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Ablaze My Sorrow lyrics

The Rain That Falls

Original and similar lyrics
As the sky turns black My hunger sets in My hunger for killing and slaying I raise my fist against the northern sky As I scream in anguish and in pain The blood from your veins caress my skin As my battle against mankind goes on I will keep on killing Until mankind forever is gone When the night fades away I return to my deep cold cave Longing for the next night to arrive The arrival of the black northern sky The arrival of the battle-divine For hundreds of years I've struggled Never to surrender, never to die I'm immortal. I'm the battle-divine I've travelled through ages to find you And finally you're mine You'll die for me, the battle-divine Betrayer - you'll die by my fire My fire - the everlasting pain

The Haunting

TESTAMENT "The Legacy"
[Music: Skolnick, Peterson] [Lyrics: Souza, Peterson] [BRIDGE :] Hear the screams,screams of fright Shrieks of terror through the night Souls of old band to hold The meeting for the haunting night [CHORUS :] Headless ghosts fill the halls Shadow plays of grief and pain Phantom speaks his final note Tenants of the castle slain Black cats will appear As the witching hour nears Lost souls will all be told For a haunting we will go See their dreams come to life Under pressure holding tight Feel the cold grabbing hold To feed you to the haunting night Evil witch black as pitch Starts a fire with a flinch Burning fire rising higher Making music like a choir Stay away from the shining light Can't seem to find the answer there Bring back the terror in the night That we all share tonight [BRIDGE :] [CHORUS :]

One By One

I'mmortal (Immortal) "Sons Of Northern Darkness"
[Music: Abbath/Horgh] [Lyrics: Demonaz] Aeons ago the legends tell we rode onward Led astray by the northern chaos gods Calm before the storm we came from the north... Horses roamed in the open landscaped The scald sang to their kings Only he who battle wins The scald sang to their kings Let the battle he fought to the won Tremble with fear for the banner of our kings War now calls heed to the battle Hear our swords clinging in the wind Men cast from their saddles horses roar and scream Descendants of wrath and the kingdoms of fear... The might we possess burn like fire The will remain in our northern hearts... More scalps to be won - an eye for an eye Aeons ago the legends tell we rode onward Led astray by the northern chaos gods One by one by the northern tribe you fall One by one... die by the strongest of them all Still theres only greatness sunged in those who fell Who battled strong to win these wars... One by one we took your lives Grey mist swirl across the meadows... Where battles once ruled the steps Where the ancient armours of bronce Are buried and corrored by time Strong where those who won the war... And the legends tell only of wrath As brothers of the northern tribes... They guarded the horders of chaos We leave this Battlefields ground Red where the rivers of blood Unforgotten by the ones... Born of strength and glory

Sopor Aeternus

O mortis secretum, ubi finis nervorum? O funeris algor, ubi sonus somniorum? The insane wine of the night misled my soul At the confluence of dream and of pain... We dance under the closed eyes of paradise, And our eyes tear the insane space of the light. Saltemus sub oculis coniventibus paradisi! The voilence of the winter moon spreads a mantle Of cold icy pain over my petrified landscape. Seized by the freezing frosts of the diabolic winter, Our hearts breathe the winds of sadness. Saliamus, saliamus aeterno, Saltemus, saltatum mortis! Saliamus, saliamus! But what is in my heart can only be read by the winds That gathered my words of pain. The veil of the nigth falls at your feet Revealing the views of the fiery sky. Kyrie eleison. The gentle sapphirian night wrapped me in its maternal warmth And her hair, studded with stars, had a scent of sensuality As I lay embraced in her sweet caress. How tender is the nigth in her amorous delights. Where are the flowers I gave you, my love? The amaranth, the rose and the lily. Buried within the glacial vault of my thoughts, Take from me this fading breath, Enfold me in your veil of darkness To celebrate the reign of black eternal night. And in the snows, glittering in the cold fragile moonlight, Appeared the incandescent flowers... The blood of angels, Said one of our round. Our blood . We dance... ...and the blowing of the winds is our only music, We dance.


