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ABS lyrics - Abstract Theory


Original and similar lyrics
[Yeah... wooo Uh, uh-huh... c'mon... uh Yo... ch'mere ... uh, uh] The first time I laid my eyes on you, You know that... girl, you know I had to. She had the honeycomb lips fired up. I had the drop top, six chromed up. That sounds like we was meant to, Girl, you were sent to... From up above, Heaven lent you. To let me take your time, with the line, what's yer name? You telling me you got a man... damn that's a shame ... - BRIDGE Somebody let me know, Why I gotta play all the time in a low-down? It's a shame how I make you feel, But it's hard girl... I'm trying to keep it real. - CHORUS It's a shame .... (uh-huh) You know yer messing 'round with my heart (The way I'm playing with yer heart, girl...) It's a shame ... The way you... hurt me. (I didn't meant to...) [REPEAT] Like Sugarbear, don't scandalize mine. That's just how I play, get yourself in line. Ah, my girlfriends phoning me, uh Asking why she found a pair of panties in the backseat, uh. Damn! I shoulda known I was wrong to. I didn't mean to hurt you girl, I didn't want to. But she was too damn, jiggity boom. Green eyes, jeans tight, and dark hair... I friggin had to. - BRIDGE - CHORUS Pardon me girl, that it ain't what yer thinkin. All alone, while yer sleepin, I'm dreamin. (Trying to say...) Is I got you, but I gotta get you... in my heart, Girl, I gotta let you. I need to stop that guy. I'm tryin to get it straight. Girl, it ain't no lie. My best friend's tellin me to chill now, Need to hold it down, Baby tell me, ain't you feel now ... - BRIDGE - CHORUS x 3

I Can't Put Out This Fire

BROOKS & DUNN "Hard Workin' Man"
Seems like every time I call you I'm standing in the pouring rain I had another falling out with love I'm back out on the streets again I could us a cup of coffee But I guess I better pass this time But you could do an old friend a favor While I'm still on the line I know you said it's over But this old heart's still burning with desire So tell me one more time You don't love me anymore You gotta help me girl I can't put out this fire It's good to hear your voice again I can almost see your smile It's good to talk about old times If only for a little while Guess I'll go on back to my place There's not much else for me to do I wish that I could close my eyes Without dreaming of you I know you said it's over But this old heart's still burning with desire So tell me one more time You don't love me anymore You gotta help me girl I can't put out this fire Oh you gotta help me girl I can't put out this fire No, no, you gotta help me girl I can't put out this fire

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless (Rmx)

LOST BOYZ "Legal Drug Money"
Verse One: Take a trip into my set How much you wanna make a bet my peoples struggle for the shit they get They steady fuckin' with theses coppers and their scams Me and my man are power moving caravans It's hectic coming up in the gutter When they say they have no work they make you hustle for you bread and butter And everybody's ill I know kids around my way who get a thrill from seeing blood spill Now who's the one to blame my friend For bringing guns into the states and knockin' down my men And keeping them inside the pen until they figure out when To let my people on the street until they frame 'em again Now listen, there's no way to escape I got the test to show the well now you're just what it takes Mr. Cheeks and LB fam illegal drug thugs kid The game was hotter than a flame so out the game I slid Chorus: Lifestyles of the rich see some die nameless all the same game it's time to move a muscle, see the year's nine-five everybody's gotta hustle. This nigga Jack he owns the block Not an ordinary thug around the way or in the drug spot He drives a black Mercedes-Benz Be in the bar with the local drug stars and his lady friends Now understand he's getting cheese His life is all about rollin' dice with G's getting nice flipping keys That's some way to live I guess somebody's gotta do the taking if nobody wants to give Making moves with his peeps outta town Shorty with the work, his man got the four-pound He's getting bigger than his jeans Setting up niggaz for cream, beatin' down crack fiends Lickin' shots at the jam Coming up with ill scams, faking jacks on his man Now how long will that last Until his time runs out and someone gets up in his ass Chorus This chick Yvette was getting cash She had this block up in the smash, her lifestyle was living fast Cocaine, champagne always pop [pop pop] Her and her friends making ends hoe hopping Licking shots down with undercover cops Getting paid helping cops raid drug spots Shorty's on some wild shit Getting niggaz for their chips on some pretty girl smile shit Her downfall was getting nice I heard that crime don't pay but somebody has to pay the price So who's the one to lose Baby girl OD'ed over caine when she blew a fuse You're 'bout to hold your guns and your vest Budda, Cess, may your soul rest Some you win some you lose But that all goes along with the lifestyle that you choose Chorus

Desperate Heart

MICHAEL BOLTON "Everybody's Crazy"
One night, one empty room One man getting over you One star, one lonely moon I make a wish I know will never come true You'll call my name And you'll beg me to hold you again But the truth remains And I'm only a fool who can't help but pretend CHORUS: It's all over but I'm holding on I can't let go till the love is gone It's all over but I keep holding on With a desperate heart My desperate heart Some nights I try in my mind To see myself loving someone new Still I know I'm wasting my time No one can ever take the place of you So I close my eyes I swear I feel you here by my side Bet it's all, it's only a lie That I need to believe for my heart to survive CHORUS: All this time I've been drowning in hopeless illusion I've been keeping inside That someday you'll walk out of the shadows And back into my life CHORUS: I can't believe your love for me is gone

In The Dark (Open Your Heart)

Mystic Ruins "In The Dark"
Thunder, rain, and lightning Danger, water rising Clamour, sirens wailing It's such a bad sign Shadows of dark creatures Steel clouds floating in the air People run for shelter What's gonna happen to us!? All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake I see the chaos for everyone who are we what can we do You and I are same in the way that we have our own styles that we won't change Yours is filled with evil and mine's not there is no way I can lose CHORUS: Can't hold on much longer - But I will never let go I know it's a one way track - Tell me now how long this'll last I'm not gonna think this way - Nor will I count on others Close my eyes and feel it burn - Now I see what I've gotta do Open your heart, it's gonna be all right Ancient city blazing Shadows keep attacking Little children crying Confusion, hopeless anger I don't know what it can be but you drive me crazy All your fucking tricks make me sick, you won't have it your own way Chorus Open your heart...and you'll see... If it won't stop, there will be no future for us Its heart is tied down by all the hate, gotta set him free I know it's a one way track - Tell me now how long this'll last Close my eyes and feel it burn - Now I see what I've gotta do Gotta open your heart, dude! *Chorus* Open your heart, it's gonna be all right

Can't Help Myself

There comes a time in a man's life When he's tired of the games messing around He needs a good woman to settle down And I'm at that time in my life And I found what I needed in you I swear I'll always be true After searching and searching and searching What treasure I found in you So baby I'm ready say you'll be my lady And I'll give my all to you Chorus I just can't help myself I'll tell the world I love you I love you I don't want no one else I just can't help myself Chorus I want us to have a family A girl for you a boy for me A great big old house Baby just wait and see I know you're wondering if I'm serious Oh girl it's for real this feeling I feel Do me a favor girl give me your trust I've had time to think it over And if you think that I'm letting you go Baby you must be crazy I'm gonna let you know Repeat Chorus two times I ain't trying to find nobody To take the place of you 'Cause there is no other girl In the whole wide world Who can do the things that you do Oh baby I'll run around tellin all my friends That I'll never find another like you again I just can't help myself And I don't wanna help myself Repeat chorus two times

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