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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Labor Days

One Brick

Original and similar lyrics
[Aesop Rock] I start my city with a brick (one brick) Then add another brick (two bricks) Brick by brick, I manufacture homes for fallen angels I ain't no great Samaritan, that's just the way the game goes Respect the polars but acknowlege middle-value rainbows My snout turned up from dream factory eyelids Slingin bottled prosperity for the kamikaze colonels Yeah rocks the match that burned the Nazi journals And plottin verticals amidst blatantlly horizontal Models then swallowed by famished potholes And I'm tired Tied up on these functions Killer cottoncandy clouds and huckleberry justice league Another knuckle-dragger dungeon breed Run, breathe, sit, bellow Wild Aes scream through your style to hear the echo Aight then, flinch for the great granddaddy payback When Little Billy bought a Tugboat Now he thinks he's Captain Ahab Facist takes for the pegleg's birds and eyepatches Learn that lesson, you'll be swashbuckling with the best of them Wonder why you wept over spilled milk And got your crayons wet, the room reaks of a thousand bayonettes I'll fision vision with a lie longer than your most walked meridian Connecting life with that little species of midians We've now officially scraped barrel bottom Aesop Rock an Apple to the core but ya'll ignored him I know a planet made of porcelain And once I get tired of holding this gavel up Ya'll prayer circles met him up born again I ain't too good for tap water Play Taps out of order For a ballad, corpse a dead man walkin You can lead a man to a city but that don't assure civility You can beat a man to death with Aesop Rock bootleg cd's (That's more fun anyway) Some cats Float, some cats don't I speak in Farenheit and burn off colon lyric Diss blatant harassment, spit honor, whistle fearless Don't dismiss the billygoat appearance for that common sheep Chorus*Aesop overlapping Illogic, fading in and out of each other* [Aesop Rock] Platforms have been erected Effigies built Slogans coined, songs have been written Rumors have been circulated Autographs faked The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape Moving boxes have been worn out Mantlepieces dusted Idols idolized, the sands have been shifted Curtains have been closed Sleepers all waked The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape [Illogic] *overlapping Aesop, fading in and out* Now with my trusty paperclip I picked locks of thoughts vault Finding the God in barren The harvest fruitless Only the Tree of Life flourishing Wanting to take a bite but I'm toothless Is that, predestination or is it by design? That I'm trapped in time sand Show radio mission control but for my rhymes Man cuz I can like aluminum And I recycle my consciousness This is just a note For any action or lack thereof as a consequence [Illogic] Wingless angels Stroll a top shapeless cottonballs With halos in your syringe Celestial ground is found broken Exposing a bottomless depth Where heartless spines awake to devour The small piece of your soul that's left You're immersed in sound floating Aimless destination Drop anchor to gain stability Stare out potions, restrain fertility Pedestal talk is a token Soaked in pockets with lives, topics, lack conceptual, ridicule The night breathes but light's choking Darkness occupies the throne Where poems are persecuted The purity at times dilluted Rhymes are executed For genre I'm told when has-beens attempt To cause heat to rise and wonder why they're trapped in cold Life's an oragmi box and I'm hidden within the fold So when the yarn unravels, I won't be caught by surprise And as society's fabric of orthodoxes dismantle I'll see you embracing the pentagram within this crucifix disguise See when the canvas stands before me I'm compelled to spill a vision For the sinners that listen, I got three spikes and a thorned crowns It seems I need a new soul cuz mine is worn down But from the pregance of my hardship was born style Still my pen bleeds and stains the paper with thought Finding me lost among statues and mainstream idols Browning in melted ice to reinforce that breath is vital If your father and his father were fish out of water You must break the cycle How many times must a plant be uprooted for it to die? When it's smothered with lies that abolish the potency of the sky So when the stars burn out and God replaces the bulbs With a million watts And throws the switch, sparks filament Hurting new giants and flocks I stand my own two aura illuminated in red Showcasing the agony held within this welded spirit Sacrificing itself for the health of a masocistic culture Yearning for the truth that we speak but refuse to hear it Chorus

