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ACTION BRONSON lyrics - Well-Done

Miss Fordham Road (86 87 88)

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Beauty Dior, Cherokee, Pinky Roxy Reynolds bouncing on the steps, slinky Give her something white and filled with cream -- twinkie Leave her blinded semen in her eyes -- blinky So it seems Can't even believe I used that flow I'm outta Queens Off the hooker strip boulevard of dreams Runways are getting trains stealing credit cards and schemes She was laying on the floor with honey mustard on her sleeves I said get up then she got up, get up in this whip bitch We bout to smoke this pot up plus I got some white You could be the first to taste the product, just a little dirty Had the body of a model, sent a message in a bottle Tell my man set the bed up, he built a wooden room quick Went to the tool shed, got on his hammer, nail, and screw shit Now we livin' lavish eaten salmon on a cruise ship Laying in a hammock getting hammered with a jew bitch [Hook: Ea$y Money] We want no drama, come here mama Dale y mamar (yo come here baby girl) Please don't get so wild, keep the chrome cal Te deja explotar (don't get bodied homie) Eso te mata, cool it papa Echate pa' tras (move back gimme space) I'm up in my zone, hoes pass tha ron Esto ta cabron (shit crazy) [Verse 2: Action Bronson] Yo just roll my dutches, prep my outfit for the party Spray my body with aromas, got the ladies actin naughty Fine fabric delegates my people far from celibate Hardly delicate highly skilled with much intelligence Walk in the place jacket hangin' past the calves Play the shorts in every season corner schemes get turned to math on some 5 in the mornin' shit, she looking flyer than anyone on that bitch Ocean high yeah I'm on that shit muthafucka [?] when I'm on that shit Pop pop tops of the Clicquot time to raise our glass up Right out the bottle, with a model, with amazing asses Wipe off the ashes, 16 flavors [?] butter Rose out the gutter, we stand around lenses shutter Ladies grindin' all up on my dickie Cause we gorgeous we forage the forest I'm destined for greatness we ballin regardless I'm heartless so baby tell me what you wanna do (I wanna suck it 'til my mouth's filled with cum from you) [Hook] [Verse 3: Action Bronson] 20 below the bitch seen walkin' the strip With that pink gloss on her lip And that big cross on her tits And she frontin' like she religious but stay stalkin' a dick Goin right at the head like some steamed crawfish n shit She know up in the club for years fuck for bagels Her face is weathered like the rain that fall in April And in her pants she got a loaf of bread You know the yeast she never go to bed She rather dope or head I just don't get it cause Mercedes was a honey All the ballers wanna fuck her buy her mink and give her money Her facials disappearin' and her nose is always runny Dentistry is twisted like the grill that's on a monkey Lower body skinny, upper body husky Call em linebackers she's a character a junkie Still, she pop it and the people throw the pennies Plus I'm here to watch her give the team a bunch of hennies cuz [Hook]

