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ACE HOOD lyrics

All Bets On Ace

Original and similar lyrics
As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I tell 'em I should fear no man so where my enemy at? I'm movin' dat Phantom wit' cannons See the curtains is black I murder you niggas for certain and I be in and be back Like an Energizer bunny I keep it goin' in fact Hop on any track and demolish Don't you bother wit' that Cuz that bitch who bother Me them hollows out the Tahoe We be poppin' like it's bottles Chop you up like a sarodo in fact I get on any shit and rip it peep my energy pack Just name any nigga dat want wit' me riddle me that Riddle me this, if I don't rip you consider me wack I'm on top of the fuckin' game so y'all do better than dat But I think dey runnin' late dey takin' breaks Before you think or even blink I be off up in yo' place Put dat heater to yo' face And tell you lead me to the safe Don't cooperate dat caution tape will cover up yo' place This is All Bets nigga on that muthafuckin' Ace That is I greedy guy, run up in and take yo' pies If you niggas wonder why, look it's in my fuckin' eyes Never wonder what's in mind, give you just a bit of time I'm starvin' you fuck niggas out of yo' mind Fuck yo' problems, fuck yo' momma Fuck yo' baby momma drama, fuck yo' sista Fuck yo' daughter, when you fuckin' wit' the Devil We are rebels Hear the tremble when you walk over them pebbles Wear them guns like it's a medal bitch I heavy metal handle grip, word shop like it's a sander I'm 100 and loaded like a muthafuckin' Rambo Make you scramble from this ammo That I put off in this hammer, bitch it's hammer time You asinine, I'm mastermind And half the time I'm over time And after mine there will be none If there's some they runnin' from me half the time Yes I am a problem I be wildin' I be smilin' while I'm askin' for yo' wallet What you drivin'? Give me diamonds Ask yo' lady she desire me cuz I'm fly as any pilot Quitted college just to follow me the sight See on an island, I am G-U-T-T-A put this bass up in yo' face Until you feel the b-b-b-b-bass from this K-K-K-K-K I am runnin' in yo' place it is I Yes Ace Mister H-Double O-D Mister get you when you sleep Mister see me in the street Bitch I'm a muthafuckin' beast, I never sleep I just go eat And if I hear of any beef, and then I want a lil' piece Just let me get a lil' piece I walk yo' block and hit yo' street like I'm a muthafuckin' G A matter fact I am a G, and you a P-U-S-S-Y All you niggas said I couldn't, and I told you to yo' eyes And bitch I'm on some murder mind And bitch I'm on some other grind You can't compare me to yo' kind Just listen up and wonder why Yes I am blind to you niggas rappin' wit' no passion Can't imagine, ever yappin' I be rappin', spittin' magic, let you have it Now let me breath and let me free you some satisfaction Huhhhhh October 14th, Gutta Like I told you niggas befo' See I be in and be back I'm like an Energizer bunny wit' no energy pack Fuck lettin' you niggas go breath, you can swallow the track Or you can swallow all them hollows that insert to the gat And see I gave, won't fold now I'm back in yo' chest It's all bets on the next nigga show me yo' best And next time I come around have that check and da cash Just tell dem niggas Khaled they should put it all on yo' man Yeah, put it all on yo' man October 14th I'm takin' all bets in advance

One Woman Man (Remix)

One Woman Man (Remix) featuring Redman It's so funny runnin' into you It has to be three years Since we last seen each other Many flashbacks come to mind Of the wild and crazy times We used to have with one another We absolutely didn't care We would do it anywhere Eye contact, and it was over But that's when I was wildin' out I couldn't care less about Someone gettin' hurt I've done my share of dirt But I done wised up 1 - Seein' you reminds me of All the nights I used to beat it up I would do it again, but I can't Cuz everything is different now I finally have settled down And became a one woman man Ooh There were many others after you Quite a few one night stands Some of their names I can't remember Imagine wakin' up to someone new You barely even knew Time and time again But there's someone for everyone I've been blessed to find that one Who makes me feel like no other You are lookin' good as hell But I can't go home with you Because I'm goin' home to her Repeat 1 [Redman] Yo, yo, yo, yo... Ever since I hit the pussy I knew I was whipped We push the seats through the stairwell And fucked in the six I'm a dawg, Jersey dawg But the dog they caught by sugar walls It's so rich it's out the Barbie park Hey I admit I was the nigga yellin' fuck dem hoes But ever since you touched them toes My nuts done growed (damn baby) You lookin' gravy in them XO jeans Ain't scared to ride the 9-2-9 at a buck 14 Used to say you fucked niggas But really you didn't Was my own guilty consciounsce From em fuckin' these woman But that pussy, gotta get me a grip Shit I'll treat your kids to Disney with Mickey and shit Niggas say they don't love dem hoes Yeah that's right To the next man in the bed with they weds at night But you thug it out, suck it out Titties, nipples toughen out Half a dozen skittin' out the window, bustin' out That's my kind of bitch Repeat 1 to fade