Lyrical Gymnastics

Big Daddy Kane "Daddy's Home"
[Kane *singing*] Do you know, what you're goin through Do you like this style of rap that I'm showin you The way I flow for you.. do you know [Kane *rapping*] Yeah baby c'mon Ah baby baby c'mon, check the rhyme to the song Uhh, aw yeah baby c'mon Ah baby baby c'mon, and check the rhyme to the song One double nine to the four, gotta keep em on the floor and put some real lyrics back in the hardcore What I'm used to hearin, I can't believe it's gone But now just like a grill inside Burger King, the beef is on When I come, rappers begin to speak in degrees I even make Sisters With Voices _Weak in the Knees_ So run for your lives, Kane with the pen is like Freddy with the glove full of knives Who wanna test these skills, come see how it feels I pull you one verse, if that don't kill I got refills You can't do me none, kid you gets nothin If my rhymes was in braille, you still couldn't touch em Man, I'm a bad cat, my style of rap is mad fat And you know, sometimes it's so sad that Rappers today be comin as the gangster rhyme type And be so soft, they wouldn't even kill time right Here's the news, you lettin the word hardcore be misused You ain't never paid dues Be for real, you ain't tough yet The razor bumps on your throat is the only thing makin you a ruffneck Your whole image is a dammmmmmmmn sham I'm glad in this business I didn't forget who I am I always remain the Kane inside a battle *singing* Never to walk in anyone's shadow I do my own thing, I do a thing of my own And with my competition I let it be known that battles I don't lose none, boy you get bruised son Six million ways to die -- choose one! My rap style is like a poisonous vemon We might as well be havin sex, the way that I put it in em And do I crush MC's - are you kiddin me If rappers were grapes, I'd have a whole wine distillery So, I bring it to your face, with the bass, then I BLOW a rapper off the map, with the rap, when I FLOW then hit you with the skill that is ill, and I KNOW that all of this is good to go, cause yo that's the way the flavor always come The rhymes they flow accordin to the drum The Brooklyn style caue that is where I'm from You want the funk so let me give you some I flip on the flow on the track, just like that Amazin the people the style of the rapppin, is quite fat I'm lickin the lyrics and shootin the gat, on the mic black And this is for all of the rappers that like, and they bite that The Smooth Operator is mellow with the saxophone Settin the tone that make the girls relax and moan Cause all the ladies I'm givin em lots of love Hittin more skins than a boxing glove, good God The girls treat me like the drummer and give me some From tall to short to thick, even the slimmie ones Watch out Goldie! Gimme a forty ounce of Olde E and none of you players can control me You get the chance to see a true mack man with skills to pay the bills, to make more stacks than taller than anybody else's stacks it seem Cause the Kane get more paper than a fax machine The unforgettable, rhymes are too poetical Keep rappers in order more than letters put alphabetical And I hope the record consumers don't believe the magazine rumors Cause Kane is makin a comeback, like Puma's! I get rough G, and set it on your whole damn company and Bogart, like my name was Humphrey When I get through, there'll be no more of them As many rappers I burnt, I should open a crematorium I make mad MC's give me my P's If you try to disrespect, kid you can get these N-U-T's, like the U-N-V's I leave you down on your knees, down on your knee-heeees! Razor sharp, many ways of art Source rings the chart, people praise the God for kickin the flows so fantasitic and this one here We're callin it Lyrical Gymnastics Uhh, so baby baby c'mon Aw yeah baby c'mon, and check the rhymes to the song Uhh, ah baby baby c'mon Suki suki c'mon, and I'm gone!

