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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Daylight

Night Light

Original and similar lyrics
Voice: Day turns Night x8 [Aesop Rock] Night Light suckas.. Put one up shackle me, not clean logic procreation I did invent the wheel, in a previous generation While the triple sixers lassos keep angels roped in the basement I locate my old halos and pass em out to the pavement Y'all catch a 30-second flash frame Dirty cooperative Neptune bloom head-trip split Fantastic! Fathom the splicing of major league low lifes With anti hero earthworm mentality (Godzilla!) I paste my game to zero all completion See a cretin's still a cretin even speakin' altered moniker American nightmare lost in the monitor I'll hold the door open so you can stagger through Then ten berserk and bread cookies in after you It's the gutter and I spell it with the 'G' I stole from Get the fuck up Noise crutch stolen wretched refuse of my teaming dumb luck Still I promise temperance storm breed still bleeding Amish See the freaks sucked out the bottom dropped 3 bears and a baby in a cottage And I can't sleep now Yeah, the police'll laugh You won't be laughing when your covered wagons crash You won't be laughing when you're hosted by the ghost of Christmas past You won't be laughing when your blow up doll's got a headache and won't give up the ass And I lay my kicks to rest when I'm impressed So I staple-gun them to my feet This origami dream is beautiful: pull the tail watch the wings flap But you really can't do a thing with that All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day Swallow up the pieces Spit 'em at your species Reachin' the city of lost barnacles and leeches Night-light got me when the daylight went to evening Night (Light) Day (Light) x8 I'm pretty sure I got a pulse.. plus We Shimmy cross the centerfold, and our night light engulfed Just let me keep the crumbs (Please) With seven deadly stains To hear the plane to crystal conscious The results a dead-beat trying to make a dollar off a bomb threat (OK) Lift me to activism chain activate wild-style Pluto orbit Set a course then push the button I swallow spores born by the laws of a morbid glutton I can spot a drunk battalion by the Charlie Chaplin waddle Zig zag and zig 'em again before they can pull a badge out But I lash out Another thick installment of one night in Gotham like Houston we have a problem They're buffing the trains the same days the graffiti writers bomb 'em Who split how many freaks on box cuts of a high road bellow? Heads ripped! Watch red bricks turn yellow I'll try to meet the wizard But a tailgating tit-man holding an oil can won't let a hermit crab break in his new shell-toes Life's not a bitch, life is a beotch who keeps the villagers circling the marketplace out searching for the G-spot Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests Or maybe you're just an asshole; maybe I'm just an asshole Kiss the speaker wire, seaming swashbuckler or pagan thresh hold Stomach full of diner food Wings span cast black upon views Here to help release the rabbit hounds or pick apart your mood I got this friend of polar nature and it's all peace When I seek similar stars but can't sit at the same feast Metal Captain! This cat is asking if I've seen his bit of lost passion I told him: Yeah I gave him one last look and smashed him All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day Swallow up the pieces Spit 'em at your species Reachin' the city of lost barnacles and leeches Night-light got me when the daylight went to evening Night (Light) Day (Light)..

Schwarze Rosen

Aurora Lunar
Mystic summonings behind the wall of sleep Veil of swirling fog Realm behond all warmth and light Let swords slice their path through the maze of rotten thoughts And winds blow the dust From forgotton memories Once buried by the ashes Of lost pride and strength From the crypts of frozen flames To the high majestic mountains The throne of might is slumbering Awakened now By the wizards' summonings Rebirth of dark infinities As the silhouette of a pale moon's eye appears upon the throne Gate to the highest of the old sorcerers' dreamworld The essence reflecting in the mirror of time Sparkling like the distant fires Throughout the nightsky's frozen air Dreamkings of immortal spheres Throning in every warrior soul Ride the wings of destiny Fullfillment for the high divinity That mirrors in the ancient runes Writen in the shining Sharpened silver blades That guide the mighty throne Beautiful weapons lie beside, once layed down by (the) ancient knights Their circle crushed by treason And the remaining proud ones gone through the moon gate Into their grave beyond all shape Now summoned again to a kingdom lost in lies The throne of might is slumbering Awakened now By the wizards' summonings Rebirth of dark infinities Lead the blades in battles of the one law's might Gather in the vast moonlit fields From the forest of endless night Receive the wizards' darkened spells Never lost their strong belief Proudly watched by the ancient sorserers'eye For the kingdom of eternal shape will rise again