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Ol Dirty Bastard] What y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me I'm the Osirus of this shit Wu-Tang is here forever, motherfucker It's like this ninety-seven Aight my niggaz and my niggarettes Let's do it like this I'ma rub your ass in the moonshine Let's take it back to seventy-nine [Inspectah Deck] I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics I inspect you, through the future see millenium Killa B's sold fifty gold sixty platinum Shacklin the masses with drastic rap tactics Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths Black Wu jackets queen B's ease the guns in Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function Heads by the score take flight incite a war Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly Proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock Wu got it locked, performin live on your hottest block [Method Man] As the world turns, I spread like germs Bless the globe with the pestilence, the hard-headed never learn It's my testament to those burned Play my position in the game of life, standin firm on foreign land, jump the gun out the fryin pan, into the fire Transform into the Ghostrider, a six-pack and +A Streetcar Named Desire+, who got my back In the line of fire holdin back, what My peoples if you with me where the fuck you at Niggaz is strapped, and they tryin to twist my beer cap It's court adjourned, for the bad seed from bad sperm Herb got my wig fried like a bad perm, what the blood clot, we smoke pot, and blow spots You wanna think twice, I think not The Iron Lung ain't got ta tell you where it's coming from Guns of Navarone, tearing up your battle zone Rip through your slums [Cappadonna] I twist darts from the heart, tried and true Loop my voice on the LP, martini on the slang rocks Certified chatterbox, vocabulary 'Donna talkin Tell your story walkin Take cover kid, what Run for your brother, kid Run for your team, and your six camp rhyme groupies So I can squeeze with the advantage, and get wasted My deadly notes reigns supreme Your fort is basic compared to mine Domino effect, arts and crafts Paragraphs contain cyanide Take a free ride on my dart, I got the fashion catalogues for all y'all to all praise to the Gods [Ol Dirty Bastard] The saga continues Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang [U-God] Olympic torch flaming, we burn so sweet The thrill of victory, the agony, defeat We crush slow, flamin deluxe slow For, judgment day cometh, conquer, it's war Allow us to escape, hell glow spinning bomb Pocket full of shells out the sky, Golden Arms Tune spit the shitty Mortal Kombat sound The fateful step make, the blood stain the ground A jungle junkie, vigilante tantrum A death kiss, catwalk, squeeze another anthem Hold it for ransom, tranquilized with anesthetics My orchestra, graceful, music ballerinas My music Sicily, rich California smell An axekiller adventure, paint a picture well I sing a song from Sing-Sing, sippin on ginseng Righteous wax chaperone, rotating ring king [RZA] Watch for the wooden soldiers, C-Cypher-Punks couldn't hold us A thousand men rushing in, not one nigga was sober Perpendicular to the square, we stand bold like Flare Escape from your Dragon's Lair, in particular My beats travel like a vortex, through your spine to the top of your cerebrum cortex Make you feel like you bust a nut from raw sex Enter through your right ventricle clog up your bloodstream now terminal, like Grand Central Station Program fat baselines, on Novation Getting drunk like a fuck, I'm duckin five-year probation [GZA] War of the masses, the outcome, disastrous Many of the victim family save they ashes A million names on walls engraved in plaques Those who went back, received penalties for the axe Another heart is torn as close ones mourn Those who stray, niggaz get slayed on the song [Masta Killa] The track renders helpless and suffers from multiple stab wounds and leaks sounds that's heard ninety-three million miles away from came one to represent the Nation, this is a gathering of the masses that come to pay respects to the Wu-Tang Clan As we engage in battle, the crowd now screams in rage The high chief Jamel-I-Reef take the stage Light is provided through sparks of energy from the mind that travels in rhyme form Givin sight to the blind The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum Death only one can save self from This relentless attack of the track spares none [Ghostface Killah] Yo! Yo! Yo, fuck that, look at all these crab niggaz laid back Lampin like them gray and black Puma's on my man's rack Codeine was forced in your drink You had a Navy Green salamander fiend, bitches never heard you scream You two-faces, scum of the slum, I got your whole body numb Blowin like Shalamar in eighty-one Sound convincin, thousand dollar court by convention Hands, like Sonny Liston, get fly permission Hold the fuck up, I'll unfasten your wig, bad luck I humiliate, separate the English from the Dutch it's me, black nobled you Ali Came in threes we like the Genovese, is that so Caesar needs the greens, it's Earth Ninety-three million miles from the first Rough turbulence, the waveburst, split the megahertz [Raekwon] Aiyyo that's amazing, gun in your mouth talk, verbal foul hawk Connect thoughts to make my manchild walk Swift notarizer, Wu-Tang, all up in the high-riser New York Yank' visor world tranquilizer Just a dosage, delegate my Clan with explosives While, my pen blow lines ferocious Mediterranean, see y'all, the number one draft pick Tear down the beat God, then delegate the God to see God The swift chancellor, flex, the white-gold tarantula Track truck diesel, play the weed God, substantiala Max mostly, undivided, then slide in, sickenin Guaranteed, made em jump like Rod Strickland

Black On Black Ii

HEART "Desire Walks On"
Daddy's little soldier boy Mama's little pride and joy Both hands on her apron strings Don't you touch that dirty thing A warning signal from above Inspection with a clean white glove They say that opposites attract like right and wrong Black on black Like pleasure and a little pain The sacred and profane Ice and fire counteract like black on black The oldest story known to man The willing sacrificial lamb Behind the light a shadow falls The code of silence shakes the walls A whisper to a silent scream The power is so frightening They say that opposites attract like right and wrong Black on black Like pleasure and a little pain The sacred and profane Ice and fire counteract just like black on black A warning signal from above Inspection with a clean white glove They say that opposites attract like right and wrong Black on black Some things seem so sacred Like a loaded question the power of suggestion Like the face of danger the kindness of a stranger Like a Judas Kiss like pleasure and a little pain Immaculate seduction absolute corruption Ice and fire counteract no turning back like black on black Black on black. Black on black Like pleasure and a little pain The sacred and profane Ice and fire counteract like black on black Like pleasure and a little pain The sacred and profane Ice and fire counteract just like black on black Black A little pain Just like black on black Black Black on black Black on black Black on black

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