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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives


Original and similar lyrics
March The more the merrier Get a couple or more to carry you to the burial F-R-E-S-H Fresh to death and keep it def to the left Well it was Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius (Check!), Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius (Check!), Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Taurus Let 'em die for it [Aesop Rock:] Delicate freak show alert the frame Bash all flags where the mag spin park Corroded by the volts that jolt the cold vein Boogie down kits to slip past the guard Def with a mascot of radical mass Megaphone fuzz and a woofer on fritz We are not trained to divert the crash But march face first with a prayer for the blitz Stand up for the cinema fire, simian ire Cold shimmy for the cinnamon sky; Intimate eyes loop all known alleys Scoop the bounty like daddy hires Bazooka to murder Ralphie I curdle with burnt milk, pariah sigh, honor piranha money Count it with the knuckle that hustle bread out a copper tummy One of these rebels could level the marked city But the N.Y. uber alles governor's picky I'll be the jenky Jesus for the species you bleed with Ultra, soldier poach the folklore Jump guns through the ninth gate Jump guns like a noon six burner lit up on the ninth pace Even set among a portion conformed to the blind stage, Never lured by the formal watching imported wines age We bow to the gusto mustered by the mecha-bot Plowed by the public, ushered out the letterbox Wowed by the subject punctured by the helicop Boy meets vermin: the widescreen version Headaches, nausea, vomiting, facial paralysis These area a few of my favorite venomous side effects Mamba, Water Moc, Pit Viper, Diamond Back, Anaconda, Boomslang, Cobra, bite 'em back Spinal tap crabs to the clapper Aesop Rock is the Cadillac of natural disaster Push that button Everybody gotta push something That's why the envelope is where it wasn't I work with the builders, whittle my gorilla military And fizzle 'em through the vigilante filters Who lamps left of the toggle? How'd they fit that ninja in a bottle? A hundred million motherfuckers with they hands out Verse a walking zipper bomb trying to keep the man down Get up, get down Sit up, sit down It's either fancy footwork or get bit by the hounds Face up, face down Laced up, laced down It's either fist to the sky or get bit by the crowd Well it was Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius (Check!), Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius (Check!), Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Taurus Let 'em die for it [Aesop Rock] I was chewing my tongue out of my mouth one day When the blood in my beard hit the dirt by the blazers Would have said 'curb it' like any nervous habit 'til maverick told me the coyote pack could smell the wound for acres And labor to cater fang to fisherman gut critters Oblivious to the glimmer of innocent duck feathers Fuck it Want a carnivore war? Bet I'll be at the Bronx Zoo with a lock pick kit On the eject for cockpit bench, helicop clip Nazi cops on kamikaze belly flop shit Roger, hop-fence-kill-a-crop, monster We are the tired and poor, we come for your water Boom! Bounce when the church corrupt When the mayor knuckle dust city worker bugs When the stars finger babies like I flirt with sluts You'll see the fire engine red fox ears perk up Metal kettle unsettling treble howl, settler trembling Measuring mellow on the levitate off the mezzanine Never seen a ton of bricks dressing clean dapper 'til it's pin stripe and skull chunk forty stories after And U.S.A. on a Ketamine disaster Cane for stress Crack if the former left you unimpressed Now pardon me if part of me heart of an oddball, but damn Kumba-fucking-ya, dog Terminally alienated and bent awkward by the bought, Prepped package of the slickest spin-doctors Raised where the paranoid hide tools proper, Like suspicious cargo in a high school locker And it looks like war, quacks like war, So it's Occam's Razor and I'm swayze out the door A hundred million motherfuckers hold me back The hand cannons won't ask 'bout your zodiac, boy Get up, get down Sit up, sit down It's either fancy footwork or get bit by the hounds Face up, face down Laced up, laced down It's either fist to the sky or get bit by the crowd Well it was Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius (Check!), Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius (Check!), Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Taurus Let 'em die for it