I Got A Right Ta

COMMON "Electric Circus"
[Common] Yeah! Hah! Yeah, we got, come on Y'all cats know the abstract nigga with the attitude Pass the booze, and let's build on it I'm rolling in a Cadillac with the grill fronted I ain't even smoke no mo' but I feel blunted Yo I'm tokin on the freedom Stepping to the A.M., cats be tokin in the P.M. Tell the players I'm the G.M. Told my team let me get my plays straight, I'ma feed them They need me like I need them See the streets is bleedin Had to meet with my mind and to be defined and Stay on my climb I'm grind - ing, 'til I get blue balls Everyday, same shit new star Don't make me act like where I come from because he grew tall There's a place that to run from it if you neu - tral Hustlers and vogues, customers and smokes I kiss the sky feeling high off the stuff that I wrote [Chorus (x2)] I want to ride in my car, smoke my weed Keep my head high, let the chrome spin I got the right to feel hood I got the right to feel high I got the right to feel hood I got the right to feel high [Common] I'm the only cat in hip hop that can go into a thrift shop Connect, get up to the ghetto and get props If you gonna get that kick-a-box Make sure that not If you gonna get that glock don't be scared to big shot Hip Hop is changin, y'all want me to stay the same Sorta like Barkley on how I see the game I recognize game like a scout Ayo, I'm bound to wreck your lady as I turn your lady out I ain't about that Messing with no other man's women Because of jealousy then a man go under Understand a man and his mental Listening to Joan Mitchell With the fan and the window Can it be so simple then I rock Rockports, you rock Timberlands I want a Rover, but I'm thinking long range I ain't switch over, I just made my own lane [Chorus] [Common] Like a pimp to a hoe I connect to the track I feel it in my neck and my back A thug came to me, said it changed his life Said the love of his life, he used to bang to the light I'm trying to do better I ain't claiming Mister Right I'm a grown man, I'm too old to fist-fight I stay on point like trick dice Tweeking like the sound man who need to switch mike Sounding bitch like I know the block is hot, but we just can't get ice When our children's children sit nice I sing the song to make the fiend's strong King Kong ain't got shit on me I train days to rip emcees, I'm peaking But I still gotta get that cheese You on some monkey ball damn chimpanzees Mobbin through the Chi-Town to feel the breeze yo [Chorus]

Livin' The Life

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
(Puff talking) Yeah, the game of life In this game it's not whether you win or lose But how you played the game Come on (Stylez) Everything involves The Lox Ask the niggas with the money in the safe And the cats on cell blocks Car parked in the lot Door is locked And the only time the phone is blocked is when home is hot I announce the bounce Smooth like an ounce Blow more ways than one Y'all niggas count One Mississippi - you can't get with me Two Mississippi - you never gon' hit me Three Mississippi - can't no bitch trick me Four Mississippi - won't no dog sick me Five Mississippi - we in Mississippi Twenty deep in the block Real niggas rock with me Blazing, reving in the black 9-11 Lox out of sight like Michael Knight and Kevin Living dead Hoes giving head to the Feds Catch him with the calico Light him up in bed Chorus x2 (Stylez) Livin' the life, either you rise or fall It's a two-way street be large or small Livin' the life, either you die or ball It's a two-way street be rich or poor (Sheek) My niggas order parts for cars like motherfuckin' pizza For years While you get all yours from Sears What!? Nigga even my guns be Ger-man Links, Cu-ban Rugs, Persian Now we can take this another level Pa-Pa And simply bust your pinata you hot-sa Lox take blocks Turn 'em into Fort Knox Cake wasn't blowin' here Till we started going there What!? I ain't hateing you cause you's a little richer But you old and I'm young, so that mean I think quicker When bitch drunk I'm bent up I bounce with the land blow (?) Pump the missile Black berry molassi Flossin' with the bad mama sita My chi-ca Be ten cent Job with the government Tap the Fed line So when they raid I'll be lovin' it Chorus x2 (Jadakiss) I swear under oath no bullshit will any Lock take Cause we stop drama like anti-lock brakes High stakes Politic, pies and cakes Real niggas do dirt, tell lies, then skate What up son? What you bullshittin' bout now huh? Where we from? Don't matter cause we gettin' it done Land Rover, double sun roof Bulletproof Tangaray and grapefruit Got me hurlin' on my boots Man please Spit it out, twist the trees 5-40 I fly when I'm dissin' the d's Deep Dish P. Sip Dom P. with ease First two words I ever learn, cock and squeeze Ain't about that Trying to do without that Makin' niggas fuck up their budget Time to get their paper route back L-O-X three letter word, black mall With every last member of the team on the job Whether ir be controllin' the street Holdin' the heat Really don't matter to me Long as we eat Chorus x2