Set It Off

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Last Meal"
(feat. Ice Cube, The Lady of Rage, MC Ren) [Timbaland ad libs while Snoop talks] [Snoop] Real nigga shit.. Now I'm bout to show you how the West coast rock Real nigga shit Now I'm bout to show you how the West coast rock Real nigga shit.. [MC Ren] Here come The Villain again, grab your hoe and get the fuck outta town This nigga shit make the world go round It's that black nigga Ren, duck when I bust Make Jada get on these nuts, make Will, love to cuss You wanna fuck with us Man, I wouldn't do it Ask this nigga here, his ass, we ran right through it You out actin like yo' shit be tight Get some shit, fuck it off like Tamika Wright Get the fuck out my site, I Ren-incarnate Droppin West coast shit in every motherfuckin state Motherfuckin legend, y'all niggaz be knowin You can leave yo' bitch and keep on goin [Snoop Dogg] I am Doggy Dogg bitch (beitch) love to hit a switch Never hit a bitch (beitch) love that gangsta shit Can I hear your flow Can I fuck yo' hoe Boy you hard on 'em - nigga you ain't know When you testify, you got to keep it fly A lot of niggaz lie, shit we do or die E'ryday we high, it's like a nine to five I got my nina my fo'-heata beata by my side I keep it tucked close when I'm on the West coast (West coast) I keep it on post when I'm with my East coast folks locs (East coast) Y'all know what's crack-a-lackin I'm from the hood of the drivebys and kidnappings, and car-jackings [Chorus: Ice Cube] Me and Snoop Dogg on the hog On our way to the mall, fuck alla y'all We gon' ball til we fall, watch the chrome crawl Intercept these fine bitches cause we want 'em all Droppin drawers, poppin coochie and lickin balls Only gangsta ass nigga follow nigga laws Only gangsta ass bitches get to run the hogs Only real ass niggaz get to set it off [The Lady of Rage] Now, the way I gets off in that ass it's a sin to not assassin Grab a microphone have flashbacks and start flashin, ahh I'm bound to toast ya String you up like you was on the Ponderosa Sip on Mimosa do it that way cause I'm supposed ta Now most of ya, don't measure up I'll make it hot and turn the pressure up Steamin, regular, nah supreme and I ain't gassed I blow an MC away like Fox() when I pass Ain't nuttin shitty about this here fuck around and that's that ass Just like, grass I, I want more Green than the Goblin Matter of fact I want more Bank than that chick that be modelin (UHH!) My uzi weighs more than a single ton I leave you single son, who wanna mingle not a single one Hah, now tell me what you figure, nigga Rob load up the show slow flow spitter The hard hitter (UHH) the R nigga, roll I break it down sweet then I bring it back slow [Chorus] [Nate Dogg] Nigga that was dumb diggy diggy dumb dumb Here them niggaz come kiddy kiddy come come I think a nigga sprung spriggy spriggy sprung sprung Probably why he done diggy diggy done done Yo' lady think I'm cute, I be knockin her boots When she's away from home, she be swallowin juice You thinkin that's yo' son, but he ain't lookin like you See the barrel of a gun, nigga whatcha gon' do Set it off [Snoop Dogg] Niggaz pop mo' shit while we drop mo' shit Continously, nigga nigga please Slang yo' ki's, birdies and trees You can catch me and my niggaz, overseas Shootin the breeze, with a cute Vietnamese or was she Lebonese I think she Chinese It really don't matter cause they all on they knees It's somethin bout these motherfuckin West coast G's Make that cheese, when the cops come you bet' not freeze Blast on 'em like the Genovese, they yo' enemies Lock you up and fuck you up Talk shit to you beat you down then cuff you up and leave you in a cell stuffed (damn!) I ain't got no money for bail, that's real as fuck (f'real) Tryin to get a meal ticket and kick it Chill, catch a plane to Spain or maybe Brazil on the real can you feel me [Timbaland ad libs for a bit] [Kurupt] Yeah, yeah, set it off It's Kurupt Young Gotti Doin it big, for all y'all suckers We set it off, Snoop Dogg! It's 'Tha Last Meal' Last time y'all suckers gon' eat off my big homeboy We set it off! We set it off! West coast

Like A Pimp

JUICY J "Chronicles Of The Juice Man: Underground Album"
[Juicy J] Now I ain't the one with the magic wa wa wand but I can break a bitch for the cheese and funds I don't have to use a gun or even make the hoe cum if a nigga go to jail then a bitch make bond while you shakin dat ass in the shake ja ja joint I be sittin in the back rollin big bu bu blunts let me know when you off to collect my money If a nigga cant get it then a nigga will haul Cause playas like me don't see nuttin funny bitch betta have my mutherfuckin money black eyes and bruisin up a face I den done it to let her know these bonified pimps who run it She make a G a night but she told me 200 but thats what I get fuckin wit a snow bunny I told her like this ask dat nigga you be callin police found a body that very next morning [Chorus 1 x2] Gator Boots and the suits is the clothes Like a pimp Keep the money not folded in a roll Like a pimp When I see you bitch you betta have my dough Like a pimp Reach Back Like a pimp Slap Da Hoe [Juicy J] They wanna wear my shoes they wanna wear my clothes they wanna ride round thru the hood with 20 hoes sittin back in the back like a nigga suspose with a chauffer drivin lettin his pimpin be choose I can walk the walk and I can talk the talk bring yo girl to my room mane thats all you saw young nigga in the cut name Juicy J nigga skin black as dark like ebay All these freaks cross the world they don't want to holla If you ain't got 20's if you aint got dollars Bitch fuck that shit we still gon pimp we go ride thru the streets we go hit the dense we go smoke on dem blunts we go sip a fifth We go stand on the corner wit a pistol grip If you want to holla at us we ain't out for the squeeze All we want is yo purse cause we out for the cheese [Chorus 1] [La Chat] 1 little 2 little niggas dats payin me 3 little 4 litle niggas eatin pussy I'ma keep it real ain't no need of being in my grill I'ma make you work pimpin dudes just to get a meal Pimpin don't play pay what you fuckin weigh yeah I got the knowledge and the skills on gettin paid Nigga wanna fuck but for what you ain't gave enough betta hit the strip slang dick cause a nigga bust La Chat smokin on a sack like a real mack sittin back countin all my ends checkin all traps Claimin you wont go thats a damn lie You get got I have you hypnotized I don't even care we can share in dis game hoe tossin these niggas for the dough is the way it go havin niggas sick about the way dat I did man You should of told them I'm a real mutherfuckin pimp [Chorus 2 x2] [La Chat:] Gucci Boots and the suits is the clothes [Juicy J:] Like a pimp [La Chat:] Keep the money not folded in a roll [Juicy J:] Like a pimp [La Chat:] When you see boy don't act like yen ain't know [Juicy J:] Like a pimp [La Chat:] Reach back [Juicy J:] Like a pimp [La Chat:] Slap the hoe