White Noise

Corrosion Of Conformity "Blind"
The number in nations The god in their hearts The justice in swine The devil in God VOTE This long hand that breaks our backs Still casting shadows on all that we see Unjustified...mercy killing is just a feeling To keep our numbers from being free (Chorus) Prison for praise is not worth thinking Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking So unleash the dogs - the only solution Forgive and forget, fuck no I'm talking about a revolution The prophet man's got a needle in his hand Draws his dreams from your soul - bleeding minds into sand The year of the fear has arrived decades too late And our right to stand and fight is now solely sealed in fate (Repeat first chorus) One last chance mission with a vision 'cos our lives are just cards i their stack Our time is short but theirs is shorter How much longer can they hold us back (Chorus) Prison for praise - the obvious answer Once had power mad - living disaster Don't fuck with me 'cos I'm on a freedom train That bears no name - this time I'm voting with a bullet This view they once knew made our nooses too tight This justice in swine This devil in god So God bless my soul - I've got total control And the crosshairs lined up dead in my sight I'm voting with a bullet


TWISTA "Mobstability"
(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) [Liffy Stokes] Nineteen-ninety-muthafuckin'-eight Mobsta elite's back up in this muthafuck 'em (Bitch) And we airin' out all you playa-hatin-lame-ass niggas And we on this laid-back track, something smooth Eh yo, Mayz, whatcha don' do, kick it [Mayz] And ride on, niggas get your high on While we pump this shit to vibe on The muthafuckin' mobsta elite'll leave you breathless When we hit you like this Early in the morning, hop into the Chevy Caprice I'm hurtin', so I'm thinkin of ways to gettin' paid Cheddar in a bundle, fifties and hundreds and G stacks If I could just hit that big lick I could relax And ease back off of thuggin' and stick to hustlin' Concentrate on paper and let the shorties do the bustin' While I motivate on power moves, you live be coward rules Singing the blues while I pack shit that'll knock you out your shoes 'Cause I'm a fool playing the game of the streets Claiming elites, making sure my family eats We roll and it flees, bunkin' niggas out of their seats While mobbin' on beats, soon niggas can't back down or retreat Preventing mine, just doing petty crimes, I'm not petty or nice Standin' in line, calmly waitin' on my time to shine 'Cause when I shine, I'ma glisten As all the heads come up missing I'ma slide in and assume the position My mom's stick thick, who the killas and convicts Bulletproof now, pistol holsters under the arm pits Ready to go out in the blaze of glory Standin' firm on the deck makin' the front-page story [Chorus] When your mobs' at your side and they're ready to ride, nigga (Nigga, that's mobstability) And when you go from movin' O's to keys for more cheese (Fool, that's mobstability) And when it's money over bitches 'cause you're stackin' your riches (Playa, that's mobstability) Gettin' your mind right for payin' for the year 2G (Gotsta be mobstability) [Liffy Stokes] I heard a raw beat, somebody told me the funk did it But if Trax didn't do it I can't fuck it 'Cause it's a family thang You know Chi-Town's the motherland of the wild The chain of mobsters and gangs But we're the elite few that just can't be contained Tippin' only the plane, determine it's about the game Like a playa stays the same, ain't tryin' to act strange to change 'Cause the more paper you got, the more you got to slang And there's more haters to bang 'cause they all want a piece You got to be slick as grease 'cause they want the playas deceased Restin' in peace But my motto's simply too tight for you to threaten my life With a knife, gun or mic You don't really wanna fight so just swallow your pride Before I come inside your crib and kidnap the shorty and bride Every nigga alive wish he had a psycho status Will your punks ready to ride so the bitches can come at us In the city of thugs, police, politicians and drugs If they ain't passin' the bubble, niggas carry a grudge, but no love So I don't give a muthafuck if you killin' me I'm pissin' out headshots, protestin' my mobstability [Chorus] [Twista] If I'm not into nothing, I don't feel right So I circle the block strapped Watching the workers while they circle muthafuckas at night They work to tippin' me 'cause dope fiends ain't wangers These wanches are skanches, this ain't just how the cracks and hiatus My crew react tamers than sweat hogs, to protect that () bomb But no teflon, your flesh was tearin', for the love of this heron I bare arms and I'm quick to snatch cards to those who react hard Don't judge these, got you robbed, I'ma get more cheddar for my black mob My legion is broke down into sections to run every regions Slugs and thugs, rifles for rifles 'cause we walk every season Having shootin' apartments, cars with hidden compartments for po-pos Zip polos holding pistolos and mobstas know those Sooner then booted, looted then zooted, () shoes so can I Automatics but semi, then I, watches your midnight 'Cause I be handlin' my function when the nine-milliter get to jumpin' Dumpin' on niggas who claimin' my muthafuckas ain't worth for nothin' I'm bustin', how's game I peep when I was a shorty Having big dreams on money, cars and bitches by the time I reach forty Nation affiliation, dummy paper-chase and willin' For pay probabilities only seen through mobtability, feelin' me [Chorus]

