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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Music For Earthworms


Original and similar lyrics
[looped sample] It's like antisocial hazardous portion organically nourished couraged to flourish and muses often Lunged nicotine dream missing languorous Caution we proclaim until brain's off like Sagittarius Shield. Yield to the eye mescaline killer veals Stonegates marching moodily until plural styles immaculated beautifully. Rudely awoke. Sing rumble blue conglomerates sucking up lung while brushing parasitic critics to my left side. I test glide kamikaze crashed to thoughtless on my preface. The therapeutic unit recommended. Now slow-mo Quasimotos teeter on ringleader status while I spit satellite photos while teetering on the stratus. Sleepwalking the atlas after none. Trudge and nudge my ninety-nine octane brain to one-oh-one. Run to organize my mood like quarterize my wound and climb up. Lovely samaritans line up like bar codes for a fraction of my factions. The hollow of his hand beholds contraptions via Amplified files collapsed in cacophonic conquest. My specs up. More postille and docile insubordinance your phylum. Chordata asylum swarmed your coordinates. Rush. Must not sleep, must warn others. I'll tourniquet your turbulence then trample on your stutters. If I could displace every vagrant in America with traces of my character the Earth would be a more pitiful habitat. With infinite acres of auto-cry eight can aid ya. Swung open the nomenclature to obscure wool-lock trickery. Pure Has not got tossed back by liquors supporting patience, working knuckles for audio duplication. That's like fiending for a purpose. [looped sample] Aesop Rock, prototype Robocop Jabberwocky rocking on the highest hilltop. I possess two siamese styles that's like connected at the mic hollering monstrous. Poly-tech impeded indidgy progress, deaf, Swept off your meridian. It's operation Start With a Slummy Raped Your Milk and Honey. Can I like, conjure up like all potent components of like, Middle siblings scribbling on his lonesome like, Hit him with my ninety-nine metal plated mics upon the wall, take them down, pass them round, rock them all. Bust it. I'm forever building my City of Lost Children ripping rungs off your ladder at a Sardonic smirk. Ebonics lurking where the crop circles got stamped out from the rain dance. Tsunami rain blast tipped off like origami frames and sloppy braincasted class-a-piece mastered to capture your flag then flutter. While slaves defy water, start roofing paper bags. The magic-maker dragging devils to add triple sixes melted triple glitches on your console. I calibrate my mics prior to claim and shit is rockable. Unlock and pull a backdoor for the bounce. While cannily panicking was the average. I broadcast modern boredom mesozoic poetry pupils. Caught up in scruples from the inimical nature of my program. Elegant, the overcast password cursed on a tactless bastard, catatonic until personal practice mastered. [looped sample]

What We Do...