Young Cassanovas

[Mase] One two, we don't stop C'mon, c'mon, we won't stop We won't stop, you don't stop You already know that, I am the man and, I'm always right, and, never wrong You already know that, I am the man cuz, I'm always right, and, never wrong [Kam] Yo, check it out I'm the trife one, Cease you got weed, let me light one Girls of different cultures, chinese to the white ones Home players, wild thing girl slayers Cuties, big booties, Big gave Coogies Black white beautiful ain't nuttin I won't do for you Backside so thick, won't fit inside a hula hoop Shine on me baby, pour wine on you baby I'ma drink it off your back, got a problem with that? Fellas get me, sip Crist', count fifties Split Phillies, girly girls they bet are you a Willie? It's a trife world, ain't gon be nasty, you a nice girl Liz Clayborne dresses, diamonds to white pearls Wild thing though, do lot of things low Make a wise man grow to a live man a show Only problem with the trife one is I stay low Blowin lye with guys who got they eyes on my dough [Chorus: Mase] [singing] We got riches, we got bitches You want drama, we got guns I'm that kid, from Harlem World and you know where I'm from Now my team, is out for cream and you know exactly what I mean So any click tryin to stop us is the click that gets seen [Lil' Ceasar] Yo, yo, yo... Ceaser Leo, aiyyo Aiyyo wherever I go buy all hydro Lie low so I don't get harassed by five-oh Used to be in the red star, gettin my head slobbed from the old school hoe that swallowed the egg nog I chill of course until I feel I'm the boss Until they got Lil' Cease face on the Source Got girls that be clever, that's on another level Tell me I'm your hero, Cease DeGeanero Need a wild thing, so the town can swing Pull the hair back and forth, layin pounds of cream Bet Cease break your crutches with a crowded team Fulfillin wishes to they misses with a thousand dreams I got, mouth to feed, pretty childs to breed If you really drinkin babies, youse can swallow the seed When it come to the sex I like it better on your knees Fore I hit the kitty cat, gotta check it for flees [Chorus] [Kam] Aiyyo nobody used to speak to me to launch paper got me Geechie G, now every broad keep beepin me, frequently, know the frequency Just to speak to me, yes leave with me, but recently get Proposals, of Indecency, but can't cost a penny Cause now I want Moore than Demi, but I ain't mousy Matter fact, we can get rowdy But only green papers with the faces arouse me Now I know what a woman think, but girl I'm top ten rank But I only get hard when I see Ben Frank in the bank It don't pay to baby don't show up But know what? Better catch me fore my price go up I'm a hoe slut for the dough but, I want the paper to come, til I throw up, so girl grow up You need to slow up the stash, I ain't all about us Cause a nigga like Kam all I need is my cash I want my money... [Chorus: x3 to fade]

Canal St.

