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ACTION BRONSON lyrics - Rare Chandeliers

The Symbol

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah, fucking throw up on the floor shit Get the cleaning lady My bad! Hey yo! [Verse 1:] In only one year, considered as a veteran Top of the line, the whip look like tropical lime Off the boat, cousin, Glock by the spine Do a murder seven thirty, then they flying at nine Shit! Handspring half twist into the Buick You say you're doing shit but never do it I say I'm doing shit and then I do it Never going back to work in labor Fuck that your little chain, you better tuck that Uh, vultures flying over the carcass Bitches blowing on my dick like a cartridge Throw some grass up, aim a little east of the target My brain was sculpted at Harvard Never mention all the crime I been a part of Serve like Ivan Lendl up in the rental The cheese been assembled They receiving health benefits and dental The lamb was laced with fennel Left hand then shift the right foot touched the pedal! [Hook:] From now on I'm just the symbol Hundred dollar drugs smoke at the window Paper plates, I never had a license Could always cash, we're smoking spices Triple lindsey out the Jeep, land into a splint Get up in the spin, doggie, I'm the shit! You're staying broke, like Maury with the hip Huh, catch me on Maury with my bitch Fuck with me! [Verse 2:] The whip gymnast Jump out the car into the river Don't splash on the dive Straightforward money, cash on the side If you catch him I want that bastard alive My bitch's ass is like an apple You bitches see me look astonished Your boy is ill with the phonics Since Gary Payton had the pill for the Sonics You're still a novice And to be brutally honest, your shit is garbage! Dog, I've been a scholar My shoes are still alive from Lake Victoria Fuck the order up, leave you stretched in the corridor I got my aura up, hoes that drive me in foreign truck (dykes) One is riding me, the other one is rolling up (weed) Pray to science they don't pull me over If they do, then the fun is over Whether young or older, motherfucker's been a musket holder Just sprinkle cheese on top of me, and let it get crusted over! [Hook] Fuck with me! [repeated throughout]

Smoke A Nigga

JUICY J "Stay Trippy"
[Intro: Juicy J] Yo, too damn high. [Hook x2: Juicy J] This OG Kush, what I'm smokin' nigga. Put the fire to a hater, and smoke a nigga. I pull them whips out, and I'm smokin' nigga. You think you hot as me, hold on, you must be smokin' nigga. [Verse 1: Juicy J] Cali weed in a dutch, purple lean in my cup Smokin' while I'm drivin', nigga we be fucked up. Hit the weed then pass out, homie you an amateur This bitch is bad as fuck so I'm a grab that camera bruh. Peelin' bank rolls, Condo full of bad bitches. Lot of pills, lot of weed, and a lot of liquor. Sprinkle hash on a blunt bitch I'm rich and double cup Ain't no time bein' wasted time to roll another up Trippy niggas getting high, man that's what we all do. She know I'm with them Taylors, wanna fuck the whole crew. Smokin' out the phantom Rolls, tryna stay low key If what's in the air then you know it's me. [Hook] [Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa] Smokin' on this potent, feelin' like I'm floatin'. Lookin' like I'm Chinese cause my eyes are barely open. Weed in my king size and right beside me got that potion. Rollin' up that ganja all my diamonds like the ocean. All looked like I cloned em, all look like they glowin' All look like they snowin', I should build a snowman. Pulled out my garage to show my car cause I'm a showman Can't get in my closet cause I got all of this clothin' Smokin' out Ill show you how to roll one up and blow it down I'm on the stage you in the crowd I'm in the air you on the ground You on that uh, I'm on that loud. I'm on that island Veuve Clicquot money pilin'. [Hook] [Verse 3: Juicy J] I got a bad bitch on a hash pipe, and that ass right I don't know Lil shawty name, I just call her last night Ballin' hard coppin' foreign cars like they half price Blowin' loud, Juicy J be higher than the gas price. Mary Jane, bitch I get so high call me Eddy Kane. Freaky bitch, and she drippin' wet, it's a hurricane. Dope boy, I got it on my own, I come from selling stones Old school, nigga get naked like a hairy bone Codeine all in my cup, I got your queen all on my nuts. I spray she drink it up, that's right she freaky as fuck. Trippy nigga fresh to death, like the after life Juicy J I feel outta space, cause I'm gettin' higher than a satellite. [Hook]