FREEWAY "Philadelphia Freeway"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z) [Freeway] Man if I get rocked, this shit for my kids nigga It's that real shit... [female singer, repeated throughout the verses] Even though what we do is wrong... We still hustle 'til the sun come up Crack a 40 when the sun go down It's a cold winter Y'all niggaz better bundle up And I bet it be a hotter summer, grab a onion Yes the ROC gets down, you hot now, listen up Don't you know cops' whole purpose is to lock us down? And throw away the key But without this drug shit your kids ain't got no way to eat, huh? We still try to keep Mom...smilin'... Cuz when the teeth stop showin' and the stomach start growlin' Then the heat start flowin' If you from the hood I know you feel me ([Jay-Z:] Keep goin'...) If a sneak start leanin' and the heat stop workin' Then my heat start workin' I'm-a rob me a person Catch a nigga sleepin' while he out in the open...and I'm-a get him ([Jay-Z:] Keep flowin'...) We gotta raise our kids while we livin' Make a million off-a record bail my niggaz outta prison Fuck a Bentley or a Lexus just my boys in the squadder Nigga talk reckless then I hit 'em with the Smif 'n... But I'm never snitchin' I'm a rider If my kids hungry snatch the dishes out ya kitchen I'll be wylin' til they pick me outta line-up... We keep the nines tucked, chopped dimes up, rap about it Wyle out, fuck niggaz up, laugh about it I'm not tryin' to visit the morgue but Freeway move out 'til I sit with the Lord 'Til I...get my shit together, clean up my sins Freeway got it in like 10 in the mornin' And I can get it to ya like 10 while you yawnin' mang... Still deliver the order mang! And I ain't talkin' bout chicken and gravy mang! I'm talkin' bout bricks 'o ye-yo, halves and quarters 4 and a halves of hash you do the math Swing past us scoop up your daughter She wanna roll wit' a thug that rap, you do the math He won't blast 'til my stacks in order mang! [Jay-Z] ...MANG! Lemme get 'em Free Hove never slackin' mang, zippin' in the black Range Faster than the red ghost, gettin' ghost wit' Pac-Mang One-time know a got a knack to get that change Leader of the black gang, R-O-C mang Bang like T-Mac, ski mask air it out Gotta kill witnesses 'cause Free's beard's stickin' out Y'all don't want no witness shit, we squeeze hammers mang Bullets breeze by you, like Lousiana mang... But I gotta feed Tianna mang... So I move keys you can call me the Piano Man Rain...sleet, hail...snow man Slang dough, E, hydro man... [Beanie Sigel], B. Sige in the third lane Gramps still prayin' workin on my nerves man... Like, Son you gotta get your soul clean... Before they blow them horns like Coltrane... But still I cry tears of a hustler Wipe tears from my mother, pull out beers for her brothers... That's above us, make beds for the babies Tuck kids under covers, buy cribs for their mothers Shit I'll probably be wylin' with their fathers Tell Ms. Robert, tell Enijah that I'm ridin' for her father That's like my brother, like same mother different father Any problems dog know I got 'em And still we grind from the bottom Just to make it to the bottom sold crack in the alleyways Still gave back Marcy a Dollar Day Real gangstas make hood holidays They ain't thank us but we still paid homage mang Soul Food Sunday lookin' like Big Momma's mang Tell the gang I never break my promise mang...mang...unnh!

Praise The Lord

Everlast "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
You know it's Whitey And the deliquants I say it's Whitey And the deliquants But you know it's Whitey And the deliquants (???) Watch me rock these sounds from the polo grounds To the sunset strip like an acid trip I'll flash it back on ya runnin' up on ya I was born in Hempstead raised in California Mister entrepreneur I rock the shot that's sure I need a dime plus more I sip the fine liquor I want the cash in hand and the beach front land And I get loco from Acolpoco to Japan Mr. Whitey Ford gets terrain explored You perpetrate that Ford you must be out of your gourd It's time to make like Greg Nice, kid, and praise the Lord Keep the faith, smoke an eighth Until you stack the papers all up in my safe Commence the motivate, assume an altered state I'm killin' your whole wack show like I'm Edgar Allan Poe With the psychotic thriller, no peckerwood iller Than this freckled-face man with the farmer's tan If I can't bomb on you I'm bombin' on your man CHORUS Some get the shit, sugar, some get the stains Some get the muscles, baby, some get the brains Some get the powers, love, some get the papers Some catch the vibes and some catch the vapors Better... Praise the Lord keep keep the faith (X4) I say roll to the rock, rock to the roll Whitey Ford brings the devastatin' mike control Like Derryl McDaniel, a 100 G venue The tip's get clocked, baby, the bond's get stocked My style gets rocked just like doors get knocked With legendary status like my name's Lou Brock And my lazairre sounds be shakin' the grounds Huntin' down crews like packs of bloodhounds Snatchin' off crowns and meltin' 'em down I once was lost, see, but now I'm found Amazing grace, how sweet the sound And when the saints come marchin' in (keep the faith) I'm especially (???) alpine white, classic rapper's delight All these shorties pullin' tools 'cause they know they can't fight I bank my selections on worldwide connections So get the seven digits, baby, never burn your bridges CHORUS (X2) Some get the shit, sugar, some get the stains Some get the muscles, baby, some get the brains Some get the powers, love, some get the papers Some catch the vibes and some catch the vapors Better... Praise the Lord keep keep the faith (X6)

