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ADELE lyrics - 19

Make You Feel My Love

Original and similar lyrics
When the rain is blowing in your face, And the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love. When the evening shadows and the stars appear, And there is no one there to dry your tears, I could hold you for a million years To make you feel my love. I know you haven't made your mind up yet, But I will never do you wrong. I've known it from the moment that we met, No doubt in my mind where you belong. I'd go hungry; I'd go black and blue, And I'd go crawling down the avenue. No, there's nothing that I wouldn't do To make you feel my love. The storms are raging on the rolling sea And on the highway of regret. The winds of change are blowing wild and free, You ain't seen nothing like me yet. I could make you happy, make your dreams come true. Nothing that I wouldn't do. Go to the ends of the Earth for you, To make you feel my love To make you feel my love

Feel Your Pain

BENZINO "Benzino Project"
(feat. Outlawz) [Napoleon (Benzino)] Don't worry soulja (Made Men, Outlawz) Yo, pain ain't nuthin but a part of the game They got us real fucked up Ain't nuthin but a part of the game, deal wit it [Napoleon] Life -- is a hustle, I got my .45 waitin to bubble I lost a lot of my loved ones to the struggle It's like I'm holdin back my breath through a muzzle It's like I got one more piece to complete the puzzle You only got one chance cuz I don't love you And I'll be boned if I cock back and slug you For all my dead niggas, that's above you It's like a feud, my family ain't around they done And if I lose one more soulja I'ma drown someone Who Makaveli I give you eight to ya belly For Killa Khadafi, please tell the cops to stop me My brother Seeky, I'ma ride all night for ya And do the same for Gustafa and Big Mike soulja This to my main man comin from a Made nigga I feel your pain, hold ya head, let's get paid nigga [Benzino] Yo hear my number Polly, call me And anytime you wanna talk about the situation, involve me I understand just what your goin through I lost niggas too.. I shed tears too.. I can't cry no more, yo Tony what'chu die for Three strike 915 is what I ride for You and Roc hold it down, we aight (we aight) We with the Outlawz, sippin Henny all night Been goin through that shit since day one I think I live this long, cuz I live by the gun But that's the question, I know my life is dee-per so feel me Cheated death many times when niggas tryed to kill me [Chorus - Young Noble] I feel yo' pain! - Sick torment 'til he's guarded Keep us caged like dogs, go to shit in the yard I feel yo' pain! - Drownin in the rain and shit The only thing that's fucked up, we can't change this shit I feel yo' pain! - Nigga yo I'm just like them When I was broke on the block I had clips like them I feel yo' pain! - Speak it to ya straight from the heart No matter what you come across you gotta live, get lost [Kastro] Ain't nothin to fear in this love affair, when shared with the streets I'm in deep losin all kinds of sleep Ain't no love, so my eyes don't blink And I'm so shell-shocked I need to see a shrink It stink, stinks so much I can't think And when it hurts too bad, I numb it up with a drink And chase my liqour with a bad temper Too fuckin blind for the big picture Losin my mind, it's just a sign of the times, and when my loved ones go, part of my insides dying wit 'em Shit, ain't nobody to blame, can't nobody complain Can you feel my pain [E.D.I.] Would you look into my world and tell me what you see now Nothing but emptiness, God replinish this Fuckin with Devils shit I'm tryna stay righteous Losin my love I ain't felt pain like this Start of this motherfuckin game wasn't nice shit I fuck around lost the one thing priceless Cars and broads won't do, dawg'll slice shit I'm just passin the time until my number hit Fuck it I'll run wit it, until I feel I'm done wit it Stack up the ones and let my sons come up rich Clutchin a piece of the past, I move on Using this pain to keep a nigga strong [Chorus - Young Noble 2x] I feel it...

Why Don't You Love Me

AMANDA MARSHALL "Tuesday's Child"
Why am I lonely You're sitting right here Why am I talking It's like I'm talking to the air What am I looking for That just isn't there Why am I angry How'd it get so bad And why am I missing What we never really had CHORUS Why don't you love me The way I love you Why don't you feel things As deep as I do We've got a fundamental difference In matters of emotion But I need to feel you need me Like a river needs an ocean Baby why don't you love me Who am I kidding It wasn't meant to be But you wanted a believer And I needed to believe For every wall you built around you I learned a brand new way to climb And if I could've been your angel I would've found a way to fly CHORUS SOLO I don't understand you What's it take to make you cry And if leaving you don't break you Then baby what's it matter why CHORUS

A Gentleman Caller

Your gentleman caller well, he's been calling another he loves his forbidden fruit. and it dribbles down his chin he cries, Baby, I've been drinking with some friends! Now how 'bout a little kiss... Bad boy! Rub his nose in it! What a mess and he's playing dumb doo do doo... I'm not looking for a lover, all those lovers are liars I'd never lie to you You say you want to get even? Yeah, you want to get your bad man good? Well, are you in the mood? You bad girl! Does it feel good being bad? And getting worse? Doo do doo... But in the morning on the sober dawn of Sunday you're not sure what you have done who told you love was fleeting? sometimes men can be so misleading to take what they need from you whatever you need to make you feel like you've been the one behind the wheel the sunrise is just over that hill the worst is over Whatever I said to make you think that love's the religion of the weak this morning we love like weaklings the worst is over.

