrenched me, tempted me to employ it, Apprehended me, and rendered me suspended in its voyage. How these tables have turned! Hand to the bottle with the skull and crossbones scribbled off the label, Sip the ladle. Drank the burn. Begging for dead! Concerns off with a zephyr tread and leg in a web, Caught triple-six couriers; beckon, they fled. OK, OK, I get it... Let 'em shake a little, then release 'em, Like, as if ghostly hysterics would leech on band aid completion. Odium, patience ran his anti-death commando Just a litigant stretchin' to touch tranquil, but couldn't quite catch the angle. I'm trained as cornerstone famine trooper So my tray within a heart of hearts still belly up and parched, come on... (yeah, yeah, check it) I'm a sideline observer alerted not yet retreating. (close to insanity) The climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing. (close to insanity) Now everybody in the populace awaited my reply: (close to insanity) I spit a billion tiny brilliant white lights into the sky (close to insanity) Undeniably amused by the way the fuse burn, By the way the clues churn in front of my eyes... To fertilize germination of concern for me, for we, For he who's sucked into the trench, fully dug. I don't wanna pull the plug... Hug on my canteen like in a dream, Centipede leader speedin' through a meaty greed league, I can tell by the way the needs bleed from a seed, If the breed should have ever been bred. 'Nuff said... Whether compared to caterpillar and cocoon, To emerge, or a spark's soon to bloom to a surge, All I need is the nourishment, the courage and the burn To ascend from a number, to brave Blade Runner. Hunter, cleric, swordsman, king... More like I'm walking with a broken mood ring. Mood swingin' from the mezzanine level, Here to bevel the edge. My team's settled on the ledge to pledge. It's like that. In the summer it rains buckets of hunger pains. In the winter it's the same, with an added climate change. The remaining two quadrants balance the polar values equally for midrange, Yet the songs of thirst remain the same. You could turn the whole cold reservoir to liquor, Hell, split the ocean on its seams if it boosts your esteem. I never lend span of attention lest my brethren signal fresh, So do your magic, miracle worker, or I'll remain unimpressed. For the flux, the fix, the famine, For the fact that little Billy up the block obtained a lovely hand cannon, I'd examined auto-pilot (right) when filibuster won... (yeah) Concluded the few we're tuned with were now targets of his movement... (oh shit) It's intriguing. Yet, I guess, I knew somewhere, something was leaking. Now I honor instinct, delinquent. Bring settler runaways, frayed boogie bastard clicks To bypass glass stature, walking graff characters... Militant dance split the sun and sip the filament... Tracer. Vivisection is to lab rat primes; They try to grace these sacred lips with his maze or a dirty wine. He knew. He brewed the substance just to mock the lesser budgets, Then sought off all trickery, bought off the public, and screamed victory! Tunnel through the mite infested grillage and the rig As fast as Aesop and his ten little fatigued fingers could dig, trigger revenge, tip the goblet in the dirt, review my words, spit in the puddle. Peace to fame, struggle the fuck out, and duck out. (yeah, check, huh, uh) Now, all hail defenders of the trash talk. (close to insanity) I was hidden, yet I slid in just to rip the mask off. (close to insanity) I'm seventy-six inches of all the purest sounds (close to insanity) So y'all could dig me six feet deep my eyes would still be over ground! (close to insanity) (It's like that)