Fatima Rusalka

Born out of nothingness, defined by beauty and patience. A tortured existence which leaves behind no answers. Destined to suffer the struggle, cursed to be one of them, to be both of them. Fatima. Rusalka. Somewhere between the chaos and the void in a desert that predates time itself, bereft of stars and untouched by the Gods of man. There was only one. There was only her. Black echoes deafening silence Spat upon the tortured earth She is born all alone Cursed to never live, cursed to never die Scarlet fiend condemned to breathe eternally Thirsting for an answer, starving for her purpose But the sky holds his tongue as she waits for the end And it's not looking good at all An anguished melody reveals to me a memory of love once lost A quiet affliction, a moment of weakness Breathe and shut your eyes Finally, it all makes sense so naturally I am lost When angels and devils make sense of the wreckage Unsung heroine, death won't set you free Cautiously I softly fake a smile, it's cold here at night I'm trying to hide, dying to find myself I should stop praying to no one I can't stop searching for someone Please just stop, sweetheart, it gets better than this I wish I could go, wish I could find a way I just want to see your face But now I'm starting to see how it all ends And it's not looking good at all An anguished melody reveals to me a memory of love once lost A quiet affliction, a moment of weakness Breathe and shut your eyes Finally, it all makes sense so naturally I am lost When angels and devils make sense of the wreckage Unsung heroine, death won't set you free Immortality is your curse, an orphan by God, and lost Breakdown You're an orphan by God, and lost An orphan by God So now it seems the sky has failed me This has been a terrible mistake If I had just one more chance... If you're looking for an answer Hold tight and never let me go And the lies we said we'll bury with the rest Oh, the senselessness of all this suffering Feel it again and over again Let it begin Ageless warrior left to destroy mankind and reap the earth We have to believe, trust that there is hope Useless prayers will be left to unveil the truth that all is lost We have to believe, trust that there is hope It was never just a dream.

Berkertex Bribe

Chorus: Beg the question, bend the truth Bail out the basement while there's holes in the roof In the beginning they said there was light There ain't much left of it now We're lost in the darkness, searching sound and sight Of an answer to the what, where or how We're talking 'bout freedom while we're locked in a cell Dreaming of a world without war Forced to live on the boundaries of hell Like no-one's ever thought of peace before What's the point of preaching peace if it's something you don't feel? What's the point of talking love if you think that love ain't real? Where's the hope in hopelessness? Where's the truth in lies? Don't try to hold my hand if you can't look me in the eyes Chorus In the beginning they said there was light But somebody's burnt out the fuse And now we're all lost in eternal night Looking for a candle to use Lots of little candles, isolated hope Frail little flames in the gale Lost little people who just can't cope Knocking their heads on the nail What's the point of talking freedom if you just protect yourself? What's the point of preaching sharing as you accumulate your wealth? It's so easy to be giving if the things you give ain't real It's easy to lie if your ignore the things you feel Chorus In the beginning they said there was light But we never had the eyes to see But rather than struggling or putting up a fight We ran like lemmings to the sea No-one really wants to get it all together It's easier to just grab what you can Everybody's going it, hell for leather Building little castles in the sand Hypocrisy, delusion, lies, pretence, deceit Think only of yourself and the world's at your feet I don't believe the things you say, you make bullshit of the truth The game you play's offensive and you life's the living proof Chorus (x 2) In the beginning they said there was light But I'm tired of hearing their lies I'm tired of deceit, gonna put up a fight I'm going to use my own eyes Gonna make MY decisions, live my own life They can keep their darkness and gloom Hypocrisy, trickery, I've had enough They can keep their destruction and doom I've only one life and I'll live it my way They can keep their restrictions and law If they think different I'll have one thing to say Fuck off cos I've heard it before

