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AESOP ROCK lyrics - Cat Food

Cat Food

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head Considering a regular character sketch Food hoarder, communes with the flora Computes in cahoots with beauty and brute force I've got a brand new normal at a thirty in New York, plus Years at the fire pulling portions out of corn husks Never mind time on the short bus Terrifying errant knights thwarting any motherfucking fork tongued-sport Agita flashing the hind molars, though his body less a weapon more a bag of lipomas Over medium, treat skin-tags like scratch-offs Rap like black-ops, rappers like lap dogs He got the rad moves, catty alpha rat-proof (wait) Twenty-sided die at the crap-shoot (wait) Looking for a black hole to casually collapse through Try aisle nine by the cat food There it is Ooh wee, do we roast in a bilge, when the skinny from afar is "Thar be gold in them hills" Time better let a couple truths decay, or somebody going to rue the day Check, check, check [Hook 1:] Catch 'em on the lam (I ain't joking) No maps, no muster point (Nah, I ain't joking) I put a pebble on a tomb (I ain't joking) Makin bath tub meth I'm joking Here we go [Verse 2:] The whip got a tongue and teeth Too tough, two blood-shot eyes with a Tungston bleep When any putrefying arrow wants your lungs in reach I field a vessel going zero to the fuck y'all think And when your function fails I'm on an undisclosed island Stroking exotic animals, open up rocket science Leaning a jewellers loupe over a stolen sock 'o diamonds Palm-made products a portrait of modern triumph, try us Back at the battering ram post-haste Cro-mags, wait till this Saturday plant grow legs All you hear is intermittent code names Ricochet around the geometry of a closed space Unfrozen part of his new J.O Face of divine evil, heart of Camu Tao Some people find the daylight to be oddly alluring I was in the dark, dodging and burning [Hook 2:] Maybe cause I look like an ugly doll (I ain't joking) Pack a wallop in the wheelhouse (Nah, I ain't joking) Leave brass tacks everywhere (I ain't joking) I own many many homes I'm joking Here we go [Verse 3:] All hog to we know costume Black hoodie you can set your watch to Tall drink, depths like an air raid Radically detach with purveyors of the hair-brain Down with the ship go a dozen fried wild links Upperway, upper-case tri-state style kings Get pie-faced, sent home tied to the sinewaves Lights off, spine on sideways Riding down the block, scooping Bobby in a boogie-down Tome told me tell 'em "Hello, 7: 30 noodle-town" Cool 'em down, global domination over salt bake Situation commanding a broke dude cosplay You don't want a meeting on an off-day trading horror stories from the hollows The summary is as follows: "These hate those and this thinks, that's absurd" Yip yap, y'all cats and birds [Hook 3:] Meow meow meow meow meow (I ain't joking) Talking rubes on the radio (Nah, I ain't joking) Uh, suckers never play me (I ain't joking) I found Jimmy Hoffa's body I'm joking Here we go


Check it Let's build by destroying that weak shirt I bet you think that's hip hop Nigga that's reset Whats up with the flip flops Nigga that's weak shirt At least throw on some damn socks Looking at them shits Got you on your toes ha Don't over step your bounds Especially in those You are walking on deadly grounds Not hot coals Here you get hit with rounds Like fuck you hoe's You marry them Wife em up We enlighten them And occasionally tighten them up We hip hop villains The bad guys you root for If the government don't kill them Load your gun and shoot for them B9 need a broad like Bonnie Someone to hold me down and can work the Tommy Call me I'm laid back like beach chairs and mix drinks Feet up check out my NIKE airs What I call this here is lyrics The flow the spirits The beat loud the clearity I'm sure you'll hear it The word play delivery Watch how tear it apart You will remember me on account How I shoot this dart Ride the track as if I'm loco My motive be Is show niggas that I'm no ho In fact a G Yup This here's solo as in lp Came through and smashed it solo No help for me Thought it appears I'm asleep I'm not I'm chilling Thought very much in my thoughts Just my feelings Feeling the highs, feeling the lows Feeling vibe, just feeling the flow Taking a ride with no where to go Just be ghost be gone Just coast till we approach the dawn We getting close till we exit About to exit onto the nest route And just keep pressing on Hit cruise control To where no blues patrol No worries but who's to know Let's just go The villain is black dress to kill in all black Rugged monk is his name and I'm ready for combat Whether rap, scraping, or jacking I always keep it cracking Spit flows that's consitent Pure satisfaction For your eardrum show you how the west was won Got a fully loaded notebook and my tongues the gun Spit like an ak Come from Compton C-A- L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A Gunplay around my way police harrass you everyday If you ain't seen no yellow tape That's a good day Serve suck ass on the mic With my rugged wordplay Vivid pictures description show you swordplay