The One And Only

SNOOP DOGG "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss"
Aw yeah, coming to you live and direct from the LBC We have the one and only, Snoop D-O double G Yeah, yeah, drop it [scratching] It's the one and only D-O double G Big Snoop Dogg, it's the one and only The one and only, D-O double-double-double G [Snoop Dogg] Big Snoop Dogg You in the presence of a motherfucking rap star I push up laid back in a black car Though I bossed up, it ain't hard to tell that I came up hard as hell, check it out I stayed sharp and played my part All I had was a mic, a dream and some heart Me and my moms wasn't getting along at this time And since pops was gone, I'm out grinding Catch a nigga praying, swearing I ain't going back to jail Judge about tired of a playa, I don't know about this bidness shit But I'm good with this rapping, can I get a witness what's happening That's about the time I put down the rocks And got to working in the studio around the clock For a small profit, but a whole lot of game Man I'm famous, now it ain't the same [Chorus] It's the one and only D-O double G Do you want some of this Top Dogg bite em all, yeah I'm burning it up Aw naw, Big Snoop Dogg You tuned in to the number one Buck one, buck two, buck three, buck four So get real fool, fool [Snoop Dogg] Local boy made good over night shit Not only am I getting righteous but wise see I paid the price, with consecutive platinum hits I up my status, aint no more Calvin Broadus World on my shoulder, but I can handle it Now that I'm older, I'm sharper and colder Can you remember when I slid in Deep Cover And made niggas in the Beach love eachother A street hustler, but I'm all set for the come up Best kept secret so I'm want up I've been acquitted up for 1-8-7 Yes I'm blessed thank God in Heaven Now all I need is a push in the right direction Weed and a mic now I'm writing checks And now the game ain't stopping And can't nobody say my name ain't popping Started off young as a little-bitty buck Now I'm ready for the world, and I got to give it up [Chorus] [Snoop Dogg] You in the presence of a motherfucking millionaire Stop, look, listen, feel, yeah I ain't tripping on shit I worked hard as a motherfucker Fuck Cuzz, and him too cause all y'all suckas Now with the savvy of a business man I gave, new niggas a chance, to see what they was saying And kept a spot on hot, West Coast on lock Big Dizzel knocking down your block Never looking back uh uh, a steady process And leaving that way, cause see I'm blessed It's like I'm happy now, cause I'm a family man I fell in love with my kids and my wife again And these here are the files of a classic It's my throne till I choose to pass it Worldwide and the sun shine so bright That's why I wear my yellow C's at night nigga [Chorus]

No Way Out

PUFF DADDY "Forever"
(feat. Black Rob, Kelly Price) [Chorus] [Kelly] There's no way no way nowhere to go there's no way out There's no way no way nowhere to turn there's no way out [Puff talking over chorus] Yeah yeah uh huh no way out baby. You can't go nowhere ain't got nowhere to turn Yeah yeah ain't no way out. Ugh check this out [Verse 1 (Puff)] Ready to call it quits from all this shit even resign from the niggas I been ballin' with I'm second guessing all this negative energy It's making me realize why niggas really envy me I feel no sympathy it's tight ill plus I get slight chills when I write wills tired of looking at these ugly niggas with ice grills No tellin' what I might feel about my glory 2 sides to every story That's why I pray to God hoping that He reassure me The more the pain the more the game come with this territory I might dispose feelin' like my life been chose All I know in my life lotta ice and hoes when it's on My man there gat in his hand what you do when you got a master plan but half done ran Here's ya chance to prove you love 'em It's on and subbin' so hot it's feeling muggy. Really though. [Chorus] [Puff over chorus] No matter how bad it gets. It could be worse. Ain't no way out I gotta live my life you know. You gave me the ends. No matter how bad it gets there ain't no way out no way out. [Verse 2 (Black Rob)] I feel like this approach me with beef ya done I shoot through pants no chance to pull for ya gun man a lot of y'all cats can't stand that 1 on 1 wind up gettin' embarrassed ain't funny uh huh Despite the bullshit black still here makin' hits down at Chelsea Bea's via partaking flicks No matter what we have to come strapped with our gats We don't want to but y'all make us act like that It's a thousand Bad Boy cats ready to blam you La Familia I steal ya I know how my fam' do man handle tracks that be laced by Nas Rolex watch security straight from the Mosque Yo I'm all on my own G who should I trust Niggas bust B.I.G. now it seems they want us It's like no matter what I do I can't escape it ain't no going around it so I'ma be a man and just face it [Chorus] [Verse 3 (Puff)] It takes heart just to live in these streets you niggas lift the heat take the bitter with the sweet they can't hurt me no more than they already did They killed Big in my heart he forever lives there's no way out like you got Berrettas to my wig we were slugged then another blood shed my ribs uhh Now the question is Will I survive Nigga gotta make it home I gotta still provide And I get the vibe niggas wanna live to try ain't no tellin' what this Bad Boy feel inside Blood hate the sweat pain be intensified I'm feelin' stranded as if I can't hitch a ride Now I tell my seed minimize the genocide plus I'm dangerous so numb I feel painless and you know what you tell them niggas who can't touch you You grab ya nuts and say MUTHAFUCK YOU! you invited got dones be indicted And if you kill me me and Big reunited WHAT NIGGA what nigga what nigga [Chorus over last line]