Juvenile On Fire

JUVENILE "400 Degreez"
[Juvenile] Lets say I'm in a room with a bitch And the hoe don't wanna fuck Like a man I'ma beat my meat And get my fuckin nut Fo'sho she gonna be drove then And I'ma cut the TV off And got to sleep on that hoe then Now tell that to your girlfriend You tell her everything else She goin to be with her boyfriend You goin to be by your damn self While I'm in my benz with your friend And she bout to get nervous Baby I don't want nothing But some mouth and lip service Don't act bad Don't get mad Thats all I can do with you Cause I don't want your ass Look you kinda fine With a nigga name on your spine Now respect my fuckin mind How I'ma hit that from behind Got a hoe across the court And Molly boots the next door I'm getting tired of you rappers Its time for me to restore I done fixed these bitches house up And have them living swell But and still a nigga like me was eating a taco bell But after that shit All that trick shit I stopped it And lock my fuckin pockets You can't kick it or pop it Now I get what I can get Out of these hoes and I'm up And if she wanna flex up I'ma back the hoe up [Chorus: repeat 4X] Girl thats Juvenile You don't know he on fire 17 inch Momo's like magic on his tires [Juvenile] See I know how to treat a hoe Just talkin and great a hoe Niggas know I don't need a hoe Don't mix up your people hoe If I tell you do something You better do what I say If you plannin on playin me Better get out my way A bitch will get you killed Thats the way I think >From some old bitch ass nigga Trying to receive my bank Pussy come and it go It been like that before I got here Pussy don't wait for me or no nigga But its gonna stop here For a little while So I'ma get what I could And if she bout sucking some dick I ain't hatin its all good Now can I get that out you It ain't hard to do You a fine muthafucka And it starts with you I'm trying to fuck something till it can't see What I'ma show you with this dick You gonna thank me A nigga gonna be like that untill the moment I retire Ask them bitches bout me And they gonna say that I'm on fire [Chorus] [Juvenile] If I even fuck with a bitch She gonna know Not to conversate with niggas And to open my door My business is my business It ain't to be heard My niggas is my niggas So you don't say a word And you don't touch my shit You don't drive my shit I got dope in the house And I hide my shit I have bad nerves I hope you don't try my shit Do right and nice things I'ma buy my bitch Some bitches you gotta play'em with a long string You play them close And you gonna be bangin wrong things You got something that I hear you don't wanna bring You not a muthafuckin player you a punk main Let me get one of them hoes up on this dope dick Stop handcuffin that bitch let her approach this You know when Juvenile comes he has to smoke shit I'm on fire on fire And you know this [Chorus 1.5X] [Juvenile] You can fuck my bitch You can fuck my bitch You can fuck my bitch You can fuck my bitch Let me fuck your bitch I don't love that bitch I don't trust that bitch You can fuck my bitch Let me fuck your bitch I don't love that bitch I don't trust that bitch You can fuck my bitch Let me fuck your bitch I don't love that bitch I don't trust that bitch You can fuck my bitch Let me fuck your bitch I don't love that bitch I don't trust that bitch You don't know he on fire You don't know he on fire You don't know he on fire You don't know he on fire [Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot] My bitch is your bitch My bitch is your bitch Your bitch is my bitch My bitch is your bitch My bitch is your bitch Your bitch is my bitch

Retro Electro

JAY ELECTRONICA "Attack Of The Clones"
I wanna thank ya For bein so fly (so fly) You didn't know (didn't know) That it was my time They shoulda told ya I am for the people And on my shoulders Carrying the world Say it sir victory is mine oh yeah I tumble like the dice do Stay on the humble like christ do Piss stanzas and shite haikus Since I was a young tyke-u Tried to moonwalk like michael I understood the universal cycles Positive negative neutral Impoverished kids on sedativesll live mutual Where reverends, presidents movies stars cinema-togra-phers And producers, so standardized eduacation in it's current state Is useful, I'm mean useless Pardon the slippage The deadll probably target the jargon as gibberish Meanwhile I'm off in the stars war'n with iblis You see them atoms spinnin You see them waves shimmering You see them wisdoms grinning The masculine energy make em feel feminine I transformed and start assemblin From moab to mendin Sittin bull is twistin sittin ducks like dutches Victory is in my clutches Motherfuckers You can't touch this like hamm and them I'm on auto pilot Sippin pen noir Eatin sal-a-mon Brother with foul in them The son of marilyn Chancellor of hope Sharp like razor Clean like soap The simplest metaphors be the dope They stumblin outta focus I spit that hocus pocus Man these niggas absolutely bogus The cockroach flow is hopeless I'm on they ass like locust In and out the studio The flows unruly so My attack level is way higher than yugiohs My defence level is in the trillions So if you wanna duel Ya rocket better be filled with fuel Cause when you get here, I'll be on the stool crackin booze And you'll be tired from the journey So how you think that you could ever burn me Man these wack niggas don't concern me Bring out the gurneys and summon my attorneys

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