Nas: You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight. Desperados. Travlin. What the fucks up son. We could do this word up we could this. Chrous: Spendin to many nights on the hyena gettin right Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it To many nights on the hyena gettin right Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it Canibus: At a thousand degree Celsius I make MCs melt Fuckin my record label I appear courtesy of my self Let me explain how I maintain thresh holes to pain I walk across the sun bearfoot lookin for shame I rearrange your rib cage like a 12 gauge at close range And change the poistion of your frame My hard raps penetrates through your hard hats and all that nigga Get ya wig pealed back I scalpe you like the Indians on horse back Running bull will hit you harder than running back Stunning man with brave and cunning rap Swiftly running laps around 48 tracks Like uncut crack you feines keep coming back Heads is flippin like acrobats on gym mats From wacks to antelope tapes to digital decks It's critacal black that Canibus is ill like that In fact perhaps you should quit rap Instead of always tryin ta dis fact And niggas keep tellin you that ya shits wack I rip rafts Hardcore raps rushin you to the floor mat Put you in the figure fourth, breakin taw rats Jump of the top turn buckuler land on your back Til I hear it snaple, crakle, the ref says chill black You get clapped bringin the wrong raps to combat Like bringin a paint gun to a shoot out with real gats Ya'll niggas is wack, rappin over microphone feed back My intelligence begins where yours peaks at From Fox Boogie and the see through bras year The nasty Nas year My nigga Nature will explain further if it's not clear Nas Foxy Brown: Millionaire look at the sky Make sure its still there Ice grill stairs that my jewelry is in heavy year Pian Carden backin a dapa den dime Now flex, table rex, Fox rock Inklein Nas(2x): Initiated to the firm shit Real thugs learn quick Sit back and feel the ultimate hit Az: Go lock in Do the knowledge Follow the doctrun, we clockin On your air waves keepin it rockin Blaze up, lift fire, light your purple haz up Fix ya tire, bitch ass niggas they should be caged up So raise up fuck the playin I'm sick of layin I could split your spleen off of SK Sheels rickashean Snatched up in supreme court Eyes half shut Gold defeandant court of life sentance seem to crack up We act what, to real Bag two mil Nigga cool steal Bet I'll be home before the news will Blast fuse and leave purple frank matthews Perhaps you confuse the concept black, cash rules Inkier Another halmo deas involved Known frezze condo C's Seven keys dissolved Daily routine, speakin up fo niggas who sling Hand to hand on them street corners clamin you king It's time to lock this Join with us, let your glock spick up through the toxic Only fake niggas drocsnitch Get your guns out it don't take much for me to dumn out Play one route, lay ya shit down and run south Nature: What's the cause of this shit More statistics, deeper than the laws of physics Malabu sand the gorgeous bitches Weed from 1-2-5, my whole crew live A true desperado, one that never choose sides And show sympathy Just QB, an annotate Stock exchange Top of the game Watch them mention me Image is nothin just obey your thirst I blaze the puple haze sit in the day then display your birth For those concern or just eager to learn I speak for the firm With a zone to the chubbier ta burn Stashin my richies past traditions Like Olympics pass the torch Flip shit so ya'll could picture my thoughts, I'm driftin It's tight ill wakin up lookin like filth Twenty years younger same hunger same ice grill Genetically form grade A petagrey Born on the crime rhymes a swift tounge Helta set it free Theoretically peep how we bless this Young and restless, Guns and westins learnin to connect through lessons From coop fees to camps, niggas shoot wack It's a proven fact, 97 mine ya'll niggas move back Chorus


BLACK EYED PEAS "Behind The Front"
An introduction to a rapid ray Will explode like grenade Check the medical aid 'Cause the way that we parade the fade Any MC that claims that they can be Tend the mic when we strike precisely We freak the level with the funk from the inner Heaven, give me inner, black as I present a Flock a rhyme that rock you off an ass Powerful, power flows that'll leave your soul paralyzed Yo, I respect that you be G-in ( It's the return of MC-in ( Yo, thank God for the season (...on) And don't be tryin to think about a reason 'Cause there is no reason for you to front We create cuts to give you what you want Activate communication for the whole Shocking your mind with rhymes Doin it like what AP (Like this here) Rockin it like what AP (Like this here) Flippin it like what AP (Like this here) Doin it like what AP (Like this here, yeah) We do it upside down (8x) Can I get a 'Ha' from my brothers that be chillin downtown 'Ho' for the people that be in it what we do 'Yo' check it out 'cause we black and positive I suck in negative from you I got many rhymes format from the back of the brain Interluding with the powerful matter scatter your frame You fallin (Yo) check out what we do We be all in on the microphone never stallin Rhythm is my ride for the voyage of the mind Exclusive rhyme patting us for what we design I am my own Picasso when I roll Rhyming is my art for my heart and soul We positive when MC-in ( Break bounce with the new blend (...end) Original 'til the end (...end) Sittin it all for no reason They fell off at the attempt to elevate They try to duplicate the art we create So activate communication for the world Shocking your mind with rhymes Doin it like what Will (Like this here) Rockin it like what Will (Like this here) Shockin em like what Will (Like this here) Rockin it like what Will (Yo, yo, it's like this here, yeah) We do it upside down (8x) We goin worldwide, across the nation Now that we've activated our communication Wantin demonstration, ask the activator Before one more walk-a-meter, funky motivator And I be the Will, APL from the Phil We contain the hipnotical skill that'll kill You dealin with the G-R-E-A-T Black Eyed Peas guy, hella in a G 'Cause we holler in an energetic motion With the potion I supply Applyin to the beat that Alligator you combine With me and my crew incredibly and super spectacular With the rhyme one two One two to the beat (Hop) You can't defeat BEP's production always complete With this sounds activate online And I'm on time to motivate your mind Well I respect that you be G-in ( It's the return of MC-in ( Yo, thank God for the season (...on) Sittin there off of no reason We do it upside down (8x)