It's Alright

FABOLOUS "Street Dreams"
[INTRO: (SEAN PAUL)] All you need to know is the vibe round' here we built and instill it Sean Paul alongside Fabolous...You done know we buss'... Telling them again, ay!... Girl run away tha guy that wants to 'vibe kill' it... She say a only tha 'topper' youth and 'dapper' youth she want (to) win it... Fabolous! [VERSE 1: (FABOLOUS)] Lets get it ta' poppin ma, its a little before 1 And I'm yellin' out aye aye aye aye aye yoooo I can tell by tha ring in tha middle of ya tongue You're tha kinda girl that has a little bit more fun I'm literally yours hun Cuz' I never seen a ass so big with a waist as little as yours hun And by tha expressions on them hotties grills I know they wanna holla at somebody real And I'm usually lookin' for somebody skilled Enough to make a nigga say aye aye aye yo niggas get mad cuz I may slay they hoe But I don't wanna let the a.k. spray so Stop face fightin' me, like ya face frighten' me I do this every year so I ain't never scared I do this everywhere and you ain't never there They sayin' this everywhere, how could you never hear [HOOK: (SEAN PAUL)] If you wanna roll with tha thugs tonight Lights, camera, action can you feel tha hype Hit cruise control blazed Kryptonite Well its alright, baby its alright If you wanna live up and free your life Come through let we kick it 'til a morning light If you wanna roll with tha thugs tonight Well its alright, baby its alright [VERSE 2: (SEAN PAUL)] So get with it, we want (to) hit it, we nah quit it.. And I like tha way you body set and how your clothes fit it I want you give me some of it because minute by minute Temperature it all a rise because you thighs and all you You shockin' a rock a kill it And a one thing the Dutty Paul want to predict Say by tha end of tha night you will be chillen' with tha click Flossin' it...Money we tossin' it... 'Cause we a tha Boss in it We naw ease up...We aint stallin'...Grab tha girls all in... Thats my true callin' Ya'll freeze up.. We be flowin' it... Your girl knowin' it And thats why she's showin' it. [HOOK] [VERSE 3: (FABOLOUS)] Over here tha liquor is light blue, the chronic is light green They wearin' tha right shoe, they put on tha tight jeans They bringin' me right thru', I walk with a slight lean My style excites you, I know what that might mean Aye, Im'ma freaky scorpio Yo, tryna' leave with your skio Aye, but its mandatory tho' Yo' after me let shorey go But thats another story tho' But please dont try to bring us to tha Maury show How cool is he? You dont know a fool who be crazy enough to fool with me You'd rather swim in a pool of pee Then see tha one you luv in tha vehicle with me Aye Yo But tha vibe is right, tha girls is up to par We gon', drink it tonight and earl it up tomorr' It goes [HOOK]

Chingy Jackpot

CHINGY "Jackpot"
[Robotic voice] This is another Trak Star production [Record scratching] [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I? [Hook 2X: Chingy] + (Girl) (Chingy) what's up? (Why yo eyes so chinky?) I dunno (Is it because you've been smoking and drinking?) Maybe so (I've been thinking) huh? (Maybe you come get me) and do what? (Wine me, dine me, take me home and eat me) Okay [Record scratches at end of hook] [Verse 1: Chingy] Chingy Jackpot, 'pop' like a crack spot Ladies on the strip, keep me with a fat knot, 'Lac drop Rag top on the jag drop, uh Phat stop you know that's hot, huh Mack spinnin wit the piece in my pocket People hop out, I'm releasin a rocket (bloaw bloaw) For a piece of the profit, St. Louis we the topic Let the women jock it, pimpin, you know how I get Once my album drop, all you heavy waiters better watch it Vokál, yeah I rock it Step in the spot shit, men leave I was somethin hot quick 'Cris holdin that bottle, won't you pop it I threw the key to the city, since I locked it Girl I don't want no brain, give me a pop quiz I get multiple choice head, derty watch this [Hook] - 2X [Verse 2: Chingy] They tell me what you tell me, you ain't gotta be in a rush Errything I do is top secret, that's on the hush (shhhh) Cat handlin hard in the city, makin women blush From 314 to 617, gotta give it up Treat my women like a structure, workers work the streets Twerk ya meat, go get it till it hurts ya feet Hurt in ya sleep, get wit me and we could ching all night Hearr the slots ring all night But if you try to get at the drama, I'll bring all night We keep Atlanta throwin bows And New Orleans, we got the thugs showin golds Take it to New York, and party at Madison Squarre We'll hit Cali and smash a model chick wit long hairr No hatin on my part, let the ceremony start Crowd around us sumthin new, sittin on top of the Arch STL, where I dwell, Northside of the streets They keep a quarter piece freak for the sheets, now speak uh [Hook] - 2X [Verse 3: Chingy] Uh, I got tired of being broke dogg (fa sho) Ice Sleeve won't you pass me some smoke dogg Can I come up without jealousy? 'You ain't gon make it', what they tellin me So I showed them, it ain't that hard Can't play me, cuz I ain't got a whole card Got Lee way in my hometown (STL) No mo' jokin cuz it's on now Who gon' stop, me not a soul Strap, in, now, let's, roll Keep it, real, what-eva I do Got's up Keith, comin from U Squash that, mind ya own, beats There's a new ching, in the streets Watch ya step, or I'll ruin ya rep Now let's 'get it' like Puff and G-Dep [Hook] - 2X [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I?

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