Niggas In Trouble

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
[Mac] Yeah, yeah, big Mac and the B.G. You can't see me It's like that in 96 y'all U.P.T. connect Keepin' it real Give em a lil respect We doin' it just like that [Mac] Feel the wrath of a solja, the Crescent City Jesus I pack a tre-deuce, got a army bout the size of Babe Ruth We hit em Rugged even if it's unplugged for thug lifers We be the niggas leavin' slugs in ya crime cipher Got the town locked with underground stock Around clock workers to serve us Responsible for many murders I left your town with all the gold pieces Shoot the Sheriff to assure my family's convict releases Payin' witnesses to hold they breath, Non-cooperation is only death, and no this ain't a phony Tec I'm in a limo full of blow niggas But I'm never high cuz a leader gotta be up on his toes nigga A trail of cops is followin' we start to swallowin' the evidentials Keep supplier's name confidential Crooked cops started buckin' at us Made a turn to a dead end, but froze cuz the cops had us I grab the Tec and started buckin' back Cuz I'd rather take half the force out before they pump a slug in Mac The head shot took me under I fell on my back, the last scene is his pale face and badge number [B.G.] Came in the clear, slide it in, cock it back Plot it out, I put me an extra one in That's eighteen in tha 9, I'm ready to discharge That's eighteen for that ass, tryin' to play hard Got the fat bullets, with the dent in the front They get sent when you duck when I hear from the blunt Nigga don't let me get that first draw, and I'ma toast ya I'ma shoot'cha in the jaw first, then get some more You know I bust heads, gotta jack it like a brand new car I got the bulldog sendin' niggas to the mall I send death threats, and then I fulfill em Two hoes think they'll survive trial bein' a witness but I'ma kill'em My nine milli is the nigga on side of me Hollow points is for devils that wanna follow me Try to swallow me under Providence Memorial Park, I'm too smart to be caught, I'ma snort what I just bought Take a ride With the chopper lookin' for the robber on the other side I'm so high, and the motto Uptown is do or die Let's make it happen, think of an action Fuck rappin' I'm cappin', fuck yappin', gimme no dappin' Pull out the strapin' and start bustin', Show me you bout buckin' or duckin' Cuz I'm sendin' 17 slugs I'm a thug All about sellin' drugs, nigga you get plugged Get out tha way, start the race, it's a big paper chase You get the taste of the chopper strikin' you in the face Get out the way on tha double, I bust ya bubble I'm behind the trigga, so niggas in trouble [Mac] T-Shirts and white caprices, my Daddy used to call him Jonny I never thought the snake muthafuckas would be behind me They took a shot nearly blind me Eyes rolled like a zombie, my life started seemin' timely I can't believe it, Officer Friendly, he put a slug in lil' McKinley I'll be a memory, but I ain't havin' it Fightin' for my life, the people grabbin' it Just enough strength to pull the trigga once more I hit his cabbage and he dropped like the Valujet I heard a nigga say he wasn't dead yet They should have never said that My life came back, like some supernatural shit I stood up, and took the bullets they was hittin' me with Grab the dead cocked glock out the holster Pointed at the rest of them and said muthafucka I'm a solja You can't kill me They said we'll see I said nigga feel me, and hit em with the nine milli, ya heard me? I took my vest off, and threw it on the pavement You never see the Mac's assassination, nigga it's like that [B.G.] Get out the way or get caught up in serious gun slangin' Cuz the shit that I'm bringin' leave a busta brains hangin' Cuz I ain't half steppin', when I come for the chop I clock, meal, and rob, Black Connection is the mob That I'm married to, TRU to life real niggas Young niggas comin' down wit shit you could feel niggas Peel niggas wig off, soft nigga play hard But I see through you muthafucka I pull ya card Representin' I war and die for this rap game It's the only thing I know besides hustlin', so I do my thang Done crossed the line wit niggas I thugged with We run blood out'cha body, nigga we thugs, shit So give us respect because we comin' direct Totin' Tecs in the projects that leave a nigga wet Baby Gangsta attacker watch my back for the jacker Then Blacka tryin' to attack and release the ratta-tatta Leavin' lifeless? No, never I reverse the game in a double, I bubble To overflow nigga, niggas in trouble

