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ACTION BRONSON lyrics - Blue Chips 2

Through The Eyes Of A G

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro:] I think I got 15... bullshit, this is nothing. Look, my feet hurt, I need DOPE. When are we gonna do some acid cause I got, I need piles of money. Forget this shit... but a hit of crack will do for now [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Yeah... through the eyes of a G Through the eyes of a G, see me in the all white Eclipse A husband pay me 10 stacks to fuck his bitch Hand up her ass like a Muppet baby, it's crazy While she do a buck-eighty in a mustard Mercedes I move the mustard from Russia to Haiti Forty-fives will kiss like the touch from a lady Fuck with my lunch and then the pump leaves you under the daisies You know your bitch is just another cocksucker with rabies I'm signing autographs in Spanish, I live with Michael Jackson's anguish Hop in the Vanquish and vanish off the manor in a strange manner Aim the hammer at your dame's bladder, like it ain't matter I smoke 'til I got down syndrome Tan gators, brown linen Multi-color money, seven different kinds of cheeses My silhouette resembles Jesus in all seasons Take a ginger shot, doing concentration curls with the cinderblocks Doing squats, hope the ox don't drop out Don't make me have to slap the fire out your pop's mouth It's me... uh Through the eyes of a G [Verse 2: Ab-Soul] Yo Through the eyes of a G A-B, utilize what you and I use to see To move forward Cause I get bored with niggas talking 'bout Who they used to be, what they used to do My homie headed to court, not for a 2-on-2 Ironically, I'll have you know we do it for the sport Or at least to keep a little gold in this uniform I'm abnormal like a unicorn that you could get on Cows jump over moons when my nouns and verbs move Etiquette of a veteran, still getting checks You get a F for your efforts, we never trade techs I tried to keep the peace but now I gotta keep the piece I speak in synchronistic frequency with triggers squeezing And one day I'll drop to my knee and repent to Jesus 'Til then I'm humping my lust demons for no reason Soul-o ho, from Del Amo to SoHo, ho Yo, yo, check, "you do not know me, no, no, no You do not know me but I know you-" I had to, I had to do it

No More Mister Nice Guy

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Rated XXX"
(Ah yeah) (Y'all Hip-Hop hoes) (Check this out) (Bitch) Yeah bitch No more Mister Nice Guy Y'all bitches check this shit out right here now Word up, baby No more Mister Nice Guy Fuck all the bullshit Fuck all that nice shit No more Mister Nice Guy (You are not the sensitive man you used to be) I used to be romantic and considerate But now I hit the skins, I jump right in, and then get rid of it Cause I remember when you used to treat me like a stepson You hung around for fun but yo, I wasn't gettin wet none Treated you like you was a star big as Madonna I took you out on dates to go eat steaks at Benny Harner's I called you on the telephone to see what you was doin Took a trip to the zoo and bulls were steady tryina do it ??? but I didn't get my rocks off Talkin bout knockin boots, I didn't even get your socks off Tryin everything inside the book to get you naked I guess the candlelight dinners and Spinners records didn't make it But yo, I'm still ringin your bell holdin roses We might as well been Eskimos in clothes rubbin noses I woulda gave you stars from out the sky But soon as I got the pie Poof - no more Mister Nice Guy (You bitch) Bitch you're actin real funny with your pussy Yeah bitch No more Mister Nice Guy Bitch I been waitin for like a fuckin month and a half Word up baby No more Mister Nice Guy What the fuck is the problem? What's the problem? Fuck that shit No more Mister Nice Guy Fuck you and your pussy (Bitch) (Ah yeah) (What's the matter, you're burning?) Thinkin bout the times I opened doors and pulled your chair out But now I got you stressed, lookin a mess pullin your hair out I used to come and shower you with mad flowers and candies But all that shit stopped when I got into the panties Now you're steady beggin me to bang her I come to bust a nut off of a blow job or fuck you with my finger Before I got the cunt I was your little rubber-duckie But now you see me three times a month if you're lucky I used to buy you clothes as we doze in a pocanose Now you're gettin called all kinda hoes and a broken nose Took you out for movies and dinner Now I pack a snack and rent a blockbuster tape and run up in ya Before I woulda done anything to see you nude Now you ??? hump or gotta nease noff like Ebeneezer Scrooge It ain't no more pickin you up dressed out in a suit and tie Bitch, no more Mister Nice Guy Bitch, I'm tellin you right now It wasn't all that Aw fuck you I don't want it no more Suck my dick Fuck your pussy This stinks When we first went to bed I used to leave your head spinnin But now I hit quick and give a speed stick while in it Yeah, I used flip you like Jack the Ripper the stripper Now I'm ready to date when I get lipstick on my zipper Just give me a cut, and all of a sudden I'm steady (nuttin) (nuttin) right on your shirt buttons So get a grip as my tip starts to sprinkle It drips from your lip to your hip to your ankle And that's for all the times you used to try to play me, baby My name ain't Miss Daisy, but thanks for the ride, lady Because you rode me like a hoe inside a rodeo And now the nitwit is moby dick-whipped like Toby-o I wish you would light a cigarette that I chain smoke The only coat i be puttin on is my raincoat I used to treat the hookers flier than sky high But now I'm a wise guy, no more Mister Nice Guy (You bitch) Now I hope you bitches understand I tried to tell you bitches Suck my dick Suck my dick Fuck all you bitches Fuck y'all No more Mister Nice Guy Suck my dick and suck my nipple Suck all our dicks bitch Fuck you No more Mister Nice Guy I don't give a fuck no more bitch, now I'm maaaad No more Mister Nice Guy Come on, you bitches Fuck that bitch I'm really mad now I'm telling you You really got me pissed off I can't have the pussy no more? Fuck that bitch Even if I have to take it Don't make me take it I'm tellin you (Take that, muthafucka)

