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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Float

The Mayor And The Crook

Original and similar lyrics
No more pencils no more books I built the city out one brick I had a mayor and a crook I made the crook stab the mayor then slay himself in the guilt I stole the brick back and migrated east, now let's build Every tenderfoot cadet better they be slit-throat percentages Chicken penmanship tied the thirteenth knot (Hangman) I arrange panoramics of a plastic catalogue And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring I'll bring the butterflies and he can bring the centipedes And she'll bring the cadavers set em' free and let em' feed The devil tree penciled me in but I slept thick through my alarm sock Slick Willy hid in the barn while farmer charmed the crops And I'm a warden My tongue is full of glass Because I promised my friend I'd chew up the bottle If he truly drank the poison I'm alienating the mating man to the high ride, base tied Face mine's and make God clones We can manufacture medicine Cut into 5-digit slide clock the essentials in (I'll be a bill collector) My destinies resting with red worms chewin" off the carcass anyway Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray By the way if that diamond ring don't shine That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't neglect the sentiment I'll pedal my tricycle through the f-5 logistics of a twister Soaked in the religions of a nit-picker [Chorus] If I botched the operation I apologize (sorry) The air's rooted in carbon I'm but a mortal archer parked in amber waves of starlets I'm fresh out of Geppeddo's woodwork asylum Cedar frame, wire-bound knuckles Let a tug of the puppeteer steer my hustle Well when a page becomes a squire, re-engage, clap your wings When a noble's demoted hope it don't sucker-punch the colony But when the catapult releases lease your claims behind the bunker And fasten stinger pageant results to the public eye (glory hunter) Is it genuine enough to feel baby felon Negotiate comradery of wills Hows this my little loom Perv surgeon with dirty dominion monitor boxes Hovering inches 'bove pertinent urchin toxins Now y'all ain't excused from table side Till the dinner plates fly Slurping' liquid happy citzen enhancer I got this slicky sycamore head shaker Mimic stitch and splinter entry Thereby filtering citizens hit-man prior to acts descending (tight) Cats know the ambiance calm beyond comparison Captive, passive spring loaded serenity I'm trying to give this city acupuncture Shovin one-way pins in subway systems Stand up where I'm layin, now that a runway vic (push) Made you go batty, spreading spawn legitimate Spice the bishop, sever the ties, splinter the kinship See every now and again I love life but hate to admit it Cause it spreads the jinx on a sleeping cynic [Chorus] I'm quadruple six plus scruples category mayhem stems So one overlooked the scene including loopholes When Christ studies the return ramifications I'll burn the campus to impress him Then rock like medusa glances You ran the final mile before the blanks blow Home alone sippin beetle juice Just to numb and then shimmy the needles loose I built a castle out of fifty-two cards Plus jokers with an image Modern theory jars us while remaining harnessed to the vintage I'm mad at how far this is dishonoring Occam's Razor But it seemed so being fatigued knuckle work (labor) I've patched the little leakage in the shell around my greed In case Tommy Turbulence located the matrix then impedes ...

Onetwothree (1995)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Chorus x2: sample] "One two three Let me you, if you ready for me, lord" [Verse 1] It's the infinite connect Respect what you see as if you praise Donald Chief And understand my plan is to prosper till deceased And let my bank account increase until it over flows In pathfinder jeeps, organized and blunt patrol And never indulge in petty shit that's irrelevant Thousand dollar shopping sprees just for the hell of it Drinkin' daquiri's in the back of caravans And finally got the chance to live my lifestyle advanced And keep my mind clear of poisonous stunts and beams Be deep meditations, now I see where pagans dream And do time, around and get mine So I relax while you stress, try to follow the rest Never the less, I finesse, teach moves like it's my last speech My thoughts on the future, cause it don't equal the past Niggaz steady plotin', your every move we be watching There's no room for error, once you slip, your forgotten A never hasbeen, in a world of frame and fronters Who had to learn the hard way, how disease can take you under [Chorus] [Verse 2] Mall master be coming at you, that nigga that curse alot Shit, I even reverse a rock, I be feedin' ya purse with glocks Rushin' against your garment, daily Hailey Comet, a bomber Punk, you wanna fuck wit funk, have you breathing out ya armpit My guns that weighs the joint, don't even hand a malla' nina Have niggaz tits and too-toos, and on point like ballerinas You can bring ya best to west, found dressed in some rugged shit You blind, ridin' on my dick, don't know who you fuckin' with (From Crooklyn to west side Phil, we keep it real) So if you squeal on the reasons, for these heavens squeezin', the steel Slow subliminal criminals strangle triggers that's identical Mangle bitches that's fly, die with my dick inside ya genitals (Sendin' you through shit you never thought of The don who bust the sawed off So recogize, I squeeze and then ya life lost) [Chorus] [Verse 3] My raw essence is forever present But my team be chasing dreams of cream and digits in the seven The heavens, see my body is soul and ever presence My verbal tecture will bless you with scientific lessons On another plane, it's hard to maintain Cuz my membrane, causes strain within my inner frame The pain, from my people that be involuntary You in this game for this love, dunn, or monetary Forever keepin' the spirit, so like Elijah My verbal fire, will resurrect you like the great Messiah Desire, is like the law of the siren song Arm Leg Leg Arm, my word is bond, so I move on And stay strong like Egyptian Kings Rockin' diamond rings and things that it bring I spread the science, to all the planets, I'm hard as granite You need the knowledge of God, dunn, to understand it [Chorus]

