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ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) lyrics - Mudface

Same Thing, Pt. 2

Original and similar lyrics
I’m as crazy as I wanna be, ain’t no stopping me Buck wild, tearing up the streets in the D Just a native with some war paint actin a fool And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Smoking weed like it’s free and the first to kill a 40 Only one to shoot a pistol in the middle of a party Hanging on the block without a clue what to do And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too I’m not sayin we no good just a little abnormal Underground is where we lay, the main stream is too formal I’m learning things they don’t teach in the school And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too [Chorus x2] If you do what I do (Yea) And I do what you do (Yea) Wouldn’t that kinda make us all the same (Yea) Wait for the right time, patient like a snake Slither to your enemy then show his ass some hate This is just something that I like to do And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Always down with a BBQ, drinkin brew with the crew Up til the sun come, way past curfew Talking about things that I wanna pursue And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Never sit and argue, squash it with my tennis shoe Kung-fu a motherfuckas head into fondue That’s how it is, and I’ll never improve And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too [Chorus x2] I prefer Yager bombs instead of Absolute But I’d rather have a blunt packed with purple or blue Red skin with the hatchet running looking confused And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Ever since I was a youth in pursuit to amuse Crassin(?) Avenue I cruise to promote my new I did everything I could to make my name break through And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too I was showing up late cause I had to finish smoking You know how the weed have you in slow motion Thank god I’m not alone because it wouldn’t be cool I’m so glad ya’ll be doing the same things too (What time, um, I thought this was tony from the block Tonys’ on after this rap) [Chorus x2] You do (yeah) I do (yeah) Wouldn’t that kinda make us all the same? (yeah) (x2) You do I do You do, come on put your hands up just like this You do I do Yeah you old lady in the back, shake them hips grandma You do I do Somebody in this bitch get me a drink. I’m thirsty You do I do (applause) Yeah yeah thank you (I told you no fucking rap) Bitch shut up Yeah thank you except you bitch And you motherfucker Yeah thank ya’ll Thank ya’ll very much Thank ya, thank ya (You’re fucking lucky) Hey man shut up (Next time) hey (next time) What what (oh you’re lucky) You owe me money, pay me damn (for this shit) Come on man (Well uh give it up for that um rapper guy, yeah yeah, uh sti- stick around we’re gonna have some more umm we’re gonna have tony, tony from down the bock, he is on the street) What drunk ass tony ( go away)


AB-SOUL "Control System"
[Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Back when I first grabbed that pen I told myself I was gon' win And I ain't know when But it was gon' end Up happening, I want in So you can take your top 5 list Dead or alive and put me after Em I'm a fucking genius Gripping my fucking penis, living this life You can't tell me nothing Still ain't really got no money fucking right I'm all about that real, about that real This ain't no motion picture I tell you how that feel, how that feel Even when the odds against you They wanna see me wearing Polo drawers Put 2 chains on and that ain't wrong But that ain't me, I go too damn hard I don't need clothes or jewelry to stand out Black lip nigga with his hair wild Too damn proud Been killing this since Cam made Oh Boy Oh boy, I'm the man now TDE, put the money in my hand ain't shit free This business is quick sand and I won't sink Put the pistol in my hand and I won't think Rest in peace, you just made room for the next to be I never been afraid to say what I wanna say when I wanna say it, okay then Further more we do this for y'all Rap is stressin' but it pays great That is until you lose appeal And your release date gets date raped Stay safe, hold your head I got two fifth and a loaf of bread Feed the people, food for thought Because we are equal, who'd have thought [Hook: Ab-Soul & Kendrick] They wanna share my light [x8] You can have all my shine, I'll give you the light [x2] [Verse 2: Ab-Soul] I used to wanna rap like Jay-Z Now I feel like I'm runnin' laps around Jay-Z Nas ain't seen nothing this nasty B.I.G. & Pac got it coming when I pass too You got the mic, I ain't the one you wanna pass to My niggas say my new shit past due I paid dues, even got that shit tattooed HiiiPoWeR on another plateau I know you know we need a few plaques too The brand new niggas with a attitude Poppin' Compton or Timbuktu I might even sell my new shit for 10 bucks too Too I'll when I jot these words True eel when I shock the world I know life's a bitch When you know life's a bitch and that's not your girl Cold shit, I'm hot though Like Cold get, Ab-Soul This is a shift in paradigm I remember when I couldn't spare a dime Now I step in with a pair of dimes On P's, y'all know me Flow like water, admiralty The best author ever to breath And as we proceed to follow these dreams I ain't losing no sleep No, no at them no doors Just know "No" if it's no dough So high but I'm Soulo Two cups and I sip slow Taking my time We don't just shine, we illuminate the whole show Now let's go [Hook] [Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar] Time and time I drop line for line But only time will tell If I ever go Columbine And cop 30 nines and cock back and kill See the truth is, they wanna know how close me, Dre and Snoop is Or how the shoe fits when they choose this to be 2Pac But truth I give two shits 'bout Expectations or critics hating Shit, I just put moms on vacation Bitch you never know my new location, it's across nations Court cases get thrown out So tell the motherfucking King dethrone now I am ruler, I am highness The Prince Zamunda I am the shit like what the prune does Black on black tip like Kinta Kunta Black is back bitch I'm the the coupe-da Black on black crime resent the shooter Black, black, black, I intend to mute you Racks on racks, I don't rap on tracks Without my A-game so please don't ask me about no pressure Bitch see the grip on my fingertip I can hold this coast together [Hook]