Loose Leaves

there are stories in the soil, loose leaves cover the ground there's volumes in the forest, no one reads out loud if i could take them down off of that mountain shelf we used to climb but no one tries to go up that far now yeah we're all too busy working, entertaining ourselves forty hours television and prescription pills well i take two a day to make my brain behave it never does but who's to say at least my doctor gets paid so that's fine, yeah come by we'll take the afternoon off we can kiss and undress or if you want just talk cause i've got nothing real, just empty space to fill and you're my girl i like your style just imagine all the time we could kill and time's not poison but once you drink it all you'll die so let's just sip it real slow yeah we can nurse it all night try to believe that once it's gone we'll pour another round and come back to life come right back i guess i'm moving faster now or that's what they said and though some days still take forever i can't disagree because it seems to me that i wake up and sleep look in the mirror have no idea what happened in between but i remember counting days down 'til the year could be done so i could scatter all my notebooks on the prep school lawn and disappear again into a summer's bliss of staying out sleeping in and getting drunk with my friends that's gone and i know that it won't ever come back i accept i won't cling to what i had in the past but life's a slippery slope, regret's the steepest hill hope for the best, plan for the worst and maybe wind up somewhere in the middle and i'm not saying that i know what i want but i know what i don't, don't want to rot in my room and never know what could have been believe what everyone else tells me is true yeah, they say 'true' that's what they say

You Fuckin' Did It

You fuckin' did it You really did it yeah You fuckin' did it You fuckin' did it You fuckin' did it You really did it yeah You fuckin' did it You fuckin' did it all those who are hangin' round the water cooler will never believe how you tackled the thousand puzzle pieces and you could see it before we completed it before we made it whole how you put it all together with a blindfold you're like a long game token that keeps the game goin' but your claim to fame is how you like to lay low out of the lime light which can hurt your eyes if you're not careful you'll become another devil in disguise but you watch your back you watch your back you're growing eyes in the back of your head to prevent another sneak attack sneak attack you must be keepin' secret weapons in your fanny pack you're like my laughing gas you got the cat to dance you're like Lance on a mountain in the tour de France you got a wing span spanning the globe you got gold and you're teaching us to let go you're a wise old owl when you're the cat's meow if this were twelfth grade you'd be my cap and gown if this were India then you'd be a sacred cow and I'd bow down to you so grateful to the gods for making you [CHORUS] you'll be standing up for the equal right of the American people and you'll be meeting all the influential seekers with a similar dream you've got a front seat saved that's emblazed with your name and a super hero cape on you see the future as a sky full of possibility with a spryness of mind and a psychic ability you probably won't die at the hands of an enemy and not in a den of inequity You're not the average Joe you're not the average Jane you're not above or below but you're never just plain you never take no personally and any time you get stopped you try another way could we settle for a kiss without a cease and desist if they ask we won't tell 'cause we're activists i am that I am and you are that you are and we're all that is how p-e-r-f-e-c-t your a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e be [CHORUS] [SKATING] When you circumnavigating the turntable call and attracts like you be jumpin' in the water you be makin' a splash you be keepin' your heart beat going and keepin' the harmony going well there's an awful lot of music styles you could play well there's an awful lot of tastes an awful lot of dates you could be on you be keepin' your back bone strong and be keepin' the trombone blowin' well every friend of mine will give each other high-fives when your beautiful mind is to your own devices you do what you like and you always like what you try you touch me like an iPhone application move me like a smooth jazz music station doin' what you do in the way that you choose to do them oh my god you're quick to be so quotable damn you got a way with words you got a magical handshake for saving the earth you are a generous man you are so awesome it hurts and you are a-w-e-s-o-m-e [CHORUS] you are a-w-e-s-o-m-e you are a-w-e-s-o-m-e you are a-w-e-s-o-m-e you are a-w-e-s-o-m-e you are a-w-e-s-o-me