I Shall Be Free No. 10

BOB DYLAN "Another Side Of Bob Dylan"
I'm just average, common too I'm just like him, the same as you I'm everybody's brother and son I ain't different than anyone It ain't no use a-talking to me It's just the same as talking to you. I was shadow-boxing earlier in the day I figured I was ready for Cassius Clay I said 'Fee, fie, fo, fum, Cassius Clay here I come 26, 27, 28, 29, I'm gonna make your face look just like mine Five, four, three, two, one, Cassius Clay you'd better run 99, 100 101, 102, your ma won't even recognize you 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, gonna knock him clean right out of his spleenf. Well, I don't know, but I've been told The streets in heaven are lined with gold< I ask you how things could get much worse If the Russians happen to get up there first Wowee! pretty scary ! Now, I'm liberal, but to a degree I want ev'rybody to be free But if you think that I'll let Barry Goldwater Move in next door and mary my daughter You must think I'm crazy ! I wouldn't let him do it for all the farms in Cuba. Well, I set my monkey on the log And ordered him to do the Dog He wagged his tail and shook his head And he went and did the Cat instead He's a weird monkey, very funky. I sat with my high-heeled sneakers on Waiting to play tennis in the noonday sun I had my white shorts rolled up past my waist And my wig-hat falling in my face But they wouldn't let me on the tennis court. I gotta woman, she's so mean She sticks my boots in the washing machine Sticks me with buckshot when I'm nude Puts bubblegum in my food She's funny, wants my money, calls me honey. Now I gotta friend who spends his life Stabbing my picture with a bowie-knife Dreams of strangling me with a scarf When my name comes up he pretends to barf I've got a million friends ! Now they asked me to read a poem At the sorority sister's home I got knocked down and my head was swimmin' I wound up with the Dean of Women Yippee ! I'm a poet, and I know it Hope I don't blow it. I'm gonna grow my hair down to my feet so strange So I look like a walking mountain range And I'm gonna ride into Omaha on a horse Out to the country club and the golf course Carry the New York Times, shoot a few holes, blow their minds. You're probably wondering by now Just what this song is all about What's probably got you baffled more What this thing here is for It's nothing It's something I learned over in England


Fallen Angels
A baby is born with an unknown disease He only has time for a dream A woman cries in the distance, lonely She was left in misery An innocent boy is hit by his drunk dad He couldn't even explain Adam left Eve without looking back Wouldn't face the snake Romeo's blood is all over the place Don Juan was slapped in the face This world now ain't what it used to be Chorus: No longer you can buy your destiny What you want ain't all you can get Just hide in the shadows Where you think it's safe But beware... I'm already there You're not gone but I already miss you Just sit and watch you walk through that door Thinking how it would be nice to see you Come back asking for more Every morning you go out for a walk But never know where you have to go Every night you're afraid to fall asleep With the same nightmares you always have William Tell just missed the apple D'Artagnan was betrayed Every hero has his time to die Repeat Chorus Sindbad just got lost in the sea In the same day Hercules was killed Only a few dreams can last forever Aladdin threw away his lamp Sherlock Holmes got lost in the swamp Sometimes what you think ain't right Repeat Chorus