Magdalene Lane

DON MCLEAN "Tapestry"
The angels are lost in the city of stars Wise men are down on their knees And the Fruitman of Freeway will sell you his cars When he's sure that you can't find the keys And the ladies on Magdalene Lane All worship the sun and the sand And the migrants who come can't complain For this is their promised land MGM studios can't make the nut They're auctioning Dorothy's shoes Gable is gone, the good witch is a slut And I've got the parking-lot blues The wizard brought benzedrine smiles And he never let Dorothy doze Ha- she died as she walked down the aisle And all that remains is her clothes Over the rainbow a Kansas tornado Can twist up a little girl's head Aunt Em's on relief and the tin man's a thief And even the wizard can't wake the dead The prophet has come to the kingdom of lights But there's no one to listen or learn And the saviour performs for the prophet's delight While dissenters are banished or burned And the heretics beg to be heard But the saviour's on tour for the week Salvation is found in his word If only he'd learn how to speak! And Lincoln is laughing with Amos and Andy Concerning the great Civil War And Paul Revere sleeps with the worst-looking creeps While revolution's knocking at his door Magdalene Lane is the red-light domain Where everyone's soul is for sale A piece of your heart will do for a start You can send us the rest in the mail For we have our own families to feed And we can't let them starve just for you But we'd rather not watch while you bleed So come back in an hour when you're through It's just another city full of sorrow Makes no difference why I came And I only know I'm leaving here tomorrow And only the motel man knows my name

Welcome To Miami

Pitbull slash Cubone Yo One time for Heavy Management, Baja Pantie Them 6 - 7 Boys Welcome to Miami where them boys used to touch tourists on a daily basis Duck charges therefore hardly caught cases This is a city full of culture and different races Where all the mami's come fully equipped at young ages. With the hurricanes cause even the biggest hurricane couldn't phase us. We got a dome for the Heat that put ya'll to sleep and we carry hits from night till morning Like Marino strong armin' the game but I'm not retiring till I got a championship ring poppin champagne simple and plain check the map and look where we at the bottom, simple as that I'm bringing it back to the fore-front like Luke in the 2 Live Crew days he's the one that's got these mami's going two ways. 'Oye' God bless Uncle Al but knowin him MIA was probably engraved on the tombstone that stands over his grave to this day! HEY So if your visitin our city and your sittin pretty on duce tres or duce fours watch where you park your whip cause they will leave it sittin' on bricks awfully quick. 'Yeah this is for everbody in Miami' 'Put them 305's up' 'It's about to get ugly!' 'Que Vuelta' Welcome to Miami where they Hustle “hey' And they ride duce tres like everyday Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons Where parties don't stop till the next afternoon Welcome to Miami where they Hustle “hey' And they ride duce tres like everyday Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons Where parties don't stop till the next afternoon Westchester and West Miami where the heavy-weighters move to raise their families. South Miami always showed me love them boys from the Creek, Lee Park and THC knew me before PIT. South Miami Heights, Carib Villas, South Wood apartments the Square, Goulds, Naranga, them boys throw dubs on Bangi's. Kendall got them mami's that taste like candy. OT that's where you can catch Piccalo hollerin' 4 LIFE. When I'm downtown I check out the shoe gallery cause Danny always looked out for me. Eddie from 24th Street barber shop, kept me out of trouble, I went from the waterboy to the quarterback in the huddle, callin all the plays I live for, die for Dade. I ride for, lie for, cry for Dade. No if and or buts about it, I'm from Dade. Watch where you hang out in the Grove cause you'll go from havin a grand in hand to layin stiff on Grand Ave. I can't forget Liberty City and those notorious polka beans and Scott Projects where nothings clean, Miami's where we double the money cause of course we triple the beams. If you live for die for this city I want ya'll to represent where your from and throw'em up. 3 0 5 Welcome to Miami where they Hustle “hey' And they ride duce tres like everyday Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons Where parties don't stop till the next afternoon Welcome to Miami where they Hustle “hey' And they ride duce tres like everyday Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons Where parties don't stop till the next afternoon Pitt's that chico from the bottom that's about to take over the rap game that's if they allow him. You know the city of Miami got the country spooked, ya'll got Uncle Sam, we got Uncle Luke. Where the poorest city, according to census report, that's cause they didn't count all the bricks that came through the port. Live by the code die by the code so much cane done came thru this city we named 40th street Bird Road. Who made Opa-Locka? Who knows. All I know is you don't wanna get caught up in the triangle after dark trust me bro, trust me bro Carol City stays Cheifen, Hialeah Mango-hill them chicos stay beefin. Alapatah A.K.A. Dominican town dique cause theres nothing but Dominicans now. And to them little Havana boys that hold me down, bet that up. Wynwood put them up. To all the Haitians from Little Haiti that show me love Sak Passe gracia dios ya llegue. Now I'm on my way to the top bringin the bottom with me. You got a problem with that then obviously you got a problem with me, Pitbull putting it down for our city. Miami. PitBull M.I.A.–M.I. tike to put Miami on the map we on the rise M.I.A.–M.I. Ni**a What? Welcome to Miami where they Hustle “hey' And they ride duce tres like everyday Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons Where parties don't stop till the next afternoon Welcome to Miami where they Hustle “hey' And they ride duce tres like everyday Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons Where parties don't stop till the next afternoon more PIT BULL Lyrics