HOUSE OF PAIN "Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again"
Truly, I say truly Truly, Truly Well if Jesus is your Lord Then Praise your God And if Islams's your Thing- Allah U Akbar And If you represent the 6 pointed star Well, then my Hebs back home told me say Shalom I put grooves in the mix I make moves like the Knicks I'll take ya strait up the lane And block you out the frame Then I freez it Believes it You needs it like heroin Before you git your fight on Kid, get your stare on Here come the Don Dada Makin' ghettos red hotter I drop the boom bada Like Jake LaMatta I can single you out And isolate you like Mato I'm undefeted like Rocky Marciano I hit you right below the belt Now you singin' Saprano Talk what ya talk Still you dont know what I know [Chorus] Something for ass Something for cash Some do the knowledge Some do the math Some stick to the road Some stray from the path Some do the knowlege Some do the math Now East Coast- West Coast Wonderin' what's the beef It's goin down rough Like swallowin teeth I say word to Din Lizzy kid, I get busy And I'll knock all of ya'll Off this wonder wall Cause on a daily basis I rock like Oasis Quick to be your style From a Fetus to a child I kill 14 billion cells Fuffin L's Stompin devils on all 9 levels of L check the transmission Hear the transition Observe the technition In fly night vision you high-light reels I lace my drug deals As you skim and check feels Off chics in high heels It's all bright and sunny When your holdin big money My Sonics got youth As my mud got honey I can be the king of grunge If I blow my spunge away there's a little black spot on the sun today Which I dont care if my souls are dead so come on and feel the sting of the true pain king [Chorus (2x)]

The Stick Up

MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
[Mia X] [Mystikal] MC.. (Whoa) This is your motherfuckin time nigga, you ready (Huh bro) You sho' you ready (Fuckin right.. nigga what!) Fuck that mask we don't need no mask they know who we is anyway! What we gon' do, is go in here, handle our business Take everything and break out You feelin me [gun cocks] Well let's let them niggaz have it [Mia X] This is a stick, up, MC's lay it down We got the clout in this bitch so don't be fuckin around Got the rap game locked, spittin what they feelin Makin all the money, got em say we rackateering Y'all fearing No Limit, black owned and operated Uncle Tom's and Lil' Sambo's get annihilated Y'all ain't tolerated, cause only soldiers ride with T-R-U On the Tank full of lyricists, hustlers, and gorillas Killers, and we do what we gotta do to make it happen All action, all cappin, fuck yappin Mappin, out the industry, gon' blow this joint and take the royalties, the publishin and all the points right with us It's the Black Prince and the Biggest Mama Shootin sparks from the top of the Billboard charts Watch out now, don't nobody move, cause you gon' lose Then we takin everything, cause we brought the right tools [ Chorus: Fiend [repeat 2X]] Give it up, give it up, or get fucked up It's gon' happen point blank range, so don't even duck We lust to bust, turnin bitches to dust Always your ass if you don't give it up [Mystikal] Black Prince in this bitch with the Biggest Mom of em all Out of sight, when we unite, like killers and George Slowly, unlock the safe on the wall Stop disrespectin the pistol I'm pointin at y'all Buck buck! Get down, get on your face or get handled Bitch keep still 'fore I make an example Cut up that fuckin remake, and give me that sample Give me the fuckin recoup, you 'sposed to be payin me! Bag the loot then, cover the camera Snatch a fuckin hostage then run out with the manager Fuck it, gotta have my paper, fortune and fame Lay it down so the bitches won't forget my name! [GUN FIRES] Listen close motherfucker If you don't meet my demands, this nigga gon' suffer This ain't no fucking game, and ain't none of this funny If you want this nigga to live, then gimme your company! [ Chorus ]

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