Mic Check

Aceyalone "All Balls Don't Bounce"
If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, a check a one two If it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - a check two, a mic a check two If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, a check a one two if it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, and I'm a check you I start most of my raps off kinda slow just so you could see exactly where it gonna go I make sure your body's strapped in cause I'ma tailspin and you're liable to get thrown The bible is the microphone; I read from the scripture leave it up to you to see the pictures I hover above MC's like a flying saucer with the sorcery to alter the future present and the past, don't be hesitant to ask me to be the man I'll be the last I'll be movin fast on that ass, I stipulate your fate I take a grip I'll take a shot I'll break your plates Now can you take the weight or do I have to make it lighter tighter than you could imagine that I had to been when I recite a rhyme I might as well be inside of your mind I know you thinkin, Damn! How does he? What was he a man or a machine with computerized diagrams? I tell em, Nope! I am of the flesh, fresh, dope I'm set apart you're just a shot in the dark and the darkness casts no shadow And I'll be victorious, no matter who I battle So every rapper in the house shut the fuck up! Cause if it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - check one, check two If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - check a one two check a one two If it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - a check one check two now I check you Now everyone knows I got the Milk like D, homemade quilt to get your wig peelt, like it should be Top o' the mornin to ya, it's so many ways to do ya I offer you the shield, just before I deal on ya I recommend, that when I squeeze the puss from your skin you pretend it ain't happenin Cause everywhere is my stompin grounds When MC's stepped in I stomp em down to the lowest You the slowest rapper that I met, but you owe us all a favor not to, jet (nah you ain't goin nowhere) not until you show us you be flippin I give your body lashes and whippins T crashes the board like Pippen, I has to be trippin Not for your pleasure or your entertainment I came with a crew called self, and everybody looked just like me And we agreed that we dope fool We got flavor and everyone knows who's the saviour Cause everyone knows, everyone knows Everyone knows I got flow And if it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, a check a one two If it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - a check two, a mic a check two If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, a check a one two If it wasn't for a mic check you wouldn't have a check at all - a one two, and I'ma check you See the mic check brings all the chaos to order I conquer the perimeter sealing the borders to catch the feeble child weeble wobble style evil subject Too deadly ready to wreck, anyone in my way I am what is know as the expandable specimen not understandable when I handle my mic check I enlarge to full capcacity drasticallly fast it has to be my well manicured dastardly pure blast will sniffle and lift, level and shift, earthplates Speeded up birthrate repetitive let it live then let it die Right inside the eye of the negative I love puttin pressure on the lesser competitive Inferior you're determined, vermin, sherman stick smoked I got the elephantitus styles superior stroke of genius, I spoke and hell broke loose I saturated the streets, 'fatuated by drum beats My heat, so-lar, warms the po-lar Melting glaciers, I are shooting star chaser The laser beam on my hip swings when I rip Fully loaded electricity clips I can't miss stimulating your body fluids to flow as well as I do I do what is necessary to counter the blockage I can just rocket/rock-it with no fuel, dual exhaust is costing your life renewal I bring about a change meanin I'm about as strange as they come I come from the depths and wish they slept none son I am I was I be because I'm me originality for your fatality Now I am a traveler word scambler not a scribbler or a scavenger, eatin the place You're greedy and feedin your face, cause you're needin a taste of this niceness, but my advice is don't imitate my likeness, oh I'ma fella who knows what the mic is, and I do it somethin like this Freestyle Fellowship Aceyalone Mikah 9 Jupiter Peace Chillin Villain Empire Afterlife Hip Hop Clan Mass Men The Nonce AbRude Western Hemisphere Meen Green Boomin James Born Allah First... And if if wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all - check one check two now I'm through with you And all the Heavyweight crew puttin it down, Ten Cent Eve Doin it at Project Bliznah-iznow, fool!