Sin City

KANYE WEST "Cruel Summer"
[Travis Scott] 10 a.m. it's west side bitch She see the glasses, so obvious Run from home, after tonight we up out of here Don't go home cause they just ran me up out of there All of those drunken nights then fuckin' every night She run her mouth, but can't eat right Don't read between the line and forgot how to be white She smelled the line, baby you know you don't need white Now look what we did now, the cops behind us Ran that red light, did you have to be mindless? SMH, we all know that cocaine killed Abel From the scholar letters devour this She stepped into hell, cause winter got cold Don't look in her eyes, you might see straight to her soul Don't say yes to that good, cause you'll never know Cause we lost in the city where sin is no biggy [Chorus: Teyana Taylor] I'm here with open arms and I gotta Here is where her heart belongs Her heart belongs to me Here is where her heart I'm here and I won't go Without her, this is where her heart belongs It should be here with me Here is where her heart [Break: Teyana Taylor & John Legend] I beg for mercy today They won't take me away Take me away from you Don't know what I would do Don't let us die in vain Don't let them see our pain Wash these demons away Wash these demons away [Malik Yusef] You are all unwelcome to Sin City Yet the population still increases its density And that increases its intensity Which increases the propensity To complicate your simplicity No matter your ethnicity All for the sake of publicity, in this city [CyHi Da Prynce] Huh, bad bitches with ass shots Use a house as a stash spot Lexus coupe with the rag-top I'm in the loop, warm tie like a ascot I used to run with the have-nots Kept the ave hot just so we could have knots A lot of niggaz see they dreams in a glass pot Until the judge throw you in that box and watch your ass rot We broke all the commandments Authentic, I'm hand-stitched Come spend a day in my Hamlet My city lost, some say it's Atlantis I went to Cannes with a tan bitch, Francis She rode the broom on the beach, that's a sand witch So I ate her like it, haters hate to like it Sex, drugs, and playin' dices, those are our favorite vices But this life'll take a toll on ya Well I guess you gotta pay the prices I know who Christ is And he never hung with the Saints it makes no sense to save the righteous By the age ten, we were caged in Now they raise men in the state pen Fake friends, forgive 'em for they sins God bless the city, amen [Chorus] [Malik Yusef] And now I'm one of the residents They walk with none of the repercuss', but all of the decadence And all the fuckin' debauchery Adult film star, somebody's fuckin' watchin' me I always feel like, I'm almost feel like Cause I could feel it in the air tonight I did some wrongs I wouldn't dare to right And wrote some songs I wouldn't dare recite But I am willing to share tonight In the city that is as unfair as life


ARCHITECTS "Lost Forever // Lost Together"
An iron fist in a velvet glove Another vulture posing as a dove So you have no shame? Look at what you've become You are the reason we are bitter and then some They sing of saviours, we sing of sorrow But we're still holding on for dear life You sold us all down the river I hope you choke on the vows that you failed to deliver You said you'd change the world, but death still flies east The blind lead the blind, so we bomb for peace Grave digger, there's blood on your hands You built this empire on salt and sand Not all is fair in love and war History repeats, we've seen this all before We've given the vampires the keys to the blood bank They say the more things change, the more they stay the same Whilst the liars leech, the crooked preach So lie through your teeth, lie like you mean it It beggars belief, do you really think that we still fucking believe it? You fucking parasite There's no room in here for an honest man Only callous and cold hearts Grave digger, there's blood on your hands You built this empire on salt and sand Not all is fair in love and war History repeats, we've seen this all before Oppressor, you built this empire on salt and sand. An iron fist in a velvet glove Another vulture posing as a dove So you have no shame? Look at what you've become You are the reason we are bitter and then some

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