We On

AKON "Konkrete Jungle"
Testing one Testing two Yo Gotti! My top down, my money long My bitch bad and I'm packed up Niggas like me these bitches fuck He ain't hood no mo', he ain't strapped up Y'all mixed up, thinkin' I'm a call up my gorillas I've got killers in Chinchillas, pullin' cars straight from the dealer I'm worldwide and they love me when my PJ ain't for soil That cocka money all, I've been fuckin' with the soil See, all my bitches love me, they all be callin' me hubby I've been thinkin' 'bout movin' to Miami and getting chubby Been getting all this money and fuckin' all these bitches Survive all these hoods, bumpin, we bumpin' these bitches We on we on we on We on we on we on I see this Louie and this Gucci This Bentley and this Prada My swag's off the roof that's why these hoes tryin' harder We on we on we on We on we on we on I pulled up in like full hoomer Straight linen like dope money Got a red bitch and a red Rrari If something comes, California She mink skinned, her butter milk My people me, might stand me up Get the club, that Rollie watchin' New Versace chain, they can't stand me Heated up in the club and we poppin' these bitches And we bumpin' in designer, we rockin', we on We on, 20 racks and we shoppin' 8 million and it's droppin' If you want it give me coppin' Bitch, I'm tripped up like a light switch On light me like a drag beat Good round with that black truck But don't steer back that white shit Money, it's the root of all evil I'm just tryna feed my people Couple ounces for these sneakers, I'm on Been getting all this money and fuckin' all these bitches Survive all these hoods, bumpin, we bumpin' these bitches We on we on we on We on we on we on I see this Louie and this Gucci This Bentley and this Prada My swag's off the roof that's why these hoes tryin' harder We on we on we on We on we on we on We work hard, no sleep You starve, we eat No shorts, knee deep Them Louie bags ain't cheap And that's all that she wanted Got 'er back and up on it Remind me of my old battle bee and she might think I might clone it Cute face, big ole ass Lookin' like she J Lo Diamond piece all over this smash Tryna fuck the whole ano Diamonds on my back, diamonds on my wrist Might splurge a lil bit and put diamonds on this bitch Been getting all this money and fuckin' all these bitches Survive all these hoods, bumpin, we bumpin' these bitches We on we on we on We on we on we on I see this Louie and this Gucci This Bentley and this Prada My swag's off the roof that's why these hoes tryin' harder We on we on we on We on we on we on

Friends And Family

TRIK TURNER "Trik Turner"
Some call me a loser Some call me a cheater Some say I'm a selfish untalented dreamer Cause all's I try to do is keep my dream alive But it's so hard to do when your working 9 to 5 I've never been one afraid to die But I'm afraid to leave behind The precious life that grows through the sands of time Cause now I've got two daughters And I know they need their father To help them make it through all of the devious things that people do Cause every moment counts from the good times to the bad I don't have time to envy those that got things I've never had Cause the one thing most important is the one we take for granted And until your life is on that line I think it's the way god had planned it To open up your eyes and make you realize That to some life is money But what's money without life Cause all's I need is the air that I breathe And my friends and family to believe in me [Hook] As deep as the abyss where the waters run As deep as the land of the rising sun You know I'm down And even when them odds are against us It doesn't even matter Nothing else matters We bleed the same blood We cry the same tears We have the same fears We pass the same years We see the same stars Under the same skies We pass the same time We all live and die Cause friends and family wash thicker than blood And if ya' never felt love than I feel for you cuz' Cuz' lives pass above us in 747's Deceased dwell below us Before they go to heaven Everything in between will hassle me Some stay connected while other keep dreaming Looking for that meaning but the lost can't be found Drop to your caps and pray Now can ya' hear the sound Do ya' feel it Now do ya' feel it comin' Two triple zero the hunters are the hunted Electrical currents conflict with the spirits Ah do ya' hear it ah or do ya' feel it Deep like seven leagues life intrigues intelligence Got no time for clutter, you're late if there's hesitance Put your foot forward and there will be a helping hand Take a step back and your stuck in the quick sand Ingesting toxins keeps us locked in, a mental jail trap 99' where's your family at [Bridge] Oh, and I might fail Oh, I might succeed Whatever the outcome is Just keep your faith in me Just believe in me And I will be there [repeat hook]