My Niggas

Kid Capri "Soundtrack to the Streets"
Yeah Uhhh [Foxy] It's time for everybody To get they muthafuckin' minds right Cause it's about to go down Straight like that Oooh Uhhh Kid Capri Ill Na Na And the muthafuckin' L-O-X That's right Chorus (Styles) From the top of New York, where they be poppin' they corks From the bottom of the slums, where they be poppin' they guns Niggas that rock whips and get plenty of one's But niggas goin' hand and hand, are havin' to run The niggas that had cake and got sent up state For the mother who lost the child and had to settle for weight For those who up out the ghetto, but don't know how to skate Guess you gotta live the life that has fallen to fate [Sheek] Aye yo, aye yo Our shit contagious, so ya'll niggas try to quaratine us Ya'll niggas shook up, and all that like Orange Juice is My gun American, but my niggas got foreign enemies Six cars between us, laced out Half my money from the drug route, ya know how that goes We into heavy metal plugs, and slum shit for the nose Is Sheek Lucion, he better ball with a groupie on My python, gettin' sex In hotels with connect the rooms Fill letter walk through on his ex Jadakiss and Styles walk a pound up through a storm Room service, bring 'em champagne with five matts on From most hated, to heavy rotated, forget it Next stop is movies, ya'll check it when Blockbuster get it Cheap-skates, sweatin' off pre-release dates For Money, Power Respect, on platnuim out the gates From Rusell Simmons to Puff, Lox and DMX copped it Big time, we probably shoot this joint up on tropics When we eat fish like whiteies And bitches have all nighties Suckin' dick, me I'm on some jail shit Standing up, jerkin' off, while these hoes see these doubles click Chorus (Styles) From the top of New York, where they be poppin' they corks From the bottom of the slums, where they be poppin' they guns Niggas that rock whips and get plenty of one's But niggas goin' hand and hand, are havin' to run The niggas that had cake and got sent up state For the mother who lost the child and had to settle for weight For those who up out the ghetto, but don't know how to skate Guess you gotta live the life that has fallen to fate [Foxy Brown] Uhh, uhh Bet I salute all chicks that be gettin' them chips Throw it up, for my bitches, that be poppin' that Crist' Specially to the one's, who be ridin' that dick And if the pussy bangin', hope it cop to a stick And all my thorough chicks, who cried and lied for these cats Out of twon, on a hound for these cats, ehh Shit got dick, let 'em ground for these cats And the crocodle Prada, satsh the pund for these cats Me and my bitches got down for these cats Paid our dues, for 62's, taped to the top Seen the truth through the lie, but the bullshit is fine Like a trooper, I put that one the life that I ride Guilty charges, straight copped out the 3-5 Now fucking my crew, suffer and die Maximum 25, baby fuck if I fry It's a ditry game, when it come to slingin' them thangs Bail like a hundered-thou, but the us is more change Shit, i used to trick that from jewels and the rings, huh Chorus (Styles) From the top of New York, where they be poppin' they corks From the bottom of the slums, where they be poppin' they guns Niggas that rock whips and get plenty of one's But niggas goin' hand and hand, are havin' to run The niggas that had cake and got sent up state For the mother who lost the child and had to settle for weight For those who up out the ghetto, but don't know how to skate Guess you gotta live the life that has fallen to fate [Styles] Fred one, for niggas that be bustin' they gun Till the death, what'd you expect for a couple of one's Fred two, for niggas that ain't ever had shit Messed up, locked down, go on and grab shit Fred three, for niggas on lock without a key That ain't never comin' home, but you know how it be Livin' to die, but niggas ain't willin' to die If you bust up in the air, you ain't killin' the sky Feelin' the high, nigga is you willin' to lie You a crumb and you dumb, you ain't stealin' the pie I leave a bloody mess, nigga bigger then me, cut his neck Lox brothers, ya'll niggas is cock-suckers Yellow belly cowards, I want Money and the Power Assassin, you think it's a joke, you'll die laughing Hoppin' out the plane, and only bring the captain Start of a legacy, a hard broke down and start beggin' me Dog I'm a whole different pedigree Take me to the limit, I'm layin' in the cut While you playin' in the scrimage Meet you at the final Lyrically, I'm spiritually, drunkier then a winow Posion, house full of rhyme Bring your boys in Tell 'em take it easy, have a seat on the couch I'm the govenor, ya'll bitch niggas is crowds Take orders, we need passports at the border Transport the water, sheerest corner Fell sick to be hit, but we wasn't the cure Make your ear-drums pop, probably lick drop Eyes slinch up, leaves hit the foor by the time he spits up Nobody gets up Muthafuckas L-O-X muthafucka L-O-X, try this shit Chorus (with ad-libs) From the top of New York, where they be poppin' they corks From the bottom of the slums, where they be poppin' they guns Niggas that rock whips and get plenty of one's But niggas goin' hand and hand, are havin' to run The niggas that had cake and got sent up state For the mother who lost the child and had to settle for weight For those who up out the ghetto, but don't know how to skate Guess you gotta live the life that has fallen to fate

