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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Labor Days

Bent Life

Original and similar lyrics
Yo...I take ten steps with a bedlamped vision, Study the disorders we've absorbed inside the village, I understand the plagues and while they shake hands with my grimace that remains up in my face like top to bottom train car feelings Let's question the ascension of a broken social icon in various domino affects Imma blow this hex over the mission Just to administer the indoor sucker punch for what its pitiful condition. (C-Ray Walz) With no alibi love is used as a guide by the civilized Some see it as the body heat you feel when you close your eyes That's so much of a lie, you can leave you hair dyed and scored you roots As the truth hits your ears begin to cry Why is it like this?! Why the fuck do I care? I don't have the answers, or at least the ones you want to hear City lights look bright groups of fire flies Many see the truth (the proof) only when the liar dies Tires screech to a halt, the ground cries Split sparks speak to the streets The skid marks are replies Read discussions of what we rode through entrenched in the vocals The hopeless stay hopeful (the toxic fumes choke you) As I walk out my door, step into the pollution I breathe in the problems, exhale solutions Physically the situation's hard to stop I had a wicked jump shot and sold crack rock on back blocks Casualties in this apocalypse (street chronicle) abnormal abdominals (push-up phenomenal) Relaxin' drinkin my 6-pack maxing faxing my thoughts on the satellite, via Donahue (push it) Table talk, salt and pepper conversation Integrated sectors, metropolis and mecca It's a conspiracy (you know), I can't lie dukes Sometimes I feel the rats got a better deal than I do. (Aesop Rock) (Chorus) It goes thieves, bandits, lowlives, scum Punks that buckle under the rumble of my drum Steadily searching for something new under the sun But its stagnant, act of developing first of madness It goes thieves, bandits, lowlives, scum Punks that buckle under the rumble of my drum Steadily searching for something new under the sun But it's hurtin', act of developing first of madness (C-Rayz Walz) A new universe in ancient, so I stay patient In a gravel pit, travelin' thoughts and ravelin', pacing Embracing light of America, and found a shade of darkness (underground) The traincar used to be my apartment Sick of people rushin' in the doors before I get out Conductors closing the doors before I get in, I shout The Biz is coming, The Biz is coming! Don't get worried now (We've been in a cold world!) We just getting flurries now? (Aesop Rock) Yeah, it's like slooow dowwn, You're movin' much too fast to bust through the finale fashioned glass It's delicate demeanor and I teach you how to hang But we like 1970 something 20 clicks outside your name (tear obedience) I apologize for the faulty academics but they placed us in a miserable stasis I let bygones be bygones But tryin' to see eye to eye with the face life Just ain't working the way the manual paints it See I soak in a blue not factory While most cats hassle bandits lamping solo And when the last red brick topples over the earth to intercept your crooked little mess I can be found in a social coma directly to you left Engaged in a conversation, a marvel with my breath Regarding how to document the shady baby steps I bounce checks like a modern Sleep with one eye open while the other two drift together specimens from the promised land This' for the thinkers This' for the erchants allergic to they own stingers This' for the absurd verdict linkers This for that cat at my shows that's always got prophetic opinions But can't remember where his drink is. I'm wallowing, shrugging I'm plugging your corporation Cause we alley cats addicted to the sickly warped sensation Answer this: when all that's said and done are you a memorable troop or just a lab rat on the run Choose one (Chorus)

Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)

FUGEES "The Score"
[CLEF] We used to be number 10 But now we're permanent one Wyclef, Preacher's Son, Ichi bang, Listen Mrs. Tin Can I'm your candy handy man Me without you is like American without the Band Stand Cool fellow, dancehall stay mellow, All that guntalk who would have thought you died yellow Damn, another hero wannabe Now he sleeps with his friends in the mortuary Dude, I find it rude, when you intrude, My pistol nozzle hits your nasal, Doo doo comes out your anal Just because your buff, don't play tuff Cause I'll reverse the earth and turn your flesh back to dust. [LAURYN]:CHORUS Ooooh La La La, It's the way that we rock when we're doing our ting Oooh La La La, It's the natural LA that the Refugees Bring Oooh La La La La La La Lalala La Laaah, Sweeeeet Thing [FORTE] I stay high off the Fu-Gee-La Bust when we rush, Through you must, know ruckus Crew got G's like the refu's So F who Ever want to test Bring me stress, West coast back to east, Grab my toast when I reach Truly curvin', swervin, lifestyle is urban, Sippin' Bourbon, surviving We real to keep the word when A boy want fa testthis set Then you get wet-up Just a bit to unprepared to to shoot him fair bet [LAURYN] Fake bullets can't scar me I can smell the weak out like safari Play you out like Atari Sacrifice you Hari Kari And I'm sorry, To every single rapper, Dick and Harry Saying they want to spar me Cause how thick my repertoire And my memoir be Reminding me of eating Calamari in the Khalahari with a band of Rhastafari. Ha Ha Ha Ha, You shouldn't diss refugees, and Ha Ha Ha Ha, You whole sound set's bootie , and [LAURYN]:CHORUS Oooh La La La, It's the way that we rock when we're doing our ting Oooh La La La, It's the remix sound that the Refugees Bring Oooh La La La La La La Lalala La Laaah, Sweeeeet Thing [PRAZ] I sit 90 degrees underneath palm trees, Sitting in the cool breeze in the West Indies Flea to sea, Ship my keys On the Santa Maria, sip Sangria with senoritas (They keep telling me this and telling me that) They smile in my face then they talk behind my back But what they lack is the facts about my stats My rap impact will kill you softly like Roberta Flack [CLEF] 2X Ayo, What's goin' on Armageddon come you know we soon done Gun by my side just in case I gotta rump A boy on the side of Babylon, Trying to front like he's down with Mount Zion.