What 'u' Waiting For?

Jungle Brothers "Done By Forces Of Nature"
Come on! Jump up, freak a hustle Do what you want but move every muscle Ain't no time for playing around Only one thing to do when you hear this sound Act yourself with someone else And make sure yourself ain't by yourself Dyin' to get on the dance floor Girl what you waiting for? Come on over and swing with me take your mind out yo' misery Tomorrow's gonna be another day Tonight, I'm gonna take it- life Grab the world and put it on hold Relax my body and rest my soul Feel the vibe surrounding me Feel the bass come down on me Shake your butt but don't break your back Tap your feet and let your fingers snap No matter what size shape or colour We can jam and enjoy each other Music's pumpin' I feel something Must be my blood and h! eartbeat thumpin Dispense your funds to pass through the door You know there's room for you on the floor (You don't know if they'll be any more) So yo, what you waiting for? (Chanting in background) Waiting the timeless time Yeah, yeah, some playin' a wall I wasn't with that, not livin' like that You ain't with it let me hear you say ho You ain't with it let me hear you say aaaaoooo (aaaooo) Ready to boogie I had on my dancin' shoes Ain't in the mood to be singing no blues So if you want to be a little disco ducka I came here tonight to So good morning, good afternoon, good night don't let the bedbugs bite Going way out when I'm aiming to please You havin' a good time, climb up my trees C'mon what you waiting for? C'MON what you waiting for? Waiting the timeless time Side to side, and just let it ride Give what you got, no need to hide You're allowed as long as your able Take away the chairs and move away the tables I'm doing my thing working around you Ladies screaming (We wanna house you!) We won't say much on this no now Cause I'm not quite sure that you know how But keep on dancin', (Keep on dancing!) Baby on not clockin' you, I'm just glancin' And what I see now is a fine figure-8 (Don't Make me Wait) Yeah waiting for the DJ to play my song O Lord, I must have waited all night long! The joint was packed and it looked like a jungle, I felt at home, there goes my song S! o I hit the floor and jumped on the case, Sweat pouring from my face Clothes was wet by I didn't care You know what I'm saying (I know what you're sayin') So come on girl come on girl come on Let's Let's Let's Get it on I'm dyin' to get out on the floor I waited long enough; I can't wait no more! Come on girl come on girl come on Let's Let's Let's Get it on I'm dyin' to get out on the floor I waited long enough; I can't wait no more! Yeah, Uh, Uh, Yeah, Uh, Yeah, etc.