Truly Yours

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Road to the Riches"
I run rappers like races cut them like razors Burn them like lasers and stun them like phasers Cause my brain thinks and it blanks your memory banks Sharp as shanks and poetry is like a cleat hanks Give me a pen a typa writer then I'll cut your whole posse into gingerbread men With diction sparked from friction Plenty of dope like the pope cause it's a G Rap prediction Tower going outer space, louder bass Replaces the weak rap race Ashes to ashes, flashes of smashes and crashes Another big man bashes Fright, it's a silent night but it's a violent fight My talent might explode like dynamite Lyrics blast out or leave it will cast out Fast and at last all rappers passed out Wax the vocal tracks all out like whistles Clear like crystals, loud like pistols Here to get it straight for the ‘89 era This is a killer G In a trilogy of terror Uh Yeah Lightning and thunder, rappers going six feet under Kool G Rap makes you wonder No blunders or mistakes, this takes hard concentration Effort, for the method, meditation Visions of light, collisons, tight decisions Suckers'll end like divisions Listen I'm like a seed from a demon, a blessing from an angel Way more mysterious than Bermuda's Triangle Riddle fit to hit, put together bit by bit Like a do-it-yourself kit Then I'll hold your soul on a remote control So-called MC's will freeze so cold Then get viewed and examined in a test tube If you're a square, you freeze into an ice cube Talent switches, words to riches You get stitches, rhymes are wicked like witches Horror, terror, pain, rip like a hurricane Freeze like cocaine, or you get a smoke brain G Rap, Polo, Doc the Butcher all together We're forever The trilogy of terror

It's Nothing

[JD] So So Def [1 - JD] For me to flip my dough, ice out the dashboard All you Range Roves, it's nothing [Da Brat] So put jams in the tens and pent Leave a millon dollar footprints, shit, it's nothing [JD] For me to get any chick and trick off bricks and Keep making hits, it's nothing [Da Brat] For me to lose a G and bet back three And let it stack, you know me [JD] It's nothing [JD] Flat shows, up all gold to watch This for show, I connect all the dots Seen a lot of men, seen what I've seen Been where I been, do you even think about Coming hotter than You could find me at the T top, C T gray Wit a girl no top, just blowing away, HEY! I make that, get you real pissed off Seen a chick first time throw a trick off That Mark McGwire, outta the park big-time Don't matter what it cost, just get it, get it Like gray flow, like gray dough Wrist, ears, neck, light gray glow Make dreams come true, C.R.E.A.M. come through Flows that don't like bass sing My Boo Make ladies jump outta they panties and bras JD, babe ro, the Wizard of Oz [Repeat 1] [Da Brat] Since we got every motherfucker wantin' to dance now Get in the pants now, see me with them down, diggin' down I live with it, do what the fuck I wanna Da Brat bitch get drastic all by my lonesome Don't come on real to miss, know from feeling this shit Out done cuz we outnumbered your clique Who's that pushing that six? See that name on the plates? The chain? The wrist? Hit the parties and the clubs in the Mercedes that bump my shit Switch from trick to thug, a hundred percent pure bitch Ice style, four clip, wish a nigga would slip, lights out If a nigga ain't got four cents, I don't drop hints Straight to the point, tell him I'm the hot kid about to rock this joint Make they jump out they boxer draws And I'm Da Brat, baby, and this is for all y'all [Repeat 1] [R.O.C.] Yeah, yeah, now who can serve this crew is nervous? You broke by mistake, we rich on purpose What the word is, you heard this sober, the R O, uh You know what? Hold up, stop the beat R O C nigga, now drop the beat Got to be, glittery, hoes opt to me Jittery, drop and give me head complimentary Up the flow, documentary of a ghetto prolific, oh so gifted Wanna floss? ROC break your bank with the inner heart the females I come across Close your mouth hon, I run Come across the top lip of you whores like a Got Milk? Billboard Young mack, want that, kick back, for the flicks Stack chips, stack tricks, is you wit that? [Repeat 1] [JD] So did we make y'all rock? For me to make y'all rock For me to make y'all rock Shit, it's nothing For me to make y'all rock For me to make y'all rock For me to make y'all rock It's nothing Ahh

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