ASAP ROCKY "At.Long.Last.A$AP"
Yeah, live through the strugglin', life's a every day hustle I hustle every day in life thinkin' back Takin' packs up the block them older niggas said I couldn't hustle Man fuck 'em niggas, I'll be back, strapped back pack Bitch I'm flipping work, hand in hand, I think they call it trappin' Racin' laps, re-up went to waste, it pays to make it stack Face the fact, there's always niggas out there tryin' to knock the hustle I guess that's why they say we trap, don't let niggas hold you back I'm just a kettle from the ghetto with no pot to piss in So who am I to call it black? Black man, black male Black ball, black opsy, black diamonds glistenin' Attract the pigs and all the rats, kitten scratch I went from roaches on my bump to red broaches on the cuff On my tux, chauffeur pullin' up, no if, ands or buts about him I went to Paris for my trunks, 100 thousand spend on Goyard Used it once, couldn't give a shit, damn or fuck about 'em Hit Canal Street, real as a gold medallion Smokin' blunts in front of public housing Wildin' 'til they throw me in 'em cuffs Mouth full of fronts, look like Master P up in my Cartier's Diamonds shinin' in the frames Changed the game and made them say Uhh Ain't no limits to this shit, life's a flick, you're speakin' to the script My life is like a movie, they should film me through it Take a pic, then show the frame and shit, forever me, was always G Way before this famous shit, y'all just pretend to do it [Hook - Bones x2:] You say you got 'em guns, but I've never seen you bang You say you get 'em drugs, but I've never seen you sling You say you in that game, but I've yet to see you play You say you going hard, but nobody feels the same, yeah Rap game like the crack game, swear it's all the same, hustle Whippin' soda through the pot, watch it bubble Flex a muscle, hit the block, I better teach you niggas how to hustle Sellin' coca on the charts, watch it double Uh, taking me in zoom and bust my shit, my mobile office Gettin' head while at my desk, this shit my oval office I remember when I got a hundred for recordings Now to sum up my performances, just put me on the Forbes list Fuck Jiggy, I'm flawless, fuck pretty, I'm gorgeous Your favourite rapper's corpses couldn't match up my importance My mind is out in orbits, plus my ego got endorsements Heard the people want that raw shit, but y'all be talkin' bullshit [Hook x2]

Simple And Blunt

Check it out. Another fuckin sampler, I won't even front I'll fuckin tell you all about our shit simple and blunt and if you take the time to listen as I run this down maybe you might even dig our shit and understand a wicked clown we forever underground cause up on the surface they've always said we talent less pieces of shit and worthless YET, as I'm wright'in this now I glance over at the wall and I don't know how but we got 2 platinum albums and another 4 gold and we never used Mtv we went up the back road and built a fan base that's so behind the clown that they'll tear your fuckin city in half to show they down but see that's just it though, it aint a fan base it's a family drawn together like we from outer space I mean we call our selves juggalos I guess that explains it that we relate because we been through the same kinds of pain I mean ICP don't rap about the money we get because half the juggalos so broke they be steelin our shit and they don't wanna hear about us pushin up Benz when the takin fuckin greyhounds just to get to gatherins WE LIKES IT WICKED, WE KEEPS IT WICKED we like cartoons, serials, slaughterers on a record its how we adjust to the pressures of life let our music do the killin for you, you'll be alright and seriously aint you the least bit curious what's up with this underground world we gettin furious just like the sampler that your bumpin right now this might be your callin to our carnival grounds and tell me this mutha fucka truly how you livin ever get the urge maybe do a little wig splittin ever been the last kid picked for a team ever had mutha fuckas come and shit on your dreams do you have ideas and somethin to say only aint nobody ever got their ears pointed your way ever been fucked with for like this and that and go home with crazy thoughts about cuttin they necks you might find an escape in this band the world hates cause we been gettin shit on homie we can relate and aint nobody here datin any Hollywood stars attendin VIP parties at high profile bars but if we aint your cup of tea than just don't fuck with me I respect the fuck out the fact that you stuck with me and listened on as we tried to explain ourselves CAUSE THE HATCHETS HUSTLIN FOR SOME RECORD SALES we know that ICP is fuckin hated and doughted but our new albums the bomb and i wouldnt lie about it we call it the wraith and its the 6th jokers card and the juggalo worlds been waitin long and hard so we savin it all we wont play you a lick thats why they got me on here rappin about the shit but for 10 years this album has been in our focus every thing from dog beats on through to dark lotus and its finally dropin on Nov. 5 unless the fuckin record label fucks up the shit plan is that's the day that the best we can do will be put in the stores and delivered to u or you can download the shit free most probably will but the packaging and booklet it comes with it still so if your lookin 4 the best way of copin it free my advice is hit a record store and pluck the CD get you the booklet, and get you the disk and leave all the case with the cover and shit and then buy somethin cheap like a Brittany Spears sticker so they don't get suspicious when they see you at the register 1 way or the other I can promise you this juggalo or not our fuckin records the shit and I don't give a fuck what rolling stone ends up given cause that's just some fuckin other idiots opinion if he knows what's so dope he should make it himself and quit fuckin judgin every fuckin body else anyway all we tryin to say is that bomb ass L.P. is headed your way a little somethin for the under dogs out there we extended the depth to let you know that we here and our carnival doors is always open to yours and 4 everybody else we stand up and applause for taken a little time to listen to me spin on this here on this here free cd hatchet sampler shit and for all the juggalos out there that didn't know the deal we put together this hear for you to feel come on.

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