DARK LOTUS "Tales From The Lotus Pod"
(God Is Here) AHHHHH (God Is Here) Necronomicon is coming (God Is Here) EWWWWIEWWWDUDU (God Is Here) AHHHHHAUGH [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] Mass Murdera (Yeah) Strangla (Yeah) Wig Splitta (Whut) Mangla (Yeah) Blood sucking vampire Dark Lotus King of Fire [Violent J:] Swing off your ceiling fan Jump like an ape And stomp on your head Until it pops like a grape [Anybody Killa:] Break ya neck if ya dissrespect Bullet holes in your chest with my brand new tech Dark Lotus in this bitch so you better beleive That we don't give a fuck if you're left to bleed [Shaggy 2 Dope:] Sitting on a tree branch like a crow I'll hawk your every move Dropping down on muthafuckas backs And twist they heads like screws [Violent J:] Fuck you electric chair I don't care Bring it on bitch C'mon Crack an egg on my head I'll fry you an omelet [Shaggy 2 Dope:] Deep up in the woods naked I do my fire dance Around the pit I hop With my skull, drums, and voodoo chants [Jamie Madrox:] It'll never take shape It'll only mutate See the fetus with a microphone 3 arms, 2 brains, and only one leg (only one leg) [Violent J:] Shoot me C'mon Blow a hole in my lung I'll lick out the hole When I swallow my tongue [Jamie Madrox:] Left alone in a world Where hating men is the key You can tell a judge was recreating All that shit you see on TV [Anybody Killa:] Pray for my soul you think it help Only wanna hit my 40 cause I'm trying to melt Hit you in ya backbone wich is deep Bodybag with a tag in the bottom of the creek [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] Bullets percing through your skull Ram my fist into your jaw Retract my hand Release your teeth Yo chiclets falling to the street [Shaggy 2 Dope:] Pull your eyelids over your head Staple them to you skull Dump bleach into your eyes As I face fuck your girl [Chorus:] This bread I eat This salt I swear As I inflate my self with prayer There is no grace There is no guilt This is the law Do what thy will [Shaggy 2 Dope:] A cup full of chicken blood Three shapes of a monkey paw I'll have you cutting through your own arm Bone With a hacksaw [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] Bone's exposed from the skin Blood drips from innocence Pulling lungs up outta chest Leaving bodies where they rest [Anybody Killa:] Where you gonna be when the sun goes down And six petals rise up from the ground Lotus Pod fully grown about to take you home To the land of smog where you're free to roam [Jamie Madrox:] When we attack We attack like a swarm Punch you through your face Rip off your neck I play my rythm on your vocal chords [Violent J:] I walk on your ceiling And drop thread in your mouth Let poisin drip down it And silently take you out [Jamie Madrox:] One bee Protecting the hive We stay alive I'm on overdrive With my axe Will you survive [Shaggy 2 Dope:] We'll conformulate a plan Reflex come and take control With my hand in broken glass And pull your heart out through you butthole [Violent J:] My eyeballs are black My tears drip like oil I fuck holes in my yard And grow children from soil [Shaggy 2 Dope:] The eyes of the dead They come back alive And wipe the air out your lungs Now I see through your eyes [Anybody Killa:] Dark Carnivals in this bitch Waiting for he to come an start some shit Point blank with the heat cased at me Labeled a killa cause I bust a cap in anybody [Violent J:] Scientists study me But they always quit Cause I eat through my butthole And talk nothing but shit [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] Dark Lotus Devastation Murder without no premeditation Demons from beyond the earth Creeping on out the dirt [Chorus] They always said it wouldn't last But we're still here though time has past Our souls were sent to spread the word And shine the light until done heard [Chorus repeats till end] ['Gods resurrection' also repeats till end]