Top Of The Line

JUVENILE "Cocky & Confident"
[Intro/Chorus] I wear top of the line clothes, drive top of the line cars Fuck top of the line hoes, some top of the line stars I wear top of the line clothes, drive top of the line cars Fuck top of the line hoes, some top of the line stars I'm top of the line [3X] I'm top of the line [3X] I'm top of the line [3X] I'm top of the line [3X] [Verse 1] And nigga, I'm spendin all my dollars on my brand new wear I talk to these bitches like I really do care Any conversation 'bout the money you dare Eleven hundred got a nigga look at two pair The ice gotta sparkle if it don't lose layer All I get is attitude and boo boo stares Look, Juvie got E.G., they too rare The Coogi hot [?] and they give me two pair Sharp crease and lining like I'm growin new hair Went Hollywood on 'em, I ain't have to move there Somebody tell me that there's gon' be a new mayor Consider me the King of New Orleans, true there [Chorus] [Verse 2] Juvenile and Nino, Magnolia lean-o A pocket full of C-notes, a black jalapeno Yeah I got an ego, the nigga do his thing though I got bad bitches, black white and latino Hoods clockin, dogs rats and cats watchin And they heard 'bout it, and they done told e'rybody that they sure 'bout it, that it's better than your product All in your project, even your homey Herb got it And I ain't shy 'bout it, so tell me what you need I got all the llello but my wodie got the weed In Oakland got the fiends, and Brooklyn[?] got the river[?] Shit goin sour then get some of your sugar [Chorus] [Verse 3] Back in the saddle it's that boy from the booth What's happenin lil' baby, what it is, what it do? You know I'm had them boys that need somethin brand new I ain't never had shit, that's how the hustle man do Wild DJ's on the 1's and 2's How niggaz blow they shit up and they all bad news Don't tell 'em nuttin nigga that's a bad move They a bunch of hotheads and they never act cool I ain't [?] when I be bustin ass too I'm a Nolia boy you seen the fuckin tattoo I can get you hit don't put nuttin past you Why you stuntin wit'cha money? Nigga I got cash too [Chorus]

I'm A Thug

TRICK DADDY "Thugs Are Us"
[CHORUS 1X] I don't know what this world's gonna bring But I know one thing that this is the life for me Baby cause I'm a thug All day every day Baby cause I'm a thug Wouldn't change for the world Uh huh cause I'm a thug That's right you heard Baby cause I'm a thug Uh huh oh yeah [TRICK DADDY] (check it out) Could it be my baggy jeans Or my gold teeth That make me different from ya'll Ain't trippin dog But listen dog I've been raised a little different dog I'm just doing my thang These are my ghetto slangs And I'm representing thug shit This who I roll with Watch them niggas that's gonna love this Niggas who out on bond On the run Got 10 years on parole Since you can't say it dog I'ma say it for ya'll Motherfuck the po-po's Fuck the judge and CEO's Fuck the DA and PO's Fuck the family of the victim Witness that's snitchin ass hoes nigga [CHORUS 1X] [TRICK DADDY] See I'm so tight Niggas be like That nigga got so many hoes And I know he got clout Look at his mouth That nigga got so many golds Niggas be tellin they hoes To set em up with that nigga Bitch I've been watch you watchin him You must wanna fuck this nigga My name alone Been known to break up happy homes No disrespect dog but you aint have no business Answering her phone If your ass wasn't home Me and her been get get gettin it on And you couldn't have been hitting her right Cause every second night she been hitting the phones She want a thug [CHORUS 1X] [TRICK DADDY] Since ya'll niggas wanna smoke the blunts tote the guns I'ma show you how to thug it dog Give me half a pill And some zephanyll And I'm like fuck it dog As long as my extasy got the best of me And none of you niggas aint stressin me I got one request in this bitch You can have the rest of this shit If a nigga drop some shit And it's wack as hell And don't make no damn sense Take it back Talk about it And tell your dog don't even buy that shit And I don't care who he is Or where he from I represent thug shit And you ain't gotta give me my props Or nominate me Cause dammit I love this [CHORUS 2X]