No Omega

Eric B. Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
No Omega I'm the Alpha, with no Omega Beginning without the, end so play the eye inside, no extended version Next episode be smooth as a Persian Rhyme everlastin, there'll be no part two Knowledge is infinite, once I start to draw a better picture for your third eye, if you're blind You know with a mic, I'm a black Michaelangelo I'm the brother whoSE ideas are colorful Givin em insight, but givin em trouble to comprehend cause they thoughts won't blend in They're pretendin, while I'm extendin You bite like a parasite, ? you attacks But you won't strike, cause you ain't no match You need more light cause yours got dim Then you get sparked by the Lord Rakim What's the matter G, check your battery Go get charged up, then come battle me You try hard and Die Hard, you ain't Eveready When they check the pulse, you'll be +Dead+ as +Freddie+ SHOP AT SEARS for new ideas Check your engine and ask your engineers to equalize, try to disguise it If that don't work yo, then MIDASIZE it You need more power, better bring Battlecat But this ain't Grayskull, and you ain't rippin jack Don't drop the mic and jet for your tooley ( Bring it to me! ) We can go rhyme for rhyme til the mic stop the workin Then I'ma leave you behind the Iron Curtain and you'll remain backstage Your book is over, I ripped your last page Changed the endin, at least you went out rappin Now I'ma tell em what happened I filled the mic with explosives, and lit it up It was too heavy to hold, he couldn't pick it up Pass the mic, let him try to get paid He hit the stage, it went off like a hand grenade Now scrape him off the floor and off my list I ain't a soloist, I'm an arsonist Sprayed up, he said he was gonna do what? Played up, MC Grand but Pooh-Butt Stole his lady, and drove her crazy You asked me why - cause her man tried to play me I sent her back a nervous wreck and tried to put her back in check My speciality is masterin the female species I specialize in her, until she sees where I come from, and why I came I tame the train til she manifest my name Fill her with life until she burst with energy Then leave her restless, cause a lot of women be tryin to drain us, and leave us stripped dry Put holes in our pocket, but you ain't that fly I clipped your wings and bring you down to Earth and tell you what life is worth It ain't rings and things that's materialistic You wanna pip on, imperialist with food for thought, cause I'm the shelter I'll be your clothes, keep you warm and help ya not to be hot to trot by a haunt And why do y'all got to flaunt? ( You gotta use what you got to get what you want ) Cool, I heat you up like a black mink coat Hug your neck like a fat gold rope Words I speak and my DJ's cuts will warm ya ears like mink earmuffs So Eric show em how fast your hand'sll go so the people in the stands'll know that you don't scratch your cuts in the grave Moves in waves to my rhyme displays Float, evoke, my tempo jets Expressions express when you kick steps Keep em, energetic, so let it pound in your head til what I said is embedded Don't forget it's copastetic, set it Anywhere you want your poetry's pathetic You gets.. no.. credit.. til you get it straight Let's motivate No intermissions cause it ain't commercial If you wanna break then I'll reimburse you I won't let go so my mic won't drop, cause ( I can't.. stop! ) Vocabs is endless, vocals exist Rhyme goes on, so no one can stop this Especially when I start to say the rhymes with no omega No omega No omega ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) *scratched* ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) *scratched* ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) ( I can't.. stop! ) *fades*

Death Sentence

Big Daddy Kane "Prince of Darkness"
I break out in a cold sweat, rip up the whole set I'm about as bad as you can get Comin' from Bed-Stuy, that's where they do or die Forget about the lions and tigers and bears, oh my It's not a fairy tale, a myth, it's a musical uplift and I'm the wrong one to mess with I roll on rappers like a Cherokee, bake 'em up merrily just like the cooks at Sara Lee Erase, replace, disgrace, and chase, unlace your face and place a neck brace, about-face And get to steppin', because my lethal weapon is blowin' too fast, while you're slow as Catherine Hepburn What you need is a little more speed, style and flavor but it still wouldn't save ya So to the rear, step off and let the man flex cuz I can hang tighter to the groove than spandex I snatch the mic whith grace, always with a plan and Cee'll cut the recored up like Edward Scissorhands Rock the soul shack, I can't hold back Four years standin' and I still got the knack Cuz I remember when I first did it the comments that were goin' around from the next critic Like Yeah, he sound alright, but still will he hold And now my black ass is still here like Billy Joel One hip-hopper that don't have to sound proper My broken English you can still distinguish And I don't have no image or no gimmicks and I don't have no bounds or no limits The Kane'll keep goin', and growin', and flowin' and showin' any MC, I got the best finesse to manifest Cuz I pull cards like some type of retard Hittin' MCs hard, and any other Rass Claaad I'm the predator to any competitor Scorchin' and damagin' and stompin' et cetera And any MC that tries to test me I'm swellin' up his jaws mor than Dizzy Gillespie Crushin' all dreams you thought were possible I turn into nightmares you have in the hospital I couldn't count the rappes I be servin' If defeat was sex, huh, I'd be a virgin My match ain't been found, movin' around, breakin' 'em down where the ground, never the clown, how that sound Don't get gassed, cuz boy you won't last so take your crippled rhymes and put 'em in a cast You're too pathetic, bring in a paramedic to heal your sick rhymes, cuz man, you ain't poetic You're just a cheap little hooker and I gotta overlook a MC that's wack, ya little bogger And stand clear of the mic that I'm rippin' as I'm...... And get your jury and a good defendant cuz I'm servin' a death sentence...

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