Legend In My Spare Time

BLOODHOUND GANG "Use Your Fingers"
Ashes To Ashes And Funks To Funky Daddy Long Legs Is A Mean Ass Honky And Jimmy Pop Ain't No Heiny Hobbit Gaybe Ain't No Big Meaty Chunks In My Thick Brown Gravy Cause I'm The Loch Ness The Loch Ness The Loch Ness Monster Jerry's Kids Are Knockin' At My Door, 'Could You Be A Sponsor' Tiny Bubbles In My Tub Pull My Finger Lawrence Welk If You Wanna Look Like Rocky Dennis Better Drink Your Milk When I'm Feeling Oriental I Gotta Rub My Chin Gonna Hold My Water In Like I'm Gunga Din So Have A Taste Of My Bass Cause The Girlies Got Smiles You Get On My Case Like The Rockford Files Crazy Eddie In The Slammer Cause He's Giving It All Away John Boy In The Barn With A Horse In The Hay No Rhyme No Reason No Job No Class And We Don't Go Near The Ghetto Cause They'd Shoot Our Ass Go Go Yeah Yeah Huh What I'm A Legend In My Spare Time If You Ain't Ever Been To The Suburbs Don't Ever Come To The Suburbs Cause You Wouldn't Understand The Suburbs Cause I'm A Huskin' A Huskin' A Huskin' Your Corn I'm As Deep As The Plot To A Gay Porn So Uh-Oh Spaghettios I Forgot To Hide Away The Body I Know That She's A Hotty But Damn That Girl Could Party So Come To Me Momma It Ain't No Crime I'm The Skilled Love Doctor Growlin', 'What's Your Sign' I Did The Flamin' Waffle With Ho Chi Min Your Girl's A Dollar Bill We Don't Know Where She's Been J.F.K.'S Head Is A Puzzle And Your Woman Needs A Muzzle Barbara Eden In The Bottle And Now I'm Gonna Guzzle You're Too What Shy Shy Huh What Hush Hush Yea I Knew Why Cause We're Playing The Palladium You Can't Get On Star Search Daddy Legs Standing Tall He Can Do The Funky Lurch And Jimmy Jimmy Pop Is Short For Jimmy Jimmy Popular You Know I Know You Know Your Not The Tough Guy That You Thought You Were Go Go Yeah Yeah Huh What I'm A Legend In My Spare Time Cause I Wopbobaloobop Ha Cha Cha Chatch Come Lick My Balls Vive La My Crotch Cause Your Daddy Thinks I'm Lazy Your Momma Thinks I'm Crazy But Neither Of Them Know That You Are Carrying My Baby And I'm The Amos I'm The Andy I'm The Sticky Aunt Jemammy I Gave You Mouth To Mouth Like Resuscitation Annie It Takes Two Of Us To Do This Like Dean Martin Jerry Lewis And Your Throat Is Swollen Gloryholen' Ya Blew Us George Burns' Pacemaker Beats Steady Slow And Low That's Why We Got More Hits Then A Dealer At A Dead Show Go Go Yeah Yeah Huh What I'm A Legend In My Spare Time

Freestyle - Eightball

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter"
[Eightball] Mic check one two baby, y'know Eightball in here baby, bring it down one time [Flex] Yeah.. yaknahmean? Big shout to my man Tony Draper Big shout to my man Rich Kid, my man Eightball (yeah, yeah) All my Suave House cats! Yeah [Eightball] Uhh, can you feel that? Uhh, uhh.. y'know, y'know Yeah, yeah.. uhh Permanent gold teeth, my nigga T mix mo' beats and smoke leafs, and Swisher Sweets than I bust heat Nuts retreat cause they butts got guts that's weak South niggaz be them bout it niggaz off the streets Down, in Orange Mound, we be, we be Them niggaz who be, who be, who be all about my lucci, and thick booties Nothin but dick for the cutest little groupies Sue me, Eightball graphic like a porno movie Corny niggaz can't move me with that same old suki Talkin about you be, you be Them niggaz who be, who be, who be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong rhyme Long lines talkin about how you can duel with mine Come to find I dine on niggaz tryin to shine Cut em up like a blade and snort em like a line of Peruvian to see who wanna do what then Go get your men so I can put them in the past tense, main I flip a Benz on Twinkies Hoes treat my dick like the Titanic and sink these nuts, you know who I be, I be with them niggaz who be, who be, who be all about the loot see fuck what a bitch is thinkin Cause bitches jump ship when a niggaz ship sinkin Bitch niggaz and them bitch hoes you know Got more faces than that card game Uno Last nigga standin in the land of the _Lost_ Guillotine lyrics choppin weak emcees heads off Uhh, you know who I be, I be with them niggaz who be, who be, who be Suave House family and we got juice South nigga til I die main, what you wanna do?

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