An Pierlé
High on the tower I freak on heights With a tear in every corner of my eyes Desert storm is over now Nothing to fear With the sailor near... High on the tower I have seen second sights To discover my saviour nearby For the sun won't burn my head As I walk around my tower For the wind would blow the lashes of my eyes instead Here we come Here we try Here we settle down for ages For the Man Who Comes To Save Our All Guts But the Leppars lay ahead Winning team by lengthless shoulders Search the morning ground Reach for the life bread As I search for corners Tired of the wide I've been hissing at the angels Who grab viciously at my eyes Suzy sits upon her window With her flaming thoughts and greedy thighs The Sailor wore a mark in the right eye Here we come Here we try Here we've settled down for ages For the Man To Come To Save Our All Guts See the level rises ahead Sailor sits upon its shoulder Soon enough he'll reach out for the life braid (I've grown for ages) Dear Sailor climb the braid My hair will not break It will just ache a little while But it will not break Dear Sailor Saviour climb the stairs My heart will not break (it will just ache a little while)

Bitches Aint Shit

Lil' Jon
Intro: Lil' Jon and the East side Boyz] Yeah, Yeah... LiL' Jon and the east side boyz (thats right bitch) Suga free (suga free) Bad boy snoop dogg, oobie wassup girl And this nigga right here Sing it to them nate dogg (hey) (sing it man) [verse 1: nate dogg] Back in the days i use to like bitches (uhh) But i tell you now days bitches aint shit (tell 'em) And if you wonder why i say this (yeah,yeah) I've had a lot of women and bitches think they slick (shoopbop ??) Sneakin' around fuckin' around whenever were not around (always) Actin' all sophisticated spending money that she didnt make (oh,ya) I get so mad that i could slap her actin like she cleopatra (ya,ya,hey) Aint no need to ask shes a slave to tha money and im the master [hook: nate dogg] Thats why i smoke sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday Dont let no girl no bitch (hey) no man no nigga get in my way I keep my gun with me (always) for peace i keep it right by my side (05 bitch) Big nate long beach (wont keep?) lil' jon ?? so come on lets ride [verse 2: lil' jon] Whats up with these tryin'to play a nigga ?? hoes straight stay a nigga No more dick in yo pussy just stick with your throat You aint gon get no child support Playing a nigga like you were one to know that But i love yo gurls, naw i was just playing You say you love me if i was just playing Why i gotta be likr that, why must i chase the cat Or really why must i chase the rat Nigga fucking bitches how bout that Wont you buy me a drink (bitch hell naw) Let me hit yo thang?(bitch hell naw) Wont you take me to yo crib(bitch hell naw) Lets go to the mall(bitch hell naw) [hook] [east side boyz] Stop. SHYEAH. take a left. SLAM. Pimped out. shyeah. take a left. SLAM. Stop. SHYEAH. take a left. SLAM Pimped out. SHYEAH. take a left. SLAM. [verse 3: suga free] Now dont get me started And never say what you wanna do Cause your just a recess pieces to get turned out too Now i can get that man back But how you gonna sue me child support When you aint sat down and wrote me a rap See you cant?? Uh oh suga free the last dinosaur from caveman (she'll center) i toast? to this So she can check the track, i toast? to that You can catch him on the dance floor, i toss to this And you know she aint got no panties, i toss to that Gooshie-gooshie-moshie-mooshie-push me-push me I can tell by the way she dance shes got a nice pussy [hook] [verse 4: snoop dogg] Yeah, let me get a glass of that Puff puff pass it back Doggy dogg with a classic rap, blazing sacks back-to-back Imagine that Im tryibg to holla at shiniqua Champagne for me and my peopa VIP'ing, LBC'ing, DPG's, they'll be G's Until the end of time, and will continue to shine My games gettin' bigger, its a wrap. chuuch my nigga [oobie] Let me tell ya about a bitch Bitches are?? Bitches dont give a shit All a bitch want is a victim of?? You aint get no loyalty Cause a bitch gon always be They love it when you fuck 'em They love it when you leave? em Better yet when you mistreat her For the bitch, nigga you dont need em You bitches, aint getting shit ?? [outro: lil' jon] (hey hey) there you have ladies and gentlemen (there you have it) Our desdription (uh uh) Of how these bitches be actin' this Motherfucka that cant be All i gotta say is keep oit pimpin' pimpin' (keep it pimpin' pimpin') And i dont trust these motherfuckin' hoes (oh oh)

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