Walk With Me

JAY ROCK "Black Friday"
[Verse 1: Jay Rock] J-A-Y Rock not Jigga Tryna stack figures I'm that nigga Sitting in a parking lot, truck on sixes Bad bitch with me, got a ass like delicious Listen, I can paint pictures so vivid you would think I got a art degree Walk with me, through my town where them killers dwell Wild, wild Watts Where we sell rocks, shots go off Babies get chalked like hop scotch She fifteen three kids ? Fucking for some Js Stripping for some change Her baby daddy locked in chains And he wanna blow his brains cause he lost his only girl to the game Stress on your brain, it'll kill ya Outta sight, outta mind Tip bottles and roll swishas Detectives at the precincts roll and post pictures while your homie pointing fingers It's a cold world, nigga Walk with me I can show you them ins and outs Stay in the house when them feds is out Yeah, talking on your cellie That'll get you twenty Talking 'bout you got a spot around the corner booming Not only that, niggas get jealous you better watch em Soon as they catch you slipping, then they got ya Hit you with them maracas Stay sharp as Baraka Prepare for the mortal combat Push a button like Obama, drop bombs on ya Hold my mama It's a problem if you fucking with my family or my dollars Ride out in them Impalas Four niggas with four choppers, four hundred rounds Guaranteed heart stoppers [Hook: Jay Rock] Walk with me (walk with me) I can show you them ins and outs I can show you what a real nigga's about Get money, fuck bitches Stay solid, stay sharp, stay, say wise, stay polished Nigga, just walk with me I can show you them ins and out Show you what getting money's about Mind your own, live long Don't be out running your mouth, talk is cheap Niggas'll run at your house Just walk with me [Verse 2: Big Scoob] Walk with me as I journey through the five block The division from the villain for my nigga Rock Ain't much different in my gutter than them Watts gutters The only difference in my gutter: I'm the motherfucker Take shots, call shots, I'm a big shot Run the point, pass the rock, switch the last shot Gutter soldier with a second chance to rock a mic So I'm a give it to you raw how I live my life Corner dweller, rock seller I done seen it all From a small pup all the way to big dog Legendary in these Kansas City gritty streets If I ain't eating there, a motherfucker better eat Bleed the weak, and keep some heat, and trust the liquor bottle Only living for the moment, nigga, fuck tomorrow Without a conscience, I can get dirty Back to talk And I'm hoping that you heard me on this gutter walk [Hook]

See Dem Comin

Gentleman "Journey To Jah"
intro: meanwhile dem a plan jah a wipe out we hold on firm and dem can't get we out no me say dem can't get we out chorus: dem coming to annihalite coming dem coming to tek over dem coming to eliminate but righteous children never a go under (repeat) verse: we view dem level see dem levels dem a devil and dem can't come ya so fi mash up fi we heavens dem a throw dem stones and fling dem pebbles bow down to dem systems and a gwaan like dem a rebel but we stop dem before dem go too far what then we now who you are those meck ten what you have and a pair a tag and a war and a blur and a bla chorus (repeat) verse: polition on their mission ttry fi mash up fi we vision continously no intermission with dem guns and all dem wars dem try fi create a division we nuh go get tricked by dem religion ask dem how do you feel in those cages how do you feel dat you will never live to see certain stages and all those books and those pages you never read them so you caught up in your riches and your rages chorus (repeat)