The Underdog

AARON WATSON "The Underdog"
don't you ever let this world push you around use your head and keep your feet firmly on the ground and if you get knocked down get back up and try again and don't you ever lose that sparkle in your eyes don't bottle up your passion like a jar of fireflies if you ever lose sight of your light and you feel like givin' in don't you forget your faith in God above don't you forget your mom and daddy's love when you fear, when you fail, when you feel you're gonna fall follow your heart and always believe in the underdog don't buy a thing unless you can pay in cash go ahead and throw those credit cards in the trash love is a virtue, honesty is the key say your prayers, brush your teeth, don't you watch too much TV if you're down in the count one strike away choke up and crowd the plate and put the ball in play keep your nose down when you win keep your head up when you lose and you're gonna lose don't you forget your faith in God above don't you forget your mom and daddy's love when you fear, when you fail, when you feel you're gonna fall follow your heart and always believe in the underdog and there will come a day when I will fly away so make me smile while we're apart you gotta sing from you soul and play with all of your heart there's a good chance your heart will break in two trust that God has someone special planned for you did you know I was down on love and luck when he sent your mom to me? someday you'll have babies of your own so cherish every moment, you're gonna blink and they'll be grown the greatest honor that I've ever had is having you call me your dad boys don't forget your faith in God above don't you forget your mom and daddy's love when you fear, when you fail, when you feel you're gonna fall follow your heart and always believe in the underdog when you fear, when you fail, when you feel you're gonna fall follow your heart and always believe in the underdog

White Gutz

DUNGEON FAMILY "Even In Darkness"
(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Big Boi] Yeah So fresh so clean when I step in the booth they scream like they all tend to cheer () dungeon D-boy here in effect mode like Who's to Love it so slow motion like 3 wheels and triple cheeseburgers ATL coastin (say no more!) but the pimp is one of the coolest but I (pay no more) been known to rock the big blocks and colorful gay toys with the flip-flops, and the silk socks and a Kangol to the tip top I flow hard you drip drop cleaner than the urine of a two time felons piss test I'm sitting in some Monte Carlo curse right in the headrest [Bridge] White Guts White Wall tires Floor plush It's so fire! Fire meaning breathing like a dragon and it's seeming that I'm falling into a world of my own [2X] [Bubba Sparxxx] My own world too white thangs can't complain Bubba on them white guts custom made ain't a stain 0-2 Z-7-1 on them Mickey T's standing with ya man wanting me to sign your hickey please I don't need no worries keep ya white guts how I'm riding these days keep me with the right sluts he's just Bubba happen to love the D.F. you in the midst of history Betty take a deep breath sitting on the tailgate polo to the boxers Bubba is the truth you a homo if it shocks ya reppin loud and proud with my buddies from Atlanta you trying to live cleaner here's a study and example [Hook:(2X)] White guts white wall tires floor plush it's so fire brains blowed sittin on dubs come through could never be loved [Gipp] Sitting on 400 wides that's what they love Incense swingin from the mirror that's what they love Six course licked with the glaze that's what they love drive with the dealership tag that's what they love hairbone strayed on my shoulder that's what they love the smell of new leather in the cold that's what they love strawhat V-neck t's that what they love moonroof open blowing smoke that's what they love Romeo cologne every week that's what they love that's what they love that's what they love go from 12 to12 Monday to Sunday take the first two days and sleep like mummies and I'm out [Khujo] Who in the spot you move! play games with us you lose! mercy rules beat you make you say he mean as hell but the cutest nigga out the group gotcha head spinnin like tread on a spool clean as a fool with them gold shoes oooooh! and I got that pool make you wanna HOLLA! Seen in my impala hear them flow- masters duals amp tweeters and twos stay alert on this dirt don't be no fool I take you to school shoot you like pool rep with his I don't do expenses I dumped you! Outkast, Goodie Mob Dungeon Family I thought you knew [Hook] [Cee-Lo] There's this one in my stable Saville so motherfucking clean It's got a soda shade around the mean green these youngster have never seen it has a signature wood grain steering wheel such as yours but oh my God what are harder are the hard wood floors it's not coincidental all the glass was kept clear who's worried his or her first shit it's freezing it here the only heat is my piece to make it even at least I'll go to work without even catching a crack in my crease I guess the dubs out there do what they 'posed to do I'll ride 15mph to make a believers out of you I got a lawsuit, pending charge for wreckless blade spinnin I was riding through west end and killed two women UH-OH! [Hook] [Sleepy Brown] C-a-d-i-l-l-a-c you and me will grey so cleanly C-a-d-i-l-l-a-c blowing smoke so high and freely C-a-d-i-l-l-a-c you and me uh blowing smoke so high and freely

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