504 BOYZ "Goodfellas"
'Anyone contesting Tha Dogg Pound, guaranteed instant death'- [RBX] [Snoop Dogg] It's them Dogg House niggas wit' them 504 Boyz We the real McCoys Wit' the plastic toya Pop, pop Grab the glock Cock the muthafucka, No Limit niggas, we can't be stopped Did you hear me Ya heard me Record breakin' Hit makin' Can't bake 'em Real estatin' Never hatin' Shakin' up the game Bringin' the major pain Yea nigga, we all in the same game We enlighin' Ignitin' Never fightin' And we got them muthafuckas bitin' You fuck wit' P, you fuckin' wit' me You fuck wit Silkk, you fuckin' wit' me You fuck wit' D, you fuckin' wit' me Nigga what, that's my whole family [chorus 2x Krazy] What, you bitches goin' to war now (war now) No Limit got this rap shit on lockdown (lockdown) Wild out, bitch niggas when we come through (come through) I hope you wear a vest, souljas touchin' you (touchin' you) I'm bustin' you [Master P] I'm on the run, I head west wit' the dogs 504, that means ball til' u fall I ain't bout' no playin' nigga, it's on and poppin' You either workin' wit' those boys, or you out ther shortstoppin' Now keep you eyes on the prize nigga, don't fuck wit' the hos Cuz you see at night in the bricks nigga, anything goes Now you can bulletproof you chest, and they'll bust your head NIgga you scared to pop, then you could get an early grave Cuz, one time don't worry me I'm a third ward nigga til' they bury me (hahaa) Two times nigga, shut it down It's No Limit, we it on lock wit' the pound [chorus 2X] [Krazy] Fresh out the courthouse, fuck the world, I'm finally free Ask them bitch niggas who snitch, is they ready for me My proverbs to the tank, believe I love it Since that 'Bout' It Bout' It' album, I was dreamin' of it Ride wit' me, through the south, as I cruise through Texas A young soldier, wit' about a hundred grand in my Lexus On my way from Houston, after I scored the coke I rather, step to jail than my family be broke But I owe five hours, I can barely breathe Please lord forgive me for my sins, I got kids to feed Ain't no nigga in the Ivory Ville givin' me shit They went from trick to a bitch and buy that ho a fit But my souljas, before it's over off top Before I'm sayin' to my dogs everytime the dope is chopped Feel that, my niggas will ride wit' me Snoop and Master P said that they'll die for me [Chorus til' song ends]

Take Me High

PAC DIV "Mania"
[Verse 1: Mibbs] Now if she ain't got no class I don't care If she ain't got a fat ass I won't dare She better have a good brain if she ain't got no hair Not sayin I want perfect, but almost there I need girls, faster than them jet skis man When you see me I be like the Dos Equis man If you put it on me, you gon' do the best you can And you better know how to ride it like an equestrian Look it up Since you be the baddest I'll be the picture, you be the canvas I'll be the Pips and you be my Gladys, I'm like the Clipse With you til the casket... [Verse 2: Like] Drop, pass the rock She's asking me when she gonna have the cock I look at her face I look at her feet I look at her heels I'd rather not I'm cool, I'd rather smoke this and be high as an astronaut Far from a pimp but I smash a lot Buns like she was from Rap-a-lot, I had to pop Ran into her at a traffic stop Ten minutes later her panties drop What was her name? My bad forgot She just grabbed my anaconda so I grabbed the Panasonic camera Propped and filmed it till the action stop [Hook: Mibbs] I only puff kush I only fuck with bad ones Right before I push Make sure I got the Magnums Yeah she looks good And yeah she thinks I'm handsome Got me feeling good, let's do something random Take me high, take me high, baby Take me high, take me high, baby (It's Pac Div baby) [Verse 3: BeYoung] Yup, I said my cell phone ringin' Pants still hangin' Pac Div baby, easy like the caveman Dime bag, dub sack Nigga what'chu bringin' Birds jump my bones now That's so raven Check out what I'm flamin' Only that good, good Lace me when I breeze through Funky like it's beef stew White widow train wreck No, I got a sweet tooth Bring your girl, I need to, ride her like a sea doo Tired, y'all might need to Quiet, then you sleep, cool Tires 'bout to screech boo Earth, Wind, and Fire I've been flyer than you seen true Don't got desire to go diving if it's seafood Ain't gotta lie you's a freak too That's how I freaked you [Hook] [Verse 4: Mibbs] Last year, she was screaming fuck that nigga Now she's bent over like a hunch back nigga Her best friend told her not to trust that nigga Cause her best friend's busy tryna fuck that nigga Damn that's so scandalous But that is Los Angeles The place where the drama is, as common as cancer is Out of towners asking us How do you handle it I just blow out the kush, and crack a smile for the cameras How can a nigga be mad at us How could you not be a fan of us How can you come to my shows, lie to the hoes, and say you my manager Damn that's some thirsty shit For real that's some dirty shit Some musty ass, stinky ass, nasty ass herpes shit (Ugh) [Like:] Crabby ass lurking bitch Face look like Erk Tha Jerk Lying like you 21 Look more like you 36 Scabby ass, scurvy [?] Saggin ass, dirty tits And I'm just being courteous (Heh heh, what are you talking about?) [Hook] Take me high, take me high, baby Take me high, take me high, baby

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