Genius "Beneath the Surface"
[GZA] Bobby said, Fuck spendin 50 on a whip, buy a clip Mental flip, got a thousand tracks thought on a chip Said he had mad toys to make noise You split and separate drums like asteroids The concerned producer sampled this question Hit him with the beat for the answer, with extra compression When sound travel, it quickly grab you and equalizes the pitch up, until it have you Bugged out, tryin to think you can match this The portrait's too graphic Panaramic view for you, stamp Wu The feature gothic, the outcome will be catastrophic We wrote block-tic checkpoints on your next joint and who the nigga you annoint? 700 volts on the track to slay Murderous wordplay displayed, for killin cascades Throwin bullets in the air to test wind and which way the cyclone spins Counter on clockwise, still civilized Kill spies on the wall, that still flies all dies [Masta Killa] Give no extension on the lynchin It's tension if the name of the Clan is mentioned It's the aura that's felt, that causes one to flash his gun and reveal how he really feel, confirmed He'll never live after the show, see the promoted for the dough I'm takin, breakin his wax Throw my shit on to perform my selection from the Swarm Day 2 breaks, it's a stormy Monday My ninjas lay in revines and ditches Underneath shrubs and leaves They breathed thru underwater reeds The enemy walks above, Clan remain subterranean mud Off shore banks, tanks approach the location Bombarded by the circle of death formation Telecom lines are sniped from these low altitude strikes Shatterin bulletproof helmets with scrap nail fragments of cell, inhale these venomous thoughs that I propel thru the north facility, the city must suffer at the hand of the Chief's command, volts is in At 3 minute intervals the heat intenses deadenin the power from electrical fences Defences are down, shake a nigga up, bounce him off the sound [Interlude: Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man] You know what I'm sayin? The God ca-diver, in the streets of Iris. We talk about sex, money and drugs. (Ruled by power.) And y'all cats don't know what it's about. (Love and power.) It goes deeper than what you see on TV. Killah Priest, come on. [Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man] Burnin desire, ebony eyes Painted toe nails, legacys die Drivin by the well, egyption queens, arabian shieks are paid to knock off rich kings, for the joy some sing Graveyards filled with scarlet widows, who stabbed they husbands Sleepin on silk pillows, blood on they robes Disguised as beggar in cheap wool clothes Lambs and wolfs in black hoods, pull out they gats like magic wands, castin spells, sendin niggaz to Hell Trappin they souls in realms, baptize em with holy water Springin on the heads of plenty witches' daughters Interviews with the richest reporters Silent nights over the dividers, a 1000 muslim bibles for the cobler, hebrews flee to the hills of Masada for the love of God, guns make a loud sound I'ma show you how thugs get down Shoot outs, bullets turn into bloodhounds and hunt you down Cursed nation, lost generation X-Files, describe them in the future as cosmic rulers Fallen angels from space intruders Dyin saints, blood spilled on the floor like wet paint See it in the pictures, read it like the lost scriptures Dissolve it with your 100 proof liqour [Njeri] Ha, I shot the sheriff and the deputy secondly Threatenin the lives of those who threaten me Lessenin my chances of defeat by predeterminin the victory As taught by Sun Tzu in the chapter, after the third one I heard my words shall be bombed, regardless to anything or anyone I die by the gun, my life has just begun Thought I was livin all along, but I was wrong This long road I have to travel in countless battles These filthy snakes with poison fangs and rattles Kings, queens and pharoahs change to cattle I'm able to subtract the devil's arrow Singin at his eyes on the sparrow, mind narrow 2 positions, horoscopes and tarots Hark harolds, angels and Christmas carols Raven images hang from the mantels Man made slaves and modern day babbles Raw from Africa and golden ropes and sandles by wicked thieves and vandals who man-handled us with leather whips and burnin candles and rambled thru our castle, leavin niggaz shambles Stole our golden sodas like some arab camels We gazed, amazed and baffled as he loaded his ammo with to the barrel and blasted out our bone marrow We went to Gretal and the Hansel, tricked by this wicked jackel Children of my grand old daddy, have me In mind were they lost in this wilderness blind?

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