Summer In The City

ST. LUNATICS "Free City"
(feat. Nelly) [Chorus: repeat 2X] I am the king of the city, top down windows I'm Puffin like Diddy Ridin cause the haters face mad, team gritty Honk your horn twice if your missies lookin pretty [Nelly] Well if you run wit your niggas, then I walk with my killas Mo you will never have woman, yeah as long as I'm the dealer What you feelin (uh) you sure you want some Brought my slums, cats play like rums Money in large sums, navigators and guns Baby mamas wit sons Ain't afraid to let you have it If you trip with their loved ones (you tripled your fare) What I hear most is no, no You best get on your mark, get set, go, go Like Jagged Edge Ieave ya more Def than So So Type of person continue short sit in the front row Get your hands out my pocket You don't want just blow, blow The only bird I get wit more is the doe-doe They be like oh, oh It's what they screamin from the back Hey timber, is when I hit 'em wit the axe Put ya gun away And you might live to see another day Come in head, run and done, bustin like andele [Chorus - 2X] Asked around you got a Range (boy I been had wheels) Aiyyo you think you gotta little change (yeah my dirties love me truly) I remember you use to shoot that thang (ya never knew me) Ya used to claim gangs (uh-huh) [Keyuan] Yo, when I rock Vokal its either Timb's or Nikes When I step in my Prada I'ma rock the ice When the 'Tics do a show I'ma rock the mic Born in 'New Jack City' like Wesley Snipes Drive a SS M.C with racing stripes Runinn two P's of L.G, flip it twice Hang round with cats who bust and they don't think twice Nothing but dome shots no coming back twice All I knew was hustling and rolling the dice Scraping up dimes for whole-orders of China Men Rice Now I sacrificed my life for publishing rights Hoping everything gonna be aight [Murphy Lee] St. Lunatics at the Superbowl Top row gettin super blowed Rams on the 24 second down two to go Now we in the Louis tho It's two below hundred degrees I'm drivin about 103 With a S.T.L hat on Top down holdin a blunt You know I'm smokin wit the windows up I be the young dude Chief into kung-fu, with sun-do Come through, Beenie Man you don't really want to How come you, think you can I'm from the city where the muddy Mississippi might sink you man I'm getting brains in the Range With the brains blown out With TV's, the wood grain and them thangs rolled out [Chorus - 2X] [Big Lee (Ali)] It's like a hot day in July Just bangin when I fool guys It's the credible, edible, federal when I'm high On the hills on the lane 64 Chevy the brains Blown, gone, spread foam, wood, and chrome How you doin mama my name is Lee I be the fabulous M.C you heard of St. Lunatics word up I'm like 'OK', all the sun out Ice down but I still pull a gun out Feel that, bow down It's real rap, verbally peelin cats off da map Turf shake 16 bars of earthquake If I do the whole song boom {*booming sound*} it's Vietnam You see it wrong, so I'ma gone leave you alone Put my mind back on, who I'ma bone and take home Got mine, get cha own - grab a cell call Big Tone Need some Air Max cuz dem boys bobbin like stone, and a... [Chorus - 2X] [Cedric the Entertainer] Ya ready for this, it's Ced let-me-entertain-ya Wassup, representing on wax Talkin on record like P-Diddy I'm just here hollaring for The Kings of Comedy You know too sharp Steve Harvey, Bernie B. Mac Keepin it on the D.L Hugley [Chorus till end]

Red Clay

Slimm Calhoun "Skinny"
(Hook) Have you ever, been stuck in Red Clay Have you ever, been down south this way Cuz niggaz down here don't wanna play Southern Country boys from around the way (Verse 1) Straight to the forefront, never holding back Mr. DJ, on the tracks, so I can't slack In fact I consistently hold more raid than the Gen's army Never said you'll harm me and you protecting your buffoons when alarm me I got you stuck like superglue You had no clue no need for beefing in my stew, I gotta crew to do Dirt hurt you and your flunky Beat you down like junkies That's the high, now we got the munchies Instead of smacking fast mouths I doze, I close, I chose my foes I finger-fuck bitches like hoes So I suppose as many plenty that any little skinny B got enemies we down south drinking Hennessey (Hook 2x) (Verse 2) Hey, back up, break 'em down like a compound Nah, shake 'em up like an earth quake 'til they fall down Then smoke 'em out like a pig in a blanket Yeah, roast his ass like a turkey by banquet See I did more dirt than the old maid Get rougher and tougher than leather but smooth like suede Got the power to crush you like the abdominal snowman Then grind your ass, like glass back to sand As I map out and diagram my hit I'm a calculate the many ways the body can split As I look you in the face and spit I'm gonna watch you fall through this bottomless pit So who you laughing at Jack, cuz the joke's on you Claiming true coming down this way In the coupe like that nigger (what) (Straight out of that south side) (You know we putting it down, come on) (Chorus 2x) (Verse 3) Well, let me get loose and spit my verbal juice On tracks I raps the G stacks and packs we pack mack for those who slack And whack, act, and who you got your back I don't need my boys to bruise you Kick a verse and loose you Hey, booboo, who control your brain like lyrical voodoo That's how I screw you, so who do You want to see Now, Ni you got the most exciting Stevie, believe me So many want to be me From the south side of the A We blaze purple haze in many days And in many ways, crime pays My mind would drive through my way then start to hit you hard like pavement Me and my niggas yeah, we stay bad. Coming through the Y You'll find me locally down south Run your mouth in my house and get tossed out I heard you said we was slow Check the flow I got more in store down south this way we getting paid Where we stay (Chorus 2x) (fade)

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