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Abomination lyrics

Industrial Sickness

Original and similar lyrics
Lessons in might, lessons in stress Teachings of right, reasons of less Seekers of strenght, only they guess Will they proceed, or will they suppress Frequent, illusive, you have the power to follow the one Decisive, conclusive, the fall of the world has just begun Wasteful, astounding, violence and force is the only way Corrupted, misguided, we will lose thousands of people today The fall of priest Hussein Allah is to blame Islamic fools of war Soon will live no more Ablative, abeyance, depriving the world with disruption of peace Deceitful, fascists, holding the fate of the world in our hands Harmonic, defiance, taking for granted the gift human life Ironic, compliance, testing the fruits of their progressive toys Will trade our blood for oil Until our hands have been soiled Civilians, pawns and kings Will pay the penalty The countdown of the endless problems All the endless fools soon brought down Never knowing where they've fallen Has our Creator been calling Countless bodies, piles of ashes Severed mortar, wasteful clashes Is the worth the whole disaster Is the life, we're dying faster Seasons of death, a game of chess Leaders of pawns, where do they spawn Just raised for war, to open the door The door of demise, the deadly surprise

Of Darksome Origin

Edge Of Sanity
I am immortal. I am strong. I am godforsaken. I am in command and nothing will go wrong. I am eternal. I am blessed. I will awaken. I am the reason to why all dead can't rest. Evil. I feel the darkness growing in my soul. Power. join me, the nightly, I am in control. OF DARKSOME ORIGIN. BRING LIFE TO THE DEAD. THEY ARE MY SOLDIERS WHO SOON SHALL BE FED. Die! Of darksome origin. They call me the bringer of torture. They've named me the lord of hate But the things I've done this far is nothing. The head of this world on a plate. I am invincible. I am the one. The greatest tyrant. The darkest son. I am thy master. I am king. You know you will be dead when I am gone... No use of trying to challange, I've already won. Fear me. I am the king of what you stand upon. OF DARKSOME ORIGIN... Uncrucified. I awoke = Jesus died. Feeding of impurity. Creator lies --- I. Heaven is burning. I can feel the holy smell. Flames descending. Bringing life to the ones in hell. Blackness rising and now the time has come to pray... No use loser, your life is what I take away! OF DARKSOME ORIGIN...

The Game

DISTURBED "Sickness"
Tell me exactly what am I supposed to do Now that I have allowed you to beat me Do you think that we could play another game Maybe I could win this time I kind of like the misery you put me through Darlin' you can trust me completely If you even try to look the other way I think that I could kill this time It doesn't really seem I'm getting through to you Though I see you weeping so sweetly I think that you might have to take another taste A little bit of hell this time Lie to me Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now Run for her life in the battle that ends this day Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now Run for her life now that she lied to me You always wanted people to remember you To leave your little mark on society Don't you know your wish is coming true today Another victim dies tonight Is she really telling lies again Doesn't she realize she's in danger The little bitch she went and she told A LIE And now she will never tell another A LIE NEVER FUCKING LIE TO ME!

Right Up Your Face

Sofia Loell "Right Up Your Faces"
You're like my angel fly away, you're like a mountain in my way your like my reason to be dead that's what I said (to you) right up your face (x2) I walked around my whole life waiting for Mr. Right I was suppose to know him momently, he might be that boy round the corner to my house or the flower boy from the shop next door, or maybe that stranger down the street one block, the key to my unlock So I turned, and I burned the memories of my last life, old pieces of myself and then I promised, I'll never be back again I can do a lot better then what I've done before there's nothing to stop me cause I want more Only one moment gone before they last took place inside my head those fantasies my mind embrace like a hug from a person that I care for a bit sensitive and therefore I pull back inside my shell once more, must find the way out door So I turned.... I'm running away from my old hell escaping from a possessed cell of dark and death (aaaa)I no longer feel shocked from disrespect all my hate is gone and that's a fact for you - Right up your face....

Soon She Will Run

JONNY DIAZ "They Need Love"
She sits and stares through a window pane On a rainy august day Her strength is erased from years gone by And her hair has long been grey Her company is the memories But even those decay Her children were gone the moment that Her mind began to fade But through all the fear she dreams of a home That she's never seen but soon she will know Soon she will run on fields of green And never wake up from her dreams Embrace with joy the mysteries Of beautiful that she's never seen Soon she will run (he) Big brown eyes and messy hair Little boy wild confined to a chair The cancer has spread and there's not much time He's struggling through eight and hoping for nine He waves to his friends as they play in the yard Love can be soft but life can be hard Run and not tire for his life's just begun And for so long he's battled and finally he's won Over pain and the fear that for so long he's known Oh but peacefully now he is headed for home

Entry Way Song

last saturday i stood in your entry way that place where we used to wait for cars to carry us away like once in this storm, they drove me and justin home the music was just being born it was all i was longing for now im on a plane off singin my songs again, oh please dont think ill of it cause its the reason i exists but you, youre the crutch of a cripple you're the calm of a conscience you're the peace that i have found when all these voices talk too loud you are quietly reassuring me With the hands of a healer And the tongue of a teacher its your voice that I have known To be the first one on the phone Yeah, you ran all the lights to the hospital So don't you say to me That life's a trap The future is nothing but a tragedy 'Cos I'll be out of that window Yeah, I'll start wishing to die again Just say we're not walking backwards, kid And show me to the door And I'll walk behind Out into the hot sunlight Where the world's very much alive Even when I close my eyes Well, should I admit That my promise is counterfeit That I'm careless and childish And that's all I can hope to be And would you concede That I think only of myself I refuse everybody's help Who has been reaching out for me Well, you reach with the soul of a sailor And the swing of a miner You have cleared the rock away Leaving gold there in its place And it is more than anyone could claim Oh, with the sense of a banker And with the touch of a tailor You saved this life for me And you have sown it to beauty And I am grateful now and I will always be So would you sing with me The song is all I know Some truths are told now only in a melody So I've been writing a new one Yeah, I've been taking my time with it It's gonna be so perfect It's gonna hold all of us inside of it You will see If you just add your harmony I think it would be complete And be worthy of singing Becomes a symphony Yeah, you're the cool of the water You're the start of the summer Keep me still like a anchor In a storm you're the cellar When I'm heavy with worry make me light as a feather When I'm deafened by anger you're the song I remember With the grace of a dancer and the strength of a pillar When I'm starving to suffer you just fill me with laughter You're a poet And a saint You are the only one I choose to imitate Oh, like the love of a father through the eye of a camera It's this picture I have seen We're on a sloping hill of green And you are walking there beside me

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