I Miss The Zoo

JOSEPH ARTHUR "Redemption City"
I miss the drunk, I miss the fiend I miss the simplicity of addiction and the scene I miss wandering aimlessly in half dead sewers With rats for eyes chewing on forgiveness and the will to apologize I miss the return of no return as I burn in avalanche of white snow and yellow cocaine I miss talking to brick walls while following the grain And human dolls as I plagiarize myself like a dummy Stuffed with counterfeit money for Cairo and black honey I miss illusions begging to be chased Even as they disappear into me erased Until there is no one or nothing but the chase And a powdery ghost with no face or faith And the woman of my dream disappearing without grace I Miss The Zoo I Miss The Zoo I Miss The Zoo I miss evolving into a cloud of blue marijuana Blown from the lips of hookers and pimps As they smack each other down in alleys for the dammed but mighty With no one but the weak around and the beautiful unsightly I miss numb Neanderthals marching in rows of living dead From my wisdom teeth to Spain and back again in my head I miss salvation in syringes and angels of mercy In blooms of smoke numbing rain which drinks when thirsty I miss glasses full of spirits who without tongues speak to me of napoleons wild nights I miss staying up for days and becoming a psychic pretzel flying kites Chewed on by a Zulu heading with toads to mars A mysterious prison and one without bars I Miss The Zoo I Miss The Zoo I Miss The Zoo I miss waking in the arms of strangers like puppies Just born in the pound to a dead mother with eyes sealed shut Looking for a tit to suck and other dangers When only the night before laughter was the only pursuit Even as knives carved up our backs and demons sat like Buddhas eating fruit Meditating on hate forever in our minds I miss exposing my bones and the need that rewinds Even my burning home, even my gutted inner child Even my dead grandfather beneath the ground that's wild Even my criminal family, even my weedwacker thoughts Whipping a thin plastic string to cut the ears of others as I sing I miss van Gogh's revenge, I miss his nightly binge I miss spiders surrounding my bed and lifting me as if an effigy Or a Dead King or a prophet of doom A Jesus for the apocalypse wearing dirt like perfume Or a mother for Satan or a ghost for all the children of abuse And taking me into the fire watching me burn like a goose As they sing in spider voices There goes creation, there goes the moon There goes the butterfly wanting a cocoon I miss being a bloom and a goon [?] too soon, in the afternoon A doctor of regret Hanging onto guitar strings in tune And hanging by a belt wrapped around some pipe to nowhere and felt My lips too wrapped around what appears to be stained glass As religious figures dress like rocks with class Burn into gas to the center of my brain The euphoria of dying and being born all at once While wearing the hat that reads 'dunce' I Miss The Zoo I Miss The Zoo I Miss The Zoo

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